tagGay MaleA Kid And A Cop Ch. 01

A Kid And A Cop Ch. 01


Chapter one


The boy lying naked over the cop's lap screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks as the cop spanked his bright red butt with the lexan paddle. "NO MORE, NO MORE, PLEASE."

About an hour before, the cop had stopped the boy as he was leaving the store where he had just shoplifted 4 DVD's. He quickly pulled him into the manager's office.

"Mr. O'Reilly," he said, "This kid just stole 4 DVD's from you. What do you want me to do about it?"

"He did? Damn it, that's what keeps our prices going up, these shoplifting kids cost us thousands of dollars every year and we have to raise our prices to make up for the loss.. Officer, you handle it however you think would be best, just so he's punished. I hate to see a pretty kid like him go to jail, you KNOW what will happen to him there, but you do whatever you think is best to teach him a good lesson."

The cop frog marched the kid out to his cruiser, opened the back door and pushed him in. Once he was locked in the car, the cop headed out. As they were moving the cop said "OK kid, what's your name? How old are you?"

"Uh, my name is Martin, Sir, I'm 18."

'Well Martin, you are in deep trouble young fellow, Very deep shit," the cop said as he pulled the car off to the side of a deserted road, "but you've got some choices to make. You heard the store manager talk about jail and believe me that's one place you DON't want to be. The boys there would love to get their hands on you. I'd hate to see that happen to you, but you were caught red handed and there's NO DOUBT that's where you're gonna end up."

"OH GAWD......please, isn't there some way out of this? I promise, I'll never do it again, I PROMISE!"

"You know kid, I'd like to be able to help, but you heard Mr. O'Reilly, he wants you to learn a lesson, a damn good one, so you don't shoplift again."

"Oh please Sir, I promise, I'll never do it again. I never did it before and I'll be good. Please, can't you give me a break, please?"

"Kid you gotta stop whining. I don't like it and if I'm gonna figure out what to do here it sure as shit won't help to have you whining in my ear. One way or another, you're gonna be punished for what you did."

Martin looked at the cop, he was going to beg him some more but decided to keep his mouth shut. Some way or another, he had to convince the cop not to take him in and not to call his parents. Even at 18, his dad would beat him up for this dumb stunt.

"Officer, if I have to be punished, couldn't you do it? I mean I'd cooperate with you, not fight you and I'd do whatever you say. Please, I'll do anything if only you don't arrest me and don't tell my parents. Can we do that? It would accomplish what Mr. O'Reilly said he wanted done and you would be saving my life too. I'll do WHATEVER you say. Please!"

The cop sat back in the cruiser and thought about what Martin had just offered. This was a hot kid, he was really scared and the cop figured he could have some real fun with the hot little bastard. With this in mind he started driving.

"Tell you what Martin; I have a cabin down this road. If you really meant what you said, we'll go there, you'll sign a confession and then you'll get punished by me. Believe me, it won't be fun – at least not for you - and you'll do whatever I say. No matter what I tell you to do and whatever I decide to do to you; you will cooperate fully. If that satisfies me, your full cooperation that is, I'll let you go after your punishment and I will not tell your parents. However, I will keep the confession so that if I feel you need to have another session with me, for whatever reason, you will cooperate."

"Yes sir! Whatever you say as long as it's just between you and me, I'll cooperate fully, really, I will."

With that, the cop drove down the deserted road to his cabin. He parked in the garage, got out, and opened the door to take the kid out. He grabbed him by the ear and dragged him into the cabin.

As Martin walked in, he stopped in shock at what he saw. There were chains attached to the wall, a strange looking bench, a wooden X attached to one wall, paddles, canes and brushes on a second one, and various leather belts and whips hanging on yet another wall. The cop pushed him ahead and said, "This is what's ahead of you tonight and you agree that I will use any or all of this on you if I wish. Is that correct?"

"Uh...yes Sir...I agree," Martin said hesitantly. "As long as it's kept just between us."

"OK, then write out a confession and give it to me."

When Martin handed him the signed confession, the cop looked at it, put it in a wall safe, and said thim, "OK now strip. I want you naked NOW! Move it. Don't even THINK of hesitating. The longer it takes, the worse it will be for you. Move it."

Quickly Martin stripped and stood with his hands in front of him. The cop sat in a straight-backed chair. "Get over here Martin, we're gonna start your lesson."

Martin walked over to where the cop was sitting. The cop patted his knee and pulled the kid across his lap. "Well start your punishment with my hand, boy. I'm gonna spank your ass good."

With that he raised his hand in the air brought it down hard on the kid's turned up bare ass.


The cop started to spank the boy's ass and watched it start to blush. As he spanked Martin more and more, he watched the upturned fundament get blushing pink, then a deeper pink and finally a bright red. He put his hand on the cheeks and found them getting really hot.


The cop continued the hand spanking and then reached down beside the chair. He came up with a lexan paddle. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.


"Of course it hurts you're being punished. What did you expect, love taps?"



The boy lying naked over the cop's lap screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks as the cop spanked his bright red butt with the lexan paddle. "NO MORE, NO MORE, PLEASE"

"Relax Martin, we're just getting started. I warned you that you would not be happy didn't I?"

"UH, yyyeesss Sir. But please Sir you're really killing me and I've really learned a lesson, really Sir."

The cop laughed. "Well maybe we'll give your butt a rest, at least from spanking." He reached below the chair and came up with some lube and a big dildo. He showed it to Martin, lubed it up and spread the cheeks of Martin's ass. Slowly he shoved it past Martin's sphincter until it was sunk to the hilt in the kid's asshole.

"Kid, that better not come out of there until I take it out. Do you understand me?"

"YES SIR." replied Martin shuddering at the way his ass felt stuffed.

Then the cop stood him up, stood up next to Martin and stripped off his uniform and boxers, finally standing nude, his 9" cock standing proudly.

When the kid saw the tool he shuddered. "Uh........that's one huge thing you got there Sir. What are you gonna do to me now?"

"Don't you worry about that Martin, I'll enjoy it even if YOU don't. It's not what I'm going to do to YOU now, it's what you're going to do to me. Now, get on your knees boy, were gonna make you an expert cocksucker."

Martin shivered. He knew that he was going to have to do things he had never done before if he was going to be able to get out of here. He knew that he was going to lose his cherry to this big cop but he knew that this would be a lot better than what would happen to him if he went to jail.

"OK Martin, time to begin your education. Unless you would rather go back over my knee, that is."

"OH NO SIR! I'll do whatever you say, I said I would. Uh, what do you want me to do? Please, don't spank me again. PLEASE!!!!"

"Good, take hold of my cock boy, get used to it, its gonna be your best friend before this night is over"

Martin reached out hesitantly for the huge tool standing erect in front of his face. He touched it lightly, feeling the hardness in his hand. Slowly he put his hand around it. The cop moved closer to Martin's face and aimed his big cock at the kid's mouth.

"Open your mouth boy and take my cock in it. If I feel your teeth at all you are in real trouble, you bite me and that reform school strap hanging there will bite your ass. Now, start to lick it as you suck it. I want to feel your tongue caressing my cock as you suck me."

Martin started to suck the cock he had in his mouth. He slowly took more and more into his mouth as he licked the underside of the shaft from the base to the tip. As he took about half of the rock hard cock he began to gag. He started to pull back. The cop grabbed his head and started to fuck his mouth. At the same time he smacked the kids' bright red bare ass.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffff," Martin struggled as the cock moved in and out, faster and faster but the cop didn't let go.

"Hey you little cocksucker, you like that don't you? Just keep sucking me off bitch. Take what I give you and suck it you little cocksucker."

Martin choked again as he took more and more cock in his mouth. Soon he was taking the whole shaft, sucking the cop quite vigorously. As he sucked, he felt the cock in his mouth swell even more. Suddenly the cops' cock started to spurt its load into the kids' throat so he had no choice but to swallow it.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, that's good! Oh yeah, drink that cum you little cocksucking slut! Swallow that man juice bitch!" The cop pumped in and out of Martin's mouth as he spurted his massive load deep in the boy's throat.

Martin swallowed everything the cop had. Suddenly, the cock in his mouth went limp and the cop pulled out and lay down on the bed. He pulled the kid onto the bed with him.

"Well Martin, that was an interesting start to the evening. I need a few minutes to relax and recover so make yourself useful. Ever rimmed someone? I like to be rimmed cocksucker, get that tongue going."

The cop rolled on his stomach and the kid knew what he had to do. Hesitantly, he started to lick the cop's ass, spreading the cheeks and diving down into his funky asshole. As he lay there eating the cops ass, the big dick he had sucked a few minutes earlier began to harden again.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's a boy, stick that tongue in there and grab onto my cock and get it hard again, we've got lots more sucking and fucking to do tonight."

Martin kept tongue fucking the cop then he rolled him over and started to suck his semi-hard cock. He knew that the more he kept the cop's mind on sex, the less he'd get his ass beaten with the various implements hanging on the wall.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Oh yeah, suck it good bitch, you ARE my bitch now. That's it bitch, take it all, get it nice and wet so it will slide up your ass easily. You sure ain't done for the night you know."

As the kid sucked the 9" cock the cop reached around behind him and started moving the dildo he had put in the kid's asshole earlier. Slowly he pulled it out most of the way then rammed it in again. The kid flinched as he felt the dildo ram him again.


The cop looked at the kid. "Take it out? OK! Get on the bed on your knees pussy boy. Get that ass up in the air. MOVE IT! GET IT UP THERE! It looks like you need a reminder as to what to do when I SAY SOMETHING."

The cop went to the wall and came back with a long whippy cane. SWOOSH THWACK. The cane came down leaving a line midway across the boy's bare ass. "This is to remind you of our deal, or do you want to go to jail now?"

SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK. "How do you like that kid? Want more or are you ready to do as I say? I could always give you another six if you're not ready to cooperate."


"Yes I suspect that you are ready to cooperate now. We'll see. Now get that ass in the air and pull apart those hot red cheeks of yours and keep them that way. I want full access to that asshole of yours."

As Martin did as he was told, the cop grabbed the dildo and popped it out of the kid's ass. No sooner was it out than he moved forward and put the head of his condom covered cock at the kid's hole and shoved it in to the hilt.



PLEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The cop ignored the screams of pain and started to fuck Martin deep and fast.

"Take this in your boy pussy you little fucker. I'm gonna give it to you good."

As the cop slid deeper and deeper into the no longer virgin ass, he reached over for a short split belt. As he fucked the boy with long deep strokes he raised the belt and smacked each cheek of the ass he was riding.


The cop stopped fucking the kid's ass. "No more? You sure of that boy? You sure you want me to stop fucking you?"

"Oh please Sir, it hurts, it hurts something terrible. I've learned my lesson! Really!"

"OK Martin, I will stop if that's what you really want." And with that said, he pulled back, pulling his dick back so that everything but the big mushroom head was out of the kid's hot red ass. "So I guess since you didn't stick to your end of the bargain you're ready for me to take you to jail. Right?"


"Our deal was your full cooperation. This doesn't seem to be cooperation at all so I guess I'll just take you in, hunh."

As the cop started to pull the rest of the way out of the kid's hole, Martin shouted "NNNNOOOOOO!"

"No?" the cop asked and stopped pulling back. "I'm confused. Didn't you just say 'No more please'? Are you changing your mind again? Do you want my little joy stick back up your hot tight ass?"

Martin blubbered. "Oh please Sir, I can't go to jail Do what you want just don't take me to jail"

"Well" said the cop "You better tell me exactly what you want, boy. What I should do so you don't go to jail."

Martin shuddered but he knew what he had to say. "Please Sir, stick your cock deep in my ass and fuck me hard. Use me any way you want, just finish it here. Please Sir. I'll cooperate. I really will."

"Well, if you really mean that, fuck your ass back so my cock goes all the way up your boy pussy"

Martin pushed back, feeling the cop's huge cock slide deeply into his ass hole until the cop's big balls slapped against his ass.

"Like that Sir?" he asked as he felt the pain go deeply in him.

The cop grinned and started to move quickly and deeply into the boy's tight hole. In and out, in and out sliding in and out and deeper and deeper till his belly slapped the kid's ass. "Oh yeah," he thought, "this is the way I like it. The kid's sooooo tight on my cock I'm gonna cum soon."

"That's it, kid, keep that ass moving. I'm gonna cum right in your ass."

Suddenly he began to spasm and started to cum into the condom on his dick. SPURTTTTT, SPURTTTTTTT, SPURTTTTTTTTTTTT. "oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh that's good."

End of Chapter one

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