tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Kitten Amongst Wolves

A Kitten Amongst Wolves


I don't know how long I had been sitting there for, all I knew was that it was getting late, the sun had already disappeared over the horizon and all that was left was an orange glow shimmering across the skyline. The ducks had long since eaten all of the bread I had scattered for them and had returned to the lake. Calmer than I had felt for days I stared out after them. With a sigh I decided it was time to leave.

The park was like your usual city park, a duck lake in the centre with a footpath around its perimeter. At one end there was a small wood for those who wanted a bit of privacy.

No one ever went there this time in the evening; the dog walkers had all gone home. The quickest way for me to go home however was through that wood; there is a small gap in the fence on the other side, which comes out on my road. The thought has never bothered me before.

As I started to walk in that direction, I noticed a man walking towards me from my right, his eyes were fixed on me, with an animal like glean, like a wolf having found his prey.

I felt a little unnerved, but tried to shrug it off. It was just some bozo that gets some kind of kick out of making girls feel uncomfortable like that, and I continued as before. He fell into step a short distance behind me. Another man was also coming across a little further ahead the same manic glint in his eye, and a wicked grin on his face, his hands buried deep in his pockets. I swallowed hard and fixed my eyes on the pavement in front of me, a breeze ruffled at my low cut blouse and my skirt. I pulled my coat closer around me. As the path started to curve away from the woods I noticed three more men coming from the other way. I started to feel more than a little panicked. I glanced behind me and saw a third join the other two, they had spread out into a curved line behind me. I began to doubt that the woods were a good idea, but realised that I had no choice turning around now would lead me straight back towards them, and I certainly did not want to try that.

The Pack had all lined up behind me now as I climbed a steep slope towards the woods, six in all and every time I looked back at them, one of them would grin at me baring his teeth assuring me I wasn't mistaken that they were stalking me. I could feel the tension rising, my breath had become ragged and beads of sweat had formed between my breasts. They were hungry for it, hungry for the hunt, knowing that soon I would bolt and the chase would begin. Just patiently waiting their muscles tensed and ready, for any sign of flight.

As soon as I stepped through the first line of trees like a classic deer I bolted, hoping that I could get to the other side before they could catch me. I had no choice, I ran for my life. I heard one let out a whoop and they gave chase.

Not wearing running shoes, I ran clumsily, stumbling and crashing through the undergrowth, tripping on twigs and running into branches that whipped at my legs. Panic was ripping through me, tearing painfully at my heart. I was overwhelmed by fear, tears streaming down my face blinding me, blurring my vision. I could only hear the pounding of my blood coursing through my veins.

So this is how it feels to be a deer pursued, hearing the howling of the wolves in chase, blinded by panic and fear, only instinct taking over knowing somewhere that it is all in vain.

Not much farther now, the fence must be here somewhere. Eyes focused ahead, my foot became jammed in some outstretched roots and I fell crashing to the ground.

I heard them closing in, I knew they were close; I pushed myself up onto my hands, crying wholeheartedly now whilst I struggle to get to my feet. But it was too late.

"Here Kitty, Kitty, " his voice was gruff and deep. I heard him walk around me. I looked up to face him. Stemming my tears as pride and a certain amount of courage took their place. I was encircled by the pack forming a solid wall of steaming masculine bodies around me. "Kitty's in the middle, so what's she gonna do?" he taunted a canine like grin spreading across his gruff face. He had roughly shaven stubble, messy dark hair, with dark penetrating brown eyes that looked deep into your soul. I looked around me for anything a gap in their wall, a weapon, any chance of escape. I grabbed a branch and swung it at him, a welt appeared on his cheek. Malice contorting his features he screamed with rage. I struck again, but this time too slow. He grabbed it and held it firm in his strong grip, staring me down, realising I wouldn't win; I let go and backed off. They began to circle around me laughing and belittling me, I ran at them hoping to break through, slashing with my nails, they caught me and threw me back in, stealing the opportunity to grab a breast or pinch my arse.

Defeated, exhausted and helpless, I sink to the ground crying, they close in on me, binding my hands behind my back, putting a gag over my mouth, then blindfolding me into darkness. Constantly feeling my most intimate of places, every now and then a hand would grab at my jutting breasts or another would rub against my clit, and someone else might grab my arse. I tried to shrug off the hands but I couldn't stop them, they just pinched all the harder.

Broken, I walked quietly with them as the ground turned from soft earth to gravel and then to pavement, I heard van doors being opened.

"Nice one boys, " I heard a male voice say, as he pinched my chin holding my face up for inspection, "she's quite a beaut'. I'd like to get a look at her eyes. There'll be a fire burning there. I'll bet" I was lifted into the van, taken into the far corner, where a metal collar and chain was put around my neck. My hands were untied and instead cuffed to the front with metal shackles, my blindfold left in place. I choose not to touch it, I was grateful that I couldn't see them inspecting me, and knew that I would be punished if I attempted to touch it. I stood in the corner my back turned to them with my head bowed.

"She wont be broken easy though that's for sure," he continued, "okay she's quiet now but once those chains are off of her and she builds up a bit of courage, I'm betting she'll fight nail and tooth, and I'll be waiting" He continued, groping my arse. I shrunk away from his touch. "Was she difficult to bring in?"

"Hell Yeah, " came the reply, "she swung a fucking branch at me, the bitch. It was a good hunt though, we didn't think she was gonna bolt at first. She might have got away if she

didn't trip. I can see why the boss wanted her, she's got a great figure, He had us following her for weeks, he's been obsessed with her, though I hope we get a chance to

play with this one." He laughed.

One of the others came over to me, pressing his erection up against the small of my back and the crack of my arse, rubbing my breast with one hand and gripping my pussy with the other pressing his fingers up against my clit. At some point my panties had been pulled off whilst they bound me, and he took full advantage of that and my short skirt hiked around my waist, I tried to grip my legs together, and he seemed to find that amusing, chuckling he pressed his nose into my hair at the back of my neck and inhaled deeply, smelling my sweat and fear, pushing close against my trembling body. "Cant we have a bit of a play now?" he said more to me than the others, "the boss doesn't need to know."

"Don't you fucking dare" came the answer, "the boss would have you hung drawn and quartered, not that you wouldn't deserve it!"

In defiance and threat he pressed my body hard up against the van wall, allowing his breath to go into my ear. "I wanted to take your little ass, sooner than this, " he murmured, "I've seen you in the shower, when your rubbing smooth bubbles of soap over your pretty little tits, I've seen you play with yourself in your room, and my god I wanted to go in there and give you a helping hand. I've jacked off so many times watching you before now. You have teased me beyond the point of distraction without even knowing it. I will get the chance to have you before long. Just wait till you slip up before your master, I'll be waiting there to punish you." He gently pulled a piece of my hair away from my tear stained, dirty cheek before whispering "later Kitten," pushing me with one last thrust against the wall of the van so that I loose balance and fall to my knees. A sob escaped me and tears welled up behind my blindfold as he walked away.

"Was that really necessary?" Someone muttered as his footsteps stomped away. The doors to the van slammed shut, and the engine shuddered into life. I knew some of the men were inside the van with me, but they left me alone then, I knew they were watching me; again I turned my back to them, and huddled in the corner.

I must have fallen asleep because I awoke with a start when the doors to the van opened.

"Okay, boys get her unloaded then." Somebody shouted. I was roughly lifted to my feet and the collar removed. Lead by my chains, I was walked across a gravel driveway, and through a creaky door, which slammed shut with a shudder behind us. I was lead down an echoing corridor and into a small room.

"Stay." was the only instruction I was left with, as they swiftly left the room, the metal door made a solid thud as it closed and the lock clicked into place.

Alone, anger welled inside me and I ripped the blindfold from my eyes. I surveyed the room a metal bedstead stood beside me with a basic bedside cabinet. A small metal table and two metal chairs were against the farthest wall, which had a tiny barred window set way too high to see anything worthwhile out of. There was a tiny washbasin and toilet in the far corner and a shower over a white tiled shower tray, the shower curtain was transparent, purely intended to maintain the shower spray. The walls were grey and unadorned and the floor cold concrete.

In opposite corners two security cameras monitored my every move. The room was quite simply a prison cell. I shivered with horror.

Filled with rage, I found every piece of furniture there was and threw it across the room. They had obviously encountered this before because every piece was unbreakable the table skidded to a halt upturned near the door. The walls had already been scarred and was pock marked with gauges and scrapes, where furniture had been slung at them, my own efforts added to the collection.

"Fucking Bastards!" I screamed, "Fucking, fucking Bastards! Why have you done this to me?" not that I didn't already know. At least an hour passed as I raged until emptiness filled me and I ended up scrunched up on the floor, huddled in the corner in silent defiance. I didn't hear the lock click open and the graceful sweep of the person walking over to me, I blanked it and stared at the wall.

"Now that you've had your little episode Kitten, Its time to face facts." Said a calm voice, to the side of me. I turned my face further away from him and huddled further into the corner.

"I don't want to face facts, " I said miserably, "I just want to go home."

He began to stroke my hair gently and smoothly, I began to relax a little liking this small comfort. "You can't go home little kitten, you're here now. I will take care of you, and in return, I expect your obedience and loyalty." His soft voice became hard, "If you Disobey or betray me you will be punished."

Angered I stood up sharply and spun around to face him, if he looked a little shocked it had gone in an instant his face was now set and firm in warning, which I ignored.

"You fucking bastard, are you the one who put them up to this?" I screamed, "I Obey No One!" I glared at him directly with ice blue eyes and he matched my gaze. Two of the wolves, which had been standing unheeded at the doorway, edged towards me and waited out the contest of wills but I didn't flinch, I continued to stare back at him.

His body was calm and concentrated hands ready at his sides, his smooth clean face and stern, steady grey eyes boring into mine "what are you planning to do kitten? My wolves here are very good at teaching my pets to behave. You cannot win. What's a tiny little pet like you going to do?"

The truth in his words destroyed my soul; I could take it no longer. My eyes looked down. With a small hand movement of command, they pulled me away from him.

I struggled and screamed, bit and clawed at the wolves but still they held me firm. Dragging me along the corridor. They took me down a flight of steps and into a dim lit room at the bottom. The master followed calmly from a distance. The room was quite bare apart from some wooden benches and contraptions around the edges of the room, the rest of the wolves were waiting eager looks on their faces, as if my defiance was already anticipated. I was taken to the centre of the room and the wolves formed a circle around me, unchained, I was released once more in the centre of their circle.

"Has our Kitten been bad, " said one of them in a feigned baby voice, the others sneered. "Do you know what our job is? Little Kitten?" said their leader a strong muscled hulk of a man, who, like the rest of them towered over me. He paused for effect more than for me to answer; I said nothing.

Faced with a new threat I regained my spirit and stared them down with utter contempt, my shoulders tensed, fists in tight little balls. "We punish bad little kittens like you, sweetie. We get to play with naughty little pussy cats and teach them to respect their master."

"I am no ones fucking pet!" I spat.

"Kitty's got her hackles up" one of them leered,

"Lets see if this little kitten can purr, " said another, and he pounced forward and ripped at my blouse. My nails swiped across his face in an instant drawing blood on his

cheek as I screamed in fury.

"Hey she spits and scratches like a wild cat" they laughed, "you gonna let her get away with that?" they taunted, his pride damaged he went back in for a second go but this time my arms were grabbed by two others behind me and he succeeded in ripping away my blouse. My skirt gone too, seconds later. I flailed at them all kicking and biting fighting with all of my strength. He wasn't the only one to get hurt, but now they all wanted revenge.

"Mmm, I love it when they fight, they all get so sweaty, it makes their tits stick out." He teased, eyeing my breasts bulging from my bra, "here pussy, pussy." The man I scratched first was pacing in front of me, urged on by his fellow pack members, "You little slut, your gonna pay for what you've done to me." He ripped open my bra in one tug, groping my breasts roughly as they fall out into view, my face flushes even redder in embarrassment and shame, naked in front of a room full of worked up horny men, all wanting a piece of me. I trembled in fear scared to death at what is going to happen next. "How do you feel now Wild Cat? Still wanna fight? Huh?"

"Let go of me you bastard, " I screamed and spat in his face. He wiped it away his face crimson with rage.

"You fucking bitch! I'll show you! You'll be drinking my cum for that!" He grabbed me by the hair and forced me onto my knees, a foot was placed in my back and my arms drawn behind me. He took off his belt and wrapped it around my neck letting it tighten and pinch my skin. I thought he was going to strangle me; he unzipped his trousers letting his hard cock fall out in front of my face. I try to pull way but the foot is ever firm on my back my arms pulled cruelly back keeping me upright and the belt pulling me up and forward, he grabs a clump of my hair to hold my head still and rubs his cock over my tear stained face. He forces it between my lips pinching my jaw to open my mouth and begins to fuck my mouth, forcing his cock down my throat making me gag. "Suck bitch!" he shouts yanking at the belt around my neck, pulling it ever tighter and coking me with it, gasping for air I begin to suck hoping that I will finish him soon. He fucks my mouth harder and deeper gripping my hair with one hand and the belt with the other. Someone gets down behind me and begins to feel my breasts pinching my nipples until it hurts and I give little whimpers of protest, then he forces my legs apart and begins to play with my clit letting his fingers find my juices.

"Hey guys, she's wet, the little sluts liking this, " this arouses the pack much more and they begin to play with themselves in anticipation. He continues to play with my clit, flicking and pinching it. "I want some of this pussy, " he says and removes his own jeans. The man fucking my mouth begins to cum bucking his hips forward and forcing his cock deep down my throat, he forces me to swallow his cum pulling on my hair and the belt until I do. Once he has finished he helps the others hold me onto a wooden bench, they tie my hands to a bar above my head. I scream at them to stop but they don't relent, they force my legs apart and hold them firm to stop me kicking.

One of them gets between my legs and begins to separate my pussy lips touching my sensitive clit with his rough fingers pinching it until I cry out, he pushes his finger inside me fucking me with it. I scream and a cock is pushed into my mouth, I bit down on it in protest and he slaps me hard across my face.

"Fucking bitch!" he snaps, "fuck her hard boys, the slut just bit my cock, now suck it better bitch! You bite it again I'll pull your hair out" he forces my mouth open and pushes his cock deep down my throat. I feel the tip of a cock at my pussy forcing its way in deep inside me all the way to the hilt; I could feel the cock thicken as it went in. The men cheered as one fucked my mouth and the other my pussy ramming their tools in hard and unforgiving. Someone started to lick my clit at the same time rubbing and teasing it with his fingers; the pleasure began to build inside of me. I felt ashamed that my body was responding like this, my body was beginning to shake and I couldn't help but moan.

"She's gonna cum boys, fuck her harder" Urged on the men raping my body fucked me harder and faster and the man playing with my clit rubbed harder until I was screaming and shuddering, comig hard, the cocks inside of me came shooting deep inside of my pussy and down my throat.

They then turned me over so that I was crouching over the bench with my arms on the bar in front of me one of them held me up by the waist, whilst another positioned himself below me grabbing at my breasts dangling above his head, I was lowered so that I was impaled on his cock, I could feel it moving in and out as he started to thrust beneath me another cock was presented for me to suck, and I was rocked between the two. Someone started fondling me from behind, leaning over my back with his cock rubbing down between my arse cheeks, playing with my breasts reaching down and playing with my clit collecting the juices from me, he then ran his fingers around and began playing with my arse, he begins to push his fingers around the opening slowly inserting a finger moving it around and opening it up slightly, panic rises in me and again I start to shake my head trying to plead with them not to do it. I hadn't had my arse fucked before and I was scared that it would hurt.

He lined his cock up to my hole and began to force it in slowly he pushed it past the ring and waited for me to stop screaming I felt as though my arse was on fire I was scared to even breath as he began to push it in a bit harder now before thrusting in entirely filling me with all three cocks. I screamed and cried but that just turned them on all the more and they fucked me harder and deeper. The man below me began to suck and nibble on my breasts and the one doing me up the arse reached around to play with my clit.

"This bitch is hot," he moaned as the pace picked up faster. I felt like I was going to explode it was so painful, eventually the man beneath me shouted that he was going to cum, and so the others went into a frenzy rubbing my clit, fucking my pussy, arse, and mouth until they exploded inside me and I was screaming and crying in unbearable orgasm.

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