tagGroup SexA Hickerman Party Ch. 01

A Hickerman Party Ch. 01


A Hickerman Party: The Invitation

Inspired by Angeleyes

Bill snaps out of his bored stupor as Jim, the computer guru in the next cubicle, tosses an envelope that lands on top of Bill’s outstretched fingers above his keyboard. Turning with an inquisitive look and picking up the envelope he says, “What’s this?”

“Open it up.” Jim demands. “I think you’ll be pleased.”

Bill shrugs, looking down at the envelope again to find his name beautifully calligraphed on the back. Turning it over and looking up at Jim again with the same inquisitive look, only to hear Jim repeat himself, “Go on. Open it up!”

Bill looks back down and runs his finger under the seal. He pulls out an embossed white card, again with his name professionally printed across the front. Opening it up he reads,

You and your Significant Other are cordially
invited to an evening of fun, food, entertainment
and fulfillment.

Theme: Las Vegas Night

October 9, 2003, 7pm till ?
Ask the presenter of this invitation
for directions and what additional
information they may be allowed to provide.
Dress: Optional, no female slacks

Looking back up again with a, what’s this all about, look and a shrug, Bill asks, “What gives?”

“You’ve heard of the Hickerman Parties?” Jim snaps.

“No. Why?”

“Well, thanks to yours truly, I’ve gotten you an initiation invitation to one of James Hickerman’s parties. You do know who James Hickerman is?” Jim asks, incorrigibly.

“Of, course. How could anyone in this town not know who he is. He’s only the most powerful man around.”

“Exactly.” Jim responds enthusiastically. “Every second Thursday of the month he has a fantastic party. He invites three or four initiates, based on recommendations from the members.”

“From the words in the invitation I’m assuming that this party is more than your normal high society get together.”

“And you figure right.” Jim confirms Bill’s suspicions. “I’m not allowed to go into details, but I can assure you – you will have a great and fulfilling evening.”

“I’m not too sure – no I’m totally sure – my wife will not go along with this.” Bill grimaces.

“Who’s talking about taking your wife. Ever since you told me you were getting a little on the side, I’ve been trying to get you invited.”

“Ah, I see.” Bill’s grimace, slowly turning to a smile. “So, where does this secret party take place.”

“Hickerman bought the block downtown that surrounds the old high school. The gym was turned into a dining room, with all tables facing the stage. Classrooms have been turned into theme rooms. The old locker rooms in the basement have a dungeon motif.”

“What’s the dress?”

Jim laughs, “You can see for yourself it says optional. And it means just that. Some of the ladies come in no more that a slicker and as soon as they are through the door that disappears. Most women, come showing something. The guys anything from just a thong to tucs.”

“Sounds interesting.” Bill murmurs almost in a daze.

“Okay, a couple more details you need to know. Initiates get in free, but it is a pay as you go bar. Once initiated and sworn to silence, all parties you attend after that are a hundred dollars a plate.”

“Whoa!” Bill almost chokes out of his daze. “And what’s this initiation thing about.”

“I know it sounds expensive, but believe me it is more than worth it.” Jim explains.

“And about the initiation?”

“Well… it’s a little different each time. I’m not suppose to explain, but each couple has to provide a little show up on the stage after dinner. He’ll explain and give you a chance to back out if you wish.”

At lunch Bill is on the phone immediately trying to get hold of Angel – his little on the side. She’s a nurse from a neighboring town he met on the internet about a year earlier. They’ve meeting about twice a month for their mutual pleasure. As Bill, she is happily married, but needed a little more excitement in the sack. Her husband supports this as they use to swing from time to time. Bill’s wife knows nothing of his affair, which bothers him, but he just can’t withstand the temptation and excitement Angel provides . She answers on the fifth ring, much to Bill’s relief. “Hi, sweetie. Have I got a surprise for you.”

“Yeeesss? You sound excited.” She responds.

“We have been invited to a Hickerman Party.” Bill blurts out with no lead up at all.

“Okaaay” Angel reacts cautiously, not sure what he is talking about.

“Hickerman. James… Hickerman”

“Okaaay. I know who your talking about. But why would he be inviting us to one of those up-town parties?” She inquires, adding, “We sure don’t run in that crowd.”

“No, these are special parties. Private parties. Jim has been going for a couple of years and got us an invitation.” He explains.

Angel catches on quickly, asking, “I’m getting the idea that this is not just a party, but more like an orgy?”

“I’m not totally sure, Jim isn’t allowed to give too many details, but he says some of the ladies come nude, but most come showing off a little something.”

“I’m not so sure.” Angel responds.

“Jim says, it is really worth it, and we can back out at any time, no questions asked.”

“What would I wear?” She asks, then adds knowingly, “What would you like me to wear?”

“Just surprise me.”

Thursday night – Bill had told his wife he had to make an overnight business trip – he meets Angel at their usual motel room. Angel slowly opens the door just as he puts his hand up to knock. Backing up as he enters she does a pirouette, showing him all she has. Angel is the same height as Bill, about 5’8”. Shoulder length hair with blond streaks frame her lovely round face. She was really quite stunning, but that wasn’t what Bill was looking at.

She’s wearing a see-thru smoke colored blouse that fits tight around her full, pleasingly plump torso. Visible through the sheer material is a black, half cup push-up bra that lifts provocatively those firm little A-cup breasts that he loves to nurse on so much. A black mini-skirt, revealing a sensual pair of long thin legs encased in black mesh stockings held up by a black, lacey garter belt completes the ensemble along with a pair of black pumps. “Wow! Do you look great.” He pulls her to him as she completes her turn, kissing her passionately, their tongues fighting for space in each others mouth.

Finally, breaking the kiss, she pulls away and walks toward the bathroom sink, saying, “Thanks. I thought you’d like it. Not just sure I feel comfortable enough to wear just this. I think I want to put on a jacket or something.”

“Oh, no.” Bill protests. “You look fantastic.”

“Yeah, but we got to move to the car and from the car to the school, without being seen. I mean I can’t be seen out in the streets like this. I look like one of the hussies down on A Street.” She protests, filling a glass with water.

“No, no. You look just great. As sexy as I have ever seen you.”

“Slutty, you mean.” She responded with a slight tone of aversion as she picks something up off the sink counter, turns and walks back to him with the glass of water in her hand.

“No, no,” Bill repeated. “Sexy and hot. Anyway it is only two steps out to the car and I will park as close to that school as I can. I promise. Besides, I was hoping I could talk you into taking that bra off on the way over there.”

“Yeah, then I’ll really look like a slut.” She protests, handing him the glass of water.

“No, just hotter and sexier than you are already.” Bill counters with complements.

“We’ll see.” She says, submitting a little and handing him a little blue pill. “Here take this. It’s your Viagra. I’ve got two more in my purse for later, if we need them.”

The old high school was right down town. Built in 1884, it was that typical two story brick small Midwestern town high school structure. Peaked roof with four rooms on each floor. A gym had been added along with two one story wings off the gym. The wings paralleled the end zone and one side of the football field that Bill had played on the year he graduated in 1968. He was a member of the last graduating class from that high school. The town’s phenomenal growth was largely do to the manufacturing Mr. Hickerman had brought to the surrounding area. Two new high schools had been built since Bill graduated.

The football field had been turned into a parking lot, with tall wooden fences surrounding the other two sides. The gate was at the far end, so curious eyes could not really see in very well. Angel feels a little easing in her apprehension. Especially, when she sees most of the other women are half nude, some with boobs swinging bare, others with cheeks exposed in nothing more than a thong. And several covered in a cape, apparently with nothing underneath. Now all she hopes is that she doesn’t know anyone inside.

Bill opens his door, ready to go around and open Angel’s door. Before he can even swing a leg out, Angel grabs his arm. She pulls him around and kisses him hard on the lips with a lot of tongue. Upon braking the kiss, she smiles at him and starts undoing her blouse. Without breaking eye contact she reaches inside, between her breasts, unfastening the snap at her small cleavage. Leaning forward again she kisses Bill hard, while pulling her arms out of her sleeves, then the bra straps and back into the sleeves of her blouse again.

Breaking the kiss again, she smiles and hands him the bra. “Here’s a trophy for you. I love you, Babe. And will do almost anything for you.”

This is what he loves about her most, her willingness to give herself completely, to make things as hot as possible for both of them.

Bill smiles back, leans forward opening her blouse and begins sucking on one of her breasts. Angel pulls his head in tight, moaning her pleasure. But, after only a few moments she pulls him away, saying. “You’re making me so hot. If we don’t leave now, we may never get inside.

Bill nods and starts buttoning her blouse. He leaves the top three buttons undone. Turning away he gets out of the car, walks around to open her door for Angel. Opening the door, Bill extends a hand, which she takes, pulling herself into his arms. They kiss again, long and hard with tongues entangled.

Finally, they are able to join the rest of the attendees entering the school. As they walk Angel curls into his side, head sometimes leaning on his shoulder, one arm around his waist the other slowly rolling over his stomach. One tit is pressing hard into his side, the other bouncing seductively free with each step inside the sheer blouse.

This is why Bill enjoyed her so much. She gave herself freely and completely to him. She always hung on him, whispering wonderful pleasures in his ear, licking his neck, kissing his cheek and ear. It reminded him of his youth. Reminded him of his days right here, on what used to be a football field. Reminded him of those cheerleaders, who always hung on the quarterback and star players arms. Reminded him of how he wondered why they did that, when she was usually treated like dirt. Although he had played ball, starting as halfback and defensive end, playing almost the whole game; he never had a girl that treated him that way or gave herself so completely to him.

Sometimes, when they walked together in public, she’d take a chance when she thought no one was looking and would let her hand momentarily drift down and give his always hard cock a squeeze. Today was no exception, for just as they enter the door, Bill handing his invitation to a bare breasted 18 to 20 year old blond in a chorus line outfit, Angel lowers her hand giving his rigidness a good long squeeze. The blond looks down, smiles knowingly and proceeds to escort them to a table right in front of the stage. She takes their drink orders and departs, swinging her almost bare ass provocatively.

Looking around, neither of them recognize anyone, somewhat relieved. Almost all the tables are full and a dull roar of mumbling fills the air. Lots of breasts are bare, some dicks, soft and hard, are exposed: but very little sexual play is visible other than a few coped feels. Music is playing and some are dancing here and there with hands usually on bare asses. Everywhere is joy and merriment.

The gym was small, only big enough for a basket ball court and one side of bleachers. A stage opened on the other side. But, it no longer looked like a gym. The ceiling had been lower, the walls covered with rich paneling and the floor cover with thick, soft carpeting. Angel’s and Bill’s table was right in front of the stage, not even ten feet away, just to the left of center. The tables were long and oval, just slightly taller than your normal living room cocktail table. Each table was supplied with, chips, nachos, veggie trays and dip. In a semi-circle around each table was a set four sectional couches, covered with pillows. There was a similar set-up right next to their table to the right, and four consecutive semi-circular rows of tables and couches behind. Probably a total of about twenty five sets.

All along the walls Romanesque pillars reached from the floor to the ceiling. Four larger ones crossed through the middle of the room and two even larger pillars and an arch framed the stage. All where beautifully draped with vines and sheer curtains. Tables and pedestals held large green plants and ferns in hanging baskets adorned the entire room. It was a very pleasing atmosphere. In between the pillars the walls obviously for Los Vegas night, are lined with slot machines and in the space between them and the seating are black jack, roulette and craps tables.

Reaching for a chip, with his hand still on Angel’s arm, Bill asks, “Shall we go play the slots?” But, before Angel can answer, their bare breasted hostess interrupts, “Bill and Angel, I would like to introduce you to your table mates and fellow initiates, Jeff and Tonya.”

Bill took Jeff’s hand in a firm shake, saying, “Nice to meet you.” Jeff was athletically built, broad in the shoulders, maybe 5’10” tall; probably in his mid-thirties, dressed similar to Bill in an unbuttoned white dress shirt, a pair of dark slacks and sandals. Although Bill didn’t notice, Angel sure did, that Jeff also sporting a raging hard-on that pushed out his slacks every bit as much as Bill’s.

Tonya and Angel also join hands softly exchanging courtesies, when Bill heard Tonya say, “Well girl – you sure came dressed to party.” Tonya was almost as tall as Jeff, with dark blond hair pulled straight back into a pony tail that hung down to the middle of her back. She wore a black dress with a slit on one side all the way up within about four inches of her waist. She might have had underwear on, but if she did it must have been a thong, because nothing but bare skin showed from the slit. She also wore a tight beige velour sweater that showed her perfect D maybe DD cups off nicely. Obviously she was not wearing a bra, for her raised areolas and large firm nipples protrude visibly into the glove like material.

Tonya’s initial statement is quickly followed by, “Well, I guess if I want to keep Jeff’s eyes off you tonight, I better get dressed for the party as well.” The comment is not catty, but complementary. And with that she reaches down to the bottom of her sweater with crossed arms and pulls it quickly up over her head exposing herself completely from the waist up.

Angle, Bill and even Jeff stare at her, mouths a-gap. “What?” Tonya asks, noticing their stares as she neatly places her sweater over the back of the couch. “Look around. There are a lot a bare breasted women out there.” She stretched out her arm, swinging it slowly across the room to indicate where they were. “There… there… there…. Our waitress…. Even Angel is very nicely exposed. Besides… What is it they say… If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.” To emphasize, she places her hands on her hips and shakes ‘em back and forth, causing both Jeff’s and Bill’s members to swell and twitch a little harder.

Both women giggle a little as Angel raises her hands over her head and shakes her nice little firm orbs, as well. Grinning, Jeff turns to Bill saying, “Isn’t this just great. I’m am so excited. I’ve been waiting two years to get an invitation to this.” Then leering with a smile he gazes around the room.

“Really?” Bill replies, not with sarcasm, but more in disbelief that these parties had been going for so long and he had never heard about them.

“Yeah, A couple we swing with had been coming to these for about a year when they told us about them. They’ve been putting our names in every month since then. Finally!… we’ve been selected.”

In reaction to the word swing, Bill and Angel exchange looks of mild shock, as if to say, What have we gotten ourselves into. Bill also wondered how his body Jim got them an invitation so fast, since he had only told Jim about Angel two months ago.

“But, what I’m really excited about is the initiation.” Jeff continues. “Can’t wait to find out what they have dreamed up for us to do.”

Angel pulls on Bill’s arm, as much to say, What’s this about an initiation?

“I understand they come up with some really wild stuff.” Jeff carries on with a big grin on his face. “Tonya and me,” turning to grab her arm and pull her close, “are really big into showing off in front of others…. Aren’t we dear?”

“Obviously.” She smiles, and shakes her boobs again.

Tentatively Angel asks, “Like what… what kinds… of things do they do to the initiates.”

“Oh,” he laughed, “They don’t do anything to you, they have you do things or perform on the stage.”

Abruptly the background music stops, effectively ending their conversation; and the hall grew quiet as man in tails, the crotch cut out, exposing a very large erection, walks out onto the stage. Taking a mike from another bare breasted blond, he pulls it to his lips, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another evening of fun, food, entertainment and fulfillment. We will start with a little warm up entertainment, followed by dinner, some competitions, then the initiations. So without any further ado, let the games begin.”

Angel pulls on Bill’s arm again at the mention of the word initiations. Turning her mouth to his ear, she whispers, “You didn’t say anything about these initiations.”

“Well a… I didn’t,… I don’t know,… really expect all this.” Bill stammers.

“But, you did know there were initiations, right?” Angel pushes.

“Yes. I just didn’t have any idea what they might…”

“So you thought you better not tell me incase I balked?” Although pressing, her tone was not totally angry.

“Yes… I guess. But Jim said if we didn’t want to do anything we were free to leave anytime.” He finally confides.

“I’m not sure I’ll be going to be able to do this.” She continues.

“Well, we can just wait and see what it is. Get a free meal. A good show.” His arm points to the stage where four male and four female dancers were starting their number. “If we don’t like what they want us to do, we leave. But, how bad can it be?”

“Look around.” She whispers. “There are a lot of naked people out there, already. Look over there.” She points at a lady already down on her knees foliating her date. “They’re obviously going to make us do something far more lascivious than that.”

“Well, let’s just sit down and see.”

“Okay.” She says, pulling out her chair and sitting down. “They’re going to have us a least fucking, which I don’t mind. I’m just not sure I can do that with an audience. And I’ll tell you right now I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do it with a stranger. At least not tonight”

Classical music softly returned into the old gym, redecorated into a Las Vegas casino, ala Ceasar’s. To the melody eight ballet dancers tip-toe gracefully across the stage. The four women, dressed in black nylons held up by red lacy garter belts, rather than tights, matching thong and bra; pirouetted in tiny tight circles across the stage forming a slightly bowed line. The four men followed, wearing black tights supporting large bulges down the inside of their right thighs, white shirts opened down the front forming a V to where they were tucked into the tights, the sleeves were full and blousy like the classical pirates wore. They leap gracefully across the stage until each stood behind a partner.

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