tagInterracial LoveA Hot Night

A Hot Night


The party was in full swing by the time Sara arrived. She was horny and tired of using her vibrator was looking for some action. Tonight she wanted a real cock to satisfy the ache between her legs. Her eyes scanned the room looking for an unattached man. Everyone here seemed to be with someone making her wish she hadn't thrown Paul out when she had caught him with her best friend. Ever since walking in on them three weeks ago, the idea of a threesome had been playing on her mind...

She waved hello to her host Nancy and made her way to the kitchen for a drink. Once there she noticed a familiar man looking at her. She tried to place him but couldn't. He noticed her staring and smiled. "Sara is that you? It's me Rod Paula's brother!" he said as he walked towards her.

"Oh my goodness you've grown!" she exclaimed taking his outstretched hand. Sara remembered babysitting this Adonis when he was a pimply faced ten year-old. There was nothing chubby about this grown-up, and that face! Sara felt her pussy throb and her mouth went dry. Taking a swig of her beer, she composed herself. Before she could say anything they were interrupted.

"Hey Rod come on man we're gotta go or we'll be late". Sara turned to the voice and immediately recognised the black man.

"Todd, is that you?"

He did a double take. "Well if it isn't Sara - my old babysitter!" he said laughing and coming towards her enveloping her in a bear hug. Breaking away she playfully slapped his shoulder.

"Hey watch it with that 'old' business!" At 26 she only five years older than them- definitely not old!

"Sorry Sara. Gee it's good to see you! What have you been up to?" Todd asked as he grabbed a beer.

"It's good to see you both too. I've been away for a few years but I'm back because I've been offered a managerial position at the local bank. What are you guys going to be late for?"

"There's a game to TV we both want to watch" Rod said. "Say Sara you still like football? If you're not here with anyone why not come back and watch the game with us?" Rod asked as he put his empty beer bottle down.

Sara wouldn't be going home with them to watch football! These two fine young men would do nicely at putting out the fire in her pussy! "Sure. I'll just say goodnight to Nancy and we'll go"

At their apartment, the two boys made her comfortable and went to get some drinks and snacks. When they came back, they made some small talk and just before the game started Sara made her move. Standing in front of them, she pulled her dress over her head and through it on the floor and stood before them naked- she wasn't into underwear. Pulling on her nipples she looked at the two boys. Their eyes and mouths were wide!

"Boys, I haven't had a man in three weeks. I've fucked myself silly with a vibrator but I've still got this fire in my pussy. Care to put it out for me?" Todd and Rod licked their lips. She backed up to the nearest sofa. Sitting down, she splayed her legs open giving the two a birds eye view of her scarlet pussy. Quickly Rod stood and removed his clothes. Todd followed suit and within seconds they stood before her naked their cocks standing at attention. Sara gasped when she saw their massive erections. "My god you're not boys you're men!" The two laughed self consciously. Todd tugged at his pulsating cock. "I haven't had a woman yet who could take all of me".

"Don't worry baby. I'm sure going to try!" Sara said walking over to them. Taking both their cocks, one in each hand, she stood on tip-toes to kiss them both.

"Where's the nearest bedroom?" she asked anxious to get these cocks inside her. Rod lead the way to his room. A large double bed dominated the room. Sara turned to covers down, turned on the bedside lights and turned off the main lights. The two men stood unbelieving that this was happening. She made her way to the bed and lay down on it. "It's rude to keep a lady waiting!" she said as she played with her clit.

"Let me do that for you" Rod said. He lay down between her legs and began tonguing her pussy. "Oh yeah honey that's it! Oh you're good!" she moaned. Todd desperately wanted some of the action and he made a bee line for her tits. They were a massive DD cup with large puffy nipples. He wanted to bury his cock between them! He saw a tube of sunscreen on Rod's beside table. Grabbing it he poured a generous dollop in his hand. He looked over at Rod's head buried in Sara's snatch. He obviously liked eating pussy and was going at it like a man possessed! Sara was writhing about the bed, her hands tugging at Rod's hair. "Oh yeah baby! That's it! You're making me cum! Oh god I'm cumming!" she screamed as her hips started bucking and Todd knew stared at her watching her climax. Still Rod kept going. Sara opened her eyes and saw Todd smearing the lotion over his massive erection. Her breathing was ragged as hse asked him what he was doing.

"I want a titty fuck," he said squeezing his lubed cock. Precum oozed from his throbbing cockhead. Sara grabbed her tits and told him to bet on board. Getting into position, he eased his hot cock between her massive tits. Sara moaned as Rod removed his mouth from her sopping pussy. Todd began massaging his cock between her tits. With each thrust up she licked his cockhead their groans filling the air. Rod watched fascinated at the sight of his best friends black cock sandwiched between those beautiful white fun bags. He began tugging on his cock jerking himself of in stride with his friends' thrusts. Sara desperately wanted those two cocks inside her but by the looks on their faces she knew they were about ready to blow their loads. "Rod come over here. I want you to cum on my face. You too Todd!"

With a groan Rod shot his load, his cock pumping out thick spurts of creamy cum on her face. Todd's cum mixed with his friend's as they both watched entranced as she opened her mouth letting their cum mix before swallowing it. The two men collapsed in a heap beside her. Laughing she gripped their still hard cocks.

"Round two boys!" she said taking Todd's huge cock in her mouth. Jerking Rod's cock with her hand she gave Todd an awesome blow job. His cockhead was buried deep in her throat and their was still a good six inches of his shaft in her hand. Reluctantly she let him slip from her mouth and she turned her attention to Rod's impressive tool. She loved giving head and before long both cock's were hard and straining in her hands.

"I want you both together okay?" she said. They both nodded their head eager to fuck her. "Rod how about a little back door action?" she asked wiggling her ass at him. He had never fucked a woman's ass before and was definitely keen! "And Todd this baby's going to slid right up my pussy!" She squatted over Todd's gleaming black cock and grabbing it in one hand started to bury it in her hot wet pussy. They both groaned as she slowly took in all. Settling herself on it she began to ride him. Rod watched fascinated as the black cock disappeared between Sara's legs. She turned her head "Ready?"

Like he needed to be asked twice!. He got into position holding his cock aiming his cockhead at her puckered anus. There was enough lube to let his cockhead slip in. She groaned and relaxed her anal sphincter. He was able to slip in a few more inches. Groaning she relaxed even more and soon he was buried to the hilt.

"God you're so tight!" he said gripping her hips. "And wet!" Todd said gripping her tits. They worked up a rhythm each man feeling the other's cock through the thin membrane separating them. Sweat glistened on their bodied as the each raced towards a climax. "Tell me when you're ready to cum, man," Todd told his friend.

"I'm almost there buddy. This unfuckingbelievable!" Rod ground out increasing his thrusting. Sara moaned his pussy and arse stretched like they had never been. She was full of cock and would be full of cum soon!

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" she said out loud.

"So are we!" the men said in unison. With a scream they shot their loads into her. Her pussy spasmed around Todd's pulsating cock, her arse squeezing Rod's cock. The fire was definately out!

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