tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA (Legal) Brief Show

A (Legal) Brief Show


(Author’s Note: This scenario is entirely a work of fiction. The main character, Nikki, already has one chronicled adventure, a true story called Three Times Thankful. Although this story is a work of fiction, I think anyone that knows an attorney will agree that this could really have happened. Remember this story the next time you pass that cute, quiet girl who works in the mailroom.)


It had been a long day at the office. I was working on a legal brief for Jeff Albers, one of the partners in the law firm Albers, Stephens & Brenston. I’ve been a paralegal for them for the last couple of months, and had stayed late to work on this brief, hoping to make a good impression. Finally, I just couldn’t type anything else; the screen was too blurred. I started to adjust my monitor, stopping immediately after I realized that it was my eyesight that was getting fuzzy, and not the screen. I looked up and saw that it was almost 8:30. Another day wasted in the office, I thought dejectedly. I grabbed my purse and jacket, dragged myself out of my chair and shuffled to the elevator.

As I was leaving, Shawna glanced up from the copier. It was strange; I don’t remember her working late since I’ve been here. And why would she stay late? She just handles the mailroom duties, and is usually never here a minute past six o’clock. She’s 19, very attractive, and single, so I’m sure she goes out nearly every night. At least, that’s what I would do if I had her looks and was her age. Not that I’m old or anything, but at 24, you have to think about your career, and not the constant partying that goes on every night around this town.

“Have a good night, Nikki!” she said. “At least you get to go home now. Some of us actually have to work late!”

“Yeah, guess I just don’t feel like burning the midnight oil tonight. See you tomorrow.” I muttered, continuing my trudge to the elevator. As the doors to the elevator slid shut I noticed Alex Jeffers, one of the junior partners in the firm, walk out of his office and lay his hand on Shawna’s shoulder. At that moment, the door slid shut with a silent thud. The momentary strangeness forgotten, I walked out the door to the parking lot.

I had made it all the way out to my car when a vivid picture popped into my head. I had forgotten to save the brief I was working on! It was still up on my computer, so I could just walk back upstairs and save it, and then continue home. I thought about it for a minute, and actually decided not to worry about it when my paranoia finally got the better of me. What if someone turned my computer off before tomorrow morning? I lifted myself from the driver’s seat with a sigh and proceeded to resume the slow march back upstairs to my desk, and what I hoped was a sense of sanity.

As the elevator doors slid open, I stepped out into the reception area, and walked over to the door leading to the copy room. I didn’t want to startle Shawna, so I just walked around the hallway past the door leading to the copy room. I planned to walk past the conference room and around the main area so as not to disturb her. As I rounded the corner, I saw Alex sitting in a chair in the conference room. He had his back to the glass. He looked like he was talking to someone, and as I drew closer, I saw it was Shawna.

Something was strange about her, though. She was standing in front of Alex, kind of shifting her stance back and forth, and looking really shy. She’s been here long enough that she shouldn’t be shy around anyone here, I thought to myself. I started to walk past the conference room to my computer when something shocking happened! Shawna dropped to her knees in front of Alex, and appeared to be unzipping his pants!

I quickly stepped back, so I was not in her line of sight. I thought about just walking back to the elevator slowly and leaving, but my eyes kept slipping back to the scene in the conference room. Why not have a seat and enjoy the show, I thought? They can’t see me the way they are sitting and there’s a chair at this desk, so I’ll just watch for a bit and see what happens.

Shawna had pulled his semi-erect cock from his pants, and was massaging it gently between her palms, all the while staring into Alex’s eyes. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, and my blouse suddenly felt a little too tight around my chest. As she stroked his cock, I saw it grow in her hands, until the head started to poke out from between her palms. Alex leaned back and propped his head in his hands, and Shawna turned and spit into her hand. She then began slowly pumping his cock with one hand, and teasing the head of his cock with the other. He looked to be about five or six inches and nicely shaped, at least from the view I had. I noticed I was rubbing my breast through my blouse, and my nipple was nearly poking through the fabric. I decided to take a small chance of my own; after all, they appeared to just be getting started so I had some time to relax and enjoy myself.

I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse and unsnapped the clasp of my bra, silently thanked the woman who invented the front clasp, and pulled the bra aside to expose my right breast. My nipple had grown quite hard from the stroking I had already given it, but I tugged and tweaked it even more, making it even more erect. I stroked and twirled my fingertips softly around the light pink circle of my nipple, and caressed the tip with my fingernail. I was getting really hot, and needed to do more to myself. Could I dare?

In the conference room, Shawna began to tease the tip of Alex’s cock with her tongue, lashing it back and forth, and occasionally licking the head like it was an ice cream cone. Alex just sat there, hands behind his head, relaxing and enjoying Shawna’s ministrations. I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to get off, or I was going to scream!

Luckily, it was spring so I had worn a skirt to work that day. I reached under my skirt with my left hand and slid my thong to the side, noticing that it was already soaked through with my juices. I slid my finger slowly over my slit, pressing slightly harder near my clit, but not penetrating myself yet. I knew if I started to actually stroke my clit directly, I would come in a matter of seconds. I wanted to see more of the show. I just kept teasing my clit with my left hand and both of my nipples with my right, my hand dancing back and forth under my open blouse.

Shawna was starting to work into a faster rhythm on Alex, bobbing up and down. She wasn’t getting very deep, but it was obvious that she was doing something right as Alex was starting to twist and squirm in his seat. He couldn’t hold on much longer, I figured, and neither could I for that matter. It was time to finish this and escape unnoticed.

I looked around on the desk I was sitting at until I found what I was looking for; one of those rubber finger-pads that secretaries use to avoid paper cuts when sorting mail. I slipped it onto my finger and began stroking my swollen clit very rapidly. I could barely breathe, I was shaking so hard! I was about to come when I took one last glance into the conference room.

Alex had his eyes closed, and I could see Shawna stroking his cock with one hand while sucking the head. She was slipping her hand up and down so fast that it was almost a blur, and I could see his face clench in impending orgasm. I thought she would just suck him dry, but then she surprised me again. She quickly reached up and puller her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts! She resumed stroking his cock, rubbing the tip all over her breasts. She was talking to him but I couldn’t hear what they were saying – and it really didn’t matter that much to me at that moment. Just as he started pumping stream after stream of hot cum onto her chest, my pussy clenched in one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had in my life. I trembled and had to bite my lip to keep from crying out, it was so strong!

I quickly composed myself and tossed the finger pad into the pocket of my blouse, thinking that it would come in handy again some other time. As I buttoned my blouse and straightened my skirt, I watched Shawna take the silk handkerchief Alex had handed her and gently wipe the cum off of her perky breasts and soft hands. I slipped back through the copy area to my desk and saved my brief, and then walked nonchalantly to the elevator. As the door was closing, I saw Shawna walk around the corner and wave at me, with a big smile on her face! Suddenly, I realized that while Alex couldn’t see me, Shawna could see me the whole time! I had no idea what to think, and worried about it the whole night. Would she tell Alex, or even worse, my boss Jeff? When I sat down at my computer the next morning, my fears were quickly put to rest by an e-mail message waiting on my computer.

You know, Nikki, it’s not fair that you got to watch my little show, and I couldn’t watch yours…you and I will have to see what we can do about that, now won’t we? :) Let’s do lunch this week, k? Oh, and I ordered Pam another finger pad – seems she lost hers somehow. Any idea what happened to it? I’d love to know… :P Love, Shawna

But that’s a story for another day.

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