tagNonHumanA Halloween Tale

A Halloween Tale

byAugust Never©

It was a normal night before all hallows eve.
Everything in the neighborhood seemed normal.
People making ready for trick or treaters and private parties etc.
But unknowingly to them this year would be far far different indeed.

For off in a nearby cemetery, covered by fog and the smell of death.
Five shadows prepared for all hallows eve.
Plotting a dark and devilish plan to make this Halloween unforgettable.
They made plans for the very night all celebrate death , to make a few lives different.
They readied themselves for the very night they may walk amongst the living un-noticed by all..

These five shadows have names and I shall introduce you to them.
There is August Never a true vampire
Then Incubus a sex demon from the bowels of hell itself.
Then there is Sexecutioner a executioner with a sexual twist.
Also Valgard Grimseth a werewolf.
And last but not least for the upcoming season there is..
Psyanta Claws the Psycho Santa who treats only the naughty with gifts.
The five plot all night and by the time the sun rises they are gone....

It's all hallows day, and everyone is making final plans for the night.
The Johnson's are having an adult masquerade ball inviting all there friends to cum..
The local radio station is having a concert outside as every year on Halloween.
The children can't wait to get out of school and the sun to go down...
The haunted houses are anticipating great crowds...
Everything is in place and seems normal until the sun goes down and the full moon rises...

As darkness takes over the city, five shadows appear in the cemetery...
They dance with glee with one another.
Then they embark on a twisted journey to celebrate Halloween...
Each going there separate ways...

Valgard Grimseth in human form and looking sexier than ever *sniffs the air* and takes off thru the woods.
August Never jumps in his Ferrari and takes off for the Johnson's.
Incubus Vanishes into thin air entering the land of dreams...
Sexecutioner walks out onto the streets dressed in an executioner's outfit and disappears into the city.
Psyanta Claws jumps on a conjured up sled with skeletal reindeer taking off across the night sky.

Coming to the edge of the woods Valgard Grimseth *Stops*
Seeing a woman in distress..
*click click* click click*
Oh you piece of shit junk car..
*click click* *click click*
He advances towards her car..
Hell of a night to be stranded out here in the dark woods lady..
She jumps his voice startles her..
Yea you can say that ...
Whats wrong with your car ?
I don't know it just died and won't start back up...
Well I tell ya what pop the hood and lets see whats wrong with it...
Valgard Fumbles around then says try it..
*crank crank crank Vrrrrooooom Vrrrrrrooooom*
Gee you got it fixed..I am ever so gratefull to you my name is Susan..*smiling*
*Closing hood*
My name is Valgard and if I may get a ride into town we'd be even *smiling back*
Sure hop in..
Valgard gets into the car...and she takes off..
So where to *looking at Valgard*
Anywhere there is a party...
She studies him closely..well ya know we could make our own party...*smiling*
Anything you say baby anything you say...
She reaches over and grabs his cock and squeezes it playfully as they head to her house..

Once there they get out of the car and make way inside where they fling clothes all over the house.
Grabbing at each other until they fall to the floor as one..
Susan Straddles him and looks down into his eyes..
Ya know I have always wanted to be fucked from behind doggy style *smiling*
But first we have to get you ready as she grabs his cock and sucks it into her hot wet mouth..
Mmmmm she sucks on it...
Valgard rolls his eyes into his head enjoying this moment..
Then he grabs at her and brings her cunt above him and goes into a 69 with her.
Licking her cunt as she sucks his cock..

Then after awhile they unlock and she gets on all four spreading herself wide and offering her ass up at him..
Valgard slips his cock into her wet cunt and begins to fuck her slowly
she buries her face into a pillow as she screams out in pleasure..
Valgard transforms in his true self the beast a werewolf
Grabbing her by the hips claws digging into her she screams OOOOOHHHH Yes fuck me doggy style Mmmmm she meets his thrusts..
Valagard continues to violate her cunt...pounding her rapidly..
She quivers and goes into orgasmic bliss screaming into the pillow OOOOh fuck me harder harder she cries..
Valgard Feeling the need to cum as well buries his knot into her and cums serveral hard shots..

Whewwww baby that was very *she turns looking at Valgard* Then she screams in terror as Valgard Locks onto her throat ripping it out..
Pulling himself out of her cunt he pads off into the night...


Sexecutioner is out walking the streets..
He looks at a house and knows this is the place.
A woman of maybe mid 30's is passing out candy to kids..
when the area is clear he makes his way to the door..
*Ding dong*
She opens the door...
Trick or Treat he says...
Treat she replies..
No way bitch it's trick time as he pushes her thru the door way and enters the house locking the door..
She tries to run but slips on a throw rug..
What is it you want..she looks at him in horror ?
For your crimes of turning down certain men in your life and for being a stuck up bitch when men tried to be nice to you and you ignored them cause they were not popular or great looking...
You are hearby sentenced to Sexecution.
Her face freezes in shock..
He grabs her and drags her downstairs into the basment gags her and ties her up naked by the beams above.
He takes her legs spreading them apart and tieing them that way to sturdy objects..
He looks into her eyes.. Judgment time..
He pulls out one small dildo and one large dildo shaped vibrators..
Lubes em up and turns em on high shoving the small one up her ass the large one up her cunt..
And backs away...

After awhile he walks over and grabs two large pales filling them with water he places each of her feet in them.. Then he grabs a set of Hemostats and places one on each of her nipples..
Then takes an egg vibrator turning it on high he strokes it across her clit...
She tries to speak but only muffled sounds of MMmm Mmm are heard...
As she is being violated by this stranger...
He rises and grabs an extention cord rips it apart baring the two wires placing one wire in each pale...
He goes back to rubbing her clit with the egg vibrator..
Then she begins to shake violently reaching orgasmic state
He rises grabbing the plug in for the cord...as he watches her body rocking in orgasm..
When she peaks he plugs the cord into the wall
As she is jolted by electricity and orgasm...
Her body thrashing about wildly...
When he knows she has had enough he unplugs the cord...
Walking by her dead body on his way out he says.. Happy Halloween bitch.. and vanishes into the night..


Psyanta Claws Lands on a nearby rooftop..
Grabbing his Sack of goodies.
He drops down the chimmney

Ho Ho Ho Happy Halloween
Ho Ho Ho Happy Halloween

A light turns on and a woman creeps down the stairs to see whats up..
Hello is anybody there ???
Hello ?
She turns on the livingroom light..and there before her very eyes is a jolly fat man in a red suit..
Who the fuck are you ?
Well I am Psyanta Claws and your on my list for gifts..
Really well I don't ever remember being good...
Well thats the great part I give presents to naughty women and you been very naughty Ashly..

How do you know my name ?
I told you your on my list right here *he points to the list* Ashley Crumwell 512 Chestnut Ave.
She walks closer to see if it is true..
Oh I don't bite come sit upon Psyanta's Lap and lets see how naughty you have been..

She moves closer to the stranger..
Comon Ashley I don't have all night ya know I have lots of presents to give out still..

She climbs into his lap.
He wraps his arm about her cupping a breast and playing with her nipple as a moan escapes her mouth..
Lets see Hmmm you been very naughty I see you like to suck cock ?
He looks to her...
Well then how about a sample of that ya cocksucker.. as he pulls out his massive 13 inch cock..
My god she gasps..
It's all yours Ashley go on suck it ya know ya want too..
She slides off him and grabs his cock in her hands and begins to suck on it...
Mmmmm Yea Ashley thats it Suck Psyanta's Cock...
Mmmmm she continues to suck on it deep throating him all the way to his balls with out gagging..
Mmmmm Ohhhhh yes Ashley he moans...
She looks up into his eyes... knowing she makes him happy for she is a very very naughty woman..
She strokes and sucks him faster and faster..
Then he Moans loadly Ashley I'm gonna cum in your hot fuckin mouth..
She sucks him harder and deeper..
Then his balls fill and he shoots off load after load into her throat..
She continues to suck him swallow it all and not missing a single drop..when he is done she releases his cock and looks up at him..

Damn you sure are naughty Ashley... Says her you like to be fucked hard in your ass..
I sure do as she undresses and offers him her ass..
He grabs his cock spitting on it and her asshole he drives it in her ass in one huge shove..
She cries out in pain and the massive cock penetrates her asshole.
She never felt so good never had a cock this huge up he ass but she is enjoying it..
OHHHHHhhhhhh MMmmm yea Fuck me.
He begins to pound her ass slamming her hard you like that ya fuckin little whore ya like being naughty do ya ya dirty bitch he bellows as he pounds her ass..
you bet I fuckin do Psyanta fuck my ass give it to me I'm a naughty woman..
He pounds her and she meets his thrusts equally..
He continues to pound her ass and feels his balls weighing down by cum..
Mmmmm Ashley you nasty bitch I'm I'm gonna Mmmmmmmmm Yessssss
He cums deep inside her ass sending her over the edge she cums too
Ohhhhhhh yea fuck me Psyanta I'm a dirty bitch I'm your little whore..
then she collapses..

Later when she awakens in a pool of cum, she notices a present..
Grabbing it it is addressed to her.
Opening it she finds a full set of Doc Johnson toys..

Ho Ho Ho Happy Halloween to all and to all a frightfull night...


Somewhere in town...
A lady named Connie lays in bed dreaming hot passionate dreams...
When suddenly she moves in her sleep sencing someone is eating her pussy..
What The Fuck she wakes up she thinks and looks down between her legs..
And there between her legs is Incubus the demon of sex in all his glory..

Her eyes roll up into the back of her head Mmmmm she grabs him by his horned head driving him into her as she fucks his face..
His serpent like tongue working in and out of her cunt the ends each tickle her clit..
She is lost in desire her body on fire.. and she moans and continues to hump into his face..

Incubus knows she is lost in pleasure and continues to eat her pussy..
she moans and girates into him begging him to give her more..
He takes one of his massive fingers and slips it into her cunt filling her completly..
OOOOOOOOhhhhhh so fucking good feels so fucking good eat me eat my pussy she cries...

He obeys her desire and continues to lick and finger her cunt.. eventually sending her over the edge.
Ohhhhhh YESSSSSsssss Yesssss she humps his face faster and faster ...
Gonna gonna MMmmmm her body quivers as she cum spraying it on his finger and face..
He licks her clean , then rises...

She begs him fuck me please fuck me I need your hard cock inside me demon or no demon a cock is a cock..
So he obeys her..
Grabbing his huge cock he slides it into her pussy all the way to the base.
Mmmmm feels so good she moans..
He begins to pump in and out of her slowly at first then gains speed as he goes along..
Finally he is fucking her so hard his balls make loud slaps on her ass..

Yes Yes my demon lover fuck my pussy fuck it good..
Give me all your cock you demonic man you..
He continues to ram his hard shaft into her wanting cunt..
She is lost in sexual bliss..
And fucks him back..

Suddenly she screams out in orgasm OOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh fuck yes Fuck me Fuck me.
As he joins her in orgasm..
He says not a word but shoots hot load after load of steaming hot cum into her womb.
Filling her up so much it runs out and down her like a free flowing stream..
She convulses and passes out..
When she awakes he is gone...
Her bed Soaking wet.. was she dreaming she thinks ?
Maybe Maybe not lets see what happens in 9 months *grinz*


August Never is at the Johnsons Masqurade Ball...

Sipping on a glass of wine he scans the room thru yellow catlike eyes.
Spotting a hot little thing he goes to her and introduces himself.
They make small talk , then head off into the house for privacy.

She unzips his pants and takes out his limp cock and strokes it.
When it gets hard she swallows it all..
Then she licks around the shaft and swallows it again
Mmmmm August grabs the back of her head and begins to face fuck her.

Then after awhile he pushes her away and glides her to the floor..
Pulling her Skirt and panties down and off he buries his face into her twat and begins to eat her..
She grabs two fists of hair grinding his face into her..

August licks and sucks on her clit playfully
Then slides his tongue into her moving it about..
She whimpers in exstacy..Mmmmm yes Mmmm god your great..
Eat my pussy ...Mmmm Ohhhh yeaaaaa

She cums and cums hard the orgasm rattles her body like a jackhammer..
OHhhhhhh she cires out I'm Cuuuummmming Mmmmm
He licks her clean..Then rises..

Removing his pants and underware he takes his rigid cock and slips in into her awaiting cunt..
They begin to fuck.
and pick up the pace bit by bit..
Untill they are fucking like wild animals..

Mmmmm yes fuck me she cries out in his ear pound my pussy give me that hard cock..
He continues to fuck her.
Fuck fuck fuck Mmmmmm .. Damn fuck me OHHhhhhh yesssssss
He keeps pounding her feeling the urge to Cum but holding back for the right moment..
He kisses and sucks on her neck..
As she screams out in Orgasm August Cums to..
At that very Moment he sinks his fangs into her neck and drains her almost to death..
Slipping out of her he looks down to her..Eternal life or Death you choose ?

She looks up to him terrified of him as his fangs glisten with her blood..
She says not a word but chooses to die..
August Grabs her body and Vanishes into the night..

Later all Hallows Eve...

The five regroup in the cemetary and tale of there journeys..
As the sun rises they vanish only to be a memory..

On behalf of my five characters:: August Never , Incubus , Sexecutioner , Valgard Grimseth & Psyanta Claws
And Myself
We'd Like to wish you all a very Happy and Safe Halloween & God Bless America...

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