A Jackson Family Christmas


"I'm just being me. I shouldn't be here." Her hands came up to cover her mouth.

"You afraid your little man will get jealous? I'm pretty sure I can take him in a fight. He can't even crawl in a straight line. And he's already thrown up on me. That seems to be his best shot." He pulled her hands down.

"No. I'm rusty. And we've never done this."

"This?" His head came up from where he was warming her neck with kisses to place a soft one at the corner of her mouth. "You finally going to let me poke your thingy?"

Her soft laughter and snort shook the bed at their childhood sex talk. "Do you want to?"

"Oh, baby." He let out a deep growl. "I poke you so good. You never been poked like I'm going to poke you. I'm gonna poke it like a crazy man."

Before she could yell at him, his mouth had closed over hers. He pulled a throaty moan from her as his tongue crossed from his mouth to hers. Dillon's hand slid up her side and pushed her to her back. Their tongues never separating. His fingertips ran along the side of her breast.

"Oh, God." Samantha's back arched towards him as his thumb grazed her hardened nipple.

"Wow. You got boobies, cousin." He circled her areola with is thumb before beginning to kiss down to pay attention to her other breast. His tongue had just flicked her nipple when his right hand found moisture on the other breast. It stopped him for a second. "Cousin? Did your breast just orgasm?"

"Oh, shit. No. They leak. They do all sorts of things now. I can't control them. You can't imagine what it's like. Just ignore them, they hurt too much at the moment."

"Really? Walk around with a hardon sometime. I don't even know where it goes or what it does half the time. It just wanders off without me. Hours later it comes home smelling like booze and blondes. I can't even get it to talk about it. It's like it doesn't even respect me anymore."

Samantha's hands threaded into his hair and pulled him painfully up to glare at him as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. "Listen up, Panty-boy. I've got about an hour before my son needs his next meal. I need sex. Understand?"

"So, just pokey pokey? Not the other thing? I wasn't just bragging, ya know." His hand slid across her stomach, feeling the heat radiating from her.

"I don't care what you do, just make me cum." She whined.

His tongue slid into her mouth just as his finger brushed against her clitoris. Her eyes fluttered and her hips thrust upwards into his hand. He felt the rush of excitement at the smell of her arousal filling the room. With two fingers he spread her lips, running the length of her inner labia. Once at the bottom, he spread his fingers and traced upwards. Repeating the motion over and over as lightly as he could. Her hips were already bucking from his touch. His lips were now at her ear. He made sure his voice was low, letting his warm breath stir the little hairs on her neck. "I don't think you need a lot of foreplay."

"None." She said between ragged breaths.

"How close is my sweet little cousin?"

"Close. Oh, so close."

"A whole year without a man?"

"Uh-huh." She squealed when his finger found the entrance to her vagina and began tracing circles.

"My poor sweet cousin." He deepened his voice in her ear. "Do I have time to say hello to her?"


"Not even a kiss? I should be polite. Tell her how much I missed her. I remember she use to love my kisses." His finger was now circling just inside her. Three slow circles and then a sliding inside to pull back out with pressure against her upper wall. Each time, speeding up a little.

"Dillon." Her eyes were filled with panic. She was gripping the sheets in a death grip, her hips fighting to stay on the bed. "Hurry. Oh, please hurry. Kiss her afterwards. She'll understand."

"I don't know, cousin. I don't want to make her angry. She gets so mad at me sometimes. She never calls. Years without a kiss. She knows how much I love to kiss her." A second finger slipped into her as his thumb began to trace slower circles around her clit. Samantha locked her jaw and glared up at his smiling face. "I'll superglue your pecker in your ass if you don't start fucking me."

Realizing she was probably serious, he stopped playing. Moving quickly, he crawled between her legs and pushed his cock down. She lifted her whole body off the bed to try and reach him. He pulled a tiny scream from her as soon as the tip of his cock brushed against her clitoris. Her lips parted for him as he guided his dick lower. She opened easily for him. Tiny desperate gasps coming with each breath. She sucked in her breath to finally feel herself expand around him. With his hand on her hips, he pushed her back down to the bed. His hips moving in a slow steady motion. He couldn't help but groan from the wet heat surrounding him.

"Somebody's on fire. You should have told me you were so close."

Samantha pulled her knees up, trying to get more of him inside. She could barely hear the tiny slap of skin on skin as she groaned. Her breath was a ragged trembling thing. She wanted to scream at him, but all she could do was grunt each time his body collided with hers.

"Does someone need to cum?" His voice was playful.

"I'm gonna kill you."

His hips stopped.

"No. Don't stop. Please don't stop."

"Did someone say they loved me?"

"Yes. Yes. I love you. I love you."

His hips started painfully slow. "I don't think you do. You yelled at me. You know it hurts my feelings the way you yell at me. I'm very sensitive. I do have feelings, you know. Real live boy feelings." He caught her hands before she could reach her clitoris and pinned them to her side. "No, No, No, she doesn't belong to you at the moment. She wants me. Doesn't she?"

"Dillon. You said you wouldn't make me beg." Her lips were pulled into her mouth to stop them from quivering.

"That was before you said I couldn't give her a kiss. I love her so much."

"And she loves you. You can kiss her all you want. You can do anything to her. Just let me cum."



"You won't say no to anything?"

"Anything. I'll do anything."

His thrusts became deep, violent. Hooking a leg in each arm, he pulled them up to rest against his chest. One hand wrapped around her upper thighs to keep them in place, the other sliding across her stomach. Her head turned back and forth as she fought against the urge to rub herself to orgasm. It seemed like an eternity, but it only took her thirty seconds to begin writhing underneath him. He felt the muscles of her vagina grip him in as her orgasm rolled over her.

"There you go, baby. I love that feeling. My baby cums so nice."

Dillon felt the flood of liquid roll down his shaft. Once her tremors were gone, he spread her legs and lowered himself down on her. His hips still moved. They were slow and steady now. Her dark blonde hair was plastered to her face with sweat. His fingertips brushed each strand away, kissing her lips each time. Samantha's eyes remained closed. Her lips responding when she felt his warm lips against hers.

"I hate you so much." Samantha wrapped her arms around him, her hips beginning to respond to his movements.

Dillon chuckled as her tongue darted out to find his. "Liar."

"Do we have time for you?"

Dillon looked over at the clock. "We have thirty minutes. It's up to you."

"Me? Now you're a gentleman?"

"I love my cousin. You know you're the only girl for me."

"Sure I am. I think maybe you have a sister that's dying to be where I am right now."

His hips faltered. "What?"

"You think I have do-me eyes. Your sister was staring through you, tonight. I bet she's wetter than I am, right now. You should have seen her squirm when I told her some of the things we used to do."

"What things? My sister's a good girl. I think she's a good girl."

Samantha threaded her hands through his hair and rolled to the top position. She let her nipples just brush against his chest. The sensation brought a low growl from her lips. She began to rock her hips, testing the sensitivity of her clitoris.

"I think your sister wants you to make her a bad girl. You just might get that three-way for Christmas."

"But I want a table saw."

Samantha shook her head and ground her clitoris into his pelvis. His hips were trapped under her weight, unable to thrust into her. It was her turn to torture him. "Can you fuck a table saw, Panty-boy?"

His hands found the outside of her breasts and began tiny caresses. "With enough beer...maybe. It depends on how it was raised. There are some really slutty table saws out there."

Her hips moved faster, rising up enough for Dillon to thrust two inches. The mattress under them began to help their bouncing. Between long blinks, she could see he was getting closer. His head was pulled back. Every so often, the muscle in his jaw would tighten. "You close?

"Minutes." He let out a huff of air. "Five tops."

Samantha leaned back and pushed all her weight down on him. It stopped his hips.

"Damn. I should have saw this coming."

"No, cousin." Samantha wiggled on top of him. "There'll be no cumming for you."

He rose up and leaned on his elbows with a big smile spreading across his face. "But she needs my kisses. She's begging to be kissed. Can't you hear her? You don't want her mad at you, do you? She makes you ache so bad without me." Raising up, he pulled her legs around behind him and pushed her backwards. "Lean back slow. You don't want to break your brand new toy."

"I'll still have your tongue."

She leaned back, feeling his cock pulled hard against her upper wall. He began to rock back and forth, moving against her. It took her a full minute to lay on her back as the pressure inside her grew. They were both groaning from the sensations. She felt him increase the tempo. His breath was getting louder.

"Can you pull out when you're ready?"

"Yea. I might have to repaint the ceiling."

"Please. I'm not on the pill."

It took another minute before he pulled back sharply. His right hand found his cock and stroked it twice before he felt it explode in his hand. He'd covered the tip with his left, feeling the blast of his orgasm. The ribbon of pressure released in spastic jerks. Letting his head fall back on the bed, he smiled up at the ceiling. "I've missed you."

"Missed you."

"If you grab a towel so I can clean up, I can get my kisses in."

She rolled off the bed, and stood in the dark. "Where?"

"Straight ahead is a light switch."

In two steps, she found the wall and the room lit up. She grabbed a towel and turned back to see Dillon smiling at her. His eyes shining as he explored the body she'd tried to hide from him. "Shit. You ass."

"You're beautiful. Come back here and let me show you."

Throwing the towel at him, he quickly cleaned the puddle off his stomach and dropped the towel beside the bed. He stood and pulled her into a hug. His lips found hers soft and forgiving. He ran his hand down her back and pulled her tight against him, liking the feel of swelling breasts. Breaking free, he guided her onto her back and made his way between her legs. His hands ran down the back of her legs, lips and tongue sliding up towards the top of her legs.

"You have to keep these thighs. They're amazing."

Samantha leaned back and spread wider. It was easy to hear the sincerity in his voice. From a boy rarely serious, it caused her heart to skip a beat.

"Hello, sweetie."

Dillon placed a gentle kiss on her clit, sending a spasm rocketing up her spine. "Oh, fuck me." Came her response.

"Your mommy is the bad one." He whispered to her pussy in a soft warm voice as if it were a child. "I wanted to come say hi right away." His hands continued to brush across her thighs and down the back of her legs. They never stopped moving. His fingernails just barely glided across her skin. He let his tongue find the crease between her lips and slide down its length. "Did you miss me?" His upward lick was flat and slow. Spreading her lips as he went. He groaned from the taste of her. When he got to her clitoris, he sucked it gently between his lips, his tongue flicking it gently. Rising up, he looked at the clock and saw he had six minutes. "I'm sorry I can't take my time with you right now. Mommy needs to cum." Dillon circled the opening of her vagina with his tongue. Tasting her, savoring the humid fragrance he remembered. "Mommy should have brought you to me when you were pregnant. I bet you were so beautiful. I would have kissed you forever."

"Oh, Dillon. God, I was stupid. I should have. Please, she wants her clit sucked."

"Does she? I seem to remember that."

He moved back up, circling, kissing, sucking, and bringing gasp after gasp out of her. Her hips were thrusting into him uncontrollably. Sliding two fingers into her, he twisting and began to explore. Scratching gently with the pads of his fingers. His fingers found a tiny ridge that brought a violent squeal form her.

"Did I find something?"

"Yea...yes...oh, find it again."

"Are you sure?" Her deep growl brought out a chuckle. "Just making sure."

His lips closed around her clit as his fingers found the spot again. The heat of her was out of control. He didn't remember that. The years had made her even more sexy and responsive. Dillon ran his other hand up across her belly, feeling the slight pudge she'd been embarrassed about. He could feel the muscles of her stomach pulled tight, preparing for release. As lightly as he could, he scratched down her body. Before he could get to her navel, she was erupting underneath him. Her thighs slammed shut around his head. The muscles of her pussy gripped his fingers. He let out a deep guttural sigh, letting it vibrate against her clit. He had no option but ride her convulsions, as her whole body seemed to twitch and spasm. With each aftershock, she whimpered and let her body relax.

Samantha checked the clock and with a groan, got up. She scrambled around with her clothes, her eyes not finding her panties. Straightening, she glared down at Dillon as he reclined on a pair of pillows, the missing panties in his hand. He had the worst innocent face she'd ever seen. "Give me." She held out her hand.

Smiling up at her, he raised them to his nose and inhaled. "I thought I earned these."

"I can't go back in the house like this. I smell like sex with legs."

"But they're great legs."

"Give me."

Dillon wound them around a finger and tapped them just under his nose. He pretended to sigh. Inhaling as deep and slow as he could. "I don't know. I'm not sure you'll give me a pair."

"I will. You're such a moron if you think I won't spend every possible minute in your bed."

"I want to hear her say it." He wiggled his panty-clad finger at her pussy.

"I haven't had a man in over a year. You really think she listens to me anymore, let alone talks to me? At least yours looks at you."

She leaned over and smacked him alongside of the head and took her panties. Dressing quickly, she was aware of him happily watching. A blush rose up her body to fill out her face. Fully dressed, she turned back to look at him. "What?"

"You're beautiful. What with the embarrassment?"

"We had sex."

"Yea. Was I your first?"

"Yea. I've got no idea how Kyle got in there." The color in her cheeks increased.

He stood up, pulled her into a gentle hug, and kissed her cheek. "You have nothing to be shy about with me. You're still the sexiest cousin I have as long as you don't count Amber, Kara, Laura, and the twins."

"You're such a dick."

"That's partly why you love me so much. It wasn't the sex until now. Now you're hooked on it, aren't you?"

"Might be." She said in a small quiet voice.

She tried to pull away, but Dillon held her until she looked up at him. "You gonna tell me what this is?"

"Not tonight." Samantha kissed him lightly on the lips. "Be good to your sister. She's kind of fragile at the moment."



"I promise if you promise to tell me why you're so fragile."

"Deal, but if she comes back to me in tears the deals off."

Dillon had barely stripped his bed and replaced the sheet when his door opened and his timid and wide-eyed sister appeared. She kicked out of her snow boots and left them beside the door. He watched her nose twitch as she breathed in the room. All Dillon could do was shrug and continue making his bed. He had no plan with her. Didn't really even know what had happened. Samantha's observations were a bit much. Copulating with cousins was one thing, but sexing up a sister was a new level of devious, even for him. "Hey," Was all he could think of to say.

"Hey." Alexis stood leaning against the wall, alternating from twisting her shoulder-length hair to wringing her hands in front of her. One brief moment of eye contact was all she could muster and then her eyes fell to stare at a spot on the floor.

Dillon slid past her and made sure the door was locked. When he turned, he saw Alexis' lip twitch. Her eyes locked on the door handle. He took a deep breath to try and steady nerves he didn't know he had before walking over to stand in front of her. "You gonna tell me what this is?"

"I'm not sure you'll like it."

"Do you have a penis?" Alexis' eyes got large and her mouth dropped open from the off the wall question. She saw the soft playful smile on his lips as he stared at her. "Anything but that is okay with me."

"I don't have a penis." She let out a heavy sigh. "I want yours."

"I kind of figured some of that out today." He said softly. Reaching out, he took her hands and pulled her against him. He felt her hands clinging to his hips as his arms circled her. He kissed the top of her head and left his lips there. "How long have you been thinking this?"

"I don't know. Since around the time I started dating Michael."

"When was that?"

"Six months ago."

"You wanted me, but went out with Michael instead?"


"I'm just a guy, honey. I'm not smart enough to figure out the logic on that one."

"I couldn't tell you or do anything with you. You're my brother. I thought maybe I could put all my feelings on him and they would go away. It wasn't the best plan, but I'm not really sane anymore."

"I love crazy chicks. You know that." He squeezed a bit tighter to reassure her, keeping his voice soft and comforting. "So all the things you wanted to do with me, you did with him?"

"I tried. I even gave him a blowjob. He said it was the worst ever. Nothing I did was right. I had to imagine you everytime he touched me. Whenever he tried to get into my pants, I freaked."

"Hmm. Not the image I want of my sister. You went with Dad's philosophy. If you don't want to do it, do it badly. Smart."

"No. I actually did want to be good at it. I don't know what I did wrong."

"Did he cum?"


"Then you did it right. He was just an ass. Don't worry about that. I'm not sure I like the idea of your lips there."

Dillon breathed in the scent of his sister, running his hands up her sides. He felt her tense up and wiggle a bit. Her head pressed down hard on his chest. Dillon let his thumbs just brush against the sides of her breasts and smiled at the tiny almost inaudible groan it elicited. He stopped when his hands found moisture. She was sweating. Sweating a lot. "Honey?"

"I know. I'm scared to death."

"How about a shower? I need one. I...I..."

Her head came up to look at him unblinking. "You had sex with Sammy."

"Why whatever do you mean? I'm outraged you think I am not a virgin. I am both shocked and appalled at you, dear sister." He watched as his act drew an annoyed shake of her head and a half smile.

"I know what sex smells like. Besides, she told me what she was going to do when she had me watch Kyle. I would have known anyway. She came back cross-eyed and grinning like a moron. She couldn't stop smiling. It was creepy."

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