tagNonHumanA Hole in the Darkness Ch. 02

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 02


For the next several months I see, hear, and feel... sense nothing that has anything to do with the girl I saw at the bar that night. I carried her garments with me for about a week. I couldn't resist smelling them, which caused me to masturbate to an enormous orgasm every time, until the smell started wearing off of them. I then put them in a plastic bag, hidden in my apartment in case I come across her trail again.

At least I saw her that one time. If I never do again, at least I know she exists, we exist. I was starting to think I was crazy. I've sensed others before, pretty strongly, even brief glimpses, but never such a long sustained visual on one of my kind, and luckily a female.

I've spotted males before and the compulsion to meet is strong, but I never realized how much stronger it would be when I met a female. If we would have physically made contact, we probably would have destroyed the room, killed whoever got too close while fucking each other to death for several days, if not longer. I don't know what would have happened. If we fuck, do we somehow gain knowledge of my species' inner workings, showing us how to find the rest of our people? Or do we simply keep going as we have been, with our heads in the dirt? I've always felt that we would one day all be joined together as a race. I'm probably just being nostalgic.

I head out around sunset. Always liked twilight. It means most of the normals are going to sleep soon and my senses become more acute. If my senses were this sharp in the day, I would lose my mind around all the idiots prating around their boring humdrum meaningless lives. Don't get me wrong, I make it sound like I hate humans. Not all of them. They are a race like we are, just very different, with different goals and priorities.

On foot and with a soft chill breeze, I head down to the park about a mile away. I come here often, because I suspect this is one of the places my kind would come to find others. It's a gathering place and it's outdoors.

About the time night settles in, I feel an itching in the furthest reaches of my senses. It happens when I'm taking a break, sitting in the grass. This could either mean trouble, another of my kind, or nothing, a false alarm which I have all the time with my wishful thinking.

Two girls walk by, one turns and points at me, while whispering to her girlfriend laughing. I can't make out what she is saying. They turn my direction. The short one, with brown tightly curled hair, pulls the taller brunette in my direction. I'm dreading it already because I have no real interest in humans, except for the occasional fuck when I get frustrated in my search and even, then I form no attachments and sneak out while they sleep or go to the bathroom. Never seeing them more than once.

The short one greets me, "What's your name?"

"Have we met?"

"No, I guess you could say I'm just really friendly and have never seen you here before. My name's Amelia and this is Brandi." I can tell Brandi wants to leave but knows that Amelia wont until she's ready."

"Are you from around here?"

"Sev, and no, I'm not. Just passing through."

"That's too bad, Sev... What a strange name. Where are you staying?"

"My, you are full of questions."

"You just seem like you could use some company."

"I'm fine. I'm just looking for somebody."

"We can help you look, two extra sets of eyes."

"I'm afraid you will just distract me."

"Which one of us do you find the most distracting?" Brandi looks like she wants to die and rolls her eyes, exhaling sharply.

"I think your friend is ready to leave," I tell her.

"Forget her... Do I distract you?"

The itching I felt earlier becomes a throbbing and changes direction. Am I picking up on something? If this bitch would leave me alone, I might be able to home in on it.

"I'm sorry, I don't have any money."

"Shit, I'm not a prostitute."

"Sorry, but you came on so strong and this park is full of prostitutes."

"It's okay. I just really like you."

"You just met me."

"You're my type. I knew I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you."

"I'm outta here," her friend says.

"Catch you tomorrow, Brandi."

"Listen, I'm here on foot. I'm not able to give you a ride anywhere. Maybe you should go with her?"

"That's okay, I can call a cab when I need to," Amelia says enthusiastically.

The throbbing splits into two entities in my mind. Fuck, there might be two of them here.

"Listen, I'm really not interested."

"Bullshit, you're not interested," her eyes are wide and gazing between my legs.

She's eyeballing my cock which, because of the situation, is already so hard the head is sticking out of the top of my jeans, for all to see.

"You're really large," she says, with a hungry look on her face.

I can't believe my luck. There are possibly two of my people here and this slut wont leave...Wait a minute, maybe I can use this to my advantage. I touch the tip of my dick with my middle finger smearing a drop of pre-cum that has formed all over the head.

The girl's mouth opens a little, with a bewildered look on her face.

"I thought you weren't interested? Was playing hard to get? Wow, you went from cold to hot in like, a second. You're so horny suddenly. I can see it in your eyes and cock. You almost look like a different person. I like it."

I'm horny, but not for her. It's one of the side-effects of when I'm near one of my people, causing intense emotion, most of the time an insatiable sex drive. The good thing about it is the hornier I get, the further my senses will extend, as long as I can keep a clear head. With her mouth wide open and body frozen in place, I unzip my pants and free my cock.

"What are you doing? Are you wanting me to fuck you out here, in front of all these people? We'll be arrested," she says.

"If you want to fuck me, you'll do it now."

"You get off on doing it in front of people, don't you? I can't, If I go to jail, I'll lose my job and it's a great job."

I wrap my fist around my shaft and squeeze it up to the tip. A long string of jizm seeps out dripping down to my balls, a little getting on my jeans.

"Holy Fuck, what am I doing? I've never wanted anything so bad before," she gasps, her eyes wide.

She gets down on her knees, between my legs and sniffs the liquid coming out of my dick, then slowly licks the tip clean then down the shaft and balls and back to the head again, to suck whatever might remain inside. Wrapping both hands around the base, she starts pumping, while keeping the head in her mouth.

I can't pinpoint where the two others are. Just that they are closer. I'm not to the point where I can see their true forms yet. They could be any of the people in this park. The feeling is not as strong as the one from the bar, but it's still unbearable. Time to up the ante.

"Take your shirt off!" I tell her.

"No, are you insane?"


She starts unbuttoning her shirt.

Something lurches to the right of my senses. The feeling gets stronger. I rip her shirt and bra off in one motion exposing her nicely sized white tits. With a look of shock and rapture on her face she does nothing.


She hesitates then does it. A long thread of spit coats her cleavage, still connected to her bottom lip.


She does it. I push my pants down further and pull her down until my dick slides between her tits. I cup them in both hands pushing them together, as I slide it between them faster and faster. She automatically spits on the head of my cock as soon as her tits start to dry, making them nice and slippery. Nipples getting hard, she fucks me faster with her tits.

"Hey check it out. Holy shit, he's titty-fucking the hottie," someone says.

Damn, somebody has noticed us and will surely draw more attention to us. I'm not stopping now. Amelia is turned on, but I don't think she is to the point where she'll want to continue with an audience.

She stops grinding me and looks around realizing she topless. Dammit, she's gonna run. I sit up and push her down in the grass on her back, undo her zipper and yank her pants down. I can already smell her excited pussy. Her expression is one of fear.

"It'll be worth it," I assure her.

"Are you insane?"

"Keep your hair in your face, so no one will recognize you."

Sliding her pants off, I pull her legs up spreading them and start licking her pussy through her already drenched panties. Her legs lock around my head, as I move my head up and down, teasing her clit with my nose and fucking her pussy with my tongue through the fabric. She starts moaning and pulls her panties to the side to give me better access. I stick two fingers inside her and work her clit with my tongue. She digs her crotch into my face.

More people walk up.

"Damn, would you look at that."

"You think they are gonna fuck?"

"I bet they fuck."

"I hope they fuck. I want to see them fuck."

I can't risk her getting cold feet again and slide her wet panties down her legs and off. She's still in the moment and spreads her legs wide for me.

"Slide that hard dick in me and fuck the hell outta me!"

"They're gonna do it! YES!" Someone says.

With both her hands, she opens her dripping pussy for me. I waste no time and swirl the head of my cock around her open lips, back and forth. She doesn't want any foreplay. She wants to fuck and lifts her pelvis off the ground, taking me inside her. She grabs her heaving breasts and squeezes the nipples, while pumping her pelvis, taking a little more of me inside her with each thrust. No more chance of her chickening out. She wants to fuck me now, no matter who watches.

The two presences are getting really close. Not much longer and I will be able to see them as they really look.

More people gather and some of them start chanting, "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK" over and over.

There are others in the background who don't look so thrilled. Two of three are on cellphones. I hope they are talking to their friends and not calling the police. There are two more standing behind everybody else, on the opposite side, just watching curiously. Could that be them? Stay a little while longer and I'll know. Don't leave. Don't leave. It's a big male and tall female, both with sandy blond hair and with strange expressions on their faces.


Why the fuck did she come back? I better give Amelia the fuck of her life, so she doesn't listen to her friend.

"Stop it Amelia! Have you lost your mind?"

Brandi addresses me, "Stop fucking her. She's lost her mind, you both have."

Amelia turns to face her, "It... It feels so... good... so b... b... big... I want this... don't care." Getting lost in the moment again, she stops talking.

Brandi jumps forward and grabs Amelia under the arms, trying to pull her out from under me. Amelia grabs my waist hard and tightens her pussy around my cock, a little of her juice escapes, drenching my balls and her ass. Brandi pulls again but to no avail. It has the opposite effect on Amelia, turning her on even more, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Shaking, she unlocks her legs from me and curls them up to her face, hands gripping the grass. Brandi, taking advantage of the moment, drags her a couple of feet forcing my dick out of her, with a wet sucking sound. Amelia starts rubbing her clit profusely as soon as she realizes I'm not in her anymore.

"What is wrong with you? You've got to stop this, baby, please. It's almost like he has you under a spell."

Amelia looks up at her, eyes barely open enough to see her, "I can't. I'm just so fucking horny... I've never... f... f... felt this... g... good..." Rubbing her pussy furiously it's so wet it drips with each stroke. "OH... OH... OH MY FUCKING GAWD! I'M GONNA CUM!"

Spreading her legs as wide as she can, curling her toes and grabbing Brandi's arms her whole body spasms. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!!" Arching her ass up in the air she sprays herself and Brandi with the force of a fire hose.

With a shocked look on her face Brandi releases Amelia's wet body. Standing there astonished and horrified for a moment, staring at her hands, with Amelia's juices dripping from them and tasting her on her lips. Her clothes are soaking and Amelia's scent permeates the very air around her.

As soon as Amelia's climax subsides, she starts rubbing her juices all over her, focusing on her tits and mouth then back to her pussy again for round two.

Brandi comes to Amelia's side, getting on her knees taking her face in her hand. "I don't know what's happening. He didn't inject you with something did he? I've never seen you do that before, you squirted. I've seen you have some hellacious orgasms, but nothing like that. You're already wanting to have another one and you don't give a shit if the world sees you. I don't know what is wrong..."

Amelia kisses her hard on the mouth. A few moments Brandi slides her tongue in causing Amelia to gasp, rubbing her clit that much harder with one hand and slipping her other hand into Brandi's shirt cupping her left breast.

Withdrawing her lips from Amelia's, she whispers, "What am I doing?"

Amelia removes her hand from Brandi's breast, slides down her stomach to her pants, trying to unlatch them one-handed, still working her own pussy with the other.

Brandi looks into Amelia's eyes as she helps her undo her pants, slides them and her panties down to her knees.

"Get completely naked, baby," Amelia says. "Please."

After a short pause, Brandi buries her tongue into Amelia's mouth, while pulling off the rest of her clothing. Amelia helps her with her top, until she is just as naked as she is.

"I can't believe the cold bitch is joining her. This is amazing. Damn I'm glad I came here tonight," somebody in the crowd says.

"Are you getting pictures?" Another asks their girlfriend.

"Pictures? Fuck that, I'm filming it. This is too hot to miss."

Several others are recording it as well. This will probably be all over the internet soon.

"...heathen perverts completely naked, fornicating in front of God and everybody else. I'm just thankful there weren't any children here tonight..." an old woman says on her cellphone, unable to take her lustful eyes off the spectacle in front of her.

I think to myself that this has gotten completely out of control. I didn't expect her girlfriend to come back and I sure as hell didn't think she would take my place fucking her, and now they're filming the damned thing in front of everybody and I think I hear the police coming. I'm going to have to move again as soon as this is over.

My senses jolts through my brain so hard, making me see stars for a moment and making my hard-on even harder. There's at least two of them and they're close. I may never get this lucky again. If I do see them, I hope they don't bolt like the last one did. I've got to make this happen.

By now, Brandi is on top of Amelia, sliding down her stomach to her wet cunt. When she reaches her destination, Amelia lifts her ass off the grass to meet her tongue, wrapping her legs around Brandi's head. Brandi's spit mixed with Amelia wet pussy, drips down her ass into the grass. Brandi begins messaging her own clit and rocking it back and forth, while licking Amelia's. With her ass sticking up in the air, I can see her pussy's wet and glistening.

I'm not passing this up. My brethren are here somewhere and I'm going to find them. I hope they don't flee this spectacle. I get up and go to the two women. Brandi is really going to town on Amelia's pussy, while stroking her own, dripping down past mid-thigh. My cock is throbbing, just inches from it. These two are obviously lovers. Amelia's bi, but Brandie is hardcore lesbian. I bet she's never had a dick in her before. She hates me, let's see just how lost in the moment she is. I touch her pussy lips with the head of my cock, it almost sucks it in. She takes a deep breath and freezes for a moment. I slowly slide it in further. When it's in halfway, she forces it in further. The police are getting closer. I pull it out then shove it in all the way.

Brandi says, "I hate you, motherfucker! I've never had a dick in me before..." she's having a violent orgasm. "I hate you, I hate you... asshole... fu... fu... fuck you... OH MY GAWD... fu... fuck... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Her orgasm is violent, drenching me to the knees. She starts pounding me with her ass, fucking me as hard as she can. Her pussy feels like it's trying to suck the cum out of me.

"I hate you for making me want this. I want to cum again," Amelia follows suit and cums all over her face, making her long black hair stick to her neck and face. I can hear Brandi swallowing and licking it, as Amelia is gyrating her body, fucking her lover's mouth.

I feel my dick burn from within and grow even harder as I'm about to cum. The cops pull up. I estimate it will take them 30 to 40 seconds to get here. I might be able orgasm and run for it hopefully catching a glimpse of my Kind in the process. A middle-aged couple point them to my location and they start running towards us.

I grab Brandi's ass and pound it for everything I got. Her pussy splashes a little with each thrust. She's about to blow.

She says "Give it to me, motherfucker. I hate you, fucking bastard. Give me your fucking cum, asshole. Cum in my pussy now! Hurry before they get here, you stupid asshole."

She has noticed the cops and doesn't care about getting caught, as long as she get's off before it happens.

It's hard to keep my mind clear enough to spot "them" while watching to make a last-minute getaway. I figure I have about 10 or 15 seconds before it's too late. I'm almost there. Amelia starts bucking Brandi's face, her pussy making wet sloshing sounds with each thrust. She's cumming. It's now or never. I push into Brandi as hard as I can. My hard cock clenches so tight that it hurts but hurts good. My balls draw up and I shoot a huge hot load in to the lesbian's pussy.

Brandi pants, "Holy Shit! Tha... that feels good. Oh FUCK! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!"

I squirt into her again and open my eyes. I can't see the two strangers anymore, or any other possible Brethren.

The cops are almost upon us when a strong wind hits me full force in the face. With a hard yank on my neck my whole body is airborne, my dick popping out of Brandi's pussy, squirting a huge stream of cum across her back, ass and calves.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screams. "I'm not finished yet!" as I'm forced away.

My spine reels and I almost black out from the excruciating pain of having my body tornfrom a stationary pose so quickly, 0 to 100mph almost instantly. I'm moving so fast, that just as the police try to wrestle the girls apart, they're already a small dot to me. To them, it must have looked like I just vanished. The wind keeps me from turning my head to see what has me. All I can see are my surroundings in a blur, with my arms, legs and my dick swinging in the wind.

Whatever grabbed me suddenly lets go and I fly into a tree. It knocks the air out of me and gives me tunnel vision. I think I have a concussion.

I must have blacked out for a moment. I open my eyes. Still on the ground with my back to the tree and eyes blurry. I can't see anything in front of me but moonlight on unknown objects possibly trees. I think I'm in the woods. I must have been carried out of city limits.

After a few minutes my eyes focus and I see two figures standing 10 feet in front of me. One of them huge and smoking a cigarette. The other one tall but slender. It's the blond couple. What an imposing couple they are. They stare at me, the female paces back and forth never taking her eyes from me. The huge male continues to smoke.

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