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A Jedi's Training Ch. 14


Well, since I'm moving across the USA in about a week, I figured I should make my best effort to post up another chapter to keep my readers busy. Thank you for those who have sent their best wishes for my personal life issues - things got a little worse after my last posting, but I've tried not to let that stop me from writing. I kind of feel like this chapter is sub-par, but it could just be because of the huge wet blanket that the rest of my life has proven to be. I'll let the rest of y'all decide whether it's up to standard or not. Thanks for your continued patience, and enjoy!

Chapter 14 – Descent into Darkness

Dusk had fallen by the time Jacen and Star reached the outskirts of the Jedi Temple. They lingered in the shadows, watching as students and Jedi came and went from the main steps leading to the temple entrance.

"We'll never get to my apartment unseen through the main entrance," Star said, poking her head out to get a better look. "There's too much traffic going in and out."

"Is there some sort of back door?" Jacen asked.

"Yes," she replied, thinking. "But we'll have to use some ladders and such. It's a service entrance. You'll need both hands."

"I don't know if she'll be able to handle it," Jacen said, nodding to Liana, who was still whimpering in his arms.

"She'll have to," Star said. She leaned forward, speaking softly in Liana's ear. "Liana? Sweetie, we need you to stand up. Can you do that?"

"I want it," Liana moaned, sweat beading on her forehead as she struggled with herself. "I want to come."

"I know you do, baby," Star whispered, caressing the girl's cheek gently. "I know it's hard, but I need you to focus. Focus on my voice. Can you stand up?"

Liana hesitantly swung herself down as Jacen released her from his arms. Her bare feet touched the ground lightly and she stumbled, falling forward into Star's waiting support. Liana slowly pushed off against Star's body, standing unsteadily on shaky legs.

"That's it," Star encouraged her, offering an arm for support as Jacen did the same. "We need to walk this way, okay? We'll take it slow – lean on us whenever you need support."

The trio slowly made their way around the perimeter of the Temple, carefully avoiding contact with any Jedi.

"Jacen...," Liana moaned softly as they walked along. "I..."

"Shhhh," Jacen shushed her. "Save your strength. You're not well."

"No," she insisted, tightening her grip on his arm. "I want... you."

"I know, Liana, I know," he said. "But we can't. It won't help the situation."

"We're almost there Liana," Star interrupted, drawing her attention to a nearby door. "We just have to go through there. Can you do that for me?"

Liana nodded slowly, her cloudy blue eyes fixing on the door. She groaned as the group advanced forward, her breaths quick and shallow. Jacen felt bad for the girl – it almost sounded as if she were in pain. For all he knew, she might have been. When they reached the door, Star slid it open by hand to reveal a dark shaft, lit sporadically with dim lights. A ladder ran straight up one wall.

"I seem to be using these a lot today," Star joked, gesturing to the ladder. "This is our way up – it's a service shaft for repairing the elevators in this part of the building."

"I can't," Liana said weakly. "I just..."

"Liana, you can do this," Star said, looking into the girl's eyes. "Jacen and I will both be right here. It's not far, we just need to get up a floor or two and then we can take the elevator. Can you try?"

"I... I'll try," the girl replied, her voice trembling with uncertainty.

Star led the way up the ladder first, followed by Liana. Jacen brought up the rear, keeping a watchful eye on Liana as she struggled along. They paused several times for the weakened girl to catch her breath. He could not help noticing that the cloak draped over Liana's shoulders did nothing to obscure his view of her from below. Her soft, rounded buttocks and her swollen pussy lips were on display for him as she climbed. A small trickle of wetness dripped down her thigh slowly, evidence of her continued arousal despite her predicament. Jacen felt himself stirring in his pants but shook off the feeling, trying to remain focused on the task at hand. After what seemed like an eternity, Star opened a door above her and climbed off the ladder.

"You're almost there Liana," she called down. "Just a little bit more!"

Star stuck out her hand, just out of Liana's reach. The blonde girl strained and stretched to grab hold, but as she did her foot slipped and she began sliding downward.

"Jacen! Grab her!" Star shouted.

Jacen quickly locked one arm around the ladder and reached up with the other, catching Liana high up on her left thigh. She continued to slip down until his fingers were digging into her fleshy ass cheek, with her legs dangling on either side of his arm. Liana moaned and pressed her weight down on his hand, feeling him sink into her flesh.

"Oh Liana, not now," Jacen said softly.

She ignored him, spreading her legs as his fingers slipped between them and pressed against her soaking wet opening. Her juices coated the entire area, causing a finger or two to slide right into her waiting pussy. She moaned again, feeling hot flesh at last enter her.

"Liana, you have to stop!" Jacen shouted, as he felt his grip on the ladder start to weaken. "I can't hang here forever!"

"Liana, focus!" Star called down, extending her arm as far as possible. "Grab my hand!"

"But it feels so good," the blonde girl whimpered, feeling Jacen's fingers deep in her vagina.

"I know sweetie," Star said, softening her voice. "But Jacen can't hold on. We need to get you up here."

Reluctantly, Liana grabbed onto the ladder and pulled herself upward. She cried out as Jacen's fingers popped out of her, immediately replaced with the all-too-familiar feeling of emptiness. Her sex separated from his hand with a wet slurp, leaving trails of wetness trickling down his wrist. She struggled weakly as Star pulled her up onto the floor, where both women tumbled back and fell into a pile. Liana rolled over onto her back on the fuzzy carpeted floor, lying in a heap with her cloak open and chest heaving, whimpering softly to herself as her fingers dove to her clitoris, rubbing it in small circles. Star pushed herself back up to her feet, looking around to make sure nobody was in the hallway as Jacen appeared from within the service shaft.

"We need to get her up," Star said, helping Jacen to his feet.

They walked over to Liana, who was now thrashing and squirming about as she plunged her fingers in and out of her dripping core.

"Please Jacen," she begged, her flawless smooth skin covered with a thin layer of sweat. "I want you so badly. Just one time – I just need to feel you in me!"

"She's getting worse," Jacen said softly to Star, as the two leaned down to lift Liana from the floor.

"Can you carry her?" Star asked. "The elevator is right down this hall."

Liana let out a yelp as Jacen hoisted her over his shoulder, her rounded ass resting firmly against his hand and forearm as they walked down the hall. She continued to beg and moan quietly as they waited for the elevator. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the lift arrived and the doors slid open to reveal – thankfully – an empty car. The group stepped in and the doors closed behind them.

Once inside, Jacen set Liana down on her feet. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck, slowly and firmly pressing her body against his as the elevator climbed the floors. She slipped one of his legs between her thighs, groaning as she worked her hips back and forth, rubbing her aching sex against the muscles of his leg.

"You have to fight it Liana," Star chided her, grasping the girl's hips in an effort to restrain her motions. "You can't let this beat you."

"I... I can't," Liana replied, the unadulterated lust in her eyes temporarily showing a hint of fear. "It's too much... I feel so empty."

She suddenly clutched her lower abdomen in both hands, as if in pain. She fell to her knees, hunching over for several moments before looking up at Jacen, her eyes welling with tears yet simultaneously burning in the flames of her primal passion.

"Please," she growled, her voice deep and husky. "Fuck me!"

Without warning she leapt up at him, slamming him against the wall and tearing frantically at his clothing. She pulled his robes open roughly, the sound of ripping fabric echoing loudly in the small car. She began licking and kissing his bare chest hungrily as her hands snaked down to his pants, where they were stopped by Star's firm grip.

"Let me go!" the blonde girl cried fiercely, thrashing her arms about, trying to break free.

"Liana, stop!" Star said assertively, standing firm. "You're not helping yourself!"

Jacen jumped back into the fray, wrapping his arms tightly around Liana's torso, just below her heaving breasts. She jumped slightly as she felt his touch on her bare skin and his hot breath on her neck, before pushing back against him, pressing her back to his chest and rubbing her ass against his crotch. Despite the obvious struggle, Jacen felt his cock responding to her soft buttocks. He bit down on his lip as he struggled to restrain her and the stirring in his pants. She moaned loudly, having felt his awakening member despite his best efforts. It seemed to work in his favor, however, as she quickly gave up the struggle and collapsed against him, weakly raising one arm and curling her fingers into the hair at the back of his neck. She leaned against him for support, rubbing her ass up and down against his erection and mewling quietly in the back of her throat. Her previous ferocity disappeared as she again succumbed to the weakness that her arousal seemed to induce.

"I guess this is the best we're going to get," Star said, finally releasing the girl's wrists.

The elevator came to a halt on the top floor of the complex, and the door slid open to an empty hallway. Star led the way out as Jacen swept Liana back up into his arms. She held onto his neck loosely, kissing and sucking on his skin as they walked down the hall toward Star's apartment. He tried to remain calm, but the attention she was giving him had definitely gotten to him, threatening to draw out the lust she had so effectively aroused in him earlier in the day. His hand crept up her thigh as he carried her, fingers exploring the smooth, soft skin that lined the path to her more private treasures. She looked up at him, her eyes begging for him to touch her. He hesitated; he was so close he could feel the heat radiating from her.

'Please,' she mouthed, pleading to him.

He looked at her uncertainly before sliding his hand away, back to a place behind her knees.

'I'm sorry,' he mouthed back.

When they reached the apartment door, Star keyed the security code. The door slid open and they walked in to find Cora in the living room, dressed only in a loosely tied bathrobe. The room was dim, the only light coming from a few lit candles scattered about.

"Are you bringing home strays now, darling?" Cora asked, seeing the group come in. She eyed the two students carefully, recognizing Jacen from her class. "Hello, Jacen. It's good to see you here. And who's the lovely blonde? I'd love to get a piece of her."

"Unfortunately we can't do that," Star interrupted.

Jacen set Liana down on the couch while Star explained the situation to Cora. As the two instructors talked, he sat on the edge of the couch cushions and brushed Liana's disheveled hair from her face. She grabbed his hand and held it to her face, brushing her cheek against his palm. She continued to hold his hand, guiding it down over her neck. She arched her back as his hand brushed over her collarbone and down to the swell of her breasts. She pulled his hand over one breast, and then the other. He began to knead her soft flesh gently, eliciting a sigh from her lips. She let go of his hand, allowing him to continue on his own. He squeezed her mounds, massaging them. Her hand slipped down to rub his thigh, working its way toward his crotch. He groaned quietly as she found the swollen head of his cock through his pants, squeezing it and stroking it in her palm. He began pinching her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and finger. Eventually she grabbed his wrist again, pulling his hand further down her body. He drifted over her soft stomach and pubic region. She let him go as he neared her pussy and his hand continued onward, guided by instinct.

"Yes," she whispered, spreading her thighs for him. "Yes..."

Her grip tightened around his erection as she anticipated his touch. He closed his eyes as he began to pant, his fingers moving as if they had a mind of their own. They crawled up her thigh, tickling the smooth, soft skin. She continued to sigh and whisper, parting her legs more and more as she felt him draw closer. Then, in one movement, his fingers slipped between her swollen pussy lips, surrounding themselves in her moist heat. She stifled a cry as she felt his fingertips probing her entrance, dripping in her wetness. Her hips began to move back and forth slowly underneath the cloak that covered her like a blanket. She caressed his hardness through his pants, stroking up and down its length as best she could. Her mouth fell open as she began drawing breath in short, quick gasps. She rubbed the head of his cock with her thumb as his fingers found her clit, slowly teasing the tight nub of sensitive flesh. Their eyes locked as they fumbled their way toward ecstasy, enjoying each others' touch. But before they could get there, they were snapped back to reality by Star's voice.

"So it's decided then – we'll let Liana stay in Cora's bedroom and she'll sleep with me."

"Not like that doesn't happen anyway," Cora snickered quietly.

Star shot the gorgeous redhead a look – a warning, mostly, but Cora also recognized it as a sign of "punishment" to come once the situation was resolved.

"Jacen?" Star asked, looking at the young man. "Can you move Liana to Cora's room while we get together some bedding? We'll put some pillows and blankets on the couch for you, if you want to stay."

Jacen looked back down at Liana, who shook her head. He knew she wanted to just continue to orgasm, but his mind was back in control and he couldn't let her do it. He reluctantly pulled his hand away from her vagina and lifted her up in his arms, carrying her to the bedroom. Star and Cora followed shortly with some sheets and pillows for the bed.

"No, please," Liana begged as he set her on the bed and walked for the door. "Please, just let me come!"

"Hey, shhhh, it's okay," Cora said, trying to comfort the girl as she laid out the pillows. "Just sleep now, babe. Things will be better in the morning."

Cora placed a gentle kiss on Liana's forehead before leaving the room with Star and Jacen. Even as the door closed behind them, they could hear Liana moaning in frustration.

"That poor girl," Cora said, looking back at the closed door. "Shouldn't we just help get her off?"

"If only it were that easy," Star replied, leading the group into her bedroom. "It'll just make her hungry for more. We have to let her wait this out, at least this once. It'll hopefully get easier the next time."

Star walked across the room to the closet, shedding clothes as she went. Cora did the same, dropping her robe to reveal her entirely nude body.

"You can change into something else too, Jacen," Star said, pulling a spare bathrobe from the closet and tossing it to him.

She then stepped out of her pants, standing before him in only her bra and panties. Jacen swallowed hard and stripped of his clothes as well.

"Looks like somebody's hard," Cora giggled, turning down the sheets on Star's bed. "You horny, Jacen?"

"I... well... what do you expect, when I'm in a room as two beautiful, scantily-clad women?" he asked.

"Don't forget the horny blonde next door," Cora said, walking up to him and taking his erection into her hand, caressing it gently. "You do have a nice cock. Can he stay and play, Star?"

"I don't think any of us should do any playing, actually," Star said, even as her bra fell to the floor to reveal her firm, erect nipples. "We're supposed to be helping Liana, not taunting her."

"You've got to be kidding," Cora said, leaning down to place a kiss on the tip of Jacen's erection. "You take me into your bed, naked, and expect us not to fool around?"

"Just tonight," Star said, taking Cora's hand and lifting it from the young man's shaft. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Cora looked back at Jacen shrugged.

"Maybe next time, stud."

"I'm sorry to get you all worked up like this," Star apologized, looking longingly at the hardness standing straight out from between his legs. "Sometimes I forget that others don't get to see Cora and myself naked regularly. You've done me proud with your restraint, though. I doubt even some Jedi Masters could show the self-control you've shown today. You should get some rest though. The bathroom is in the hallway – there's a door to it from this room and from Liana's, so be sure to lock all three if you need privacy. You can wake me or Cora if you need anything tonight."

Jacen left the room and walked down the hallway, hesitating for a moment by Liana's door. He could hear her voice on the other side, moaning – it almost sounded like she was crying. He could tell she was suffering. The feeling was unimaginable to him, to be constantly aroused with no way to satiate the hunger. Somehow, either through the Force or her increased arousal, or both, she sensed his presence outside her door.

"Jacen?" she cried out, distraught. "Jacen please! I need you!"

"I'm sorry Liana," he said softly, before turning away.

Before he could get very far, he felt a surge of lust rising in him. His already-hard cock became even harder, poking through the front of his robe as his breathing quickened and his pulse raced. Images of Liana's nude body flashed through his mind – her breasts, her tempting ass cheeks, and her wet pussy spread wide, waiting for him. He clenched his fists, trying to steady himself as he felt himself become light-headed. He knew what he was experiencing was most likely her doing. She was using the connection between them to flood his mind with lust, hoping (albeit subconsciously) to lure him in.

"Easy, Jacen," he said to himself, leaning against the wall for support. "Control yourself."

At that precise moment, Liana's mental assault stepped itself up a notch. His ears began to echo with her voice, her moans and her sounds of pleasure. He heard her moaning his name, whimpering, moaning. He groaned as his penis twitched, oozing pre-come. He had a weakness for hearing the sounds of an aroused woman. Somehow, he managed to make it to the couch in the living room, shedding the robe and collapsing onto the sheets and pillows the women had laid out for him. He held his erection in his hand, feeling it throb as Liana's grasp on his mind slowly began to weaken and fade. Exhaustion soon set in, and he fell asleep with his fingers still curled loosely around his shaft.

As he slept, his dreams were a vast myriad of sexual images and sensations. Women he'd never met before, or even seen before, drifted in and out of his mind's eye, completely naked. Each one stopped to lick, caress, or otherwise tease his already aroused body, causing his lust to skyrocket. When he finally woke up, his hair was matted and damp from his sweat. He had kicked almost all of the sheets to the floor, sprawling out naked on the couch. But waking up didn't cause the sensations of his dream to go away; instead, they intensified.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked down his body, seeing a full head of auburn hair bobbing up and down slowly. Cora's lips were wrapped around his hard shaft, and her tongue was swirling around the engorged tip as she swallowed his full length over and over again.

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