tagNonHumanA Lesson for Professor Ch. 03

A Lesson for Professor Ch. 03


Eric pushed against her hearing her moan softly. He wanted to hear more. She had piqued his interest and he wanted more. He rubbed her back kissing her neck softly, "Tell me...more...my little student..."

Carlina moaned running her fingers through Eric's hair, "Then after I ride you, you could take me again, binding my wrists to the bedposts with your ribbons, belts, or anything else that you want. Then binding my ankles against the bed making it where I can't move while you fuck me. I can only scream and moan as you pound me into the bed. Biting my neck whispering dirty little things in my ear about what else you want to do to me. Call me your dirty little student. Who's so bad that she has to fuck her teacher in order to pass. A dirty student who's so bad she doesn't care who she gets it from as long as she gets fucked good and hard. A student who wants to be fucked by her teacher so bad that she'll suck him off after class in order for that to happen." she moaned rubbing harder against Eric. Eric moaned pushing upwards into Carlina removing her sweater letting it slide to the floor. She hugged Eric closer feeling his hands on her backside squeezing her butt gently.

Carlina moaned knowing that what she says next might actually break Eric's resolve. She had to admit she expected Eric to tell her to get off of him because she was breaking the rules not grind against her. She knew that deep down inside Eric was a pervert and probably a good fuck.

She moaned leaning towards his ear, "You know what would be the best thing though."

"No...what..." Eric panted. Carlina turned Eric's head to look at her staring deeply in his sliver eyes as his silver eyes returned the stare in her blue ones , "You would be the one fucking me professor..." she drawled out seeing Eric's resolve break. He kissed her feverishly pushing her against the desk. Carlina moaned she smiled this is what she wanted she was so happy.

Eric started moving against her pushing as deep as their clothes would allow. Carlina moaned wrapping her arms around Eric's neck as she kissed him back. His hand inched to her breast covered by her black button down shirt. He twisted her nipple hearing her moan as she tugged his hair.

Eric leaned towards her ear his hand teasing her clit, hearing Carlina moan under him, "You bad student disturbing your teacher while he's trying to do his work. You're so bad...ahh..." he moaned as Carlina rubbed against him harder.

"I am...oh are you going to punish me professor?" Carlina moaned unzipping Eric's hoodie letting it join her sweater on the floor.

"Yes I'm going to punish my bad student. Ooo she's so wet she must want me really bad. Do you want me really bad Carlina?" Eric said huskily pressing his finger against her wetness. Carlina moaned loudly tugging at his hair, "Yes...oh god professor yes..."

"You want me to fuck you right here in the office don't you. On top of this desk while you scream my name." Eric breathed against her neck his hands rubbing her breasts. Carlina moaned squirming around, "Yes...Professor Jones...yes..."

Eric moved from her neck locking eyes with Carlina, "Call me Eric..." he said huskily leaning in his lips brushing against Carlina's before kissing her.

Carlina moaned in the kiss her tongue dancing with Eric's as she buried her hands in Eric's hair rubbing against him harder. She wrapped her legs around Eric's waist moving against him. Eric broke the kiss moaning. His hands found the pin in Carlina's hair. He pulled it out watching her black blue streaked hair fall around her face and down her neck. He didn't know Carlina had so much hair. He never saw her with her hair down. Sometimes at night he often wondered how long it was. He ran his fingers through her hair loving the softness of the strands between his fingers. God he was happy that he had to go to work today.

Carlina moaned feeling Eric's hand in her hair Eric's other hand rubbing her back. Eric leaned towards her ear, "Turn around where I'm on the bottom." Carlina nodded becoming wetter from the authority she heard in his voice. She unwrap her legs getting off of Eric. He stood up from his chair going towards the desk. He leaned against it turning Carlina around. He caressed her cheek softly before pushing her close to his arousal he smiled as she moaned.

"Do you see what you did to your professor? You're so bad and so hot." Eric said kissing her neck his hands running up and down her thighs. He's losing it slowly. Carlina's moans and groans were turning him on so much. He hasn't felt this way in awhile.

Carlina moaned, "Oh Professor Eric I'm sorry. I didn't know my teacher was so naughty himself. I am a student you know. AHH!" she moaned loudly as Eric spanked her.

"I know, but his student is so bad flirting and seducing him like this." Eric moaned knocking his papers off his desk. He got on top of the desk pulling Carlina on top of him. She straddled his waist while Eric started running his hands up and down her thighs.

"Now my...little student...want to earn some...extra credit."

Carlina moaned moving her hips against him. She was excited to see what Eric would do next. Eric pushed up into her moaning softly. When he didn't hear Carlina say anything he spanked her again.

"Ahh..." Carlina moaned seeing Eric smirk. He held her hips still chuckling at her frustrated moan.

"Nuh uh now Carlina do you want to earn some extra credit?" Eric asked as Carlina nodded once again earning another spanking from Eric. Carlina cried out this one was harder than the last one. It felt better than the last one too.

"Carlina...do you...want...some extra...credit." Eric breathed moving against her with each word. Carlina tried moving back, but Eric held her hips still. He spanked her again when he didn't hear her. Carlina moaned loudly falling forward, her hands going on either side of Eric's head, as she panted, "God, Eric, please let me move. I-I-I feel like I'm going to explode."

Eric smiled evilly bringing her head down for a passionate kiss. Eric's tongue mapped out her mouth while Carlina moaned. She never would've thought that sweet, kind, seemingly innocent Eric was like this. She was right Eric was a different person altogether when aroused. She loved it when she was right.

Carlina tugged at Eric's shirt. Taking the hint Eric broke the kiss pulling his shirt off. Carlina took in the sight of slightly pale, toned muscles.

/Eric has a wonderful body shame he's not a warlock, but if he was he wouldn't be here with me right now. Oh I would hate that. / Carlina thought running her hands up and down his chest. Eric moans kissing her neck his hands pulling off her shirt. He took in the sight of delicious caramel brown skin. He shivered as he cupped her breasts gently. Carlina moaned, feeling Eric's hands on her chest. He was kneading her orbs tugging at her nipples and moving against her. Carlina tried moving, but Eric spanked her again. Carlina moaned loudly seeing that same evil smile on his face, "For you to move you have to tell me...do you want extra credit?"

Carlina nodded earning another spanking from Eric, "You have to speak Carlina. I know how you're a slow learner..." he said huskily as Carlina moaned.

"I-I-I want...extra credit..." Carlina whispered. Eric started moving against her keeping her hips in his firm, yet gentle grip as Carlina moaned loudly.

"Hmm...can't hear you Carlina. Why so quiet?" Eric purred lifting her up and down. Carlina bit her lip moaning deeply, "I want...extra credit..." she said louder. Eric moaned softly, "Sit up a bit Carlina, yeah that's good." he panted slipping his pants and boxers down in one swoop. He placed Carlina on the tip of his member. Moving against her as she moaned trying to pull her skirt and stockings off, but Eric pulled her hands away chuckling at Carlina's frustrated groan.

"Now...ahh...what do you want again Carlina..." Eric moaned. Carlina threw her head back, "I WANT EXTRA CREDIT! I WANT TO FUCK YOU FOR EXTRA CREIDT! PLEASE PROFESSOR ERIC!" she screamed panting loudly.

Eric moaned removing Carlina's skirt and stockings throwing them aside. He lowers her on his shaft slowly hearing her moaning loudly. When he was in her all the way she panted running her hands over her sweat covered body turning Eric on more.

"See that's all...ahh...you had to do...you have to tell professor what you want. Now you get extra points if...ahh...if...ahh...if you...can make...your professor...scream..." Eric said huskily moaning as Carlina started moving.

She leaned forward towards Eric's ear, licking the rim slowly. She took the lobe in her mouth nibbling on it as Eric moaned loudly. She locked eyes with Eric licking her lips slowly as Eric growled softly, "You don't have to worry about...that...ahh...professor...for you...I'm an overachiever..."

Eric moaned pushing up in Carlina as Carlina pushed down. It began slowly at first both of them trying to find their rhythm. When they found it Carlina started moaning Eric's name like a mantra. Eric moaned taking Carlina's hand in his own squeezing it gently.

"Ahh...yes...oh...so bad my little...student...so bad...yet so good...ahh..." Eric moaned his hands gripping her hips. Carlina moved herself faster, "I'm...glad...oh..." rolling her hips she moaned loudly when he brushed against her spot.

"Yes...there...god...professor you feel...so good..." Carlina moaned moving faster. Eric moaned loudly, "Ahh...you feel good...too...so...wet...and tight...faster...Carlina...move faster..." Eric moaned sitting up wrapping his arms around Carlina's waist as he buried his face in her breasts. Carlina moaned loudly at Eric's sudden movement groaning at their new position. Though now she could get a better grip on his hair as she moved up and down faster. Her juices coating her thighs running down Eric's shaft to his balls making her slip faster. She could feel herself coming to an end soon, but an evil thought came to mind. Even though it's going to drive her slightly mad with the way things were going she's sure Eric will go mad before her.

Eric could feel Carlina coming to her end. He was coming there too. With a couple more thrusts he would be done, but before he could get there he felt Carlina slowing down. Eric gave a frustrated moan, "Carlina..." he choked out trying to move her up and down. Carlina smiled evilly leaning down to kiss Eric slowly waiting until he calmed down to move again. Eric moaned in the kiss his hands going in her hair. Carlina broke the kiss the evil smile on her face making Eric shiver, "Aww professor...did you want...to come...ahh..." she moaned loudly feeling Eric spank her once again.

"God...you're so naughty...teasing your...professor like this...ahh..." Eric moaned feeling Carlina move faster again this time her breath coming out in short quick pants as she gripped Eric's hair tighter.

"I told you...I'm a bad student...ahh and I love...teasing...my professor...oh Eric...spank me again..." Carlina moaned moving faster. Eric moaned spanking Carlina again. Carlina threw her head back moaning loudly.

"Yes...Eric...yes...again...ahh..." Carlina moaned screaming when Eric spanked her harder.

"You like...that...don't you...my bad little...student..." Eric moaned moving her faster.

"Yes...but...I like...this more..." Carlina said leaning down to kiss Eric slowing down once again. Eric moaned again in the kiss, "Ahh...damn...Carlina..." he groaned taking one of Carlina's nipples in his mouth his hands rubbing up and down her body. Carlina laughed softly moaning loudly when Eric bit down on her nipple gently. Carlina wanted to come, but found that teasing Eric is a lot more fun. Eric was so hard it felt like he's going to pass out. He's never been this hard before it was maddening, but it felt good at the same time.

Carlina moaned starting to move quickly again. This time Eric rocked with her meeting her downward thrust with an upward one. Her breaths started coming out in quick short pants, her hands buried deep in his hair, as she rock faster. This time she wanted to come and knew that this orgasm would be mind blowing.

Eric started to pant harder groaning with each thrust.

"Carlina...please...let...your professor...come...come...with me...come to me..." Eric moaned in Carlina's ear. Carlina moaned, "Yes...professor...yes...come...come...I'm gonna...ahh..." she panted running her hands through Eric's hair franticly. Eric moaned pulling Carlina down for a heated kiss. Carlina kissed back moaning as Eric moved her faster calling Carlina's name out each time. Carlina bit her lip holding back her scream.

"Carlina...Carlina...ahh...such...a...naughty student...my naughty student..." Eric moaned.

"YES...I'M YOUR STUDENT...YES...YES..." Carlina yelled throwing her head back digging her nails in Eric's shoulder.

Eric moaned loudly moving faster, "My...beautiful...sexy...ahh...student..."

Carlina moaned pulling Eric's hair as Eric moaned loudly, "Yes...I...am...oh professor...professor...ahh...so...good..." she moaned her body shaking slightly. She knew that she wasn't far away. She looked at Eric and knew that he was close too. Locking eyes with Eric she lifted herself up to Eric's tip before plunging down she moaned loudly, "I-I I'm...oh...PROFESSOR ERIC!" Carlina screamed her orgasm hitting her with full force. Eric moaned loudly, "CARLINA!" he screamed emptying his seed in her. Carlina was shaking slightly as Eric saw stars dancing in front of his eyes. They collapsed on the desk panting harshly their bodies continuing to riding out their orgasms. Eric ran a hand through Carlina's damp hair as Carlina snuggled up to him.

"Wow...Eric...I never came so much before. I swear...it feels like I'm still coming. Wow...you're good..." Carlina said tracing circles lazily on his chest gathering her breath.

Eric smiled chuckling softly, "Thanks Carlina...you're pretty good yourself. Oh you got your extra credit and the points are doubled because of...how amazing you made your professor feel." he said kissing Carlina softly. Carlina broke the kiss giggling, "I'm glad...you know I thought about it. We fucked on top of a desk. I didn't know you were so kinky Eric."

Eric smiled, "There are many things you don't know about me Carlina, but I'll be happy to teach you." he whispered feeling Carlina shiver.

"Oh I can't wait...professor..." Carlina said softly hearing Eric chuckle. They laid there for awhile basking in a comfortable afterglow.

"You know before we leave we have to clean this office up. Oh not to mention I need to take those papers home with me." Eric said.

"Why you can finish them here can't you?" Carlina said.

"Well don't you want to get something to eat and get home so I can tutor you?" Eric said smirking. Carlina giggled, "Ooo why sure professor."

"Plus I'll never look at this desk the same again." Eric said.

"I agree though it was fun." Carlina said smiling. Eric smiled leaning up to kiss her after he broke the kiss he smiled, "You're right it was. You know I'm happy I decided to come to work today."

Carlina giggled, "I am too."

Eric smiled, "We should get up before we fall asleep. Now that would be something wouldn't it."

Carlina giggled, "It would be like the time we caught Hunter and Irvine sleeping on Irvine's desk after what looked like a mind blowing encounter."

Eric laughed, "That was funny. I didn't know Hunter could blush that hard."

Carlina laughed, "Neither did I. Irvine was so mad and embarrassed. That was funny, but you're right let me get off." she said lifting herself off of Eric's soft member wincing slightly.

"You ok Carlina? I didn't hurt you did I?" Eric said his face etched in concern. Carlina smiled, "Nah I'm fine, I just had the best sex of my life so of course I'm going to be sore." It amazed Carlina that just a few minutes ago Eric was so sensuous and dominate. Now he was back to his caring self. Carlina had to admit Eric hid his inner pervert well.

"Ok well maybe you should take the rest of the day off." Eric said hoping off the desk. He muttered a cleaning spell smiling at his handy work. He was really an attack wizard, but he chose to be a teacher to help out the younger generation. He also stayed behind just in case he needed to protect the city.

"I'm fine Eric don't worry. I got to file alot of reports too. Though I don't think I'll be able to concentrate today, unless you can help me Eric." Carlina said kissing Eric. Eric smiled in the kiss wrapping his arms around Carlina's waist as Carlina wrapped her arms around his neck. He backed up pushing Carlina against the wall. The kiss started out gently becoming passionate quickly as Eric's tongue pushed through Carlina's lips. Carlina's tongue battling with Eric's for dominance one of her hands buried in Eric's hair as Eric rubbed her back.

They broke the kiss slowly both of them gathering their breaths as they smiled at each other.

"Wow Eric you are great. I didn't know there was such a freaky person behind that kind sweet teacher." Carlina said.

Eric smiled as he laughed, "Well I'm still my sweet self. There's a side my students see, there's a side Axel and the other see, there's a side my friends see, and there's a side that I reserve for certain people, like you Carlina, to see. So I'm many pieces of a big puzzle, but they all make up me. I'll still be sweet, but I'll punish you when you deserve it." he whispered nuzzling her neck. Carlina shivered, "Ooo I know you were something special Eric. I always knew." she said smiling. Eric smiled back placing a small kiss on Carlina's cheek, "I always knew you were something special too Carlina."

Carlina smiled caressing Eric's cheek, "Oh Eric...well let me get dressed before I want you to teach me another lesson."

She kissed Eric on the cheek turning to go looking for her clothes. She pulled her shirt back on slipping her skirt on afterwards.

Eric smiled, "True and let me get dress before you want to earn some more extra credit. I don't have a problem with that though. I love when my students want to learn." He looked for his clothes pulling his hair back when he found his band. He slipped on his shirt pulling up his pants when he found them.

"Oh trust me Eric this student wants to learn." Carlina said walking over to him. She cup Eric's cheek caressing it softly, "And she has the best teacher teaching her what she needs to know."

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