tagInterracial LoveA Husband’s Proposal Ch. 07

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 07


Joe woke up late the next morning and looked at the other side of the bed and saw that it was empty. He was hoping that everything that had taken place the day before might have been a bad dream and his beautiful wife Diana would be sleeping next to him as always.

Joe lifted himself up out of bed and took a fast shower and made coffee for himself. Joe starred at the kitchen cabinet that contained Diana’s birth control pills and reached over and opened the door to find them. Joe found the packet in the same place he had put it a few weeks before and slid open the packet and saw that only three pills were missing.

Joe tossed the packet of pills in the waste basket and figured she would never miss them. Joe knew that she was forgetful at times when it came to things like that but she must have been falling in love with Tony for sometime now and had all this planned.

Joe was hoping that everything would go back to normal someday soon, although he did enjoy being Diana’s cuckold, this was a little more than he had bargained for. He walked back into the bedroom and looked at the tux sitting on the chair and picked it up. There was a funny looking tag on the inside that Joe didn’t notice when he first put it on. It read. “Property of American Interracial Cuckold Club” and sat it back down on the chair.

Joe picked the camera up off the dresser and took it into the family room and sat down at the computer and started to unload the pictures they took last night. Joe looked at the screen and saw the images of his wife in Tony’s arms and the ones of himself making hand jesters to Tony concerning Diana.

Joe hit the button to print the images as Tony wanted to see them today. Joe started to get up from the computer when Tony walked inside the back door and said. “Joey. I was looking for you this morning. I see your printing our pictures out and I can’t wait to see them.”

Tony said. “We’re going to have a big job for you today and tonight we’re going to have a special guest that’s coming over to explain a few things to you. Diana is back at our house and she wants to see you right away.”

Joe followed Tony back to his house while he let the computer print the images. When Joe entered the house, he noticed Lisa and David was sitting in the dinning room talking and waiting for Diana.

Diana walked out of Tony’s bedroom wearing a very short skimpy red nightie that Joe didn’t recognize and figured it must be something new Tony had bought her. Diana walked over to Joe and greeted him by giving him a hug and kissed him on the cheek

Joe noticed she had just showered and was wearing her favorite perfume and also took note that she was still wearing their wedding rings on her right hand and Tony’s engagement ring was still on her left hand.

She didn’t look tired this time as Joe thought that they must have actually gone to sleep when he went home last night or maybe they just had a quickie. Joe finally said to Diana. “Tony told me that you wanted to see me about some kind of job that you had for me.” Diana replied. “Yes. I’ll be moving all of my things over here in our bedroom and want you to bring things from my old room today.”

Joe swallowed hard before he was able to answer his wife and said. “When would you like to start moving things over here?” Diana replied. “You can start with all of my clothes that are on hangers and I’ll meet you here in our bedroom.”

Joe returned to their house and took as many dresses as he could and carried them back to Tony’s house. Diana was waiting in the master bedroom and pointed for Joe to lay them on the bed. Diana said. “Come here and look at the big walk-in closet I have here.”Joe walked inside the closet next to his wife who still had on the tiny little red nightie and said. “It looks like Tony gave you the largest closet.”

Diana said. “Yes. Tony had this custom made for me and my clothes. Do you see all the drawls I have in here and the places I have for my shoes?” Joe looked around and said. “Yes. Tony thought of everything didn’t he?”

Joe spent the next several hours taking things over to Tony’s house as Diana neatly put everything in place. Joe was leaving the bedroom to get another load when Tony walked into the room and said. Joey. “We want you to be here at the house tonight at eight sharp and don’t be late.” Joe replied. “Should I wear anything special for the evening?” Tony said. “I don’t think that’s important so just come over with whatever you have on at the time.”

Tony walked into the closet and Joe could hear Diana talking to Tony. “Cuckold Joey is just about done bringing my clothes over here.” Joe could hear Tony reply. “Let me know when you’re done and we’ll do some skinny dipping in the pool.” Joe could hear them kissing as he walked back out of the room and back to his house to retrieve more clothes.

Joe passed by the pool and saw Lisa and David getting into the water and had wondered where they had been for the past few hours. They looked like they had just finished having sex and must have been in David’s room the past few hours screwing.

Joe was working on the last couple of drawls when he saw the box and card that the watch Tony had delivered to the house a couple days ago. Joe thought to himself that it seemed like decades ago since he read that card and seemed so elementary compared to everything else that conspired over the last twenty-four hours.

Joe picked the box and card up and placed them on the pile of clothes he had ready to take across the yard and noticed the key for his cock cage in the drawl. Joe took the key and put it away and planned on getting a copy made later that day before Diana found out.

Joe got a plastic storage box out of the basement and started to put all the perfumes and toiletries in it that was sitting on the dresser than went into the bathroom to clean out those cabinets as well. He than placed the remainder of her clothes on top of the container and took it over to Tony’s place.

Diana and Tony were waiting there naked on the bed and Diana said. “Go ahead and put the rest of my things on the closet floor and you can leave. Don’t forget to be here at eight tonight.”

Joe placed the container on the floor and started to walk out when Tony said. “Cuckold. Hand me that bottle of suntan lotion on the dresser. I have to butter her up a little before we hit the sun.”

Joe hesitated before handing Tony the bottle and wondered why he called him that when he had never done so in the past. As Joe was leaving the room, he glanced back and saw Tony squirting some lotion on Diana’s bare ass and began to rub his hand around on her ass.

Joe walked past the pool and saw David and Lisa still swimming and hurried back into the bedroom to get the key. Joe didn’t waste anytime taking the key down to the hardware store to get a copy made of the key.

Later that night Joe was getting ready to be at Tony’s house when Diana came over and started to look around the room. Joe asked her. “Are you looking for something I might have missed bringing over to your house today?” Diana replied. “I’m looking for the key to your cock cage. Have you seen it?”

Joe didn’t waste anytime going to the drawl and retrieving the key for Diana and said. “I had dropped it on the floor when I was taking your clothes over today and was going to give it to you when I came over tonight.” Joe handed her the key and she clutched it in her hand with a relieved look on her face.

Diana looked inside her old closet and glanced around the room and said. “Everything looks different over here now that my things are gone.” She walked over to Joe and put her hands on his shoulders and said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Tony will give me permission to come over and play with you in the future.”

Diana put her hand on Joe’s crotch and rubbed her hand over the budge where is confined cock was at and said. “I’ll have to find out when Tony wants me to milk you again. He may want me to wait until we get settled before I spend time with you here.”

Joe was looking at Diana’s low cut top and starred down at her cleavage as she stroked his cock and said. “You look so sexy in that top that your wearing and I love the way it shows off your breasts.” Diana replied. “Tony loves to see me wear revealing clothes when he’s around and gets his thrills by letting other men see what they can’t have themselves.”

Joe reached his hands out for Diana to take his and she did by taking a hold of his hands in hers and smiled at him and said. “I remember how your eye’s twinkled when you saw Tony making love to me on that first night. I was reluctant at the beginning to have another man touch my body like he did that first night. I had always been brought up to respect my husband. But when I saw how turned on you were when Tony was deep inside of me that night, it changed my thinking forever.”

Diana went on to say. “ When Tony filled my pussy with his potent sperm that night for the very first time, you went insane with excitement at the thought of me becoming pregnant with a black mans babies. I knew from that moment on that you would always want more from me and with the love I have for you, I found a way I could give you that pleasure and excitement and bring it to twenty-four hours a day.”

Joe listened as his wife continued to say. “I developed a loving and trusting relationship with Tony, I think from the very beginning and after many nights of discussing your needs and my developing love for him, we decided to explore other possibilities that we could do to satisfy all of our sexual needs and still stay together. That’s when we found out about this group.”

Diana continued. “It was the perfect group that could help all of us practice on a full time basis what your original request had been to me. That was to cuckold you with another man. This group happens to deal with only interracial couples that have an interest in cuckolding a white husband.”

Diana kept holding Joe’s hands as she continued to say. “The group does have its rules and requirements that Tony and I had discussed and tonight we will talk about those things with you and share our plans for all of us in the future. Now, I have to get back and get ready for tonight.” Diana shocked Joe by giving him a passionate open mouth kiss before walking out of the room and going back to Tony.

It was eight and Joe knocked on the bad door of Tony’s house and waited for someone to answer the front door. Several minutes went by before Tony opened the door and said. “Sorry I couldn’t get the door, we were in the shower together and I had to dry off before coming out here.”

Tony said. “Come on in and wait in the front room until Diana gets dressed and we will be right out.” Joe went in the front room and waited several minutes until Diana and Tony walked out of the bedroom. Both of them were only wearing a robe and Joe was starting to wonder why they didn’t get dressed when the door bell rang.

Tony and Diana both went to the door and when it opened, he saw that it was that lady name Leslie that he met at the party the night before. They walked over to where Joe was sitting and Leslie held out her hand to Joe and said. “It’s very nice to see you again, now we have many things to cover tonight so lets go into the bedroom and get started.”

Leslie had a brief case with her and placed it on the dresser and opened the latch and looked over at Diana and Tony and said. “Hurry up and get undressed and get on the bed and get cozy.” Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “I want you to get undressed too because this involves you too.”

Leslie looked over at Joe again and said. “Will you go out into the kitchen and get me a chair I can sit on while I talk to this lovely couple?” Joe returned with a chair and placed it by the side of the bed and waited to see if Leslie needed anything else.

Leslie said. “I want Diana and Tony to lie up by the headboard and Joe. I want you to sit down by their feet.” Everyone got into the position that Leslie had asked them to do as she opened a note book and sat in the chair and said. “Joe. Diana told me that she explained to you why she joined this group and why she has decided to move here in this house with her fiancee.” Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “Tell me if I’m correct so Far?” Joe replied. “Yes. That’s correct.”

Leslie continued as she looked at Joe and said. “Diana has only one desire for you now and that’s to make you a very happy cuckold. Although she still has love for you and always will, she has fallen in love with her lover. This is the man that you wanted her to fuck. The man that you gave all your encouragement to do to your wife as he so pleases. Tell me if I’m right so far?” Joe replied. “Yes. That’s true.”

Leslie replied. “Good. Now we all know how we got to this point in time and why we are all sitting in this room together discussing what is going to happen next.”

Joe looked on as Leslie pulled out some papers from her brief case and continued to speak. “Joe. I’m going to cover some of the rules that we all have to follow to belong to our club. First. Your new name from this very moment with be the cuckold and if you’re with a group of other cuckolds than you will be called cuckold Joe.”

Leslie continued saying. “You will only address Diana as simply Mistress from now on. And you will only address Tony as Master.” Leslie pointed at each person and said what there names would be from now on. Leslie said. “These are the names that only you will refer everyone as from now on and they will call you, cuckold. Now they will still refer themselves as Tony and Diana or any other nick name they may have for one another.”

Joe sat listening as Leslie said. “Cuckold. Your only purpose in there lives from now on will be to completely serve them in any way they see fit including their sexual entertainment. Because of your desire to be cuckolded, your mistress and your master will be given a complete guide on things they can do with you to enhance your enjoyment.”

Leslie turned her attention to Tony and Diana and said. “Have you set the date for the wedding ceremony yet?” Diana responded and said. “We want to have it exactly one month from today. We decided to have the wedding outside by our pool.”

Leslie replied. “That’s a wonderful time and place to have a wedding and I look forward to witnessing the ceremony myself. Diana. I want to remind you that from now on you must refer Joe here by his new name and the same goes for you Tony and I want you both to practice and give the cuckold an order.” Leslie looked at Joe and said. “I want you to remember to address them both the names that I told you. Now. Everyone should go ahead and give it a try.”

Joe sat on the bed and waited for someone to say something when Tony said. “Cuckold. Get up and show me your pathetic little cock.” Joe replied. “Yes. Master.” Joe stood up along the bed and held his cock so Tony could look at it and waited to see what was going to happen next.

Tony said. “Cuckold. I want you to tell your Mistress in your own words why she should marry me next month and why you no longer deserve to make love to her any longer.”

Joe stood in front of Diana and hesitated before he said. Mistress. “I think you should marry my Master next month because he is in love with you and has a very large black cock that can give you all the sexual pleasure that my tiny cock could never give you.”

Joe looked over at Tony as he said. “Keep going.” Joe continued. “Mistress. I don’t feel I deserve to touch your beautiful white pussy any longer with my tiny cock. My Master’s cock is much larger in length and in thickness and I feel that he should be the one to enjoy the pleasure of your body.”

Leslie started to clap her hands and said. “Diana. It’s your turn to give it a try and don’t be shy.”. Joe waited for his wife to say something and stood in front of her as she gave it some thought.

Diana got out of the bed and stood next to her husband and said. “Cuckold. I want you to get down on your knees and look up at me.” Diana waited for Joe to get on his knees and said. “Cuckold. I want you to touch my pussy with the end of your nose and wait until I tell you what to do next.”

Joe did what she had told him and placed his nose against her pussy mound and waited to hear what she wanted him to do next. Diana said. “Cuckold. Do you feel my soft white pussy touching your nose?” Joe replied. “Yes. Mistress.” Diana replied. “Tell me who should fuck this pussy and why?”

Joe replied. “Master Tony should fuck this pussy because he loves you and your in love with him and because his cock is very huge and it is capable of giving you all the pleasure you need from a man.”

Diana asked another question and said. “Cuckold. What other thing can your Master do with his cock that you can’t do and will never have the opportunity to do?”

Joe kept his nose against Diana’s pussy mound as he thought about an answer he could give her and choked up as he said. “Master can use his huge cock to pump his seed inside your tummy so you can get pregnant with his black baby.”

Diana than said. “Cuckold. I want you to move your nose away from my pussy and look up at me.” Joe moved his nose away and looked up at his wife and waited. Diana said. “Do you want me to get pregnant with your Master’s baby?” Joe replied. “Yes. Mistress.”

Leslie clapped her hands again as she said. “You’ve down a wonderful job humiliating your cuckold and I think you will do very well from now on.” Leslie looked down at Joe who was still kneeing on the floor and said. “Cuckold. Its always the ultimate pleasure for a servant to see his mistresses belly swell up with the child of his Master.”

Leslie continued to say. “Cuckold. If you remember back to the first time, you saw these two beautiful people making love and how excited it made you feel and you always had that secret desire to see your wife knocked up by this fabulous black stallion. And now your going to see all of your wishes fulfilled and not every man can experience the pleasures that you will experience.”

Leslie than said. “Later tonight you will get the opportunity to watch them screw again and you will be asked to encourage them as we stand here and watch them mate. But, right now we have many more things I want to cover before we get onto the pleasure part of it tonight.”

Leslie motioned for Diana to get back on the bed next to Tony and told Joe to get another chair from the kitchen and when he returned he found Leslie was also naked sitting in the other chair.

Joe waited until Leslie continued her speech. “I wanted to bring my own cuckold and husband here tonight but I didn’t feel it was necessary with the three of you here tonight.”

Leslie seemed to be starring at something on Diana and Joe finally found out what it was when she asked Diana. “I noticed you are wearing an engagement ring and a wedding band on your right hand.” Diana replied. “Yes. Those are my rings from my marriage with the cuckold that I’m wearing on that hand”

Leslie shook her finger at her and said. “That’s not acceptable in our club to wear any symbolic semble from your marriage with your cuckold. You will belong to your new husband now and it shows a complete disrespect of his love for you. You must remove those rings from your finger at this very moment and give them to your cuckold right now.”

Joe watched as Diana carefully removed the rings from her finger and hesitated a second before she held out her hand for Joe to take the rings.

Leslie looked over at Joe and said. “You can keep those rings in a safe place for now but let me make a suggestion to your Master.” Leslie turned her head and said. “Tony. You may want to have these melted down in the future and use them as studs that you could put on your cuckold.” Leslie continued saying. “ For insistence, several couple in our group had studs made from their rings that they had pierced along the length of their cuckolds cocks.”

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