tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 05

A Jedi's Training Ch. 05


Quick Author's Note: Some of you may have noticed that I take some liberty with the details of the Star Wars universe - my apologies to those who were expecting strict adherence to the details.

Chapter 5 – Lightsaber Proficiency

Jacen was the first to stir the next morning, to the sounds of jungle birds not long after the sun rose over the horizon. Rubbing his eyes sleepily, he looked around the shelter, remembering the events of the night before. Star was at the other end of the shelter and Liana was sprawled out between them. All three were a wild tangle of arms and legs. Rolling over slowly, Jacen caught Liana, who had just awoken as well, looking at him through half-opened eyes.

"Hey," he said softly, pulling the blonde to him to make some more room for Star. "Sleep well?"

"Mmmm hmmm," Liana replied, nodding. "Did last night really happen?"

"Yeah, it did," Jacen said uneasily, worried that, without the Flower of Paradise wreaking havoc on her senses, Liana would return to her conservative Alderaanian self. "Any regrets?"

"Only that it didn't happen sooner," Liana said, pressing herself close to him and inhaling his scent.

Jacen could feel his cock slowly coming to life again as Liana's breasts and bare skin rubbed against him, despite being a little sore from the activities of the past few days. Liana felt it too, peering down between them before looking back up at Jacen with a devilish grin.

"What do we have here?" she asked innocently, running one hand down to his penis, coaxing it on its way. "Somebody's awake."

Jacen groaned and kissed Liana on the lips, and she quietly rolled over onto her back, allowing Jacen to lie on top of her as she fondled him.

"Unnhh," Liana moaned, her breathing shallower from Jacen's body weight pressing down on her. "Yes…"

Wasting no time, Liana spread her legs around Jacen and guided the tip of his penis to her opening, which was already wet and ready. The two smiled as Jacen's cock head pressed against her opening, stretching it slowly…

Suddenly, they both heard Star groan sleepily as the brunette's body began to shift around. Liana bit her lip and looked up at Jacen, her disappointment reflected in his eyes as well. Reluctantly, the two pulled apart and Jacen rolled off of Liana just as Star slowly sat up.

"You two awake?" Star asked, stretching.

"Yeah," Liana sighed.

Star laughed, assuming Liana's disappointment came from being awake at such an early hour.

"Okay, sleepy head, you'd best go wash up in the river before I get you back to Master Vera."

"All right," Liana replied, dejectedly climbing to her feet and stepping out of the shelter, walking naked toward the river's banks.

"And you," Star said, turning her attention to Jacen. "Wake up, stud."

Pretending to be half-asleep, Jacen groaned incoherently and tried to swat Star away.

"C'mon now, we've got more work to do," Star insisted, shaking Jacen by the shoulder.

"All right, all right," Jacen groaned after awhile, rolling over onto his stomach to hide his erection from Star. "I'm awake."

"Good," Star said, crawling to the front of the shelter. "I sent Liana down to the river to wash up. I'm going to get the shuttle fired up to take her back to Master Vera's camp. I expect you to be ready to go when I get back."

"Got it," Jacen grumbled into the shelter floor.

Star laughed quietly to herself as she left the shelter, picking up her scattered clothing on the way out and going to the shuttle. Jacen listened carefully, waiting until after the rustling of Star's exit had stopped to roll over onto his back and sit up. His penis was still rock hard, not showing any signs of going back down after his aborted attempt to couple with Liana. Remembering what Star had said, he gathered up Liana's strewn clothes and headed down to the river.

"I thought you might need these," he called out to Liana as he approached, holding her clothes up in a crumpled ball.

"Very classy," Liana joked, bending down to dip her long blonde locks in the cool river water, then whipping it back over her shoulders. "You do this for all your girls?"

"Don't have much experience in that department. Most of the time I was in the backseat of a girl's speeder," he told her, wading into the river toward her. "Water's kinda chilly this morning."

"Doesn't seem to be keeping your friend down," Liana said, pointing to his cock.

She took his erection in her hand as he got closer, wrapping her other arm around his neck.

"I'll help keep him warm," she whispered, rubbing her lips against his as she spoke. "I have just the place."

"I don't know how much time we have," Jacen whispered back. "Star's getting the shuttle ready."

Liana pressed her wet body up tight against his, feeling her soft breasts smash against his chest. Her nipples, already hard from bathing in the river, scraped against his skin.

"Then we'd better hurry."

Liana lifted her right leg, bent at the knee, up to his hip. Still grasping his cock firmly in her hand, she pressed the tip of it right up against her opening. The angle was a little off because of their heights, but it worked out as Jacen pressed forward, sliding into her tight opening.

"Unh," she softly grunted as Jacen entered her.

Jacen began fucking Liana with short, quick strokes.

One stroke.

"Unh," she grunted again.


"Unh," slightly louder.

Another stroke.

"UNH," louder and more emphatic.

Jacen began to pick up the pace, and Liana continued to moan softly as his cock head slipped in and out of her. Liana felt reality beginning to spin away from her when they were interrupted by Star's voice, calling from the shuttle.

"We're ready to go, Liana!"

"Dammit!" Liana cursed quietly. She looked up at Jacen. "Can you come in me? I want to feel you filling me one more time."

"I don't think I can yet," Jacen said. "Too much sex in the past few days."

"Damn," Liana said, giving Jacen's cock a quick squeeze with her inner muscles.

Reluctantly, Jacen let go of her raised leg and Liana let him slip out, his tip glistening with her wetness. Liana quickly dropped to her knees, giving his cock a good suck before standing up again.

"Save a load for me," she told him, before taking off toward the river bank.

She quickly gathered up her clothes, blew Jacen a kiss, and boarded the shuttle.

Still standing in the knee-deep water, Jacen sighed as Liana disappeared from his view. He had no doubt that Star had plans for him later that day that involved more sex, but he had very much wanted to have sex with Liana once more before she left. With Liana gone, Jacen was content to just sit down in the knee-deep water, hoping the cold would cool his raging hormones for the time being.

"Ready to go?" Star asked Liana as the blonde Alderaanian boarded the shuttle. "I notice you're still naked."

"Oh, yeah," Liana laughed. "Came straight from the river. Hopefully Master Vera won't mind if my clothes are a bit wrinkled."

"As long as you're not exuding sex, you'll be fine," Star joked. "Now hold onto your pants, we're taking off."

A short flight later, they were landing in the clearing at Master Vera's campsite. Liana was in the passenger hold, straightening out her clothes.

"How's it look?" she asked Star as the brunette came back to check on her.

Star surveyed Liana's clothes, tugging here and there to straighten things out.

"Well, your boobs look a little bigger and you're glowing a bit," Star told her, "but as long as you listen to all of Master Vera's philosophical insights, I doubt he'll suspect a thing."

"Thanks Star," Liana said, heading toward the exit hatch.

"One more thing," Star interjected, grabbing hold of Liana's arm and stopping her.

Already sensing what Star wanted, Liana swung around and pulled the brunette against her, their lips softly meeting. They gently suckled the tips of each others' tongues as their breasts grazed through layers of clothing before pulling apart.

"I'm going to miss your 'unique' teaching style," Liana told Star as she opened the exit hatch.

"You're welcome to come visit me anytime," Star said, an air of professionalism effectively disguising her sexual intent from any eavesdroppers.

Once Liana was clear of the shuttle, Star took off and headed back for her camp. When she arrived, Jacen was back in work clothes, taking care of menial tasks such as re-stocking the supply of firewood and organizing the shelters.

"Welcome back," Jacen greeted Star, as he dumped off another armload of firewood. "I think we've got enough to last us the rest of this training session."

"Good work," Star told him, slipping back into teacher mode. "Ready for some lightsaber training?"

"I suppose so," Jacen said, clapping his hands a few times to rid them of excess bark and dirt from the firewood pile.

Star walked briskly to her shelter and pulled out two lightsabers from her gear, tossing one of them over to Jacen.

"I assume since you're at the collegiate Academy level that you've already had basic combat training," she said, as Jacen cleared out a space for them to train.

"You would assume correctly," Jacen told her, walking up and standing a short distance away from Star.

"Good. Today we're going to work on precision control – striking at key points without doing excessive damage. It'll develop the skills you need to, say, disarm a blaster-wielding opponent without cutting off his entire arm."

Star and Jacen ignited their lightsabers, and Star walked up to a tree.

"Take this as an example," she said.

Raising her saber off to her right, parallel to the ground, Star took a quick jab at the bark of the tree. Her strike left a small hole bored in the side of the tree where the tip of her lightsaber had pierced it, but only through the first layer of bark.

"See that?" she asked. "Or this."

This time Star took a horizontal swipe at the tree, pulling back almost the instant her blade touched the tree, as if the tree had deflected the weapon back. Of course, Jacen knew it was a result of Star's own control and not of the tree's composition. Only a few things other than another lightsaber could deflect a lightsaber, and trees were not on that list.

"A Jedi needs to be able to control his weapon," Star stated as she pointed to the shallow cut she had inflicted on the tree's bark. "Otherwise, our own incompetence causes us to kill or maim those we wish to keep alive."

Star walked back to where Jacen stood.

"You give it a shot," she urged him.

"I'm sure it's harder than you make it look," Jacen protested as he took a few steps forward.

"Nobody expects perfection on the first stab," Star reassured him. "Just take a jab and we'll see where you stand."

Raising his weapon up, Jacen chose a spot on the tree and stabbed at it. Pulling back, he looked into the hole he had created and counted the layers he had traversed.

"How bad?" Star asked, when she saw the look on his face as he turned around.

"Six layers," Jacen said sheepishly.

"Had that been an enemy, he'd be dead," Star said, smiling. "That or in tremendous pain on his way to death. Either way – you need to control yourself a bit more. Try it again."

Jacen took another shot, with slightly improved performance: four layers instead of six. A few hours of coaching and several trees later, Jacen was finally boring single-layer holes into the side of trees like an expert.

"I'm impressed," Star said, examining Jacen's last round of stabs. "You've picked this up rather quickly. Now, for the true test."

Star walked over to a nearby plant and plucked a petal from one of its vibrant magenta flowers. She crushed the petal in her hand, releasing a small amount of brightly colored liquid onto her fingertips. She stood facing Jacen and stripped off her outer robe, then used the liquid to paint a bright dot on her inner robe, directly over the position of her navel.

"I want you to stab out this dot, without hurting me," Star commanded.

"You're joking, right?" Jacen asked. "I don't know if you really want to trust me to make the leap from trees to stabbing at you."

"I trust you, Jacen," Star said, procuring a strip of fabric and wrapping it around her eyes. "This is to keep me from flinching."

'Here goes nothing!' Jacen thought to himself as he stabbed at Star, who was standing blindfolded with her arms spread.

Jacen's strike was quick, and Star barely heard the hum of the lightsaber blade cutting through the air before it was all over. It took her a moment to confirm that she was indeed alive and unharmed.

"You see? That wasn't so bad was it?"

No sooner had she asked, Star felt something odd. Nothing painful, just odd. It was as if her breasts had suddenly lost any support they gained from her clothes, and were now hanging freely. Then she felt the warm breeze of the jungle perking up her nipples. Immediately her hands went to the back of the blindfold, untying it. When she could see again, Star looked down to find that Jacen had not only pierced the spot right on, he had cut a perfect line straight up the center of her inner robe, causing it to split open.

"Jacen!" Star protested, looking up at her student, who was stifling a laugh. "Somebody was holding out on his abilities."

"Maybe a little," Jacen said, deactivating his lightsaber. "I've got to say though, you look much hotter this way."

"We'll see who gets the last laugh," Star grumbled, discarding her inner robe and turning to Jacen, topless. "You'd better keep your guard up!"

Before she was even done with her last sentence, she lunged at Jacen, weapon ignited, swinging in a downward arc toward his head. Jacen reacted with the reflexes of a true Jedi, bringing his blade up to block. Pushing off of Star's blade, Jacen spun to counter-strike. But as he spun, Star lowered the tip of her weapon and slashed down the center seam on the backside of Jacen's work pants and boxers, causing both to fall to his ankles in a pile. Satisfied, Star withdrew as Jacen struggled not to trip over.

"Hey, completely not fair," Jacen said.

"I think it's perfectly fair," Star countered, crossing her arms underneath her breasts. "Besides, you're the one who has two lightsabers now."

She pointed to Jacen's flaccid member, accentuating her point.

"Not funny."

Star sighed.

"Well, I guess you've shown you're pretty in control of your Jedi lightsaber. But what about your personal lightsaber?" Star raised an eyebrow as she started walking slowly toward Jacen, purposely exaggerating the swing of her hips. "Maybe I can teach you something about controlling that too."

"I think I've had enough saber training for one day," Jacen said, internally cursing his body for reacting predictably to the sway of Star's breasts.

"Oh, but it looks like you are ready to play some more," Star protested, dropping to her knees and lifting Jacen's slowly hardening penis on the palm of her hand. "Aren't you?"

She placed a soft kiss on the very tip of Jacen's cock and it twitched, growing harder more quickly than before. Star kissed it again, this time with mouth open and a small amount of tongue, and again Jacen responded.

"I think it likes me," Star said softly, before taking the whole of Jacen's semi-hard penis in her mouth and letting it grow there.

"Star, you know I can't get enough of you," Jacen moaned as Star's lips and tongue worked their magic on him.

"Good," she replied, stroking his hardened shaft with her hand. "Just a little bit more and you'll be ready for training."

Star took the head of Jacen's penis into her mouth, and Jacen could see her cheeks curving inward from the suction as she slurped away. Her tongue flicked back and forth along the underside of his cock, occasionally teasing the opening at the end. When Jacen had hardened to Star's satisfaction, she released him with a loud pop.

"C'mon," she told him, rising to her feet. "We'll use my shelter today."

Jacen followed Star to her shelter, whereupon she immediately pulled down her pants to reveal no underwear. Jacen pulled of his work shirt, once again revealing his fairly athletic build to her. Star approached him and ran her hands over his body before entering the shelter.

"I think you're building some more muscle out here with me," she mused, caressing his chest with both hands.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Jacen said, feeling his erection press against her smooth stomach. "You've given me quite a workout."

Star winked at him, gave his cock a gentle tug and disappeared into the shelter. Jacen followed her inside, where he found her on her knees, pushing some of her gear to the side of the interior space. Jacen caught a glimpse of the black polished toy he had mimicked with the Force earlier in the week.

"What is that toy you have?" he asked.

Star stopped and looked where Jacen was pointing. She pulled the toy out, allowing him to see it fully for the first time. It appeared to be, as he had suspected earlier, some sort of polished obsidian, crafted in the shape of a curved wand with a knob on one end.

"This," Star told him, "is one of my favorite toys. It was a parting gift from the women on Dathomir."

"What makes it so special?" Jacen asked, leaning in to get a closer look.

"It was crafted to hit a specific spot inside a woman – inside me, actually. Every woman is different, so on Dathomir they make one of these specifically for each woman."

"What does it feel like?"

"I'm not sure if there is any sort of way to adequately describe the feeling," Star confessed. "It's… heavenly. One of the most amazing feelings. Some women actually ejaculate after prolonged stimulation of that spot."

"Like Liana did last night?" Jacen asked, recalling the spectacular display in his shelter.

"Yes, I found Liana's spot last night when I was fingering her."

"So it can be done without that toy," Jacen concluded, more of a statement than a question.

"It can," Star admitted, "though not very easily when pleasuring oneself. The typical human penis actually can do the job quite well, although most men are too self-consumed to take the time to hit it. It's a pity, really."

"Can you teach me how to hit that spot?" Jacen asked. "In you, at least."

Star smiled at Jacen's eagerness to learn how to please a woman.

"I did promise to teach you how to control your weapon, didn't I?" Star grinned, lying back on the floor of the shelter. "This should be exquisite fun."

Star spread her legs, and Jacen could see immediately that she was wet and waiting.

"You wet very easily, don't you?" Jacen asked.

Star laughed, an innocent girlish giggle.

"Yeah, I'm blessed to be naturally well-lubricated," she said, running a finger down the length of her slit. "And I love giving oral. It gets me very wet, especially when a man gets hard in my mouth like you did out there."

Jacen kneeled between Star's spread legs, positioning himself to enter her.

"I really make your job easy, don't I?" Star asked, reaching up to pull Jacen onto her.

Instead of penetrating her, though, Jacen slowly worked his cock head up and down the length of Star's slit, sliding freely between her wet labia.

"Oh!" Star gasped, as the tip of Jacen's cock brushed up against her clitoris. "Oh, that feels good…"

Star trailed off as Jacen continued to tease her with his tip, delaying their union. He slipped easily up and down Star's opening, as her vagina was readily supplying more and more of her natural wetness to him. After several minutes of this teasing he focused on her clitoris, using the tip of his cock to stimulate the little nub of flesh with great effectiveness. It wasn't long before Star's breathing became short and fast as she raked her fingers along Jacen's back.

"Please Jacen, come inside of me now," Star moaned, raising her legs to provide him with even greater ease of access to her steaming core.

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