tagLoving WivesApril's Mistake

April's Mistake

byDG Hear©

A big 'Thank You' to LadyCibelle and Techsan for editing my story. They make it a much better read. If you ever find mistakes, it's probably me making changes after it's been edited.


Chapter 1: What Happened ten years earlier?

"Hello, April?"

"Yes, it's me, Beth. I was getting out of the shower when the phone rang. I wanted to beat the answering machine but didn't make it."

"What's the matter, April? You sounded so desperate on my answering machine. I just got home from shopping and thought I better call you. What's the matter?"

"I did a stupid, stupid thing and when I tell Dave I know he's going to divorce me."

"What happened, April?"

"I slept with Brad today. God, I feel awful. He asked me out for lunch when I was dancing with him at the reunion last night and for some ungodly reason I went. Then we went to his room and had sex. When I tell Dave, I know he'll want a divorce. I don't know what to do," she cried.

"God, April, don't tell Dave. He doesn't need to know that you made a big mistake. Didn't Brad go back to New York today?"

"Yes, but I hate myself. Brad went home after our fuck session. I love my husband, I really do. It was just that, you know, Brad was my first and I was thinking about old times and I really fucked up and now I'm going to lose Dave."

"Look, April, you made a mistake, a big mistake. It's over and done. Brad lives in New York. He's married too so he isn't about to brag about it either. Let it go, be the best wife and mother you can be. Don't deny David anything and constantly make love to him. You'll have to live with the fact that you cheated on your husband. Don't lose him and your marriage over a big mistake."

"You're right, Beth. It wasn't all that good either. David is a much better lover than Brad. I think I'll take your advice. I'll just have to live with it."

That was a telephone conversation I have on tape from ten years ago. We had and still have one of these answering machines that rings four times and gives out a message. If you answer it while the other person is still on the line, it will record the conversation. That is what happened to April. She had gone out to the store and when I came in and played the message that was what I heard. I was totally dumbfounded. I had no idea what to do. My beautiful wife and mother of my three-year-old daughter had cheated on me with her old boyfriend. I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

I had to make a decision right then so I took the tape and inserted a new one into the machine. I went through the clothes hamper and found the pink panties she had on that morning. The cum stains were still slightly wet. I put the tape and her cum stained panties into a baggie and hid them in the basement. I was going to hold it for evidence if I needed it.

Let me tell you a little bit about our life. April and I, as well as Brad and Beth, went to the same high school. Brad and April were known as 'The Couple' by everyone until Brad was caught by April kissing and feeling up Mary Lou. When she saw them she screamed at Brad and told him she never wanted to see him again. Of course he tried to get her to go back with him and she always refused. That's pretty much when April and I started dating. I think at first she did it to get even with Brad but she eventually fell in love with me. Of course I liked her all during high school. I just never had much of a chance with Brad around.

In the year book, Brad was labeled 'Most likely to succeed.' He was the football jock and played baseball also. April was labeled 'Miss Congeniality' and 'Prettiest girl in the class.' I had a label too. 'MacGyver, Mr. Fix it.' They called me MacGyver because of a televison program where Mac could repair or fix anything. I was kind of like that but of course not as good as good old MacGyver. Some friends even called me MacDave.

April and Brad were Queen and King of the homecoming class but she wouldn't spend much time with him. She was actually my date and he did take Mary Lou. I have to take a minute and tell you about Mary Lou. She was pretty and big busted. Every guy I knew including me had felt Mary Lou's boobs. Now, here is the surprise: after graduation, Mary Lou went into a convent. I swear to God, she is now a nun and is called Sister Mary Lou.

After graduation Brad left to go to a university in New York. He wanted to become a lawyer. After he finished college, he wanted to stay in New York and be a attorney in the Big Apple. April went to the community college and took up secretarial skills. I went to school to become a mechanic, an auto repair specialist. We all got our wishes.

After college April and I fell in love. We did everything together. After we got married, she got pregnant. We were really happy. We had a baby girl we named Carlie. Of course she was our little bundle of joy. I opened up my own car repair shop. I literally had more work than I could handle in a reasonable amount of time and hired two guys to work for me. People, in those days, wanted their cars repaired quickly and we were proud of our full service shop. I even opened for a half day on weekends to get the work done when necessary.

Life was good, everything was great. My parents were really proud of me. April's parents thought I was nice and a good provider but wished April would have waited to see if Brad returned. You can't win them all over was my philosophy. I tried my best as a husband and father.

Our fifth year class reunion was coming up. I could care less about going even though I wouldn't mind seeing how a few of the girls I dated were doing. I've seen a lot of them when they brought their vehicles to get repaired. We had a good looking class of women. Of course April kept her beauty and personality. She really wanted to go to the reunion and so away we went.

April looked great, but she always look nice. I guess she dressed a little sexier for the old classmates including Brad. When I told her how nice she looked she said she had her, 'Prettiest' title to uphold. She also said she dressed for me. Of course I said, "Yeah, right."

We got to the reunion and of course Brad came running over to say hi to us. Really he wanted to see April. He could give a shit about me. I did shake his hand and asked where his wife was.

He said she couldn't make it and was running their office till he got back Sunday night. She was his secretary before they were married. She told him she was going to stay his secretary. Something told me she wore the pants in the family.

I was talking with all the class members. I danced with a number of the girls from our class. Every time I danced with someone I noticed that April danced with Brad. I was getting a little pissed. I told her about it and she started dancing with some of the other classmates. We did end the reunion dancing the last few dances together. Some of the class said they wanted to meet for lunch the next day before the ones that traveled had to head home. I told them I wouldn't be able to make it because I had a few cars to fix first thing in the morning. April said she would try to make it if she could get her mom to watch the baby.

I wanted to object but that would make me look pretty bad and April has never done anything for me to distrust her. I got up early and headed to the shop while April was still asleep.

I had to work a little later than usual. When I got home it was around 5:00 P.M. There was a note on the table from April saying she was going over to pick up our daughter. I saw the answering machine flashing and listened to it.

When April came home she said her mom was going to keep Carlie for the night so we could be alone. She took me into the bedroom and made passionate love to me. I asked her what brought that on and she said she wanted to show me how much she loved and cared for me. I guess this was the start of the 'I'm sorry' fucks I was going to get.

I don't know if I did the right thing or not by not telling her I knew about the affair. I did believe she was truly sorry and the way she was making love to me was fantastic. We must have made love more times that night than anytime since we were married. It didn't stop that night. She took care of my morning hard-on the next morning. I had to call the shop and let my guys know I was going to be a little late.

Life was better than usual and it was always good. I truly felt she was trying to make up to me for something she didn't even know I knew. She ended up getting pregnant from all the sex we had been having. Life was good.

We had another little girl. We named her Danni after me. My name is David Daniel Moore. Throughout the years Danni became my little sweetheart. Carlie always hung with her mom in the kitchen or wherever she went. Danni always wanted to come to the garage with me. I took her as often as I could. I didn't want her around the fumes of the garage too much.

I had a small apartment above the garage that was used for resting or even taking a nap. It had a kitchen and bath in it also. That way I could shower instead of going home smelly and looking like a grease monkey. I took Danni up there to play games whenever I could. She wanted to hang with her dad and I wanted to hang with her too.

We took the girls everywhere. They loved amusement parks. We would take them so they could ride all day. Of course Danni wanted to ride the rides with me, while Carlie rode with her mom. Damn, I loved my family. I almost wish I would never have found out about the cheating. Life would have been perfect.

It was time for our ten year reunion. I really didn't want to go. I was afraid what I might do to Brad if he showed up. For the last five years my life was good. I didn't want it spoiled any further. I asked April if she wanted to attend and she told me that she wasn't interested in going. Was I ever happy. Just in case there were any friends calling to convince April otherwise, I got us tickets to King's Island, the amusement park. I got us motel rooms for two nights, making sure we wouldn't be available for company.

It was a big load off my mind. April was still trying, I could see that. We had another great time at the park. My girls loved it and April couldn't have been more lovey dovey. As soon as the girls went to sleep at the motel she was ready for sex. We made quiet love that night. Watching April having an orgasm and trying to be quiet at the same time was great. Damn, I was one lucky man.

Both girls were then in school and April picked up a part time job as an assistant in the school's office. That way whenever there was no school she would be there for the girls. My business was growing also. I hired two more employees. Life was good.

The school was offering DNA tests to all students. That way if there ever was a problem the parents wouldn't have to go through finding donors. A worst case scenario which no one wanted to talk about was, if a child came up missing, they could be identified. We had both Carlie and Danni tested. We had to pick up the results three weeks later at the doctor's office. April had to work at the school that day and asked if I could slip by the doctors and pick up the results. I had no problem with that.

After I entered the office, the doctor gave me their results. He told me he was surprised that the girls looked so much alike seeing they were only half-sisters. My mind went blank. The doctor asked me if I was alright and I asked him what he meant about half-sisters.

He said, "Oh, my God, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. I didn't know."

"Know what, doc? Are you saying they had two different fathers?" My God, I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

"I'm sorry, David. I shouldn't have said anything. The tests show that one of the parents is different in each test."

"Doc, can you give me a test? I need to know for sure. I'm pretty sure but I need the test results." The doctor reluctantly took my blood. He said he would put a rush on it and try and get my results in a week. He again apologized to me and said that he was sorry. I looked him right in the eyes and said, "Doc, I am not the biological father of one of my girls. I'll tell you right now that they are both still my daughters and I will love them equally. I am the only father they know and if I hear you have told anyone about this conversation we will be going round and round."

"Dave, my lips are sealed."

I went home with the results. April looked at them but they didn't mean anything to her. Just a bunch of dots on a chart unless you really knew how to read them. After she looked at them I was almost positive that she didn't know one of our daughters was not mine biologically.

I went back and got my results a week later. I was right, my little pride and joy Danni was not my biological daughter. I knew it had to have been the affair she had with Brad. God, I hated what she did to me. Hopefully no one would ever know. I wasn't even going to tell April.

For the next couple of weeks I was depressed. April asked me what was wrong and I told her I wasn't feeling good. She told me maybe I should go see a doctor. I told her that I medicated up and that should do it. Actually, I just drank nearly a pint of whiskey and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and there was little Danni laying on my arm. I don't care whose sperm it was, she was my little girl.

Time went by and I was somewhat back to normal. Life around me really hadn't changed and little Danni was still my little sweetheart. April was still as loving and nice as ever.

Beth called one day and talked to April. After they got off the phone April said that Beth and her husband Mark were breaking up. They were getting divorced after ten years of marriage. She said it was for irreconcilable differences. She said Beth didn't say any more than that.

Life went on. April and her secret and me and my two secrets. It was time for the fifteen year reunion. Carlie was then thirteen and Danni was going on ten. April said Beth wanted her to go to the reunion since she was on the committee with Beth that year. It would be hard not to go if you had planned it. I really didn't want to go but I sure as hell wasn't going to let April go alone.

We headed for the reunion. The classmates looked older. A lot of them we hadn't seen in ten years since we missed the last one. Brad of course showed up, again without his wife. He held his hand out for me to shake and I told him, "Brad, I'm tired of pretending. I don't like you and never have. I'm not going to shake your hand and I don't expect you to be spending the whole reunion with my wife."

April looked at me and said, "David, how could you speak so poorly to Brad. God, I'm embarrassed."

She looked at Brad and started to apologize for me so I just waved my hand in disgust and walked away.

She came up to me later and started arguing with me. "How could you do that, David? Brad hasn't done anything to deserve this. He's always treated you with respect."

I almost broke out and told the truth about everything but ended up saying, "All he wants is to hang around you all night and we both know it. If you want him so God damn bad, there he is, go get him."

April ran to the ladies room crying. Beth overheard part of the conversation and ran after her. Maybe I said too much. I guess I had had enough. I walked over to the bar and started drinking. Before long April came back and said she was going to see a few of the classmates. I watched her and she did stay away from Brad. I think she danced with him one time the whole night. I pretty much sat at the bar by myself. Every once in a while someone came over and I talked to them.

When the reunion ended, April had to help me to the car. She told me how much I embarrassed her and then gave me the silent treatment. When we got home I went straight to bed.

The alarm went off and I felt like shit. It was Sunday but I promised a couple of people I would have their cars done. I got up and headed off to work. As I was working I was feeling bad about the way I acted at the reunion. Granted I hated Brad and was mad at April, but neither one knew why. I called a couple of guys in to work. It would cost me some extra bucks since it was Sunday but I was going to go home and take my family out to dinner.

When I arrived home the house was empty. It was 1:00 P.M. The answering machine was flashing as I rewound it. Again April must not have answered it in time and I heard the message.

"Hello," said April

"Hey, girl, what are you up to?" It was Beth.

"Hi, Beth, just got out of the shower when I heard the phone ringing. What's up?"

"Lunch. Want to come to lunch with a group of classmates?"

"Who all is going, Beth?"

"Besides you and me about half the class. Can you make it?"

"Is Brad going, Beth? David would kill me if I went to lunch with Brad."

"For pete's sake, April. It's lunch with old classmates, not a fuck session with one old boyfriend. Besides you hardly even talked to Brad last night and it's only lunch."

"After the way David embarrassed me last night it would serve him right. What time and where, Beth?"

"Holiday Inn at noon."

"Okay, but I have to get home before David gets off work.. He should be home by five or earlier."

That was it; she was doing it again. I went downstairs and got the baggie from ten years before. I shrink-wrapped it to make sure no air would get into in. I then started packing my things. I was going to move out and stay in the apartment above the garage. I had most of my personal stuff in my truck and two suitcases by the door waiting for April. At four o'clock, she came in the door. She was dressed in a full cut mini dress with a low cut neckline. Jewelry and all, she looked dressed to kill.

"David, what are you doing home? I thought you worked till five o'clock?"

"I felt bad about the way I treated you yesterday and thought I would make it up to you and take you out for dinner. Looks like you already ate."

"David, I have something to tell you."

"Before you say anything I have something for you to hear." I played back the recorded message."

"Oh, my God, David, we didn't do anything. We just had lunch, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. You have to believe me." She was crying.

"Let me tell you something, April, and then see if you can say the same thing. I have never fucked or had any kind of sex with another person since we got married. Can you say that, April?"

"David, honest, we only ate lunch. There were about thirty people from class. Ask anybody. Brad wanted to do something but I wouldn't let him. I told him no and if he tried again I would tell you, then I slapped him, David. You got to believe me, David, absolutely nothing happened, honest."

"Then let me hear you say what I said, or would you be lying?"

"Okay, David. Honest, I never had sex with anyone since we've been married. Now will you let me explain what happened so can we get over this and make up?"

"Not yet, I have another tape for you to hear." I pulled out the tape and she saw the pink panties and screamed out.

"God, David, no! It was a mistake, I didn't mean for it to happen! I love you, only you," as she listened to her conversation with Beth ten years before."

She saw the dried up cum stained panties on the table. She was crying and had no idea what to say.

"One more thing you should know. I'm not Danni's biological father. Your lover Brad is. But as far as I'm concerned, she's my baby and I won't let that freak of a boyfriend take her from me." I placed on the table Danni and my DNA's papers. Also a paper that read, 'No matches found.'

April was screaming, "No, it can't be happening, it can't be true. Please, David, please don't leave me. I love you, David. I love only you."

As I walked out the door with my last two suitcases, I could hear her crying.

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