tagErotic HorrorA Haunted House

A Haunted House


Tammy shivered in the coolness of the night. The line seemed to stretch for eternity.

"How many miles is it?" she complained.

Frank looked at her, "Well, if you didn't have that ridiculous tube top on, you wouldn't cold. Amy's tits are as big as yours but she covers herself up."

Joe's eyes ran up and down her outfit.

"He's right, "Joe sad, "You gotta be a slut on Halloween, huh? It's tradition!"

"I dress how I want!" Tammy said, "Anyway, Amy's prude."

"Am not!" Amy said. She had on long sleeves, a jacket, long pants, and looked warm and comfortable, if a bit poofy. The rest of the females in line were dressed similar to Tammy. Tammy wasn't the only one with a miniskirt, some nylons, boots, and a tube top showing plenty of the tops her big breasts. Yet, she was not showing as much skin as some other girls. All of them were shivering. The two girls in front of the small group nodded at Tammy in sympathy, freezing themselves.

"Anyway, why this haunted house? There are other ones," Tammy asked.

"This one is supposed to be super-intense. It's brand-new this year," Frank replied, "It's also 18 and older, supposed to have serious nudity, violence, and some mad-scary shit. It will.... Freak.... You.... Out.... Man!!!!"

Joe laughed and they high-fived. Amy rolled her eyes.

"So, tits are supposed to scare me?" Tammy asked, "Maybe if they're your mom's."

Amy laughed. Joe pointed at Frank and slapped his arm.

"Don't take that shit, son!" he cried.

"Whatev, at least my mom didn't drop me on my head a hundred times as a kid."

"Weak," Tammy replied.

The line continued to shuffle. Warning sighs appeared on the brick wall of the old factory. An ambulance crew was stationed under a pop-up tent in the main parking lot. Word trickled back down the line that there were two crews, but one took a heart patient to St. John's 20 minutes ago.

"Amazing things come down the grapevine," Joe noted, unimpressed.

Twenty people stood between them and the door and a guy masked as Jason handed them waivers.

"Never signed a waiver before," Frank said.

"Huh, I guess they're serious," Joe replied, "Hey, fella, what's this all about?"

Jason stood silently and pointed at the signature section. They all signed. Amy was the only one to glance at the paperwork.

"Extreme costumes, excessive violence, sexual humiliation, animal sacrifice, groups entering together may not exit together.... What did we get into?"

Frank laughed, "C'mon, it's a haunted house, whatever."

They shuffled forward. Everyone quieted down the last few minutes. The door loomed dark and near. The jocular attitude around them went somber as well. People were quiet, now able to hear a scream or two coming from inside the building. They did not sound like happy, fun screams to Tammy. Amy looked at her, concern in her eyes. Tammy shrugged. It was fun, they'd be okay.

Tammy felt her heart climb up in her throat as they paid their money and walked over the threshold. They were in a large room, weak red light filtering out from bulbs in the ceiling.

"Hello," a short , old woman whispered, "Please do be careful ahead. You may not make it out whole."

Frank laughed, "We'll be okay, auntie," he said, full of confidence.

They shuffled through the door. Suddenly, no one wanted to be first. Haze and cobwebs obstructed their view down the narrow hall. Tammy readied herself for anything, hanging on to Amy. Frank and Joe were wedged together, protected in their tight group.

A light turned on to their left. It was a butcher's room, stainless steel counters and table. Red blood dripped everywhere. The smell of iron drifted in from behind the separating metal bars. The butcher, a big man with a mask grabbed what looked like a squirming mouse, held it down, and chopped its head off with a cleaver. They saw a mist of blood spray from the mouse's neck. The light went out.

"HOLY SHIT!" Amy cred out.

"Woah!" said Frank, "Great special effects."

Tammy felt sick to her stomach. She thought the mouse looked awfully real.

"I want to go," Amy said, "That was fucked up."

"It was the first thing, relax," Joe said, "Let's see what else they got."

A gloomy room light up to their right. They looked in. Wax figures that looked very human were in various modes of torture. They were dressed in U.S. military fatigues and the scene evoked Vietnam. One man had bamboo driven under his fingernails, another had a cage of rats on the top of his head. The rats were real, the man was not. Another was frozen in agony, in the middle of being beaten by bamboo canes. Others were eviscerated, entrails hanging. One man, an actor, was crawling on the ground, moaning, shiny blood running down the stump of his elbow. The rest of his arm was on the chair next to him. The light clicked off.

"Damn! They must have had to find an amputee to play that part. Awesome!" Joe said.

Amy screamed. Frank and Joe cried out. Tammy suddenly felt small things rain down on her. She brushed at her hair and felt the plastic spiders and sticky worms that were dumped on them. Suddenly, there was breathing in her ear.

"We will get you!" the voice menaced. A hand grabbed at her ankle and let go as soon as she kicked.

"SOMEONE'S WITH US!" She cried out. She looked behind her, no one was there. Whoever it was, he was fast.

The group ground to a halt, picked at themselves, pulled out toys on their hair and clothes. Frank started moving again. Everyone stayed closer this time.

A light went on to the left. A huge skull of a cow loomed at them. It was the size of a big couch. A loud, growl sounded and the skull came out of its recess and moved for them. Everyone ducked, and it swung over their heads, its long neck serpentining from the wall. It pulled back and the light went off.

"What if you didn't duck?" Joe asked.

The next stop was even more unsettling. The light went on, a woman was chained naked, facing away, with what looked like a gag in her mouth. Her ass and back were marked with red streaks, dripping blood. A man with a whip and a hood pointed at Tammy, then lashed the woman with the whip. Her body bucked and she let out a muffled cry. A fresh red line appeared on her back. The light went off.

"Nudity! Awesome!" said Frank.

"They must dip that whip in a bucket to get the marks," Joe commented.

Both girls were revolted, insulted, and unhappy.

"Can we leave? It says we can leave at any time by shouting 'Uncle,' and I think I want to do that," said Amy. Tammy agreed.

"A little further!"

The light came on in the hallway. A girl was running at them, panic on her face.


A man followed behind her, grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. She was screaming, crying, pounding on his back as he stepped through a well-hidden doorway. With a slam, they were gone.

"Jesus," Joe said, "That was some good acting."

"This is getting weird, I don't like it," Amy said, "Let's just bail out and go drink or something."

"You're scared, right?" said Frank, "That's the point. We're all kinda scared. It's better than some crap kids' place, right?"

They climbed a set of stairs and found themselves in a well-lit room. Comfy chairs were arranged in a circle and elevator music played softly. A tray of cookies was set out on a table in the middle of the room. A sign on the door at the far end of the wall said, "Lead group is close, please wait."

They barely sat down before the door opened a crack. A hand flipped the sign. The door creaked shut.

"Caution: Depicted ahead are excessive perversities. Anyone of weak constitution or with heart problems can leave immediately," Frank read aloud, "Let's go check out some perversities." Tammy frowned. She wanted to stay in the room. She felt safe.

They pushed through the doorway. Another light popped on.

Everyone gasped at the same time.

"Isn't that the girl who was just running away downstairs?" Joe asked.

Inside a large clear plastic tube was the girl. She was banging at the plastic in slow-motion, sheer agony on her face. Her hits were weak, the water completely filling the tube slowing down her punches. She screamed at them, air bubbles escaping her mouth. She started to thrash as the lights went out.

Everyone stood for a second.

"Should we go see if she needs help?" Frank asked, his voice cracking with concern.

Before anyone could respond, the light went on behind them. A man was tied to a hook in the ceiling. Tammy looked closer. She screamed. The hook was threaded through the man's wrists. He hung limp, but she could tell it was an actual person, his chest rising and falling with breath. Two metal tubes were underneath him, pointing up. The four waited in horror, wondering what they would see.

The jets lit from a pilot light and the man's body began writhing in the two cones of fire. The jets cut off as the lights did.

"Okay, I'm done," Amy said, "UNCLE! UNNNNCLLLLLLE!"

They waited only a few seconds. A hooded figure appeared and beckoned. Amy walked toward him.

"It smells like pork all of a sudden," Frank commented.

The lights cut out. A door opened and the four saw a room at the end of the hallway, glowing pleasantly. Tammy could make out people talking, laughing. They headed towards the room, Amy nearly running.

"Woah, wait up, Amy!" Frank said. He sped up and Joe quickly followed. Tammy was following behind when an arm grabbed her. A large hand covered her mouth and she tried to call out, but they didn't hear her. She struggled as she wrapped in a powerful arm and forced into a small doorway. The room was pitch-black and she felt the hand come off her mouth.

She inhaled to scream as a hand snapped across her face, slapping her hard. Dazed, her breathe lost a second, she felt a gag slipped over her mouth.

"Shut up," a female voice said, "Just shut up and we won't hurt you too much."

Tammy's hands were wrenched behind her back. She felt a rope slide around her wrists. She panicked and struggled out of the bonds. Another slap to her face stopped her from moving and she tried to not cry.

Hopefully, she though, they'll notice I'm not with them.

Then she realized the part from the waivers that said parties may not leave at the same time. She prayed they'd forget, but Amy had a good memory, was completely sober, and would remind the boys. This place was creepy enough that they'd not return anyway. Tammy hoped she was just being teased and nothing would happen to her, not like the actors who seemed so real.

"Good, calm down," the female voice said again. A hood was slipped over Tammy's head, over the gag in her mouth. She was not claustrophobic but she fought off the feeling of helplessness. She was getting her money's worth being scared out of her mind.

She was pushed forward and heard a door creak open, then slam. The woman, whose voice sounded young, shoved her to a spot and held her still.

She heard a lightbulb click. She could see diffused light through the hood. There was the sound of people stumbling to a halt in front of her.

"Woah," a male's voice said, "Look at that!"

The woman behind her yanked her tube top off her tits and down to her stomach. Tammy flailed, trying in vain to cover herself in front of the strangers. Her hands were kept in check by the woman next to her, who pulled down on Tammy's wrists. Tammy stopped moving, not wanting to fall over. She could hear smiles break out on the voices of the group. She was enraged to be exploited like this, her tits out for everyone to see. The light clicked off of a second. The voices grew quieter s they debated her and her role of sexual humiliation. One girl asked how it was scary? Another girl asked her if she wanted to be the one in the hood. The group moved on. Hearing blood pound in her ears, Tammy vowed violence and lawsuits to everyone involved. She was livid.

"See, girl? That wasn't too hard. They'll never know who you are," the woman's voice murmured into Tammy's ear. Tammy's tube top still hung around her stomach.

Another group shuffled down the darkened hall a minute later. Squeaky voices floated towards Tammy. One boy called the other a fag for playing pokemon. Another laughed.


"HOLY SHIT!" one voice said.

"Hello, boys," the voice over Tammy's shoulder said, "A little young to be in here?"

"No!" one guy called out, a little too defensively.

"They let us in, we check out," another said, "Is that a real person or a mannequin?"

"Reach in and find out," the woman's voice cooed.

Tammy kept absolutely still, hoping the boys would decide it was a trick in this fucked-up haunted house. She held her breath.

"I dunno, Jimmy, all the stuff we've seen? You could lose an arm or something."

Tammy rooted for Jimmy, or whoever, to listen to the voice.

"Fuck that, I'm not gonna pass this up."

She felt a finger jab her stomach. Then she felt the palm of a hand. Next thing she knew, the boys were climbing over each other to touch her. Hands covered the front of her chest, roughly squeezing her tits, touching her nipples, slapping and groping her stomach.

The woman behind her pushed her forward and she nearly fell into the bars between the room and the hallway. Tammy furiously worked her hands, trying to get away from the laughing, screaming boys who were roughing her up. The woman behind her yanked her skirt and thong down her to her knees. Hands dove between her legs, rubbing at her pussy. Someone reached around and tried to squeeze her ass. Tammy thrashed and fought, but the woman applied pressure on her arms by pulling down on the rope at her wrists. Tammy stood still, taking the abuse.

She heard the light click off and she was pulled away from the boys. One finger pulled in her nipple, trying to keep her close.

"Fuck, I got blue balls," one said. The others laughed and clapped. A light further down the hall clicked on. They didn't leave, hoping for another glance.

Tammy felt, rather then heard, a big shape loom behind them.

"Go," a deep voice rumbled. The kids screamed and moved away quickly.

"You squirm like that again and I'll let them fuck you, understand me?" the woman stated.

Tammy, miserable, crying, feeling snot on her face over the gag, nodded. This was the stuff of movies. She decided to wait patiently until she woke up.


"Oh, now that's fucked up," a girl's voice said.

"No way. HOT!" a guy said, "Here, lemme take a picture."

The clicking sound of an Iphone filled the air. Tammy's captor obligingly turned her all angles so the guy could get different shots.

"I dare you to touch her," he said. Tammy heard the girl snort.

"No, she's not allowed to be touched, dumbass. Anyway, you're perverted."

"You may touch," the woman holding Tammy said. She marched Tammy towards the bars again. Tammy felt two hands, light as feathers, caress the skin between her tits. The hands ran down to her stomach, over her thighs, and back up to her tits. The soft hands lifted each breast, fingers ran circles on her nipples, and Tammy felt herself react. The stranger gave her soft tits one last squeeze and pulled away.

"Happy?" the woman in the hall asked.

"Yes. More fodder for the spank bank," the guy replied.

"Sick bastard," the girl said, laughing. They continued on down the hall as the light cut out.

Tammy, terrified, was suddenly turned on by what happened. She couldn't believe she was reacting the way she was. She'd never been touched by a woman and it was gentle. She fought to clear her mind, but the horror of the situation added to her arousal.

The light clicked on. Silence came from the other side.

"Just you?" the woman holding her asked.

"Yes," a man's voice responded.

"Did you start alone?" the woman asked.

"No," the man's voice sounded rugged, confident, "Everyone else panicked after the first floor. I don't know how real some of this is but I'm going to see it out."

"Good thing, too," the woman said, "Because we have a reward for you. This is my pet. She does anything I want. Would you like to fuck her?"

Tammy's mouth went dry. She was about to be raped. She struggled and tried to run. The woman had an unbreakable hold on her and dragged her to the ground.

"Stop," the woman hissed, "If you do this, we'll let you go. If not, you will end up very hurt. He's good-looking. I don't want to have you end up like any others."

Tammy sobbed into her gag.

"Uhhh, she doesn't seem like she wants to obey you," the man said, voice full of concern.

"She does. She's just being... difficult. She's testing me."

Tammy was hauled to her feet and walked backwards into the bars. Her hands were swiftly untied and handcuffed (where'd the handcuffs come from, she thought) to the bars. She was facing away from the man.

Dear God, she prayed, don't let me get raped. Please don't let me get raped. She cried under the hood.

The woman's voice talked sweetly, quietly by her left hip. She heard a zipper get pulled. The man sighed quietly and wet slurping noises filled the air. The woman was sucking his dick? Tammy realized she could very well die if she didn't just wait for it to be over. The woman was clearly insane.

Tammy waited, her arms chained, her top around her waist and her skirt and underwear at her ankles. She felt the woman kneel between her legs. She almost jerked away when she felt the woman's tongue slide up and down her pussy lips. Tammy pressed her thighs together, denying the woman access to her pussy. The woman's hands went to Tammy's feet and her nails dug into Tammy's insteps. The pain was exquisite. Tammy spread her feet, anything to escape the pain, and the woman's head went back between her thighs. She felt kisses, licks, and sucks work their way up to her clit. The woman was softer, more polished at eating her out then any guy had ever been. Tammy fought to keep her body from warming up. The woman's hands pushed Tammy's hips backwards and her ass made contact with the metal bars.

The man reached through and took her hips, pulling them against him. He inched her a half-step to the left, looking for a gap in the bars for his cock.

Tammy imagined herself in another place. She was sitting in the sunlight on her porch, reading a book. She was anywhere but here, feeling a stranger's cock wiggle its way into her pussy. She was surprised and ashamed at how slick she was and how easy it was for him to enter her. He pulled out and slid in, deeper this time. She felt his lower abs and balls make contact against her back and ass. The woman kept licking her clit.

Tammy was torn between hell on earth and incredible pleasure. She was held against her will, two people having sex with her, and she was blindfolded and cuffed. The man picked up the pace and started to fuck her in earnest. One of his hands came off her hips and lightly caressed her nipple. She half-moaned and half-wept under the hood. Deep in her belly and between her legs, a fire started smoldering.

I will kill myself if I cum, she thought. I may kill myself after this anyway, if they ever let me go.

She didn't need to worry about her first deal with herself. The man squeezed her tit roughly, grunted, and shuddered against the bars. He pulled out and she heard a glob of cum splatter on the floor.

"Wow," he breathed heavily, "Greatest haunted house ever. Say, you don't mind cleaning this up, do you?"

The woman laughed. Tammy felt her move to the left and heard more sucking noises. The woman was actually licking Tammy's juices off the man's dick. He gave Tammy's ass a friendly pat.

"Thanks, pet. Better then my wife," he said and headed down the hall.

The woman worked the keys on Tammy's handcuffs.

"I will allow you to live. People have died here, see, and we keep moving around the U.S. We make a TON of money, you know? Anyway, consider yourself lucky. We could have someone fucking your dead mouth if we wanted."

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