tagLoving WivesA Joke - My Ending

A Joke - My Ending


Edited by: HannahAarons.

When I read Agena's story "A Joke" I wondered if I would have handled the situation as Jim did, if it had been me. I came to the conclusion that no, I would do it differently. Thinking about it for some time, I asked Agena if I could write how I would have tackled the problem if one of my friends and my wife had played a joke on me as Roger and Flo did on Jim. I advice you to read Agena's story first if you have not read it before -- at least the first chapter. I start my ending at the point where Jim is released from the handcuffs:


The noise from upstairs ended, followed by a deafening silence. Blood was dripping from my wrists and I was hurting from my struggle to get free from the bar I was cuffed to. After a while I heard their steps coming down the stairs and two grinning faces appeared in the open door. They started to laugh loudly at me, but when they saw me on the floor, with bloody wrists, their laughter changed character, it became sickeningly hysterical. It slowly dawned upon them that this time they had gone too far, and the laughter faded away. I heard a sob from Flo and a faint whisper, "I'm so sorry, Jim, it was just a joke, it was just a joke".

Roger came forward, inserted the key in the handcuffs and unlocked them. When released, I got up from the floor, looked at my wrists and shook my head and said, "This time you went too far," and without one look I turned my back to them and walked out the door and up the stairs. First, I made a visit to their bathroom and cleaned up my hands and then I went into their living room, found a chair and I waited for them to join me.

After some time, they came. Flo looking very nervous and Roger trying to look cocky, making a feeble attempt to laugh it away saying, "It really worked, didn't it? You really thought we were fucking, didn't you?"

I replied in a voice I hoped sounded like ice, "In my mind, you did fuck, whatever you say is of no importance, you fucked either my wife or my mind. Both equally distasteful, and if meant as a joke, it was surely a sick joke. I don't want to make any comments before Alice is here. She was sent on a fool's errand, I suspect? Right?" When Roger gave a faint nod, I continued, "I will make my comments when she is back." I looked at my watch and said, "She should be back any minute now, she has been gone less than an hour. Twenty minutes to the hospital, twenty minutes back and a few minutes to find out she has been fooled should be about right."

I had barely completed my sentence before we heard her enter the house through the front door. She came right in, fuming at Roger; "What in hell are you up to this time?"

"Sit down Alice, I will tell you," I said.

After Alice had been told what had happened and heard Flo and Roger profusely saying it was just meant as an harmless joke, she started to cry. "They never learn, do they, Jim?"

"No, they don't. Before I make my up my mind how to handle the situation, I would very much like to talk it over with you. The private joke club Roger and Flo are members of does not include us. Whether any physical fucking went on today, or if it was physiological fucking is of no importance to me, I am fucking mad at both Flo and Roger, I want to discuss with you what to do if you agree."

"Yes, I do," she replied.

"Fine," I looked over to Flo and said to her, "Hand over your house keys, we are going over to our house to talk, you two can sit here and stew for a while." Flo gave me her keys with a meek smile which I did not return, and Alice and I got up and left them, with no further comments.

We crossed over to our house and I asked Alice to pull all curtains in the windows facing their house, while I went round the house and secured all doors.

I asked her into the kitchen and found two glasses. A bottle of red wine was opened and I poured one glass for each of us.

"Cheers, Alice," I said, "Now we have to stop this madness." We both sipped the wine, and I continued, "These jokes have to stop. This time, they went too far, they should try their own medicine."

"Yes, I agree, but how?" she replied.

"This is what I suggest: You stay here in our house tonight with me, and before you make any protests, I do not suggest you sleep in my bed. You can have the spare bedroom, and I sleep in our bedroom. I will however, move around in both beds, I will stimulate myself and ejaculate on my belly and smear the semen out on the sheets. I will rough up the bed and make it look like we have had a night with heavy fucking. In the morning, we will invite our spouses over for breakfast and they will wonder what has happened here. Flo will find the bed in disarray, she will find an unmade bed in the guest room, and she will still accuse us of cheating. We will say it was just a joke. They will never know the truth, they will understand what it means to have this doubt. Can your marriage survive a scheme like this, Alice?"

"Yes, if not, I don't give a shit. Let's do it, the only comment I have is that I do not like the idea of them being together the whole night in our house," Alice replied.

"I'll fix that," I said. I went to the phone and dialled Flo's cell phone.

When she answered, I said, "Flo, this is going to be tough riding, and I don't want you to come home tonight. I am so mad I might hurt you, so I suggest you go to your sister, Mary, and stay there. I will put the car keys under the doormat, and I insist you go to Mary's now. If you do, you are welcome to breakfast 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and we can talk."

She agreed, and five minutes later I heard our car drive away.

"That problem is solved, let's make some food and enjoy ourselves," I said to Alice.

"Yes, let's do that, I will see what we can find in the refrigerator," she replied, "But what about Roger?"

"We'll let him worry for a few hours, and at one point, he will start to wonder what is going on and he will call us. Then we tell him that you are going to stay in our guest room tonight and he is welcome to have breakfast with us at 9 o'clock to talk. Flo would have told him that she will be here at 9 o'clock, too. He will then be seriously worried. After we have talked to him, we unplug the house phone and shut off our cell phones," I said.

Alice smiled, gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "You are devious, Jim. I like your thinking."

We had an wonderful evening, on our second bottle of red wine. The time was about half past eleven when the phone rang. It was, of course, Roger asking for Alice. I heard only her side of the conversation, and it something like this:

"I will not come home tonight, Jim has offered me the use of their guest room...... No, Roger, I will not see you tonight, if you have problem with this, I will not come home to you at all...... Yes, you have behaved like a jerk, so right you are. We are both fed up with you and Flo, so the one final talk about this is here tomorrow morning for breakfast, be here 9 o'clock sharp. Good night!"

We cleaned up the kitchen, made it ready for the breakfast the next day and retired upstairs. I showed Alice to the guest room, with a bathroom en suite, and kissed her good night on the cheek.

I had not been in bed more that 10 minutes before there was a knock on the door.

"Is it you Alice?" I asked.

"Can I come in?" She opened the door before I could answer. I could see her with the back light from the stairs, she was naked. I said nothing.

She came slowly up to our bed, lifted the duvet on Flo's side, slid herself in and pulled the duvet up to her chin.

She looked at me and said, "Jim, have you started to make a mess?"

I laughed. "No, not yet. I find it hard to have an erection because I see Roger and Flo in my mind," I replied.

She leaned over and kissed me. "I want to help, I like you, and I want us to make love. It will make no difference for Roger and Flo what we do. They will have their doubt anyway. They have fooled us so many times now that I have no problem going all the way with you tonight. If all goes well tomorrow, and they promise no more jokes, this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Is that okay with you, Jim?"

I never gave her an answer, I kissed her deeply, our tongues intertwined, our hands went exploring and we made love. This was not a revenge fuck, It was lovemaking between good friends, who explored all possibilities they could think of and got very little sleep that night. It was glorious.

Next morning we kissed and made love once more before taking a shower and going downstairs, preparing breakfast. Before leaving the bedroom, I looked at the bed and smiled to myself. Flo would have a hard time with this. I wondered what her reaction would be. Would she believe it was only a 'joke'? I hoped Alice could keep a straight face and not give us away. I was sure I could keep my posture, not to cave in and tell the truth.

Breakfast table all set for 4, coffee and toast ready, scrambled egg and ham all prepared and precisely 9 o'clock our car came up the driveway. A few seconds later the door bell chimed and we let both Roger and Flo in.

They looked as they had little sleep, too, and they were not so cheerful as Alice and I. When all were seated, I said we should eat first and then talk. When all had their fill, we took each a cup of coffee with us to the living room for our chat.

I looked at Flo and asked her, "Do you want to remain married to me? Will you, in the future, respect me as your husband and never pull a so-called 'joke' stunt on me again? Yes or no?"

"Yes," she whispered, and looked down in shame.

"Then tell me why I should believe you," I replied.

"We never did anything, it was all verbal. I have never lied to you, and I do not lie now, we never did anything, you have to believe me. And I now understand that we really did go too far this time."

"Do you? There is no way to know the truth, I have only yours and Roger's word for it. And you have given your promise before that no further jokes would not be pulled on me. I just wonder if you are totally stupid or have a serious lack of memory. Have you forgotten your earlier promises?"

Flo cried and could barely whisper a faint "no" between her sobs. After a while, she looked up at me and said, "Roger tells me that Alice has stayed with you the whole night, is that true?"

"She has been in our house, yes. She slept in our guestroom. We had a lot to talk about, and she did not want to be with Roger. She was just as angry as I was," I replied and continued, "Why don't we all go upstairs and inspect the bedrooms?"

All four of us climbed the stairs. First I led them into the guestroom and showed that the bed had been slept in, although it was quite obvious to all. Then we went to the master bedroom. Flo entered and became still for a few seconds, taking in the rumpled bed, the wet stains on the sheets and the smell of sex, then screamed, "You cheating bastard, you have not slept in our bed alone, how could you?!"

Alice and I started to laugh, pointing our fingers at Roger and Flo. "You took the bait, hook and sinker, you really believe we have had sex, don't you? Ha! Ha! Ha! It's just a joke. Just a joke!"

Flo stared at me with fire in her eyes, ready to send more abuse in my direction, she opened her mouth and closed it, opened it again like a fish gulping for air and it suddenly dawned on her she was on the receiving end and she didn't like it one bit. She started to cry, and turned around and walked downstairs. We all followed her quietly.

When seated in the living room, Flo looked at me and in a low voice asked me, "Was it really a joke? How can you explain the state of the bed, the fact that Alice was in the house, and nothing happened?"

"We went to bed around midnight, Alice in the guestroom and me in our bedroom, of course. I used both beds, tossed about a lot, played with myself and ejaculated on my belly without cleaning up. So, during the night the semen stains and smell got into the sheets and linen. Whether you believe it or not, well that's your problem. I don't care. I have to live with the fact that I was cuffed to a bar in the basement while you made love to Roger upstairs. Should I believe you more than you believe me? I heard you, you have not heard or seen anything more than a rumpled bed. So who believes what is a question we have to live with if you still want to be married to me," I replied.

During my little speech, Roger kept quiet and I could see he had problems accepting my explanation. But after I had said my say, he looked me in the eyes and said, "Jim, I apologise, you are so right. I have at least has got your message loud and clear. If we still can be friends, I will give you my absolutely promise: I will never again pull a joke on you which involves any sexual hints with Flo or anybody else. Can you accept my apology, please?"

"Yes, I can," was my reply and I continued, "I think it is time for me to talk this out with Flo privately, and you and Alice to do the same. However, for the time being, I would not like Flo to go to your house alone. We need a cooling-off period. Alice is welcome in our house, but you, Roger, are kindly requested to stay away for some time. I need to get distanced from what happened in your basement. But, given time, maybe we can be mates again."

Alice got up, came up to me, gave me a hug and whispered, "Thank you, I had a wonderful night I will always remember." She went over to Flo, hugged her also, and then Alice and Roger left.

Flo came to me, put her arms around me and said, "My answer is yes, I still want to remain married to you. I don't know what to believe. Did you and Alice make love last night or not? I can only say that if you did, and if it was only a once in a lifetime occurrence, I will forgive you. I really did deserve it. Would you forgive me if Roger had fucked me, as we let you believe?"

"No Flo, I would not."

"That's okay, Jim, because it was only a joke. I don't have a clue how big his cock is. Maybe one day, you will have the opportunity to see if he is bigger or not. I don't know now. I'm truthfully satisfied with yours and the pleasure you give me. Can we go upstairs and make up please?"

And that was precisely what we did.

The End.

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