A Kitty for Santa


"Um, sure I guess why not?"

"UUggghhhh. Wow don't sound so excited. You can go have a hot pocket instead if you want." I pushed the door towards her.

"NO." She grabbed my arm and I stood to wait, wow a woman who goes for what she wants, I like. "I mean I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just that I guess I didn't know what would happen when I came here. You're just not what I expected I guess."

"Stop while you're ahead honey, that hole your digging can get mighty big. Come in."

She finally came in and I showed her to my kitchen. Damn she looks good. She's wearing black slacks, a white button up shirt tucked in, that frames her body and again her breast need to be set free, dear God I love her breasts. If she was my woman, I would undress her at the door and suck on those for days. Damn, I kinda sound like a Neanderthal don't I?

"You can grab a bottle out of the wine fridge or you can grab anything you want out of the regular fridge."

"Thanks. Your place looks good, comfy and big. It smells good. What are you making me?" She went for a Corona.

"Thank You. I am making myself some tofu, with seaweed and lentil soup and you can have some."

"Oh." Her face went from a huge smile thinking I'm cooking for her, to the most worried look about dinner, with a blush.

"Here sit here and I'll bring you some food." I was trying really hard not to laugh at her innocence. I'm sure after being in LA for a year, those things sound like some restaurant menus no offense to anyone who loves it. It's just my mom swears I'm gonna get all the iron from lentil soup and I hate it. I also only like my tofu in miso soup.

I could see the look of panic in her eyes as she finished a whole corona from nerves. She had her back to me and when I put the food down she laughed.

"Nice, you scared the shit out of me for no reason."

"You should've seen the look of panic in your eyes, priceless. Another Corona?"

"Um no, thank you, I have to drive home and I shouldn't drink too much." Damn polite and sexy.

"Well, you're gonna have some wine with your food, because I don't want to drink alone."

She just shrugged and was about to dig in to her food as I slapped her arm and hands away.

"Hey, hey hey um you're supposed to wait for me to at least sit down, punk."

"Sorry, I'm not used to eating with anyone." She looked a bit embarrassed so now I kinda felt bad.

"It's okay, neither am I no worries." Dinner was better than expected, I kind of felt like I was talking with an old friend. We have similar experiences when it came to schooling as she too went to an all girls Catholic high school and was an athlete. She's ex-military which is where we are different. She doesn't settle down because her career gets better when she moves. She did mention that she once had a serious girlfriend, had it not been for the wine, I doubt she would have revealed that part. It would seem she's a really private person.

We had coffee to end our dinner so that she would let the alcohol pass.

"So I will see you tomorrow to check on the lab results on my jacket." She was so much more relaxed, I felt myself falling for her just because she was so sexy. Her voice was low and I could not take my eyes of her lips. She was standing in the doorway.

"No here you can take it back." I actually did really like it and the nice smell of her.

"You sure, you look really good in it." Why is she talking so low again and her lips look so juicy. Is she flirting with me?

"Yes, now you have to find a new reason to come see me, Santa." I pushed her out the door.

I need a shower.

Navy blue cotton sheets, smooth on my back with a coolness in the air from the air conditioning but I'm still sweating. Droplets trickle down my chest, as I feel the cold breeze on my nipples, I can already see that they are at attention. Gentle hands caressing my thighs up and down between my legs but never on my sex. Why are you teasing me?

Those smooth hands going around my hips towards my stomach and underneath my breast. Now holding their weight in those hands. Gently stroking enough to be sexual and arouse me but not enough to make it count. Kisses placed on my thighs and a wet trail left on my legs as the air cools me down. Hands stroking my breast but never on the nipple why must you torture me. My hands are under my back to not allow me any ability to feel my tormenter.

I'm aroused, I can feel the tension in my body and the stress in my muscles. My heart is beating faster and my breathing is labored. Moans escape my lips as my tormenter only laughs as I plead for more.

That mouth now kisses its way up to my center hovering over my mound, kissing my smoothness. A bite makes me groan in pleasure because there is no pain there. A coolness on my slit reminds me of the place where I truly want pleasure to exist. I lift up my hips and I hear a groan and my hips are pushed down. I need attention, I need more.

Finally one lick, two licks, three licks how many licks does it take to get to the center of my tootsie pop. Moans escape me as pleasure is brought on by a nimble tongue. It feels infinite and gentle but knowledgeable. The owner knows of the torture practices of oral sex. I feel this tongue on my outer lips and then inching closer to my clit. Why must you torture me my captor? Why are my hands still behind my back, I want them in your hair pulling you closer, to me give me the release I need from you, for you are the only one who can grant me this release.

I am empty and the cool breeze returns where is that tongue that has tortured me so long. Ah yes it is now on my nipple licking and teasing side to side, up and down, all around. A bite, oh yes pull harder and harder. Yes, please make love to me. Now those precious hands are on my backside and the cuffs are released, but there is no pain from them being behind my back but mere tension, I am allowed to touch, to feel, caress free to my own demise. Smooth, delicate skin, muscles moving and straining against my fingers, moisture on the body and the smell of arousal is in the air.

Those hands return to my legs up inside my thighs. Instantly no more teasing, no more torture, fingers tracing my lips, slowly going up and down my slit into my sweet center. Yes, please make me feel full, release me from this emptiness. First one then two and now a tongue on my clit, yes, please, faster, harder, more, please fill me up. Thrusting and pumping licking and biting. I feel teeth on my clit. Finally it is sucked between lips and grazed with teeth. Just a little more I feel the tension in my stomach, the stiffness of my body, I hold my breath and wait for sweet release. Yes, Yes, more, more, faster. I look down and see the sweet face of my tormenter Santana, Agent Solo, yes Santa I've been naughty please make me yours. A smile plays on her face and it pushes me over. I feel it from my head to my toes I pull away and let the tension pass.


No, no it was all a dream. Damn you Santana how dare you invade my dreams. Fuck I thought the shower would have helped now I'm fucking wet, are you kidding me. I touch myself to find my pajamas soaked with my juices and my sweat. If only it would have been more than a dream. I need release and a shower or both at the same time. I need my vibrator.

I have gone two whole days without seeing Agent Solo, I should've kept the jacket. Every night the dreams play out and I wake up frustrated each time it is different the first had me in hand cuffs at her mercy. The second was us in my office as she took me on my desk, fucking me like a machine, teasing me mercilessly. Each time those hands roamed freely and that body on mine, tingling sensations and waking up to find myself alone in bed and fucking horny.

I mean I thought at least she would come in to the lab and check on me right. No. She called earlier and asked how it was going and I was grumpy so I gave her the quick run down and now I'm going home. No, it's time to forget about Agent Solo/Santa. Apparently I was wrong about whatever I thought was going on. I guess she wanted nothing to do with me after the party. Clubbing with friends tonight it is. I called Natasha to see if we could get together for one of our nights of stress relieving but she's in New York and I can't leave with this case on my desk. Leslie was in Europe for the next 2 weeks. Two weeks of torture getting turned on by a woman who doesn't even pay attention to me.

I called my best friend and told her we were going out for a night of fun. She thought I had lost my mind I rarely want to go out, let alone a club on a weekday. Tonight though some hot girl and me is the only thing on my mind. So at 10:00 Jordan was at my house and we were off to a WeHo club that was so Hollywood, you have to dress for the occasion or you won't get in.

We went straight in, the bouncer already knew us, Jordan's there all the time and I'm kind of unforgettable. The club was as good as ever lots of gorgeous and available women.

"Fuck me."

"Um, okay but I thought we were just friends, but I'm game if you want it that bad." She has been hanging out with me too long.

"We have to go." I turned to leave but she had already seen me.

"Who's here?" I walked out to the smoking area because if I left it would be awkward. "You don't smoke Tiff where are you going?"

"Agent Solo and I know she saw me."

"That smoking hot cop from the party, that knew everything about you, that you were flirting with and then nothing."

"Dance with me Kitty." I had no time to react she wrapped her arm around my waist and whispered into my ear, with that damn seductive voice of hers. Oh the touch of my dreams.

I turned my head to look at her, "No."

"Please." She was pouting and she pulled me in tighter. I could feel her body and the tightness of her muscles and the strength from her body, not to mention those large breast on my back. I wanted her more than anything but I was stubborn and she hadn't attempted to even be near me in two days, I was offended.


She sat her drink down, turned me around, keeping one hand at my hip and the other on my chin, leaned in with her lips barely brushing mine, "Please." I had to bite my tongue to suppress a moan. My hands were now on her stomach, I could feel her muscles through her shirt.

"No." She kissed me, gently softly and sensually, I could taste her beer but then her sweet taste. I was stubborn but I wasn't crazy, I pulled her into me by her shirt and kissed back, parting my lips to kiss her. It was everything I had daydreamed it would be. She was delicate, her lips were perfect never intrusive, soft and juicy. I pulled away and said it one more time. "No."

She laughed and just looked at me while she licked her lips.

"Why kitty?"

"Tell me Santa why didn't you bother to get my number at the party."

"Are you two going to be okay? Because I can find my own steamy kiss inside."

I had completely forgotten about Jordan. I blushed, but it was too dark for either to see that.

"Santa this is my best friend Jordan, hostess from the party AKA wonder woman." She was smiling holding me in her left arm as I rested on her, I felt comfortable, but why was I so comfortable when we were nothing to each other. Hell I only got this close with Jordan.

"Pleasure to meet you again Jordan, my name's Santana." She put out her right hand and Jordan took it.

"Pleasure's all mine, have fun I'll see you two around." And with a slap to my ass she was gone.

"I knew who you were. I recognized you when you stood next to me from the pictures in all the files I had read on you. I didn't think it was fair that I knew all about you and you knew nothing. I knew I would see you soon enough. So how about that dance?" She wrapped her arms around me rubbing the small of my back.

"I told you no. I'm much more expensive than some kiss." I was looking at her eyes, brown, beautiful and pure. Her hands were working wonders on my stubbornness but I had little control left. Why were we so comfortable?

"Ouch I thought it was more than just some kiss. Please Kitty come dance with me, what does a girl have to do to get you to dance with her?"

"A girl? Ask, but you? Well, I can't say that I want to dance with you." She wasn't even hurt she laughed it off.

"I know you want me just as much as I want you, so what's up?" She was now nibbling on my bottom lip, I'm a sucker for someone who appreciates my lips. I was melting into her and she knew it would only be seconds until I was hers.

"Stop." I didn't really want her to stop. "Why haven't I seen you in two days?" She smiled.

"You missed me?" She never left my lip.

"Stop. Maybe." She finally let it go.

"After that dinner I didn't think I could resist you, seeing you in your lab or your office, alone. I'm sorry for not coming by...do you think you can forgive me?" She was so fucking cute and I was in so much trouble. I wanted her for more than just tonight. I pulled away and took her hand.

"Maybe after a dance." I need a drink.

We danced all night for a few hours straight. She was good and she could definitely control those hips. All I could think of was her working me in bed with the moves she had on the dance floor. The way her body would mold to mine from behind while my ass was in such direct contact with her pussy area. I was in heaven imaging the different positions this could work to alleviate my sexual appetite for her. Every so often she would kiss me or whisper into my ear. Her hands were respectful, only on my hips or my waist never even on my ass, that I was so proud of. I was a little offended but it was cute it added to her charm. I had hopes for her and I, but she was the perfect woman.

At the end of the night she walked Jordan and I to the car and kissed me good night. I went home with Jordan, disappointed as hell.

Friday morning came all to soon as I had only had about 4 hours of sleep and had to be in the office by 7:30. I was happy to see Agent Solo waiting for me at my lab door, but I was still mad about last night.

"Good Morning Detective Prescott."

"Morning Solo, thanks for the coffee." She had a cup of Starbucks in her hand. I took it while unlocking the lab since I hadn't had time to get one myself.

"Um, I think that it may be a lil strong for you." I took a sip, it was so not strong. I love coffee and I know how I like it.

"Eh." I gave it back to her. She came in behind me and sat at one of the chairs in front of my desk.

"Do we have anything new with the case?"

"I should have all the results back by today. Definitely a murder and our victim was not on drugs of any sort until that day. We're looking for someone at least 5'9" from the blood splatter, right handed and female." I was walking around my office grabbing my lab coat and collecting the files I needed to show her.

"Wow all that, huh. Okay that may fit the wife but I don't think she was even in town, are you sure it was a woman?"

"Are you doubting me?" I was standing behind her and bent over to be just close enough to her ear, placing both arms around her and on my desk, while using my most assertive tone.

"No...I was ...so we are looking for a woman?" I like making people nervous, but her even more so.

"Yea I went over all the video footage from the hotel and she walked to the hotel. We lose her once she gets to the underground parking lot and she remains ambiguous in her gender, as she is wearing baggy clothes and a hat."

"So you can determine it was her?"

"She was the only person out of place."

"Alright I'll have everyone look for extra video feeds."

"If you'll excuse me I have work to do." I left her in my office and went to my lab. I'm not sure what she wants from me so I prefer to keep my distance. We have an ongoing case we are working and I don't know how safe it is for us to continue with whatever it is were doing.

She stepped out and left. Never taking her eyes off me. I know she wants me, I just don't know how bad or how far she is willing to go.

The rest of the day was uneventful as I was not allowed to work on any other cases. There had been other deaths that were similar involving victims who were linked so I was asked to review the cases. I didn't get home until around 9 that night and I was exhausted.

I fell asleep and around 12 I was woken up by my ringing phone. It was Agent Solo.


"Is that how you always answer your phone?"

"When I'm asleep, yes."

"There's been another murder and I need you to come out. I know you're off duty for the weekend but this takes precedent."

"I hate you, that's twice now. I'm warning you, I'm grumpy."

"Then I guess you should hurry up and get ready, I'm outside waiting."

"Why are you always stalking me, I can drive myself." I am so grumpy.

"Because I was in the area when I got the call and I was trying to be nice since I figured you would be asleep but I guess I'll text you the address and you can get there yourself." She sounded hurt.

"Wait, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm sorry baby, I'll be right down, I just have to swing by my truck for my stuff." I hung up hoping she would just wait. I had wanted to make a point but I would rather ride with her and fall asleep on my way there. Shit did I seriously just say BABY.

When I got downstairs I only saw one car. It was a new Dodge Challenger in flat black paint with black rims and a dual race exhaust and smoked out windows. I think I fell in love......with the car of course.

She stepped out of the car when she saw me and came over to help with my stuff. She had the cutest smile. Placing her hands on my hips she turned her head and bent down to kiss my lips. My stuff fell to the floor as my hands went to her face. I couldn't help but moan at the feel of her lips on mine.

"Hey baby."

"Santa." Damn I can't even talk without sighing her name from my lips.

She let go of me and picked up my stuff.

"Thanks, sorry about my attitude. I can be a jerk when grumpy. Who did you take this sweet ride from?"

"No problem, I did wake you from your slumber. I took it from the dealership when I bought it." I could see her smiling from a mile away.

She put my stuff in her trunk and I got in the car. The interior was just as nice, with sports bucket seats and race car seat belts in red.

"Should I be worried that I have to be strapped in with these contraptions?"

"No just buckle up, sit back and relax we have to go down to Malibu."

"Fine good night." I was asleep within a few minutes, she had music on but it just put me to sleep. I figured I should stay up but I was going to be doing a lot of work over the next few hours I needed some rest. I curled up into the fetal position and turned towards her. Her hand was on the shifter and at some point I took it into my own, wrapping it within my arms. I don't know when or how but that was how I woke up when we got off PCH. I always wake up when a car slows down.

"Good morning sleepyhead."

"Hey." I pulled her arm closer and then realized what I had done and let go. She took her arm back not saying anything.

"We still have a few minutes before we get there you can go back to sleep. I'll wake you when we get there." I sat up in my seat.

"I'm okay thank you. Do you race this beauty?" She laughed holding back a grin.

"No, that would be illegal."

"What are you running V8, SRT 8 with magna flows?"

"How'd you know?" She looked surprised.

"You can hear it and the pull is strong. You should let me drive us back home, I'll show you my city through my eyes."

"I don't know."

"Don't worry I'll take care of your baby."

"No one's ever driven her, besides me."

"Well, there's always a first for everything." I turned to look at her and stroked her forearm, for the first time realizing she had a full sleeve of tattoos on her right arm. She was usually in long sleeve blouses with blazers or jackets, today it was a V-neck T-shirt and loose jeans and chucks, sexy.

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