A Hole In The Wall


The silence was creepy as Alex just sat in her bed staring at him; she was trying to get hold of her own excitement and tried to find the right way to tell Kevin what she wanted from him, her own body was shaking as well as Kevin’s but hers shook for a different reason.

With a firm voice she asked Kevin to look at her; with out hesitation he lifted his head and saw his beautiful sister, she was still sitting on her bed with her legs crossed at the knee staring right into his eyes. Kevin’s fear didn’t permit him to notice what Alex was wearing; she had a white silk chemise with matching panties on, her breasts seemed bigger than ever and her nipples were already hard. For a few minutes they said nothing and just looked into each others eyes; Alex’s face had an angelical look on it and her eyes seemed brighter than ever, Kevin found himself lost in her eyes as he tried to figure out what she was going to say or do.

Trembling Alex finally spoke; she told Kevin that she knew that he had been spying on her for a long time, that at first she was angry with him but in time she learned to appreciate it. Alex continued her speech by letting Kevin know that every time she played with herself she was doing it for him, that for the past few months she even fantasized about him every time her own fingers touched her most intimate parts. Kevin was dumbstruck as he listened to his sister; his mind couldn’t absorb everything he was hearing, he just stood there with his hands still in his pockets and a stupid look on his face.

Finally Alex told him that she had come to realize that she wanted to make love to him; like a bucket of cold water, it struck Kevin and he felt his knees go weak; as he tried to assimilate what he had just heard, he started to feel his cock coming to life. Alex saw the bulge in his pants and gave him the biggest smile she could; raising to her feet she walked towards her brother, placing her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. Fearfully she moved closer to him and touched his lips with her own; it was incredible the way she felt the moment their lips locked together, gently with no rush to end it they held on to each other as their first kiss lingered on.

Kevin threw his arms around Alex and held on to her tightly; their lips parted and their tongues met for the first time, playing with each other getting to know one another. The passion emanating from them was overwhelming; lips locked in one solid kiss, hands roaming over each others back, bodies pressed tightly together; nothing else matter to them as their passion took over their senses, they fell into oblivion as they melted into one being. Alex felt her knees go weak and all her pent up passion finally getting out, it had been to long since she wanted to be with Kevin, now she got what she had wished for.

Kevin’s own fantasies were becoming reality and he wanted nothing more than to be able to fulfill them; the way her camisole felt to his touch was intoxicating, he gently caressed her back with his wandering hands; the warmth of her skin under the fabric traveled to his hands and under his skin, it was like he was sucking the life out of her with his touch.

Alex broke the kiss and looked into Kevin’s eyes searching for the answer to her prayers; she found it deep in his soul the moment he kissed her moist lips again, this time stronger and with more intimacy than before; she knew what the kiss meant and she felt her brother’s love filling her entire body and her mind, Alex kissed him back letting him know how much she loved and wanted him.

Without breaking their kiss they walked towards the bed falling gently on it; laying side by side in a warm embrace they let their tongues frolic together, they didn’t feel the need to rush things and they felt content with their new found way of communication.

Alex’s body responded to every sensation Kevin's hands sent down her spine by getting closer to him; she felt the need to touch his bare skin on hers, with Kevin’s help she took it off his shirt and then his pants tossing them aside and leaving him exposed to her eyes for the first time. Kevin’s cock was hard as steel and it protruded inside his boxers; Alex was amazed by the size of the bulge he was sporting, she had wished he was well endowed but it was more than she had hoped for.

Rolling to his back and pulling Alex with him, Kevin now was laying flat on the bed and Alex was straddling him; Kevin sat up with his sister’s legs circling his back, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy against his crotch. Inch by inch he raised the garment freeing her upper body from it’s confines; her tits were even more amazing up close, the smoothness of her skin and the texture of her areolas and nipples was more than he had pictured in his mind; the way they felt to his loving touch and the firmness was unbelievable, they were perfect.

Alex began grinding her pussy against Kevin’s still concealed but extremely hard cock as he placed his hands over her tits for the first time and his lips back on hers kissing her again; her juices were soaking thru the crotch of her panties and into Kevin’s shorts, a wet spot the size of a lemon was clearly visible as she rubbed her pussy against his dick.

With a rocking motion their bodies moved in sync; he had her tits in his hands and was tenderly squeezing them, grabbing her nipples between his fingers and pulling on them as he had watched her do it all those night he spied on her; Alex felt the electricity traveling from his fingers down her spine, it felt much better than when she did it to herself.

The room was filled with the scent of Alex’s tingling pussy and she just kept on riding her brother’s cock thru his briefs, enjoying the manly touch on her tits and the warmth of his skin. Breaking the kiss Alex pushed Kevin on his back and slid down his body, kissing every inch of his exposed torso until she reached the waistband of his shorts; pulling them from his body she took them of with one swift motion and stared in disbelieve at his beautiful cock at last.

Shaking in anticipation she took his engorged shaft in one hand while the other cupped his balls; Alex was fascinated by it, it was extremely hard and it jumped with Kevin's every heart beat; the skin was soft to her touch and warm, the head was slightly covered by the foreskin and it shone under the dim light. Kevin’s dick was even larger and thicker than she could have guessed; she had heard her girlfriend talking about their boyfriend’s cocks, but none of them had ever told her about one of that size.

Kevin lovingly watch as his sister explored his dick; he was amazed by the way she held it in her hands and the way she intently stared at it, it was like watching a child with a new toy.

Alex started moving her hand all over his dick, making him squirm in delight as her other hand rolled his balls gently; she wanted to taste it and with no warning she took into her mouth, as much as she could fit inside pulling the foreskin back exposing the entire head and then she slowly moved her head back up; pressing her tongue over the underside, feeling the blood flowing inside the fat vein.

Kevin just moaned as Alex took him in her mouth once again; this time instead of moving back up, she kept inside and ran her tongue over the crown in a circular motion; after a while she took it back out and plunged back down, taking more of his hard cock in her mouth each time.

Alex’s rhythm increased as she bobbed up and down Kevin’s rigid dick; her tongue danced all over his length while she kept on sucking him, she felt her own pussy dripping constantly while giving her brother all her moth had to give. Kevin’s hands were playing with Alex’s hair as he felt close to exploding and knew he wasn’t going to last to long.

He warned Alex he was almost ready so she wouldn’t be surprised; with two more licks on the head from Alex, Kevin erupted in a massive succession of explosions; six spurts of sperm were sent into Alex’s mouth and she took them all, not missing a drop and finally tasting his love juice; she loved the tangy taste it left in her mouth, and the way it slowly flowed down her throat.

She wanted and needed all he could give her so she just kept on sucking him until he couldn’t take it anymore; the head of his now deflating dick was to sensitive for her touch, he was amazed by his sister’s hunger for his cock but none the less he stopped her.

Basking in the glory of his recently experienced orgasm, Kevin pulled his sister up towards him and kissed her with so much passion that she almost fainted; he saw Alex in a new light and just hoped he could give her as much joy as she had given him. Kevin kissed her again and placed one hand on one of her breasts; again he squeezed it gently and pinched her nipple, Alex moaned into his mouth as their kiss lingered on; ever so slowly Kevin kissed his way from her lips to her ear, passing her flushed cheek until he finally reached her earlobe; tenderly sucking it and then blowing over it, he made Alex moan while her hands pulled Kevin’s mouth back on her lobe.

Kevin gave it another kiss and then moved down to where her neck met her cheek bone; he lingered there for a few moments while planting small kisses over her perfume scented skin, goose bumps rose on her neck when Kevin traced his way to the other side with the tip of his tongue.

All the attention her sensitive neck was getting as well as her over extended nipples was beginning to be to much for Alex; her pussy was getting hotter and wetter and profusely soaking her silk panties, she felt it aching for attention and even considered touching it herself.

Alex knew she should wait and tried to enjoy her brothers loving touch as much as she could; meanwhile he kept moving down her neck onto her chest until he had her tits right in his face, gazing in admiration at them wondering how they would taste like. They tasted like heaven as Kevin ran his tongue in a spiral motion all over her glorious right roundness but never touching her nipple; he did the same to her left boob until he had her squirming in ecstasy and urging him to suck her firm nipples by pulling him harder towards them, Kevin knew that the moment he touched one of her nipples she was going to explode.

Again and with an inward spiral motion he ran his tongue all over her tit until he finally reached her inflamed areola and the erect nipple; trapping the nipple with his teeth he flickered his tongue on the tip while he sucked her areola into his mouth, he didn’t want her to climax jet so as soon as her breathing became fast and scarce and as her fingernails dug into his back he turned his head to her other boob. He had built her arousal almost to point of no return, and he let her calm down before he touched her again.

Kevin paid as much attention to the other tit as he had done to her left one; when he reached the nipple he sucked hard on it and chewed on it with tenderness, he had Alex trashing her head from side to side as she was in the throes of her first orgasm; teasing her again, he stopped once more never letting her fully explode. Kevin’s mind was set on one thing only, on building her excitement as much as he could so she would experience the ultimate pleasure.

From her breasts he moved down her belly until he reached her soaked panties; he passed them over and went straight to her inner thighs were he kissed them and licked them, Kevin then placed his mouth where the leg meets the body, right next to her now clearly visible thru her panties pussy. Sucking the soft skin on either side of her pussy he then licked the length of her slit over the soaked fabric; he would have eaten them of her if could have done it, instead he just pulled the crotch aside and stared at her clean shaven pussy for the first time.

Alex’s pussy lips were engorged and glistening with her fluids, her clit clearly visible was hard and erect; one more time he traced the length of her slit from bottom to top, this time with nothing between his tongue and her meaty flesh. Alex was shaking in anticipation and tried to pull Kevin’s mouth closer to her sensitive clit; he thought she was ready for his final attack and let her have what she most wanted and with one quick move he had his tongue inside her slippery hole, the softness of her insides was incredible.

Kevin darted his tongue in and out of his sister’s opening while spreading her lips wide with his fingers; the pink flesh stretched to the limit, allowing her clit to be even more exposed than it had been.

Alex was getting closer than ever and her breathing almost stopped when Kevin moved her mouth up; enveloping her clit inside his lips he sucked gently on it, his tongue danced all over her love button making her scream in joy. Alex reached her peak and with a series of spasms exploded in into the most intense, toe curling, mind blowing orgasm of her inexperienced life; her legs clamped on Kevin’s head almost smothering him, he kept on sucking her clit and he clearly felt her pussy contracting with every jolt of pure bliss that ran thru her entire body.

Alex’s orgasm lasted a full three minutes until she finally collapsed on the bed exhausted, releasing Kevin from her tight grip. Kevin climbed his way up Alex’s body and laid next to her waiting for her to regain her senses; Alex was basking in the glory of the moment, it was so intense that she almost passed out from pure ecstasy.

They settled down and held on to each other like there was no tomorrow; Alex placed her head on Kevin’s chest sensing his breath on the back of her neck, she was speechless after experiencing such an intense orgasm. Kevin just caressed her hair admiring the silhouette of her body as it laid next to him; he felt he was the luckiest man in the world, he had found a truly amazing girl and they were both in love with each other.

She suddenly realized she still had her panties on, pulled to the side exposing her beautiful pussy but still on; she asked Kevin to take them off for her and he happily obliged, kneeling in front of her and with her help he slid them off leaving them both completely nude for the first time. He laid back down again resuming his position beside her; Alex in turn placed her head back on Kevin’s chest and admired his limp dick dangling between his legs, she wanted to feel it inside her as well as to watch it grow to it’s full glory before her.

Placing her hand over his cock she gave it a light squeeze waiting for it’s reaction, it sprang back to life in no time and it appeared to be ready for her. Moving her leg over him she came to rest on top of Kevin; she was straddling him and she could feel the tip of his renewed cock touching her pussy, lifting her hips she moved her hand down to grab his dick and then she placed it right at the very entrance to her hot wet cunt.

Alex settled back down and she felt the head of kevin’s cock poking her; before he could completely enter her she kissed him full on the lips, then Alex very slowly impaled herself on her brother’s big cock. She felt like she was being ripped apart but she didn’t even flinched; her slippery canal was filled with his cock and she loved the way it felt, how it stretched her inner walls to the limit and she could sense every little part of it. Kevin was ecstatic as his cock rubbed it self against Alex’s cunt; it was tight and warm, the slick passage was incredibly soft and he felt it contract.

As soon as Alex got used to having something so big inside her she began rocking her hips back and forth; Kevin fitted her just perfect, it was like they were made for each other. Back and forth she moved grinding her pussy over his dick; the friction was incredible and her pubic bones mesh together giving Alex’s clit all the attention it needed, arousing her more and more with every movement she made; her juices flowed like a cascade down kevin’s balls and into the bed, soaking it profusely.

Kevin pulled Alex to him trapping her heaving tits between their bodies; his hands on her butt helping her move in rhythm with him, her face buried in his shoulder holding her moans of pleasure inside. Their climax was building into a frenzy and they worked together so they could explode at the same time; slowly but with intent Alex moved her hips from side to side and tried to draw circles with them, she was giving Kevin all she had and he in turn tried to pull her down so he could completely bury himself inside her.

They switched positions and Kevin was now on top; plunging deeply into Alex, trying to fell her entire pussy with his cock; she contracted her muscles around his dick as if she was milking it, her control was amazing and she tried to grab his cock every time he moved backwards and released it when he pushed back in. Kevin kept on pumping for a while as his hand clutched on her tits; Alex took a hold of his ass and was now pulling him deeper inside with every stroke, she wanted to feel the tip touching her womb.

Kevin pulled out and placed Alex on her hand and knees; he remembered the time she had fingered herself in the position and he wanted to do it like that, she more than happily obliged and even spread her cheeks for him. Kevin slid right back inside with one swift movement; he leaned into her and grabbed her boobs from behind, squeezing them and pinching her nipples at the same time. What Alex was feeling was indescribable; her pussy was filled with Kevin’s large dick and her tits were being played with at the same time, all she needed was to feel him erupt inside her.

Kevin kept on sliding in and out of his sister tight cunt; he wanted to come so badly in her that he sped his motions, faster he pumped into her making her scream and moan; Alex’s moans came from the depths of her soul, all she could think off was the incredible feeling of having her brother making love to her. Alex was so close to climaxing that it caused to bend her back up until she was almost standing on her knees so she could feel kevin’s cock brushing against her g-spot; the friction was unbearable for both of them as Alex moved her hips to meet Kevin’s thrusts, increasing the pleasure they were experimenting together.

Placing one arm around her, Kevin held tightly to his sister while his other hand found her mound and her clit; Alex turned her head so she could kiss him while they were melting into each other, it was that kiss that triggered their orgasms.

Kevin plunged inside one more time and he felt his balls tightening, his harsh breathing hurried Alex into what was the beginning of a massive explosion; the friction on her g-spot and her protruding clit was enormous, her mouth still locked on his and her hands on his butt helped her to get closer then she had been before; Alex felt kevin’s cock growing more and becoming even harder inside her, she knew that was it and let herself go.

At unison and after one more deep thrust inside Alex’s hot pussy, Kevin started pumping sperm into his sister’s tunnel; Alex felt the first spurt hitting her deep inside, her whole body shook as the first wave of tremors invaded her own body. Alex and Kevin climaxed at the same time; she experienced the ultimate burst of pleasure as it traveled from her oozing pussy to her overwhelmed mind, it felt like time had just stood still and every small detail was enhanced to her senses. Kevin’s orgasm was as strong as hers and he felt it rush from his contracting balls to all the way thru his dick and into the depths of Alex’s body.

He felt her pussy milking every last drop from his still erect organ sending him into a small series of spurts; he had never came so hard in his entire life nor had ever moaned so loud and he believed she was sucking his soul thru his dick, he wanted to give all he had and he did. Meanwhile Alex was still experiencing what could only be described as magnificent; her head trashed from one side to the other as her screams filled the room, she didn’t care if any one heard them, she was lost in her own world of pleasure.

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