tagLesbian SexA Kitty for Santa Ch. 04

A Kitty for Santa Ch. 04



"Kitty what are you doing?"

"Nothing love go back to reading."

"Why are my pants coming off?"

"You always dare me to eat you out while you're reading because you think you can concentrate and since I'm bored I'm taking you up on your offer."

"Tiff we just showered and you had a lot of fun."

"I did but you didn't have the right kind of fun." We had had loads of fun with her thinking it was a good idea to join me in the shower and tease me endlessly. Once she knew I was well oiled she decided she was done. I should have known she had something up her sleeve.

I was reading up on a case and I had noticed that she was restless for a while. We were taking a few weeks off in the coming days and therefore she hadn't been taking on any new cases. This left her with plenty of free time to need to fill.

"Just lay back and relax." I couldn't help but feel like this was the last paragraph I was going to read tonight. My girl had other ideas though, as soon as I closed the file she stopped and pouted.

"What's wrong?" She opened the file back to where I had it.

"I want you to keep reading."

"I won't remember anything." She kissed my lips and held the folder open.

"For me?"

She knew I would do anything for her. I had done anything to be with my princess. Anything she wanted was hers. And even after everything she never took advantage of it. I loved Tiffany more than I thought I could love anyone. She has taught me the true meaning of love.

I did as I was told. I opened up the folder and tried to resume where I had last left off as she got of the bed. That was Tiffany for you. She would get me to agree to what she wanted and once I had said yes she added some fun to her simple idea. I could promise you that she would be back with some sort of toy or gel or oil that was going to drive me insane.

You would think that since I gave her the nickname Kitty I might have thought that her being kinky was a possibility. However, I didn't and now I had learned to just lay back and enjoy the ride. I trusted this woman implicitly. I would go with her to the end of the world if she wanted.

Just as I was getting into my work I saw her come back in with a cheshire cat smile. Oh yea, I was in for a treat.

Soft kisses were placed on my toes until it was time to suck each one making it feel as if they were directly connected to my pussy. Just as soon as I would show signs of not reading she just stopped until I was once again ready. I had to play along I was still super horny from our last round in the shower and if I wanted release I knew only she could provide it.

She had been gone for 3 weeks once, for a case, and I was missing her so badly. I mean in the morning first thing was a phone call then we couldn't really talk until around dinner if we weren't busy and did I mention that she has a dirty mouth. It had gotten to the point where we were both super horny. I mentioned that maybe some phone sex or skype something would be a good idea. Her being the cocky one says you can't get off without me.

I wasn't sure if it was a challenge or a command I mean have you met us we're never sure of anything in bed. We're not sure if its literal or pretend. So here I am on the phone with her and she starts telling me about how she wishes she could put her hand down my pants and play with my pussy, her favorite pass time. She is getting me worked up with this sensual horny voice and I can't help but touch myself and she hears me moan and stops all together.

'You can't cum.'

Im breathless and really need this and she states it again, this is when I realize she's not kidding.

'You can't cum. I'm not there to eat that pussy and feel you cum on me. That's a waste of pussy juice and it isn't fair.' Then it isn't so much of a command as it is a whimper.

'You can't have an orgasm without me Santa.'

'Baby I'm almost there. Just a little bit more.'

I am at the edge ready to fall over my muscles are getting tight and I just need the right touch.

'Santana Solo don't you dare cum without me.'

It was gone my body had an owner and it had betrayed me, she said no and my body said, NO! Yeah, I loved her a lot so yes she could play my body all night until she was ready to hear me beg for mercy or watch me writhe in ecstasy until she was ready.

At this point all she had done was play with my toes but it was the way she kissed and tongued my body. Working her way up my legs with long languishing kisses. I could feel the graze of her teeth, the wetness of her tongue, the skill of that mouth teasing me endlessly. All I could see was {The suspect was seen in the area several......---------*******&&&&&&&&} a lot of unintelligible mumble jumble.

My eyes were rolling back as I felt her hands caress my thighs, her hair falling on my body tickling a path that was indiscernible. All I wanted was to have my pussy eaten was it too much to ask for. It was to Kitty. See this was all a part of the act of love. She showed me that every time we were together she loved my body. The way she would stroke my calves and sometimes describe the way she was hypnotized by my walk from and to the bathroom.

Then it would take me to a night long ago when we were in Vegas and I saw all of her. She sprang out of my arms and like the teenage boy that I am not, my mind wasn't fast enough as I glorified her body with my eyes. From the tip of her toes to the muscles in her legs and finally the crease in her ass to the shutting of the door behind her. Who did I think I was to let a naked, gorgeous, beautiful woman out of my sight? I was an idiot but she respected me for it. Here I was letting her love me and tonight no one would be walking away any more. Her tongue would do all the talking and my clit would do all the listening.

I could feel her face closer to my slit. The warmth of her cheek and coolness of her breath. I was distracted so I hadn't seen it coming when she did it. A coolness enveloped my pussy that I had never expected. It was like my whole pussy was going numb because it was so cold. Yet at the same time there were these sensations calling to me in the distance. I mean she had swiped once and my clit was standing proudly looking for its master. Instead of hiding from such sweet agony it was looking for some praise and her tongue was ready to give it a lashing.

A mint a simple mint to freshen your breath was the torture she decided she wanted to play with. It only took a few licks but my body was feeling sensations it didn't even know existed. Did we run or did we just writhe underneath our master and own up to such pleasure? I was moaning her name and groaning her praises. My clit was no sooner between those pretty lips as she sucked me like a ring pop and licked me like a spoonful of whip cream.

Whose good graces was I in and how did I stay there? I must've done something right because this woman knew how to eat pussy.

The crazy part about working so much is that any sex is good sex we didn't have time to get bored, anywhere we could do it was a double yes for both of us. So on nights like this when baby girl had time I was no one to stand in the way of such a delicate beauty, I would have my chance soon enough.

No sooner had I felt it coming than she had pushed for more. My pussy was tingling and feeling a coolness. Her tongue was working on starting another fire again and as much as I wanted to push her away her sweet tongue was too magical to resist. This time it wasn't my clit she wanted I knew she was going for my pussy juice. A thirsty woman cannot be denied. Slow swipes that never touched my clit and barely penetrated my pussy. I wanted to catch up but my mind was on her team. My hands had disposed of the folder and while one played my nipple the other was in her hair pulling her deeper.

I could feel the vibrations from the moaning stirring from deep within. I could see that she was getting horny from the pleasure she was giving. The best was truly the lust and love mixed within those green eyes. The way her pupils would dilate was truly a chance to feel weak. It was a rarity that I could have someone in my life that made me feel small. But my Tiffany had that effect, she could make me feel weak in the knees because of the love you could see in her eyes. The lust you could feel just oozing from her body. If she wanted me, there was nothing short of a tornado that would keep her from her meal.

My lips were tingling, her tongue was flicking and my clit was growing. I could feel it building a need to be liberated from the confines of a hard days work. Her tongue was working its way around my clit not to soon her fingers were presented into the mix. My pussy was full, my clit was hard and enveloped between such sweet lips. My body was trembling, my muscles were tightening, my pussy was being greedy with those magical fingers and her sweet lips would reap the benefit.

This whole time it was my clit that was benefiting from such wonderful pleasure, but my pussy was full and her fingers were fucking me to a strong all encompassing orgasm.

"Fuck." My head went back and her lips gave one last suck and lick.

My muscles were twitching, my breathing was labored and she looked liked she had just taken a stroll around the park and was ready for more.

"Damn baby you missed me today?"

"Santana I always miss you. Sometimes I just can't get you're sexy body out of my mind. Other times all I can think of is your pussy and making it cum for me. Look at you half dressed still after having an orgasm can't even wait to get your clothes off to cum."

My smile was nothing compared to her angel face as if she had nothing to do with it.

"I needed that. But you my dear need much more." She was sitting leaning back on the headboard, I was sure she felt her pussy twitching with need.

"I'm just fine love." Her face was slightly flushed and her breathing was labored, oh yea she was fine.

With all the jelly in my feet and that content smile on my face I stood up and finished undressing. I walked over to her as I threw off my shirt. Standing in front of her I touched my pussy and instantly had moisture on my finger tips. Sliding my fingers in slightly I pulled them out and brought them to her lips, keeping them away from her lips but close enough for her to see my wetness and smell my pussy.

I leaned over keeping my fingers in place and whispered into her ear, using my most seductive voice that she just couldn't resist.

"Tell me one more time that your just fine."

"I'm ..." I placed fingers at her lips it was her decision either turn away and prove me wrong or give in to me.

"I'm ... I'm fucked." She took both fingers into her mouth with a moan and I just couldn't resist sitting on her lap and straddling her thighs. Her mouth was sucking those fingers for all she was worth.

Taking my fingers back, I replaced them with my mouth. Leaning back just enough I removed her shirt as I feasted my eyes on the prize. No matter how many times I saw them they were always new to me. Holding them in the palm of my hands I could see her smiling.

"You have your own."

"But yours are so much more fun to play with."

"And why is that?" Her hands were on my ass, as if I was going anywhere.

I pulled her nipple.

"Uhh." Her head went back as she bit her lip.

"That's why." I played with one between my fingers and the other in my mouth as she threw her head back. Her lips slightly parted, her eyes starting to glaze over and the color changing with the seconds. I kept her eyes to mine as I played with her nipples, her hands kneading my cheeks I was delirious with pleasure but that's what Kitty did to me. She worked me into a frenzy by just loving me and granting me access to her beautiful sexy body.

Lowering my hand I went into her shorts, thankful that there was nothing there to impede my hand from doing what it did best.

This time I was counting on her holding me up.

"Don't let go of me."

"Never." Her hands tightened but this time around my lower back. My hands stayed at her nipple but my mouth went to her neck. Oh the sweet sounds a woman makes when a certain sweet spot is touched.

One hand in her pussy, two fingers playing with her slit, while my thumb teased her clit out of its protection. Her legs parted allowing me more room to play. Her nipple growing between my finger tips and her neck helplessly exposed to my lips and teeth. Her weakness was being bitten but with work I had to be careful; sometimes the little demon within wanted to mark my territory, her shoulder would do.

"Santana baby be gentle."

"Where?" I slowed down my finger from her clit and bit harder.

"Shit no not there." I sped up my thumb and released her nipple pulling my hand and bringing it to her hair, pulling her neck from where she was trying to keep me from.

"Fuck me. No go back."

"I like it here now." Massaging her head tenderly I pulled back my teeth and worked my lower hand further into her pussy and faster on her clit.

"Fine." Apparently she wasn't one to sit still. Baby took a page out of my book and bit my neck full on.

Oh God loosing oxygen to my brain, she's messing with a sweet spot. My fingers were still moving but I wasn't ready for her to play with me like a chew toy. I was still horny from the last orgasm and all this teasing well it was definitely having an effect on both of us.

She brought one hand around and fuck me she was in. I was wide open, legs ready for her to just slip in with no resistance.

Lifting her lips to my ear she whispered as she licked.

"Who missed who baby?"

"I have missed you so much baby girl." No more games, no more teasing I loved her and she knew me all to well.

"I've missed you too baby. I need you so bad Santana, will you make me cum?" There was nothing but love in that plea.

I tried to clear the sex induced haze and worked my hands to play her body like a well oiled machine. Three fingers were now in her pussy, a finger on her clit, my lips on her neck and a hand holding her close while working my hips onto her hand. Her breathless pleas next to my ear, her hand holding me close and another making love to me. She loves me.

"I Love You." The intake of a breath, holding your body tight, while your body quakes. Sweet juices trickle, fingers move, hearts skip a beat. Love is made, love is cherished, love is binding. A simultaneous orgasm is reached by two spirits once forgotten by the world brought back to life because of a love so great, the universe just couldn't resist.

"I love you too."



It seems like for the past year I have been waiting for the right moment to ask Santana to move in with me but I'm not exactly sure on what I'm waiting for. Timing is about waiting for something and I don't want to keep waiting. The truth is there is never the right or perfect time to do anything.

I'm contemplating wether or not I should ask the Captain to pull off the bodyguard detail, I mean at least less you know. I want to just have my house to myself, drive myself around and go wherever I please. Not to mention some privacy with Santana, it's not that we don't get it, but its weird that they know what we may or may not be doing. It's been almost a year since Santana and I became official, and our lives haven't slowed down one bit.

Work is always calling, just like this morning. Apparently everyone else is busy with something so I had to go on a call. I didn't want to leave her bedside but it wasn't a choice. Last night was beautiful, it was special it was new. Just like everything we do together it was amazing.

I'm on my way to a crime scene, Mac's waiting at the station for me to pick him up. He's become like a big brother, but in a little brother sort of way. He's annoying like a younger sibling but overprotective like an older brother. I'm Lieutenant Prescott now by the way, it's just a title and a pay raise. I have more Detectives under me now. After they saw how efficiently Mac and I worked together they extended my department.

I got a bigger lab, well a whole basement now. That's where my office and lab were; now there are 5 more offices and a lab twice the size. I have 6 lab assistants, instead of 2 and 3 Detectives who specialize in the evidence gathering process. I no longer have to go out on all the cases. I do however get to work with the FBI when they need my specialized services or my opinion, but I handle those cases myself. We were able to get large funding for our offices from many anonymous donations, by anonymous I mean no one told me where that money came from. Also the FBI because one of their Agents was really causing problems for us, *wink wink*.

Everyone is aware that Santana and I are dating, it's no secret. She was finally able to get the divorce from that crazy bitch. She's on her way to getting a promotion as well, after the Jane case and a few others since then.

"Hey Mac."

"Well, well, well if it isn't the Lieutenant Boss Lady."

"Mac, Tiffany is fine. Get In."

"I don't know, I haven't found the title I like. So did they brief you on where were headed?"

"No what's up?"

"Hold on let me pull up the email. I sent myself some information from the phone call that way we have an idea of what we're getting ourselves into. We have a house full of bodies, its seems like it is parents and the children are missing. Officers have secured the house."

"I hate........"


The crushing of metal, was all I heard. When I looked a few cars back it was my bodyguards truck being crushed by a trailer. By the time I realized it there was another truck coming to my right on the next block and T-boned my SUV, sending us spinning out of control and right into a post. My door was clear to get out but my seatbelt was jammed. I instantly grabbed the gun from my holster, grabbed the knife in my center console and cut through my seat belt and Mac's .

"MAC, MAC are you ok? FUCK, come on MAC stay with me." He had blood dripping from his head. I could tell his foot was jammed by the door, the whole side of the car looked to be crushing into him. I just knew this had to be the workings of Jane. Bitch has some fucking timing.

That's when all hell broke loose. I grabbed the gun from my glove compartment and called for back up. I knew we weren't too far from the station but Jane only needed seconds to get to us, to me, back up would take a few minutes at least. I looked around in the mirrors and saw my bodyguards shooting at the two guys from the truck. As I was getting out, more shots were fired at our car, I was safer inside the bulletproof SUV.


All the windows were shattered but not broken and I was pulling Mac under me for cover, I couldn't even see where the shots were being fired from. This was well staged because they knew how much force they needed to take out my car. I could hear the sirens now. I had to get out because I was a sitting duck.

As I stepped out of my vehicle I saw Jane coming for me with two guys shooting at the guards who were coming to protect me. This would be a blood bath. I got out of the car and fired several shots. I went around to get Mac, but she was too close.

Round after round rang out, shot after shot missing its target.

I just needed to keep her away but even after she was hit she kept coming, dodging like the trained agent she was.

Soon all there was, was silence and darkness. No more fighting no more bullets just silence, I love you Santa.



In a few weeks I would be taking some time off to be with my dear Kitty. I wanted us to move in together. It just doesn't make sense for me to go to my apartment when I know she doesn't want me to leave. I can see it in her eyes when I leave. I can see a lot in her eyes.

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