tagErotic CouplingsA Holiday Switch

A Holiday Switch


Her interest was always mainly in women. Occasionally though, she did a switch. She decided that today would be one of those days. She was staying with relatives out of the country, and a friend of hers was coming over to visit for a while. It would be nice to see someone from home as she was staying here for three months and missed her friends.

This guy she had known since school, he used to sit and stare at her breasts in class and she sometimes pretended not to notice and watched him looking at her. It always made her smile when he realised and blushed slightly. Those days she had even less interest in men than now, but she kinda liked him in a very different way because, pervert though he was, he didn't assume, wasn't threatening to her. Besides, he was besotted with her friend. Anyway, tonight she was going to pick him up from the airport and drive him to his hotel.

She was always known for being very boyish, usually wearing men's clothes and she shaved her head very closely. Today she wore a full gypsy skirt in bright colours and mixed materials, and a halter neck black top. Bare midriff and everything. His flight was due to land in about forty five minutes time, she got in the car and drove to the airport.

She made good time and parked just in time to see the plane land. It was a small airport so he wouldn't be long through passport checks and the baggage was usually going round by the time the first passengers were through. She waited just outside of the doors for him to come through. He didn't look bad considering the flight was just over five hours, but he did take a moment to recognise her.

"I almost didn't see you there" he said, and she smiled.

"Merhaba, sevgili" she replied. He'd been trying to learn some of the language so she was sure he'd understand her. She kissed him on both cheeks, as was the custom. "The car's over here, I brought you something to eat and drink, how was the flight?"

"Not too bad thanks." They walked to the car and she lifted his suitcase into the boot. They got in and she pointed out the food she'd brought him, before driving him to the hotel. In the hour's drive to the hotel they listened to CDs and chatted about what they would do in the coming week. She didn't exactly mention her plans about that evening to him.

By the time they reached the hotel it was a little past half nine. He went to check in and get the key in the reception building whilst she got his suitcase out of the car and started toward the main building where the rooms were.

The minute they were in the room alone and the door was shut, she put the suitcase to one side, shoved him down onto his knees and lifted her skirt over his head. She was wearing nothing underneath and after a moment's disorientation he pushed his mouth toward her sex, his tongue reaching out and discovering her cunt, and boy was she wet. He dropped what he had been holding and got both hands up inside her skirt, grabbing hold of her arse and pulling them both closer together, his face by now all but buried in her.

It had been weeks since she'd had any sex, and she had a high sex drive, her cunt was so thirsty for it that she could already anticipate an orgasm. As standing up and orgasms don't mix well she pulled him over to the sofa and lay down, legs open, pushing his face back to her cunt. He wasn't exactly unwilling and went right back to tonguing her without any hesitation. He slipped two fingers into her, then three, and sucked on her clit, at the same time flicking at it with his tongue. She felt full and her clit was in heaven, he was rubbing her g-spot too, and after a short while her body released into the ecstasy of an orgasm. She looked up at him,

"So what now?" she said, smiling, sitting up and rubbing her hand against the obvious bulge in his trousers, "did you bring any condoms?"

He lifted her off the sofa and carried her to the bed, laying her down before pulling out his wallet and getting a condom out. She rolled onto her side, watching him.

He stripped from the waist down and rolled a condom on, then pulled his shirt off and climbed up on the bed by her legs. She ran her fingers over the tattoo on his chest, remembering when she went with him to have it done. He'd been such a baby about it, but it did suit him. He lifted her skirt and, looking up at her as though for final confirmation, guided himself in. They settled into a pace which left them both gasping for breath, he pulled himself to her with his hands on her shoulders, she pulled him in with her legs around his arse.

Her cunt felt alive as his cock rubbed in all the right places, and she felt herself building toward a second orgasm. She pulled at him faster and they picked up pace as she panted and cursed her way to orgasm, an orgasm very closely followed by his, his body pressing into hers as though to crush her and he breathed heavily and moaned right next to her ear, his head over her shoulder. Now THAT was sexy. They lay there pressed together, both breathing heavily for a few moments, then he got up and started to clean himself up. She clasped her hands and put them behind her head, relaxed and stretched out on the bed.

"What did you want to do for dinner then? There's a nice restaurant not too far from here we could go to if you want?"

He just looked at her incredulously.

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