tagNonHumanA Hole in the Darkness Ch. 01

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 01


There are only two times when I feel like I'm close to opening a small hole in this reality enabling me to see my kind in their true form. That's usually when I'm on the brink of consciousness and sleep, or during moments of intense piercing passion; when I'm cumming and only then when I'm sharp enough to spot the signs.

There are so few of us we rarely run into each other and the times that we do our senses are fleeting at best. As hard as it is to see others true forms it's even more difficult to see our own. I've never seen mine and would love to. If I ever meet with another hopefully they will describe to me what I look like.

I hate going to bars but sometimes my search sends me to such places. On this particular night I feel that strange feeling I so rarely have. I sit in the far corner watching the clientele through the thick veil of smoke and public shame attempting inconspicuousness. I've had a few and was about to leave when I got the feeling. This time it comes in the form of intense arousal. I can feel my member growing hard, extending already out of the top of my pants. I feel like there is another here, in this bar....somewhere but I'm not in the state to "see".

They usually look like anybody else or are totally invisible unless you can get in the right state of mind to view their true selves. It's been so long and I'm so out of practice but the feeling is strong. I have to "see".

I have always felt that one day I would be reunited with my people. The older I've gotten the more impatient I've become. I had almost given up.

I do the only thing I can think to do to allow me to see what I suspect. Not that there's that much of a choice, I can barely control myself. I hope no one can see under the table. It's pretty dark. As long as I'm really careful I might be alright and the way I feel it wont take long if I'm not interrupted.

I scan the bar one more time before I start, checking to see if anybody is watching and for the unusual presence I felt. Nobody's looking my direction and no luck on the presence other than the numb alarm going off in the base of my skull.

Under the table I unzip my pants and slide my underwear down freeing myself. I'm so hard my veins feel like they'll cut my hand. Already the tip is dripping wet enough that I run my palm over it and slide it down my length enough to lubricate it completely. It feels good, I could cum now but I need to take it slow, stay sharp, and keep my eyes open.

I don't want to get caught or miss an opportunity to find another of my people. Still nothing, I'll have to amp it up. I wrap my fist around the base and run it up to the swollen head forcing more of the slippery fluid from it. I focus on the tip where I'm most sensitive in fast rhythmic movements for almost five minutes until it's almost too late.

Stopping, heart pounding, chest heaving, and sweat rolling down my forehead, I scan the room again. My ears are ringing and I have tunnel vision. This is a good sign but also really dangerous. It's a good sign that I'm getting this worked up but it's also bad because I'm getting to the point that I don't care if anyone sees me masturbating.

I can feel the presence stronger than I have in years. This isn't my imagination. My ringing ears muffle everyone's conversations to gibberish. The room feels like it's spinning.

I didn't realize it but I'm stroking myself again.......I almost didn't catch it in time. I don't want to cum yet but I fear I'm at the point of no return. Orgasm is when "the sense" is strongest. If there is "another" here my best chance of seeing them will be during orgasm.

I take one more look around, still nobody showing any interest in me. I can't stop now, I'm going to cum but I have to stay aware enough to see my kin. Now stroking my whole shaft very rabidly it first goes numb then the tingling begins. My nuts tighten from deep within to the point that they hurt but it's a good pain. My dick starts to boil from within until the head feels like it is going to pop. My cock begins to spasm as sperm wells up from deep inside me making it tingle. I'm about to cum.

Just moments before ejaculating I open my eyes. I look straight in front of me, all I see are people milling around smoking, drinking, talking, arguing, dancing.......until an opening forms in the crowd making it possible to see all the way across the room.

Time seemingly slows down and my eyes focus on a female at the end of the opening. She sits behind a table just like me.

I think she is one of us. Her body has strange markings all over it, not sure if they're tattoos, paint, or just natural markings. Her hair looks like metal tipped feathers of various colors. Three thin slits on her head hold what looks like razor like blades. I can't see her eyes, I want to see her eyes. She's biting her lip with metal catlike teeth.

Everything in the room other than her takes on a transparent state to me and I can see through the table in front of her. She's masturbating as well, working her clit with one hand and pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy with the other.

She's very wet, I can see it dripping down to her calf on her left leg. She's being less careful than me because her pants and panties are off, laying in the floor under the table. Her shirt is up exposing a large left breast. She may think she is hidden under her coat but that's not the case.

Her body is hairless other than the strange feathers on her head and she has more rows of the razors up and down her body except for where the designs are. She has two rather evil-looking ones just over her moist opening that look like hooks.

I still can't see her eyes and have no idea if she's aware of me or not. She must have sensed me, mimicking the same strange behavior as me.

Her lip snarls up exposing black gums and metal teeth. Her toes curl up and legs tighten. I can hear her moaning from here. She's about to cum and if she can remember to open her eyes and look for me while she's doing it she might be able to spot me.

She raises her pelvis up off the seat, biting her bottom lip to the point of bleeding, her whole body shudders. She spreads her legs as far as they will go shooting a white liquid out about three feet at least five or six times all over her legs and floor.

She opens her eyes suddenly, they are solid yellow with no pupils and scans the room until they find me with an enraptured look of recognition on her face, mouth open and blood between her teeth. My God, she is so beautiful.

Seeing her nakedness, boldness and her cumming all over her self and the floor sends me over the edge. My dick explodes into a thick geyser spraying the underside of the table, the floor, and a few feet on the floor outside the other side of my table making a large white puddle.

When I open my eyes again the room has returned to normal and the pathway to her has closed. I zip my pants so quickly that I almost hurt my member and stand up to find her. Fighting my way around a girl, she slips and falls in aftermath of my orgasm. Normally I would help her back up but I hurry to find the goddess before she reverts back to human in my eyes while I still have a tinge of the feeling left in me of her presence.

No one seemed to have noticed my show except for the white remnants I left on the floor. I make my way to her table....she's gone. All that's left is her panties and pants. She apparently left in such a hurry leaving them behind hiding herself only in her long coat.

I pick them up and stuff them into my coat pocket. No sign of her, nothing. I can't follow her. Is she here watching me or did she leave before she saw me revert back to normal form.

I scan the room one more time then run outside. Nothing but the night, trash blowing in the wind, not even the sound of distant footfalls on the pavement.

After a fruitless search I return to my apartment. Pulling her clothing out of my coat I smell them deeply. I grow erect again from the strange aroma. Maybe I can use them to find her trail. I'm spent and need sleep now. I'll continue my search for her tomorrow. My dreams will be interesting tonight.

To be continued...

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