tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Hunter Watches Ch. 01

A Hunter Watches Ch. 01


Sheila walked barefoot through the forest; the sun shimmered through the green canopy and fell on her bare shoulders like fingers of gold. She wore a short shift dress and no underwear. Her cabin in the woods was so secluded that she had never met another soul whilst staying there as she did three or four times a year. Whenever she could get away from work, now Mark wasn't there to complain about her disappearances she thought she might be able to visit more often.

Her ex had complained bitterly the two times he had joined her there; moaned about the lack of cell phone signal, the poor television reception and the lack of internet connection. Well Mark had moaned about most things she liked to do but he had been most vocal about the cabin and had refused to join her again. Sheila had tried to encourage him, she had installed a DVD player so that he could bring films with him if wanted to watch television. She had played up the seclusion of the place hinting that they could make love outside with no fear of being seen, Mark had looked at her as though she were perverted.

Maybe she was or maybe he was just too much of an arse; after two years of her trying to be the sensible tight laced woman he appeared to want he left her for his secretary at work stating that Sheila was too boring for him.

Sheila huffed at the memory and stopped to rest on a fallen log; he hadn't always been that straight laced had he? She thought back to the time when his parents had come to stay with them, they were notoriously late risers and she had barely seen them all week because of work commitments. She had been working on a big project at the time and had taken to getting up at five in the morning to be at work for six. Mark had crept up behind her in the kitchen and placed his hands on her breasts making her jump. She had gasped when he pushed his early morning erection into the small of her back.

"Come on." He had whispered, "How about a quickie?"

She had been shocked, "Your parents are upstairs." She whispered back to him as he pawed her unfettered breasts through her thin night gown.

"And they will stay there for hours." He had reasoned pushing hard against her. "We'll just be quiet."

"I don't do quiet, remember?" She had hissed, he had complained countless times for her to climax quietly; chiding her about disturbing the neighbouring apartments.

"How about if we try?" He had urged and placed his hand over her mouth.

She had gasped in shock as he had pressed her down onto the kitchen table and hoiked up nightie to her waist and fucked her; keeping his hand over her mouth the whole time. It was the best sex they had ever had, that she had ever had. The idea irked her now; she didn't want Mark to be the best lover she had known.

Thinking about the early morning episode had her shifting uncomfortably against the log; she was wet; aroused by the memory of rough satisfying sex. Her nipples poked at the thin fabric of her shift, all too aware of any movement of the fabric over her body.

The hunter peeked out from behind his tree; the woman was back again. He watched hungrily as she moved herself against the log upon which she had been sitting. She must have been thinking about something really hot because her nipples looked bullets and the front of her dress was damp.

He had been coming, often literally, to these woods for years for the excellent hunting they offered. He had been distracted by a different form of hunting when he stumbled across the beauty in front of him. Since the first accidental sighting he had found a pattern in her visits, every four to six weeks throughout the summer and autumn and he now timed his own visits to match hers.

Three or four times a year he would be granted the pleasure of watching this sensual beauty wander the woods in next to nothing, toying with herself in the apparent seclusion.

He watched her through heavy lidded eyes as she wriggled across the log to the spot where she could press herself against an old branch that protruded from the fallen tree. He knew it was one of her favourite places; it was where he often found her. The hunter stroked himself through his trousers as she wrapped her legs around the old branch and began to writhe against it, careful to keep her dress between herself and the surface; bark was not a soft gentle surface for such a delicate area.

For the thousandth time the hunter wondered what it would be like to be that branch; to have her slick cunt grinding against him. He unfastened his pants and tugged his cock out and began to stroke it in earnest, oh to cum inside that gorgeous cunt just once. He shivered as he sprayed his cum on the damp leaves of the forest floor, transfixed as she began to moan and stroke her hands over her breasts. The hunter adjusted his clothing and fastened his zip, the whir of the teeth sounded like thunder in the stillness.

Sheila held herself still, her heart thumping with more than just arousal. What was that noise? She looked around her but could see nothing, her ears strained but there was nothing else to hear other than the birds and the rustle of the trees. Nervously, Sheila swung hers legs back to the ground as she continued to strain her senses for any sign of something out there in the trees. Unsure she rose to her feet, the erotic moment was lost now; she would go back to the cabin.

She tried to walk casually thought she couldn't help but wonder if someone was watching her; had they been watching her fucking the tree? Her cheeks flared with colour at the thought, she quickened her stride she considered it some more. What if some man was hiding and getting his rocks off as she touched herself?

Sheila felt the moisture building again, her nipples dragged against the cotton of her dress and she could feel the cool forest air over her bare bottom. The cabin always brought out her darker appetites but she frowned at the idea of getting turned on by some pervert in the trees. Knowing her luck if he did exist then he would be fat and fifty and ugly as sin; not that she had anything against sin really, just the fat and ugly bit.

By the time she had the cabin door at her back Sheila was panting, and not simply from exertion. With a low moan she raced to the kitchen and snatched up a candle from the drawer. Wasting no time she hurried to the sofa in the sitting area and threw herself on it. She raised herself on her knees and leaned over the low padded back pushing her bottom in the air. Reaching behind herself she pushed the blunt end of the candle into her dripping pussy crying out at the sensation. As she plunged the long thin candle in and out she moaned to herself quietly biting the meaty flesh at the base of her thumb, just in case there really was someone out there she didn't want them to overhear.

The hunter stood with his back to the cabin wall beneath the open window and listened. He could hear the slurping sounds of good fucking and though his cock hardened he felt dread in the pit of his stomach as he considered that she may have brought a man with her. She had done so before. He crept up the steps and cautiously looked through the window.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw her leaning over the sofa fucking herself with something he couldn't quite see. He heard the slurp and slap of her wetness over her ragged breathing. He frowned deeply. She was saying something; he strained to listen.

"Oh god yes; I hope your watching this. Is this making you all hard and horny, old man? Yes I wish it was a big fat cock."

The hunter ducked down as she raised her head to cry out, her orgasm hit her hard and fast. She had heard him and the idea of being watched had turned her on even more. His cock twitched at the idea forming in his mind.

Sheila fell asleep on the sofa shortly after her orgasm; she stretched out smiling as the breeze from the window cooled her heated skin. It was twilight when she woke, the autumn air cool on her bare arms and legs. Sheila sat up and looked about the shadows. She had imagined someone being out in the woods; there was never really anyone out there she reasoned to herself.

Sheila stood up and walked to cabin door; pulling it open she looked out. Peering at the trees and straining her ears she stood there for a few minutes before she smiled and gave an embarrassed laugh.

Her gaze dropped to the wide wooden porch and saw something pale on the dark wood. Looking about she stooped to retrieve it.

Sheila gasped; in her hand she held a perfectly carved wooden cock. It was pale and smooth and eight inches long, stuck to the bottom was a folded white card. She opened it up.

"Definitely hard and horny; not old." It read.

Sheila's hand shook; there had been someone out there watching her. Her hand flew to her cheek as she realised that whoever it was had been close enough to hear her when she had been playing with herself. She placed a hand over her thumping heart; if this had been at home in the city then she would be terrified of the idea. Somehow out here was a different world. What was the worst that could happen? This man could break in and fuck her, which in all honesty maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

Still sleepy and a little confused Sheila let the door close behind her. She jumped as it banged shut; she couldn't; could she? The idea made her stomach roll with dangerous excitement.

Lowering herself to sit on the raised wooden porch Sheila gazed out at the thickening shadows. She sat in a pool of light from the windows in the door, she pulled her knees up and slowly spread them open. Her heart pounded at the risks she was taking but it only served to make her pussy wetter and her nipples harder. With a low moan she held up the hand carved phallus and then slowly lowered it between her legs.

Its rounded headed felt delicious as she rubbed it over her clit, her juices glistened in yellow light. Sheila rolled her head back against the solid wood door, running a hand over her breast. Getting into the idea of giving her mystery admirer a show she pulled the dress down allowing her breast to spill free. Sheila tugged at her nipple with her thumb and forefinger, stretching it out dramatically and then letting it fall back into place.

She moaned as she pushed the wooden cock inside her dripping cunt, it felt warm almost like a real one. It was far superior to a candle, she thought appreciatively. Within moments she began to fuck herself in earnest, plunging the cock in, pulling it out over and again until she was moaning loudly. With the solid feeling cock inside her and the cool evening air playing over her wetness Sheila came hard with a sharp cry.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal Sheila blinked in the near dark surrounding her. She sat up and her fingers brushed against something on the decking beside her. She gasped ad pulled away before studying it more closely. It was a parcel, a small parcel about the size of watch case or a make up palette and it was wrapped in brown parcel paper and it certainly hadn't been there when she had first stepped out. Sheila picked it up and rose to her feet, looking about the dark woods as she did. With shaking fingers she ripped it open, inside was a dark blue bandana folded to make a neck tie, or a blindfold she thought with a sharp intake of breath. Her hands shook so much she had to fumble to catch the note that dropped from it.

'Wear this over your eyes whenever you want a real cock'

Sheila peered into the trees, her eyes darting about nervously, she pulled open the door and scurried inside.

The hunter wiped the sweat from his brow; he was hot and hard from her performance on the porch. He almost regretted giving her the blindfold and maybe that was just too much to hope for. It was more than enough that she had the cock that he had carved for her; he had thought many times to make one. The fact that she had put on such a show for him with it nearly caused him to cum in his pants. He was hard again already and he had already spilled his seed over the tree trunk he had used to hide behind.

He hoped that he had not scared her off; he wouldn't be too surprised if she were to make a run for her car in the morning. He didn't dare hope for more than the visual treat she had provided for him.

Sheila held the bandana to her cheek; it had been clasped in her hands all night as she slept. She had even thought of going to her window and putting it on with the hope that her watcher would come to her bed.

She woke late the next morning; her cheeks instantly suffused a dark pink flush at her wanton display. Sheila showered and dressed, she picked up an apple for her breakfast and took it with her as she strolled into the woods. In the pocket of her short dress she had put the bandana; just in case she actually had the nerve to use it.

Sheila retraced her steps from the day before, following the familiar trail as she bit into the tangy flesh of the apple. She nearly choked on the sweet fruit when she reached her favourite log; the old branch that she often used to pleasure herself with was gone. It had been cut down and the stump had been carved into a cock, very similar in style to the one now sitting at her bedside; it truly looked as though the old tree had a hard on for her. She gasped and then from behind her hand gave a nervous laugh; stepping closer to examine it. The wood was smooth and warm, pale like the one she had used the night before and it jutted out forcefully from the rough bark of the log.

Sheila stroked a finger along its smoothness and cast a furtive glance around her. Without hesitation she climbed up onto the log on her knees, lifting herself up she balanced over the bizarre erection until it was poised at her entrance. Sheila needed no foreplay, no persuading, the last twenty four hours had her in constant state of wetness. Placing her palms on the tree in front of her Sheila slowly lowered herself onto the carved cock.

From his place behind the tree the hunter held his breath; the blonde was on her hands and knees with his carving disappearing under the folds of her dress. He watched as she spread her knees a little wider and slowly began to lower herself down. He couldn't see the exact point of penetration but he knew when it happened because she rolled her head back and moaned deeply. Slowly she rocked backwards and forwards over the cock he had carved; showing him her appreciation of his work.

Her movements became less dreamy and more determined until she was rocking hard against the shaft growling fiercely as she took it all in, she quickened her pace. Punctuating her movements with sharp high pitched cries until she screamed and fell forward. The hunter watched her back rise and fall with her harsh breathing, his own was unsteady as he struggled not to manually relieve his twitching cock. Then it was his turn to gasp in shock. The blonde climbed shakily from the log, she braced herself against it as she pulled the bandana from her pocket, held it high in the air and with fumbling fingers tied it over her eyes. She turned around and bent over the log, pushing her bottom out and sliding her feet apart in offering.

Sheila held her breath as she offered herself to her watcher. She could see nothing through the blindfold and she could hear nothing unusual from nearby, what if he wasn't here? How long should she wait?

She jumped and gasped as she felt gloved hands grip her hips; they pulled her back so that she was bending lower and then hitched her short dress upwards until it hung draped high on her back. Unsure what to expect Sheila held her breath, she gasped her shock went she felt a long flat tongue lick her from her clit all the way up the crack of her arse and along her spine.

Without warning she felt a pressure at her entrance as a large bulbous head slowly pushed inside her. It felt very thick and very wide and as it slowly pushed its way in she was impressed with the length.

The hunter was careful to hold her firmly lest she feel the tremor in his hands as he finally plunged his cock into her sopping wet cunt. He roughly pushed his gloved hands up along her ribs until could grip her breasts; he squeezed and pummelled them in his scarred leather gloves making her cry out with the sensation.

He paused for a moment to savour the feel of her juices dripping onto his thigh before he finally began to move inside her. She cried out once more as he began plunge deep inside her, pounding against her roughly like an animal.

Sheila had planned to use her ears to find some clue as to who this man was but the feel of his solid cock slamming into her was more than she could bear and she could not stop herself from screaming out as he rode her hard. She clenched around him, holding him tight as she came on his cock yet still he didn't alter his pace. Breathing hard Sheila growled and moaned low in her throat as the hard paced rhythm began to build inside once more.

Rambling nonsense and crying Sheila begged him to stop; she begged him for more and chanted her eternal gratitude until finally she began to scream as she was gripped by a tidal surge of orgasm. This time she felt her watcher take both her hips in his hands and thrust hard and deep, he ground himself against her hard pushing her face against the bark of the log. With one final thrust he gave a shudder and his cock began to pulse inside her, filling her with his seed. A minute later he pulled out from her.

Sheila turned around and there was no sign of her lover save for the jism running down her legs.

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