tagGroup SexA Hot Tropical Night

A Hot Tropical Night


This story depicts sexual acts between consenting adults. If depiction of such acts is illegal where you have chosen to access them or if you are underage or if such acts offend you personally, exercise personal responsibility and do not read any further. If not, please enjoy!

The first part involves a girl seducing a beautiful woman and her male partner as he watches. In the second part she has sex with her male partner and performing oral sex on her after having come inside her. The girl who has seduced them then fists them both. The final part depicts mutual voyeuristic masturbation between the two women.

A tropical fantasy.

As I gently rub the coco butter sun cream into your shoulders I become aware that you aren't listening to what I am saying. You are too busy looking at the girl walking in front of us. She is breath-taking, slender, tall, her long legs stalking along the white sand, her red nails a splash of colour against the soft white silica. She has a small white bikini, high on the hips, cupping a beautiful round pert arse, firm breasts, she sways as she walks. But the most striking thing is her long blonde surfer chick hair against her Sun kissed skin. Smooth, even, warm, her deep tan the colour of pale coffee ice-cream. I stop what I'm doing as I notice that she is looking directly at you, her deep brown eyes accentuated by the blondness of her hair. She is staring right back at you as she walks past, her head turning to meet your gaze, her red lips in a full pout. Finally she walks past us but you keep looking, your instinct to flirt with her rewarded as she throws you a final look over the shoulder, smiles and mouths something. As she turns her tasselled hair and the faint glow of sweat on her skin suggestive of a how she would look as she came close to orgasm.

"I would." You giggle, noting that the moment is now passed and I need to reapply myself to massaging the oil into your skin with my firm warm hands.

"I know." I smile back. "So would I."

Later that evening we sit at the bar, watching the sun go down. It is hot and sticky, we are in summery clothes; me in a smart pair of pale, tailored shorts, pale blue short sleeved linen shirt, flip flops, you in a light dress. We have eaten a great meal; salad, fruit, fish caught on the beach in the morning and selected by us, served with an inventive sauce of fried bananas and pineapple. We sit at the bar getting tipsy on cocktails. Cicadas chirp and waves lap at the water's edge. The lights in the bar leave only silhouettes of the beach, trees and figures moving through the increasing shroud of the night.

You notice her first, something about the way she walks, carrying herself with the effortless grace and poise of an athlete. The girl from the beach emerges from the darkness outside and into the bar. I look to see what you are taking in and realise that your expression is one of hope, hope that there is no-one coming in behind her. She catches your eye as she walks down the bar, smiles slightly and makes to take a seat on a bar stool next to us. "Hello" she says. I would have thought her Australian by the way she looked but her accent is Northern Europe, Denmark or Scandinavia. "Didn't I see you on the beach today?"

Laughing like teenagers, relaxed by the cocktails, the combination of sun, sea and sangria has us falling about laughing and the barman cleaning glasses. We are the last ones in the bar and the staff are tired.

"Inga, why don't you come back to our apartment, we can carry on drinking there." You ask.

"Oh you English, so polite." She giggles back, a mock stern pout on her face and, standing up she takes your hand and mine

"Show me where we go." She says, her accent slipping slightly with the rum. I pay for our drinks quickly as she leads us into the night.

Chatting, we walk the few minutes through the dark hot humid night. I see you sneaking a sniff of her hair and skin, coco with a hint of vanilla, as she tells us how she saw us on the beach and thought we looked gorgeous and hoped that she would bump into us again. She seems to be part hippy, part free spirit but with that wonderfully disarming Scandinavian straightforwardness. "I think you are very attractive. We are all going to have a wonderful night."

I slip the key into the lock and turn the key, opening the door to our apartment. The extra we paid for the huge cathedral like atrium is worth every penny and the high ceilings and huge balconied windows keep it a little cooler and less humid than the close atmosphere outside.

"Where is the bathroom?" she asks you, you lead her past our huge super king size bed with its smooth, fresh cotton sheets. "This is a beautiful bedroom." She says, admiring the space, the huge mirror and clear uncluttered lines. Then quite unexpectedly, she kisses you. Her lips press against yours and linger, savouring the warmth and the softness. You open your mouth slightly, inviting her to dip her tongue into it but she breaks off the kiss leaving you panting as she goes into the beautiful bathroom.

I appear at your side with a huge glass pitcher of iced water and a smaller one of vodka tonic with lime and three glasses. She comes from the bathroom and, seeing me standing there, takes charge a little. "Darling" she says with that odd European intonation, "come and sit here", she leads me to the bedroom chair and we place the drinks and glasses on the side table. She pours herself some vodka and drinks, maintaining eye contact with me through out. She is calm and deliberate in very action. "Now." It is said as punctuation as she changes task and comes to you.

She places her hands on your hips and draws you into the kiss, this time your mouth yields and her soft wet tongue penetrates your open lips. She explores your mouth gently as your tongue snakes around hers. Your heads tilt to get deeper into each other's eager mouths, she tastes fresh and slightly of tonic and vodka, and her wonderful soft hair falls slightly across your cheek and your hair across hers. Without breaking the kiss you inhale, breathing in the scent of each other's skin and hair, your clit throbs and your nipples tingle as you feel her body pressed against yours, your clothes clinging slightly as you perspire in the heat and humidity of the tropical night. She leads you to the bed and, still kissing, licking, nipping and teasing at your mouth and neck she undoes your dress and slips it down around your ankles, her hands caressing your breasts and nipples as she eases it down your body, stopping to cup your buttocks as she pulls you closer, her tongue fully in your mouth as you suck it as you would a cock.

She backs off and runs her hands up and down you, squatting she inhales your sweet feminine sweat and rubs her tongue over your lace clad pussy. You are wearing a beautiful lightweight matching g string and bra set which she unhooks after standing and looking you straight in the eyes. You are transfixed as she holds your gaze, lowering her head to one of your exposed nipples. Pausing, she teases, enjoying the smell of your pheromones before playing her tongue across it so slightly that you can hardly feel it. There is just enough sensation, coupled with the visual of her red lips and pink tongue that you whimper involuntarily and then moan heavily as she takes your hard nipple into her mouth. You cradle her head as she suckles at your breast and places a hand on your crotch rubbing it gently. Her other hand is on your other nipple, flicking, tweaking rolling as her teeth graze across the one in her mouth. "Harder" you manage to breathe out. She bites down gently, then harder making you gasp and clench as if you were about to come, but you don't have enough sensation just yet.

Again she squats down, this time unhooking her own dress and pulling your knickers to your ankles. Her hot tongue opens your wet labia in one long, slow, luxuriant motion until she hooks it back slightly to cup your clitoris. She plays just the tip up and down fast and gentle as you place your hands on the back of her head, grabbing handfuls of that beautiful wavy blonde hair and try to press yourself harder into her mouth.

I sit in the corner watching you standing there, a beautiful girl down between your thighs giving you a blow job as you try to pull her deeper into you. I see the firm muscles of her buttocks, clenched as she squats, her slender calves, her delicate arms and small smooth hands cupping your arse so she can control how much pressure she is putting on your clit. Your head is back, wisps of hair stuck to your brow as you sweat in the heat and humidity of the night and the exquisite pleasure of a woman sucking your pussy. As you get close to coming she pushes you to a seated position on the edge of the bed as she steps out of the dress around her ankles. You open your eyes to see her toned body before you in the mirror, her tiny thong disappearing in the crack of her taunt round bottom. You lie back and enjoy the moment as her tongue returns to your clit, this time harder and more urgent. You can tell by the way she is balanced that she is rubbing her own engorged clit with one hand, while the other reaches up to your mouth. You suck one finger, then a second and then a third in turn before she puts two and then all three into your wide open mouth. Taking this as the cue she then brings her fingers, wet and lubricated with your saliva down to your sodden pussy easing them in, one, tapping gently on your g-spot, the second stretching you out slightly and making you push your hips down to meet her, the third is inserted into your willing body as she laps away at your clit and then all three press, gently first and now more insistently on your g spot as you both build to a crescendo.

To your surprise she comes first, her body tensing and bucking against her fingers her moans muffled by your pubic bone. The change of angle does something amazing to you and you buck your own hips your eyes tight closed but almost in shock that a woman has come while sucking on your clit. Then your orgasm hits you, the cold water down your spine and you feel yourself squirting as she pumps her fingers deep in you. "ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh." You moan as you tense, tense, tense in the most exquisite pleasure.

You lie there panting. You feel her fingers fall away from you and you half open one eye to watch her stand and slump onto the bed next to you, that hypnotic gaze falling on you once again. She tenderly strokes your hair away before doing the same to herself. She then sits up and unhooks her own bra and kicks off her shoes, you watch her lean and slender back in the mirror. She lies alongside you placing your head on her full round breast and coos gently as you nuzzle and suckle her nipples. You are, utterly relaxed with a combination of post orgasmic hormones and the pheromone taste and smell of her breast and you snooze for a while only waking at the movement of the bed. She has moved up to the headboard and is sitting up, her legs slightly out and spread. Her hand is in her knickers again as she gently masturbates. You watch for a little while before getting onto your hands and knees on the bed. You look across and see your own slender body in the mirror, arse up, head down about to lick this beautiful girls wet pussy. She slides her hands under her bum and hooks her g string along her legs and over her heels. As her legs drop you see the enticing v of her crotch with a beautiful mons topped with neatly trimmed soft blond pubes. Her labia are swollen, red and glisten in the low candle light but are small and taught, just like everything else about her. You lower your head and she moans in anticipation and then whimpers as you place your tongue on her wetness. You lap gently on her clit, up and down her swollen lips, parting them slightly to push your tongue into her. Her muscles grip your tongue and you delight in trying to force it into her sodden vagina, penetrating her, opening her with your tongue. She tastes divine, sweet and musky. Suddenly she moves away and you look at her surprised. "I want to watch," she says, "Wait there, no, don't move, keep that position."

So you wait, on all fours, your arse exposed to the warm night air. You watch as she walks over to where I am sitting, seeing her long legs and tight buttocks sway opening rhythmically to ever so slightly reveal the jewel between her thighs. She walks over to me and squats down. She undoes my flies to release my cock which practically springs out at her face. In one motion she lowers her mouth over it and down to the base engulfing my entire engorged manhood. She gently bobs her head four or five times, her saliva glistening on my shaft, a string of pre-cum dripping from her lip back to my head. She stands and, cupping my balls, leads me over to you latterly, by my cock. I climb on the bed behind you as she kneels next to your upturned arse. Again she sucks me before guiding my cock to your pussy. She pushes gently against my bum encouraging me to enter you. You breathe out and gasp for breath as I slide into you. I am hard and hot. You feel your labia close around my glans and feel my pulse and twitch as I inch my way deep into you. My head slides past your g spot and gently rests against your cervix. I slide in and out of you half a dozen times as she gently rubs my balls. She grips them slightly more firmly as I pull back a seventh time and she takes me fully from your body to again wrap her lips around my head and shaft, bobbing and then releasing me with a popping noise and guiding me back inside you. This done, she moves back to the top of the bed and takes a fist of your hair in her hand and pulls you back to her soaking pussy. You lap away at her swollen sex as my hard member thrusts in and out of you from behind. You slip two fingers into her and seek out her g spot as her come drips down your face. As I push into you, you lick her clit, as I pull out you curl you fingers against her g spot as she pants and coos on the verge of coming. As before, she comes quickly; a slick sweetness gushes down your eager mouth and over her arse hole. I pump harder watching her come but you are so wet that it isn't enough to make me come. As I grab and thrust you experience another fantastic orgasm as my cock rocks rapidly up and down the length of your contracting and quivering vagina. For both of you it is an invigorating orgasm and as she comes down she moves underneath you. Her tongue finds your clit as yours finds her and you mimic her actions as she swirls her tongue around your hard nub. She sucks and nibbles and you follow suit as I push into you harder and harder. She comes again, her thighs clamping around your head, blocking off sound to your ears heightening your senses as you moan, low and deep coming again, body bucking and tensing. I am close but she has one more trick moving from under you and adopting the same position next to you. I'm presented with another magnificent pussy and arse as she says "Use your hand" and turns to kiss you.

I place my right hand on the small of your back to try to keep the tempo as I fuck you and reach towords her with my left. You watch in the mirror as I slide three fingers into her greedy open snatch, she tenses as she pushes back and you watch fascinated as she tries to buck against my hand. When I slide a fourth finger into her she tenses around me and it is too much. With a couple of final exquisite heaves I empty my soul into you, my heavy swollen balls gushing jet after jet of hot sweet sticky come the length of your pussy. Gasping, I practically stagger back, easing my swollen engorged cock from your dripping pussy and most of my fist from hers. You slump forward and roll onto your side but she knows you didn't come again and grins wickedly. "Sit where I was sitting." She says.

"Now..." Again she uses it as punctuation beckoning me back to the bed. "Get on your knees and clean her." She says, indicating that I am to be the one on all fours with my arse in the air. She guides me to your gaping pussy, cum dripping, creating a wet patch on the bed as you sit up. "Lick her." She says, matter-of-factly. I start to lick you, tasting my own cum mixed with yours. You shiver and squeal with delight at this turn over events as I scoop up cum with my tongue and rub it onto your clit.

Inga sits next to us watching and masturbating. "He likes this I think" she says noting that I am still hard and the last drips of cum fall from my cock.

I lap away at your gushing cunt, inwardly giggling about your inevitable comments about sloppy seconds. Inga gets up and moves from the bed to the bed side table. I don't see what she has got but I hear you say "yes" breathlessly as I am easing off your clit slightly. Next thing I know she is rubbing cold sun cream onto my spread arsehole and gently pushing a finger in. I gasp and swallow hard, accidentally gulping down a mouthful of our come. She works a second and third finger in while gently massaging my throbbing cock. All the while I am licking you and you watch us in the mirror. Again you feel an orgasm building, a medical fetish fantasy flashing through my mind as I examine and touch your clit and pussy whilst this lithe blonde nurse type pushes her hand into me, liberating my arsehole.

You orgasm again, squeezing most of our mingled cum into my mouth as you tense around me, your hands grabbing at my head forcing me down onto you. "That's it" she coos, "enjoy him" as she continues to work another finger of her small hand into me.

You breathe hard as you come down, head spinning and light from hyperventilating and orgasm. You feel the need to lower your head and you drop it, revealing the nape of your neck as we are now all covered in glistening sweat. She is not yet finished fisting me though and, those stunning, hypnotising transfixing eyes again call to you. This time she indicates that it is your turn to kneel next to me and you obey, arse up, pussy exposed and lean in to kiss me. You feel her small hand, 3 fingers at first slide into your open, willing, sex. "Can both my lovers take a whole hand?" she asks dreamily as she works a fourth finger into each of us. There we are face down, arse up, turned to the side kissing each other. You let out a gasp as she eases her petit hand into you, your labia closing on her wrist. She sees you reaching your clit and she chastises "No touching until you both let me inside you."

I breathe out heavily, concentrating and trying not to come as she rotates her knuckles against my prostate and your g spot.

"Take it baby" you barely manage to whisper hovering on the edge a huge final orgasm.

"mmmm" I moan and you again look in the mirror to see us both in doggy position, our new lover with one fist in your pussy and the other in my arse.

"O.k. now touching." She says gently rotating her forearms fisting us both as we kneel before her. Your hand is on your clit and mine on my cock and we both start to come almost instantly. She moves harder and more insistently keeping us on the plateau for longer than either of us thought possible, squeeze after squeeze, squirt after squirt, jet after jet as she milks both of us, soaking the sheets, out thighs, our stomachs, screaming in pleasure.

We both come round, it is morning, you realise that there is a second warm body pressed against you and you open your eyes to see that you are snuggled up to our beautiful blonde friend and I am cuddled up behind you. She rolls over and looks you lovingly in the eye. "Good morning" she smiles, "Thank you for last night." She leans in and kisses you gently.

"Thank you" you reply.

The sun is coming up and cool air blows through the open window, gently ballooning the curtains. She rises and walks to the shower, her hips swaying hypnotically, her petite little vulva moving slide to side between her thighs. She pauses and comes back, moving bedroom chair to position it in front of the shower. "Just for us" she pats it indicating that you are to come and sit.

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