tagRomanceA Hike To The Meadow

A Hike To The Meadow


"What would like to do today?"

"I thought maybe we could take a hike in the woods, try to a meadow full of wild flowers. Are you game?"

"That would be wonderful. Let me get dressed and we can leave right away."

While you are getting dressed I pack a knapsack with a blanket and a bottle of wine and patiently wait for you to get ready. You come out dressed in a flannel shirt and pair of tight jeans and your hiking boots.

"You look ravishing!"

"Thanks! Are you ready?"

"Absolutely, lets go."

"What’s in the knapsack?"

"A blanket and some wine so when we find a place we can lay down and relax and just enjoy the day."

We walk slowly down the path through the woods, your arm is entwined with mine and your hip is against my hip. I can smell you along with the flowers and I inhale your scent deeply my nose buried in your neck. You giggle because it tickles and you squeeze my arm. I see an open meadow filled with wild flowers, and notice the weeds are high all around it and think, if we are laying down no one will see us. I smile to myself.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Nothing. Just enjoying the day. That looks like a good place to spread the blanket, what do you think?"

"Looks perfect."

I lead you through the tall weeds and you follow me trusting me to warn you of any foot holes. As we approach the meadow we are both awed by all the flowers and the view of the mountain. We hug for a moment and enjoy the beauty. I reach in my knapsack and take out the blanket and bottle of wine. I hand you the wine and flip the blanket open on the grass. We sit down and I rummage through the knapsack looking for the corkscrew. Luckily I remembered to put it in there along with a couple of plastic cups. I fill our cups and raise mine up in a toast.

"To us."

"To us."

I sip my wine and then I kiss you, softly and gently on your warm delicious lips and then I lay back on the blanket and pull you down next to me. We just lay there wrapped in each others arms watching the clouds overhead and listening to the many forest noises.

"It is beautiful up here don't you think?"

"Yes, it is. I cannot imagine being anywhere but with you right here in this spot."

You snuggle closer, unbutton the first three buttons of my shirt and begin toying with my chest. You like the feel of the hair on my chest and love to run your fingers through it. You place your hand over my heart and feel it beating and then you lay your ear down on my chest and listen to the steady thump, thump, thump.

"Your heart rate is up. Does that mean you are out of shape from the hike or that you love being with me."

"It means you are driving me crazy with your fingers."

Your hand strays down the front of my shirt to my belt buckle and then back up again feeling me through the cloth. I sigh in contentment at your touch and begin to trace your breast with my hand. You lean into my hand and enjoy the feel of my fingers rubbing your nipple, which has begun to grow with excitement. I push you back and place my wet mouth on your breast through your shirt and I twirl my tongue around finding your nipple, trying to arouse it more and make it harder. I unbutton your shirt one button at a time, slowly enjoying the pleasure of you through your shirt, but wanting the real thing in my mouth. I let my fingers get to the last two buttons then stop and pull your shirt open. Sliding my hand back up your stomach I begin caressing your breast and nipple through the black lacy bra you know I like so much.

"Did you wear that for me?"

"Silly question, of course."

I slide my hand up under your bra freeing your breasts and I take a minute to just look at them and enjoy their beauty.

"I love the shape of your breasts. They are so beautiful."

I slide my body down wrap my lips around your nipple and suck gently on it, teasing it with my tongue. You pull in your breath at the sensation pressing up against my lips urging me to take more in my mouth. I oblige pulling more of your delicious breast into my mouth sucking on it like I was nursing on you.

"I like it when you do that to me. It makes me feel wonderful all over. I love the way you touch me. It sends shivers up and down my body."

"Where does it feel the best?"

"Right on the end of my nipples. Where you are rubbing it with your tongue. It feels incredible."

I try to slip my hand into the top of your pants but your legs are bent up and I cannot do it.

You lean up pushing your chest onto my mouth afraid I will let go of your breast and try to unbuckle your belt. I push you down and turn around my lips still encased around your nipple and reach down unbuckle your belt, undue your snap and pull your zipper down. As your pants pull apart I reach my hand in and feel for your pubic hair. As my hand wanders down it touches the top of your panties and I notice the little diamonds. I smile releasing your breast from my mouth.

"These are the ones I sent you before we ever met. When we were only online lovers. Writing erotic stories to each other, sharing our fantasies, preparing for our first meeting and first sexual adventure together. God I wanted you so much. You were all I ever though about. I tried to imagine you in these panties with nothing else on and I would get rock hard thinking about it and I would have to masturbate because I was so horny for you."

You didn't say a word just pushed me off of you, unbuttoned the last two buttons, slipped your shirt and bra off and bent down to untie your shoes.

"No, let me do that."

I crawled down to your feet, turn around so I was facing you and began to unlace your hiking boot. I carefully undo each lace, pull it open and slide it off of your foot. I reach up and pulled your wool hiking sock down and expose your foot to the fresh air. I lift your foot to my face and drink in the scent of you. I reach out with my tongue and lick the bottom of your foot. You try to pull away because it tickles, but I hold your foot firmly and then blow on the saliva I traced up your foot with my tongue.

"God, that feels good."

I did the same with your other boot freeing your foot from it and your sock. I again lift your foot, smell it, lick it and then blow on it with my breath. I take your big toe and wrapp my lips around it and probe it with my tongue and then suck your toe gently. You lay back on the blanket and just enjoy my tongue and mouth. I suck each of your toes and then do it to your other foot. As I look up I see you playing with your nipples, twirling them between your fingers and I notice a wet spot on the front of your panties. I can see that some of your wetness has leaked out onto your thigh and I lean up and lick it off. I caress the inside of your thighs and then pull your pants down and off of your legs and reach up to take your panties off.

"Not yet."

You stand up in front of me and step in close to my face so I have to lean my head back to look up at you.

"I have nothing on but my panties. Do you like it?"

"You are so incredibly beautiful."

"See the wetness on my panties? That’s from thinking about you."

I stare at your pussy, enjoying the way your panties are pulled up in your crack, and I noticed you are pulling them up with your hands, tugging them across your clit. I raise my head up and lick the front of your panties and watch as you tense up from the pleasure. I slowly lick you from bottom to top enjoying your wetness and the taste of you. I let my tongue just graze your clit and then I drag my tongue down again. I do this several times and I notice you are pulling harder on your panties increasing the pressure on your clit. I begin to slide my hands up your soft inner thighs and you half moan and half grunt

"Not your hands, just your tongue."

You pull your panties to the side so I can stick my tongue in you, but still keep pressure on your clit. This causes the back of your thong to pull hard between your beautiful ass cheeks and adds another pleasure. I lick into your pussy crack and let my tongue slide up inside of you tasting your wetness amazed at how hot and moist you are.

"I love they way you eat me. You know exactly what to do."

I drive my tongue as deep into your pussy as it will go and I surround your lips with my lips and suck the juices out into my mouth. You moan in pleasure and begin to thrust your hips down onto my face trying to drive my tongue deeper and deeper into you.

"I am going to cum."

I have to throw my hands back to catch myself as you begin to collapse on my face pushing your pussy down onto my tongue searching for as much pleasure as possible. I take your hips in my hands and lower myself down holding my tongue inside of you. You instinctively reach out and catch yourself with your hands and press the back of my head into the blanket with your pussy, driving your lips over my mouth and nose. Your orgasm begins to intensify and you start rubbing your cum drenched pussy up and down my face soaking it with your juices. I just keep licking and drinking all you have to offer my waiting mouth. I press my thumb up into the crack of your ass rubbing your hole and you jerk down on my mouth and have another orgasm, spurting more of your cum onto my face. Your body rocks back and forth on my face drenching it, dragging your pussy across my mouth and nose. I smell you and breath your cum up into my nose savoring the sensation. Your rocking begins to slow as your second orgasm subsides and you gently caress my chin with your pussy. You jerk suddenly in an after shock and then slowly roll over off my face and onto your side. I follow you with my mouth and continue to lick all your cum off your pussy and your inner thighs, not wanting to miss a drop of your love. You lay back exhausted and spread your legs to let me finish my feast. As I lap up the last drops I raise up and kiss you, my tongue is eagerly accepted in your mouth. You taste your cum in my mouth and you hold my face in your hands and lick all your cum from my chin and my nose.

"Do you like the taste of your cum?"


You are startled as I stick two of my fingers up in your pussy and soak them in your juices. I raise my hand up offer you one finger and place the other in my mouth. You eagerly suck my finger and our lips come together in a deep loving kiss. We lay down together, you resting your head on my chest, me with my arm wrapped around your back toying with your nipple. You begin to lick on my nipple with your tongue and I begin to imagine the pleasure yet to come.

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