tagInterracial LoveA Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel Ch. 02

A Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel Ch. 02

byNigela Lamont©

"Hey Loretta, how ya doin? You and your hubby up to shooting a game of pool with me and my buddies?"

"Oh hi! Yeah, I guess we could be. Are they any good?"

"You bet! These guys are real players. Loretta, this here's Danny, Jackson, and Tiny. Boys, meet Loretta and her husband Ray."

"Whatta ya say Ray. You game?"

"Okay, what are we gonna play for Leroy?"

"I don't want to put any money on it. I just thought it'd be cool for you and Loretta to meet my friends."

"Yeah sure. Loretta seems okay with it. Listen, how about you get us some beer while I get the table ready?"

"You're on pal!"

Ray racked up the balls while Leroy went off to get the beer. The sultry blonde's mouth started to water as she studied the young blacks out of the corner of her eye. All three of them were as good looking as Leroy but it was the bigger one that caught Loretta's eye. Standing at well over six feet three inches with coal black skin, huge muscular arms and weighing in at around 250 pounds, Tiny was her idea of a real hunk.

Leroy returned from the bar and handed Ray a cold beer.

"So, watcha been up to Ray? What's new?"

"Oh, same old same old. We were getting kind of bored so we figured we'd get out and shoot some pool."

"Ya know Ray; if you don't mind me saying so it looks like maybe Loretta wants more than a game of pool."

"Yeah could be, but I guess it's really up to Loretta what she wants to do about it. That big horse cock of yours really spoilt her. She's been talking about it all fucking week."

"Ray, don't!" Loretta's face became flushed. "What'll these guys think of me?"

"Oh, I'll bet they probably already know all there is to know about you, aint that so Leroy?"

"Jesus man, it's been pretty hard not to talk about it. She's such a hot piece of ass. I bet she's just itching to take us all on."

"Leroy, don't be so crude. You're embarrassing me!" Loretta blushed. Ignoring what he was saying she held up a quarter. "Here, let's flip for the break, heads you get to do it."

"I'll take heads or tails from you baby, I don't mind doing either end!" he chuckled as she flipped the coin in the air.

The coin came down tails so Loretta got to break first. Knowing that the men were all watching her ass she took her own sweet time bending over the table to show off her panties every chance she got. Loretta was in her element. She loved being a cock tease. After sinking the eight ball in the corner pocket she turned to them smugly.

"What do you say boy's, wanna make it two out of three?"

"Come on Loretta," Leroy said. "You know friggin well you've got us all horny! Forget about playing pool. Let's fuck!"

"Leroy!" she blushed.

"Don't pretend to be shy baby. Show the brothers what you got. Take out those nice little titties for us!"

"Not here in the bar, Leroy! Please, let's take it someplace else!"

"Relax sugar! Danny, get Lucky to lock the door. Tell him we got ourselves a horny little slut back here in need of a good fuck and he's welcome to join in! Ray, why don't you help get your lady ready for us."

Ray nodded, proudly pulling her white cotton peasant blouse off her shoulders and raising the cups of her bra, allowing her breasts to fall free. Loretta shrugged herself out of the tiny bra, her nipples stiffening as they hit the cold air. An awkward silence fell over the room as she stood displayed before them, her face flushed with desire.

"Jesus, look at them tits!" Danny whistled as he and Lucky entered the room.

"Lordy Lordy, aint that a sight for these tired old eyes! Man, they is just made for suckin!" Lucky exclaimed.

As the men ogled her white creamy breasts Loretta reached behind her back and unzipped her tight denim skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She had never had this many admirers before and found herself enjoying the attention.

"Fuck, she sure is ready for it! Look, those panties of hers are soaked! Get her up on the table." Leroy snapped.

Danny and Jackson picked Loretta up and sat her down on the pool table. She lay back on the felt, her heart pounding as Leroy pulled off her tiny silk panties and spread her legs wide open. Loretta moaned as they took out their cocks and encircled her.

"You okay hon?" Ray asked.

Loretta nodded, her voice trembling.

"Yeah I'm fine...God Ray, I'm sorry baby but I'm so horny! I want them all to fuck me so bad!"

"It's okay honey; I can see you need it! Jesus you sure are sexy when you're all horned up!" he gasped, gently cupping her sensitive breasts.

Loretta moaned and whimpered. Squeezing Danny and Jackson's cocks tightly in each hand she pumped them up and down while Ray's fingers tweaked her nipples.

"Oh, fuck Ray.... They're all so big! Please...kiss me! I'm so fucking hot!"

Ray kissed her beautiful full lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth and squeezing her swollen teats in his rough calloused hands.

"C'mon Ray, let me have her, you can do her anytime!"

Leroy pulled Ray off to the side and grabbed Loretta by her ankles, dragging her forward till her shapely legs hung over his shoulders. Nestling the head of his cock into her little blonde gash he slowly eased his big black snake into her sopping wet snatch. Loretta let out a long low moan and tightened her grip on Danny and Jackson.

"Oh my God.........Oh yeah.......Fuckin do me baby!"

"Man oh man! What a horny little bitch......she sure loves it!" Leroy chuckled. "Did you bring your camera with you Ray? You might wanna get this on tape."

"Yeah, good idea man, it's in our car..... I'll be right back!"

Ray bolted out of the room and quickly returned brandishing his new camcorder. He zoomed in on Loretta.

"Smile for the camera hon! Good girl, that's it! Jerk them off while you wring all of Leroy's cum out of his balls! When he's done I want to get a good close up of it running out of you!"

Spurred on by Ray's encouraging words she milked Leroy's cock with her velvety cunt. Getting fucked in front of her husband with a throbbing black cock in each hand felt so slutty that Loretta soon felt herself nearing a climax.

"Man, your wife's cunt is tight Ray....She's a good whore! You really like watching her get fucked by other guys don't you?"

"Yeah.....I guess so." Ray said avoiding Leroy's eyes. It was still sometimes hard for him to admit it, even to himself.

"Oh Jesus...... I'm fuckin cumming!" she screamed loudly....Fuck me! ...... Oh god yes....... fuckin give it to me.... all of you!"

Leroy's cock head expanded deep inside Loretta's cunt and then his aching balls let go, shooting burst after burst of his potent jism deep inside her belly.

"Oh shit! Oh man what a dirty little slut!" Jackson cried out and followed suit, hosing her down with his own hot thick spunk. As Loretta opened her mouth to swallow his load Danny let go too.

"Oh yeah....Take that cum, you motherfuckin slut! Jesus!"

"Oh..... Oh......Oh God....Oh God...... I'm gonna cum!" Loretta gurgled as Danny let go streaking her face and lips with his cum. "Oh Fuck, I'm cummingggg!"

Leroy grunted loudly as he finished draining his cum filled balls into Ray's wife. With a nod to Ray he gently lowered Loretta's limp spent body onto the green felt table and backed away from between her legs.

"There you go man. I've fucked your wife real good for you!"

Ray aimed his camera, capturing the moment as a huge glob of creamy white spunk oozed out of her freshly fucked cunt and slowly ran down the crack of her ass, puddling on to the pool table.

Lucky scurried up with his bar rag to wipe up the mess.

"Shit Leroy, that table's almost brand new! You and the brothers better finish this party somewhere else."

"How bout we get a room at the Cozy Rest again?" Ray suggested as he helped his dazed cum spattered wife up from the table. "You guys can pick up some liquor and we'll rent a room and meet you over there."

"Yeah we'll do that, give us about twenty minutes or so, okay?"

"You bet. We'll be waiting for you guys."

On the way to the Cozy Rest Loretta finished combing the cum out her hair and gently tugged at his arm.


"What's up Loretta?"

"You sure you're okay with this honey? I don't want you to think of me as a slut. I know I've fucked other men before but Jesus Ray, this time there's so many of them! I couldn't stand the thought of it coming between us."

"Loretta, I'm the one that started this thing! Face it, we're both kinda kinky, we're just more open to it than most people. Relax about it, let's see where this ride's gonna take us."

"As long as you're really really sure, Ray. I don't want you suddenly going and getting all jealous on me.

Ray drove into the motel, turned off the ignition and went into the office. A couple of minutes later he came out with a room key with a big metal tag hanging off it.

"Okay hon, we're all set!" Ray said, reaching in the car and taking out his camcorder. "We're in Room 209 up on the second floor. The stairs just on your left. Let's go up and wait for them."

They got about halfway up the stairs when Leroy and his friends accompanied by two very young black girls pulled up in his big white Caddy convertible. Ray stopped and waited for the group to catch up with them.

"Hey Ray this here's Roxy and Georgia. Okay if they join us?" asked Leroy. "They really know how to party!"

Ray looked the two girls over. While the diminutive Roxy sported huge tits and a small bottom Georgia was her opposite with small upturned tits and a large round comfortable looking ass. Neither of them looked over fourteen.

"Yeah whatever... Christ Leroy, you sure they're old enough? I don't need any trouble! They both look like jailbait to me! Do they know I'm gonna be taping this?"

The girls giggled at each other.

"Don't worry about us, mister, we're both eighteen!" Roxy tittered.

"Yeah, but almost everyone thinks we're little kids." Georgia said, blowing a big pink bubble with her chewing gum.

"It was my idea to wear our school uniforms cause Leroy told us you were into making dirty movies!"

The young nubile girls were dressed in very short green tartan kilts with white knee socks and crisp white blouses tied suggestively beneath their breasts and exposing their cocoa brown tummies. As Ray climbed up the stairs behind them and saw their little white cotton panties he felt his cock stir.

"Hey Georgia, before we get settled I just remembered I didn't get any mix said. How about you ladies goin and getting us some?" Lucky asked, fishing a twenty out of his wallet.

"Sure Lucky, just don't go getting started without us! C'mon Rox, let's go across the street to the mini mart. I need some more smokes anyways. Where you guy's gonna be?"

"We're in 209," Ray called after them. "Just knock on the door when you get back."

The two girls headed off to the store arm in arm, laughing and giggling as they went.

Later, after the girls had returned and everyone had a few drinks Leroy rolled a joint and passed it around the room. Between the smoke and alcohol Loretta soon felt herself becoming very mellow.

"Hey!" cried Roxy.

Loretta just about jumped out of her skin.

Roxy squealed with delight as she played around with the remote. "Look, the TVs got an adult movie channel! Why don't we all watch a porno to get in the mood?"

"Good idea Roxy," Leroy chuckled. "Put it on!"

Everyone settled in and Ray turned off the light. Loretta watched as two pretty blonde teenagers took turns sucking on a huge black cock and started to get very horny.

"Enjoying yourself sweet cheeks?" Leroy asked lying down behind her and pushing his erect cock up against her ass.

"Oh Leroy, that feels real nice!" Loretta whispered as his hand traveled up under her skirt. "This movie's getting me really hot! That guy's even bigger than you!"

"Jesus baby, you're soaking wet! Ray's right, you are a fucking size queen!"

"I can't help it Leroy, I'm so horny all the time! I just can't seem to get enough!"

"Well sugar, tonight's your night," Leroy chuckled. "Look see what Lucky's doing!"

Loretta saw that Lucky was sitting back with his trousers unbuttoned and moving his hand beneath his briefs. Loretta drooled as the man tugged down the waistband of his shorts and took out his big cock. Leroy whispered softly into her ear.

"Show me what a slut you are Loretta. Make Lucky's day for him! Go suck him off while we all watch!"

Aroused by Leroy's dirty talk Loretta rose from the bed and got down on her hands and knees before Lucky. His cock pulsed before her, its menacing red tip glistening with precum. She looked up into his eyes, licked her moist full lips then rolled his foreskin back and stretched her lips around the large head.

"Tiny, how about you fucking her from behind?" Ray suggested, moving in with his camera.

Tiny got behind Loretta and pulled her skirt up then tugged her panties aside revealing her pouting pink cunt.

"Man oh man!" he gasped, staring reverently at her little round ass. "I gotta have me some of that white pussy!"

"Hold on baby! I'm gonna take you for the best ride you ever had!" he panted, taking out a huge heavily veined cock that had to be at least twelve inches long.

Tiny got down on his knees, his shiny black cock protruding obscenely as he held her tiny waist in his giant hands. Loretta looked back over her shoulder.

"Yes! Oh god yes! Hurry up and fuck my cunt with that thing, you big black bastard!" she moaned as Tiny's huge cock poked at her ass in his attempt to find its target.

Long strands of precum swayed from Loretta's chin as she furiously bobbed her head up and down sucking and slobbering noisily on Lucky's throbbing black cock.

"Man, that white bitch can sure suck cock! She's a natural whore! I want some of that too!" Georgia giggled. Getting down on her back she pulled herself underneath Loretta till she was directly beneath her cunt. Georgia reached up and grabbed Tiny's cock aiming its huge slippery knob at Loretta's gaping cunt lips.

"You asked for it baby, you're gonna get it!" Tiny warned. "Hang on, here it comes!"

Ray watched in awe as Tiny's immense cock disappeared inch by inch in her cunt till he was buried up to the balls. Tiny groaned with pleasure as he let Loretta get used to his size, and then began to saw back and forth while Georgia licked his balls from below.

"Man, aint that the hottest thing you ever seen!" Danny choked. "Rox, how's about doin the rest of us?"

Excited from watching Loretta being fucked, Roxy unbuttoned her blouse and performed a slow sensual dance. Ray's heavy balls ached as she smiled at him and removed her bra, freeing her pendulous breasts. After removing her panties she turned away from the men and bent over, looking back through her legs and giving an unencumbered view of her gaping pussy.

Ray laid the camera down on the bed, hastily unbuttoning his pants. The girl's 38DD breasts and tight little ass had him so fired up he had to have some relief.

"Danny, you guy's gotta wait your turn!" Roxy panted, her eyes fixed on Ray's crotch. "I'm so horny for whitey here my little cootchie's just drippin! You're gonna have to be content with sloppy seconds!"

As she approached Ray his cock sprang to life slapping his stomach and bobbing in the air. Moaning with lust she clasped her hands around his neck and hung on tight as he grabbed her ass and lifted her high in the air pushing his rampant prick between her legs.

"Oh yeah! she gasped. Fuck me baby! Fuck me real good!"

The young schoolgirl wrapped her legs around Ray, pressing her belly up against him and whimpering with relief as she rode his stiff pre cum greased pole.

"That's it Ray! Oh fuck yeah, gimme all your jizz!" Roxy moaned as Ray furiously raised her up and down on his hot throbbing cock.

At the mention of her husband's name Loretta raised her head up from Lucky's cock. She felt a little jealous at seeing Ray fuck the young schoolgirl but then realized that if Ray got some young pussy now and then she'd be able to get all the cock she'd ever need.

"Fuck her good Ray! Fucking give it to the little black bitch!" the depraved housewife called out to her husband in encouragement.

As she watched Ray fucking Roxy, Loretta thought about how wonderfully satisfying it felt to be filled completely with Tiny's huge cock. Maybe we could get a room at the Cozy Rest Motel on a permanent basis she thought with a smile. She turned her full attention back to sucking off Lucky. The old cliché was true. Now that she'd gone black there was no way she was ever going back.

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