tagErotic HorrorA Killing Need Ch. 02

A Killing Need Ch. 02


Nicole awoke in the front seat of a truck. She groaned grabbing her head, her long black hair cascading around her in waves. She was wearing the jeans from yesterday and from the scratchy material between her thighs no underwear. She glanced down to see a white t-shirt and no bra. "What the fuck, Ja-" Nicole stopped as everything came flooding back to her. The camping, her friend, her ... indecency and depravity. What had she done? She glanced around. The ... Man, Master, whatever was gone. She was alone. She searched for keys, but couldn't find any. There was a diner. Help?!

Nicole got out of the truck running towards the diner. The door chimed as she swung the door open. All eyes turned on her and she saw every single patron male and female give her a double take. "Can I help ya, sweetie." the waitress who looked worn beyond her years asked Nicole holding a coffee pot.

Nicole hesitated. Her eyes scanned the tables as she thought of a way to explain what happened last night. She shook her head and slid into a booth. The woman whose name tag had Cindi on it poured her a cup of coffee. "Ya look like you could use some help, dahlin."

"No, I ... was just hungry, but I ..." Nicole patted her pockets and realized she didn't have any money, ID, not even a cell phone on her. "...don't have any cash. May I just sit here, please?"

Cindi looked at Nicole and nodded though she didn't look happy having some girl who had no money sitting at the diner. Nicole thought she felt someone staring at her. She turned, but halfway through someone sat down across from her. "Hiya babe. I'm Chad. Wanna Shag?"

"What?!" Nicole wasn't sure she heard him right. She was trying to figure out where the Man had gone. Had He abandoned her out here? Why hadn't He shown up? What the hell was going on?

Chad laughed. "Nothing. I'll pay for your meal. Some pancakes and bacon huh?" Chad snapped his fingers and Cindi rolled her eyes and took the order. "So what's your name, doll?"

What is up with everyone calling me pet names? Nicole started to feel like her old self the longer she sat there with her hand wrapped around the hot mug and no one trying to kill her. "Nicole," she finally answered. She glanced around the diner looking for Him.

"How'd you get so far out here?"

"Look, Chad. I appreciate you coming and uh buying me ..." Nicole didn't know what time of day it was. It was still dark out, but that could be early morning or night. How long had she been out? "Food, but maybe you shouldn't be here."


"It's not safe." Nicole was remembering the last words He said and she didn't think He was joking. [i] "You will be mine and only mine. I will use you any way I want. If you ever turn me in or think to leave me I will find you and kill you."[/i] She was sure he was around here, somewhere.

"Not safe. Baby, we can be kinky if that's what you like?"

Nicole stared at Chad. He was a doosch.

Nicole thought back about 3 weeks ago when Jayne had came into the office laughing about the new word she was 'hip' to. Doosch meaning that you could and she quoted 'hear the wind wooshing over a dumb person's head.' Jayne laughed. "You know a man who just doesn't get it. No matter how hard you try." Nicole had shaken her head no, but now she did. Now she understood and she was looking at one. A doosch.

Nicole stood up and walked out the door. The door chimed and she looked left then right then left again. She saw a phone booth at the corner and instinctively headed towards it. Another chime and she glanced back to see Chad coming towards her. "Go inside."

"Look babe. I paid for your dinner. You got to put out."

Nicole stopped at the phone booth with an incredulous look on her face. She started laughing. Chad stopped staring at her with an angry look. Nicole laughed harder and had to grip the phone booth to stop herself from falling over. After the two days she had his little insult didn't compare. She had been chased through the woods, saw her best friend choke on a knife, got fucked (okay that wasn't a real bad part), then killed her best friend, and now is stranded at a diner somewhere in God knows where with some sort of dick who can't take a fucking hint.

Chad had enough and grabbed her arm. Nicole pulled out of his grasp and glared at him. Her head snapped back at the blow. He hit her hard and she heard a ringing in her ears as Chad dragged her back. Nicole shook her head clearing it and managed to ball her fist and slam it against his eye. It wasn't a punch, having never thrown one it was more like she slammed her fist down against his face.

"Fucking bitch. You're all but naked." Nicole's eyes widen as she glanced down at herself. "Yeah I can see your titties through your shirt and I'm gong to get me some. Whether you cooperate with me or not."

Nicole was pushed to the ground roughly his hand shoving her head to the pavement. The blow didn't break the skin, but her face scratched roughly against the concrete. "Get off ME!"

Nicole kicked out at him connecting with his shin. She was awarded with his fist slamming into her stomach. The breath rushed out of her lips, and then an intense pain she had never felt flared through her body. Nicole curled up in a ball as she felt tugging on her legs. She realized it was her jeans and blindly grabbed for them just to feel his fist slam into her side. For a moment she felt paralyzed like she couldn't move. Her jeans were removed from her body.

"Oh yeah. This is what I want."

Nicole could feel her muscles reacting to her once more. Chad climbed on top of her to her growing horror.

"You ran off." Nicole stiffened as she heard His voice. "I returned to the truck and you are gone. With him."

Nicole turned and in the shadows she could only make out His eyes. "No, no, no, no, no..."

Chad being a doosch didn't recognize the life or death situation he was currently in. "Look buddy when I'm done with her you can have my seconds. Until then some privacy."

Nicole saw the glint of steel in the shadows. Chad turned back towards Nicole and glared at her. His expression changed to surprise, then pain, and then it was like the light went out behind his eyes. He fell off to the side of her hitting hard on the ground. He walked over Chad coming towards Nicole with the blade she was all too familiar with.

"What did I tell you?" Nicole backpedaled unable to take her eyes off the blade and the Man who was slowly approaching. She recognized he was backing her even further away from the diner, away from the light, and deeper into the shadows. "I said I would kill you. I said if you tried to leave me I would kill you."

Nicole heard the back of her head hit the dumpster before she felt it. She winced in pain as she sensed Him stop right in front of her. His breath was hot against her cheek. She couldn't get enough oxygen into her lungs. Her chest rose and fell heavily as adrenaline coursed through her body. She heard the blade slide up against the dumpster it's metallic sound sliding up was enough to fray her nerves.

He took a closer step and hauled her to her feet. His chest was pressing against her breasts; pushing hard against her nipples. She bit her lip stifling a moan at the contact. "Interesting. That dumbass did the same to you as I am, but you fight him every step of the way with me your nearly dripping," He slid his finger between her slit.

"Yo- you're my Master."

"Than why did you leave?"

"I don't know. I was alone and scared. I ..."

His fist slammed into the dumpster cutting off her words. Her eyes held his cold blue ones. They no longer held any type of emotion. She couldn't read Him. Was he going to kill her? He slammed his blade into the dumpster. The steel blade sliding into the rusted steel of the dumpster to stand out at hand height if he should chose to need it.

He grabbed her leg, lifted it, and placed it around his waist. He thrust into her tight folds as she moaned. His hand grasped her nipple twisting it to just this side of pain causing her pussy to gush. She arched her back and He sank in another inch. She knew better than to rock her hips or set the pace. That would just cause Him to hurt her. He smiled, grabbed her waist as if she weighed nothing, and began bobbing her up and down on his thick pole.

"Oh fuck," Nicole moan wrapping one arm around his neck and picking up His pace. She gripped his cock tightly with her pussy trying to squeeze Him tightly; create more friction. His hand wrapped in her mane pulling her head back before He slammed His lips against hers. His lips roughly grated against hers as she moaned into his mouth.


"Please what, slut."

"Please let me taste you, Master."

He pulled out of her with a sloppy pop. She fell to her knees ignoring the rocks stabbing into them. He thrust his hips forward forcing his cock between her lips and the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Instantly she started to gag. He pulled back and she took in a breath before he rammed his cock back into her mouth.

Nicole wrapped one hand around his shaft to stroke him and to give herself a buffer from him going too deep into her mouth. He quickly grabbed her hands and used them as a reign as he pumped himself deeper and deeper. Nicole had to time his thrusts for air. Concentrating on breathing helped her relax her throat. The head of his cock slide past her gag reflex, then his shaft, and soon he was sliding up and down her throat as she moaned for more.

Nicole couldn't believe how much she loved feeling his cock slide down her throat. She grabbed the back of his thighs and pushed him deeper as he grabbed clumps of her hair and strained to go further like his bitch wanted. Faster and faster he piston into her gaping mouth as gobs of slob slid down her chin and landed on the dirty street below. He pulled harshly back on her hair then flexed his thighs skull fucking her tight warm mouth.


With a grunt she felt his cock expand then pulse jet after jet of his hot seed into her eager belly. Even when she felt him go flaccid she kept sucking him. With finality he pulled her off his member and pulled her to her feet kissing her. "You did well, slut. Go put on your jeans."

Nicole ran over to where she left her jeans and pulled them on. She went back over to Him. He reached down and pulled his knife out of the dumpster. "What about the body?"

His eyes glanced over the dead Chad and back towards her. "I don't like other men talking to you." Nicole could only stare as He walked over to Chad, grabbed his foot, and began dragging him toward the alley.

Nicole cold and worried began to panic. In a huff she asked, "Where'd you go when I woke up?"

He stood up straight and slammed both his palms against the brick building trapping Nicole inside his arms. "What. Did you. Say?"

Nicole gulped. "I was just wondering where you had gone when I was asleep in the truck, sir."

His eyes held hers until she had to look down. He unnerved her even as he set her heart thumping and she could feel the moisture on her thighs. "Watch. Your. Tone."

"Yes sir."

He continued dragging Chad back down the alley. There was a fence where some vicious dogs were barking and jumping at the fence. He stared at the dogs as they tried to break through and get to him. He lifted Chad and threw him over the fence. The dogs began tearing into Chad ripping pieces from his body. He watched with impassive eyes then turned towards her. Nicole had her hand over her mouth brows furrowed at the carnage.

"Come." He led the way back to the truck. She got in as he walked around the truck and got into the driver's side. Nicole buckled her seatbelt and between them was a bag of food. She glanced at it and he nodded. She dug into the bag pulling out a cheeseburger. She began eating suddenly famish as he drove.

The drive was long and boring. She stared out the window, played the ABC game by herself, tried to see if she could count to 1 million, almost anything to stop the boredom. Sometime during the drive she fell asleep. While she slept she could hear him mumbling to himself about the other drivers. He had a serious case of road rage. She awoke when she felt the truck stop. She sat up glancing around. The sun was bright and they were at a rest stop.

Nicole got out stretching. She didn't have to pee so she walked down the small slope to where some picnic tables were set up. She climbed on top of one and sighed at the feeling of the warm wood. She laid back her eyes partly closed against the sun's glare. The warm sun felt good against her skin. She pulled her hair from under her letting it hang over the table as she waited for Him.

A shadow blocked her sun and she opened her eyes not to see Him, but two college guys. "Hey baby."

"You're in my sun."

"Hey, we just want to get to know you better."

"Fuck off."

"Dude, I can totally see her nipples."

"I know dude."

Nicole closed her eyes as she heard them go back and forth. She knew she should probably just get up and leave. She sat up with a sigh and looked back to the truck. She saw Him and her eyes heated with lust. Unfortunately, the two idiots thought she leering at them.

Nicole kept her eyes on Him and rubbed her breast making sure to pinch her nipples. The two guys high fived and when she walked further into the woods they didn't hesitate to follow. She kept glancing back towards the guy, but really she was looking at Him. She pulled off her shirt letting it fall on the path as she walked deeper and deeper until the sound of the highway was a distant sound.

"Dude, I'm gonna fuck her first."

"Dude we can fuck her at the same time. 3 holes. Remember."

"Oh yeah!"

Nicole rolled her eyes. They deserved to die. She looked back and saw He was stalking them blending into the background. She knew what to look for and was able to see him coming towards her. She felt sexy and horny. This was like foreplay and as she walked and caressed her body she felt as though His hands were on her. She knew His eyes were and that made her finally stop. The two guys were just within arm's reach. She unbuttoned her jeans and watched their eyes widen. She slipped her hand down her jeans; her finger drifting over her clit causing her to gasp. She thrust her hips outward and plunged two fingers into her cunt.

"I want you," she said to Him.

The guys smiled and came towards her. She took a step back and her eyes focused on the two guys. "Not you." They paused confused. "Him."

She nodded behind him and the two turned. He came out of the bushes and stabbed his knife into one's abdomen. The man crumpled to the ground as He pulled his knife out and stared at Nicole as the other college kid bolted. She sauntered to him and pressed herself against him. "Fuck me in their blood." His eyes blazed with fire and he was gone.

Nicole crouched down looking at the man who was holding his stomach trying to staunch the flow of blood. "I told you to fuck off." The man could only cry and whimper. "Shhh shhh." The man wouldn't stop crying and she knew he was dying, but damn if he wasn't taking forever.

"Help me."

Nicole looked down at him. "Why?"


Nicole pulled off her jeans standing in the nude. She heard scrambling in the bushes and gurgling. She turned to see Him with the other dragging him towards her. "Master!" She ran towards him and flung herself into his arms. He caught her with one arm and held her to him, picking her off the ground. His lips locked with hers. "You wanted to fuck in their blood."

"Yes." She didn't have to respond. He hadn't asked her a question.


"Because you want to. It will make you happy. I want to make you happy and the kill will calm you down."

He only stared at her as he slowly lifted his knife and slid it across the man's throat. His blood arched through the air landing on her tits and body. It was warm and slick as she caressed her skin. He dropped the dead man and pulled her over to the one who still hadn't died. He jammed his knife down through the ribs and the college kid finally died.

He sat back on his hunches and pulled her down on top of him. He drove himself up into her tight sheath as she tilted her head back to kiss him deeply. His hands roved over her body squeezing her breast as the other slid to her clit and rubbed her intimately. She moaned into his mouth as her nails raked down the back of his neck and shoulder. He hissed and she felt him swell deep inside her.

She bounced and rocked her hips against him her cries getting higher as he worked her into a feverish state. She arched her back pressing her breasts deeper into his palms. "Cum for me, my little slut." She had never cum on command, but his gravelly deep voice sent her over the edge. She felt her pussy clamp down on his thick shaft as she jerked and bucked against him. Her cries of ecstasy were barely smothered by his mouth.

"I love the way your pussy feels when you cum." Nicole could only pant in response. He pushed her to her knees. She felt him rub between her pussy then up between the globes of her ass and finger her anus. She stiffened. He leaned over her and she could feel the tip of his cock there.

"I want to fuck your tight," he pressed forward and she felt the head of his cock slide into her ass. ".. virgin ..." he pressed deeper and she felt him tear into her. "... ass!" He thrust forward and she felt an incredible sensation of pain. Her eyes rimmed with tears and she could barely scream as she felt herself being skewered.

He bit her neck and his hand went to her pussy; slamming two fingers into her. She moaned and felt herself relaxing. He eased out and she felt a loss as he removed his fingers as well. He pushed back into her ass and she felt herself being fucked in both orifices. Nicole moaned and groaned trying to convince herself she liked the pain; that it didn't hurt, that this is what she wanted.

He fucked her faster, harder, and that same thing snapped inside her. She suddenly wanted the pain. The pain turned her on. The pain was what she needed and she needed more. Nicole leaned forward until her weight was on her shoulders and chest. She grabbed both globes of her ass and spread her cheeks wide opening herself for her Master. He reached forward and grasped her shoulders ramming into her over and over.

"Deeper, harder, fuck me harder." She spread her cheeks wider and could feel every vein of his huge cock slide into her, feel his cock pulsating. "More!" Nicole bucked against him slamming her own virgin ass against his hard cock.

With a roar he came into her ass. She felt his cock throbbing as he emptied his load into her. He pulled out and she whimpered from the loss. "More, please, don't stop Master."

He looked down at her and bent her over his lap. He slapped her ass hard not even bothering with a warm up. She moaned in pleasure and begged him for another. He slapped her ass 10 times the red turning into a deep purple and still she begged for more. He shoved his fingers into her pussy and they came out dripping with her nectar. He stood her up and pressed his mouth to her mound. She screamed in ecstasy instantly cumming. He didn't stop. He buried his mouth on her sweet pussy pressing his teeth against her clit and grinding into her pussy. He knew he was on the verge of hurting her terribly, but she was too far gone to feel pain; only pleasure.

Her hands were trapped in one of his behind her back, His mouth glued to her pussy as he swallowed her juices and stabbed his tongue into her. She came once more and collapsed into his arms. "Please more."

He smiled. Even exhausted she wanted more. He pinched her nipple twisting it around hard and she moaned pressing herself deeper into his hand. "Sub space." He could skin her and she would feel pleasure. He probably had already hurt her, but she would be okay. He now knew when she was in sub space and what to look for next time. He was no where near done with her, so they were stopping.

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