tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter to Rishi Ch. 01

A Letter to Rishi Ch. 01



It is unfortunate we couldn't meet during my visit. As you know I was in Delhi for only three days en route to Chennai while on the winter break. Of course the pretence for my stopover in Delhi was to spend time with you - my best friend. However at the last moment you never showed up - citing a week long intern job as the reason for your absence. I know the real reason Rishi - and so does your mother. I know you simply didn't want to see the two of us around together and while you couldn't stop my visit, you decided it would be better to distance yourself altogether and not be the cover-guy to "protect" your mother and I from your dad.

And that is why I am writing this to you - so you can know what occurred in your absence. Of course with both you and your brother away in different Universities, it was only going to be me and your parents at your home.

Do you know your mother came to the airport to pick me up? Neena looked sensational - she was obviously wanting to make an impression on me. What a lovely mother you have Rishi! She was dressed in a stunning white sari with coloured borders and some brocaded embroidery on it. She had deliberately worn it a bit low-hip, unlike her usual conservative style. I could see her smooth stomach and an inviting belly-button. She had also chosen her bra and blouse carefully - her breasts jutted out a bit more than normal under her sari. Her curvy body looked amazingly sexy - I noted all this as I walked towards her at the arrival area in the airport. Neena gave me a gentle innocent looking hug - I felt the slight press of her breasts as she did so and smelt a nice jasmine perfume.If I could, I would have stripped her down in a jiffy and fucked her right there in public.

However I did no such thing unfortunately! I kept holding on to your mother's hand - much like a small boy would. As we walked towards the car, we discreetly pressed our intertwined fingers while making small talk. Neena informed me about your absence. I can tell you that I was initially a bit miffed - I was counting on your presence to help your mother and I continue our dalliances during my short stay and now you were not going to be there. I was already aroused just being near your mom - and now unsure how the rest of the days were going to play out.

As we got into the car, I remained in the backseat and your mom joined me there with the driver being in front. The journey from the airport was frustratingly uneventful. With the driver in front (and you now how gossipy the servants can be!), we maintained a casual conversation. I however could not take my eyes of Neena for much of the journey. Sitting a few feet from me she was a vision of beauty and I couldn't even get to touch her! Your mom updated me on the entire family and some news about our old school. Thankfully you live only around 20 mins from the airport. As we reached your home, the driver came in with us, lugging my two suitcases up. It must have been around 3pm then - the Delhi winter afternoon setting in and the sun starting to dip.

Neena had already told me in the car that your dad wouldn't be home till after 6:30pm - this with a meaningful look in her eyes. As the driver dropped the suitcases and stepped out the door, Neena followed through quickly to bolt it shut. I was right behind her then and as soon as she turned around, I took her in my arms and placed my lips on hers. I know I have told you this before Rishi and I will say it again, your mother has such sexy lips - always richly coated with red lipstick - like a pouting model. We grabbed each other in a tight embrace - having been apart for several months - while our lips kept pressing against each other and our tongues intertwined in a passionate smooch session.

Her soft body felt wonderful against mine - my erection pressed against her lower belly and rubbing against her body. Eventually we broke this kissing session - panting heavily and a bit out of breath. I led her to the sofa (the same one where you caught us the first time!) and I made her sit on my lap. We then continued a necking session for the next half-hour or so. I can tell you during this time it was all kissing and nothing else. I kept giving her compliments on her loveliness in between long wet kisses on her lips, long slow licks on her cheeks and nibbles on her neck. She crooned slightly and I know she really enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. I had my right hand caressing her entire body in slow movements, my fingers lightly tracing lines over her arms and her waist. While kissing, I had lifted the hem of her sari and petticoat over her legs and begun caressing her legs and her thighs and this was getting her really aroused. When eventually I parted her thighs and got close to that magic triangle between her legs, I realised she had not been wearing any panties at all!

Rishi - you cannot imagine the feeling of pride, power and arousal I felt then! That your lovely mom, a good wife in every other way and a respected teacher in a top public school - would do this for me... I used my middle finger to rub over her clitoris while continuing to rain gentle kisses on her lips. Her body relaxed and slumped backwards as my finger teased her clit and she started moaning softly into my mouth - your mom sounds so sexy when she moans. Do you know I can get a hard on just imagining the sound of her sighs and moans? What a woman!

But to get back to that moment, I teased her for a few minutes then inserted my fingers into her wet vaginal folds. My two fingers slipped in easily and came out sopping wet. I lifted my hand and inserted the fingers into my mouth, one at a time. I did this looking into your mothers' eyes, savoring her taste - and said only one word to her.


I then put my fingers back into her pussy a second time. This time I took my hand to her mouth and wiped them on her lips and chin and then proceed to kiss her again - tasting her pussy on her mouth and face. I played this game for some time before getting back to attacking her clitoris and bringing her to a long orgasm. Oh - How her hips bucked and twisted on my lap as she climaxed!

After this first orgasm of hers, we settled for a few more minutes of kissing each other. I then motioned for her to stand up. I reached behind her back and slipped my fingers underneath her blouse to unhitch the bra. I then lifted her blouse over her breasts, exposing a pair of lovely nipples that were already aroused and standing erect. Rishi - sometimes I am so jealous of you and your brother - that you guys were able to drink milk from those gorgeous breasts of your mom. I love those succulent mounds and I spent the next several minutes with my mouth loving one breast and then the other.

I slipped the pallu of the sari off her shoulder and pulled apart her sari and petticoat to leave her standing nearly naked - her blouse and bra hitched above a pair of exposed breasts. I slipped off the sofa to sit on the floor. I took her right leg and lifted it to place her heel on the edge of the sofa. I moved my head forward in between her thighs and lifting my face upwards, started tonguing her pussy. My two hands were cupping her buttocks from behind, squeezing them gently as I ate your divinely attractive mom. She took my hair in both her hands and caressed my head with her fingers as I continued my assault on her pussy bringing her to a second orgasm. Your mom has a delicious pussy - she tells me your dad has never eaten her. What a crime! A pussy like that was made for eating. When she recovered from her orgasm, she sat down on my lap again for another round of smooching.

She then proceed to undress me completely and had me lie down on the sofa. She started kissing my body from my neck downwards to my legs and the back of my knees - small little flicks of the tongue - boy it felt so good. Shen then took my erect cock in her hands and started sucking gently on my balls. You see Rishi - your mom hadn't much experience in sucking a man's cock either - apparently another thing your dad doesn't allow her to do much. Of course with me, she has now gotten some practice and while she is still not exceptional with her mouth - she can give a pleasurable blow job. She was obviously eager to please and to reciprocate for the two intense orgasms she had just been through. She really did a great job loving my cock then - gentle movement in and out of her soft mouth and occasional breaks to kiss it all over.

Rishi - your mom is such an amazing fuckable woman! I knew I had to get my cock inside of her. I pulled her off me and switched positions to have her lie on the sofa underneath me and entered the warm inviting walls of her vagina. I must have done a few hundred strokes in and out of her when I realized she wasn't that aroused anymore. The two quick back-to-back orgasms had had their effect. I asked her if she'd like to be on top - I know she prefers this position (apparently your dad doesn't!) and she agreed.

I got off her and leaned back in a sitting position on the sofa as she straddled my hips and lowered herself on my cock. I enjoyed the sight of her beautiful body as she continued a steady up and down movement on my lap. My hands groped and squeezed and fondled her breasts and nipples. I then knew what she really wanted! I asked her to stop and pull herself closer to me in an embrace while I was still inside of her. I then slowly slid my body to the edge of the sofa and then grasping her legs from below, got up to a standing position with her body tightly pressed against mine.

We then did the walking fuck! She loves for me to walk slowly while being held in my arms and my cock impaled inside her. The walking accentuated the movement of my cock inside her pussy. I have to say I really love doing this - although it can be tiring. You know Rishi - we walked around the entire flat - to each of the bedrooms and around, stopping in every room in a standing position for a few minutes for rest and then continuing on again. Neena was uncontrollably moaning now - she was definitely loving this. We eventually circled back and reached the kitchen when the phone rang. I am glad your apartment has a little counter between the kitchen and the dining area where you keep the phone. Your mother wanted to ignore the call but I told her no way and trudged back to the counter where the phone was kept.

You can imagine what it looked like - me lifting your naked mom with her thighs wrapped tightly around my waist and my cock nestled in between her pussy, her long black hair flowing down loosely to her waist. I stopped next to the phone making it easy for her to reach out with one hand and pick up the receiver. Do you know who it was on the other end? It was your dad! Enquiring to see if I had arrived safely....

When your mom picked up the phone she was obviously a bit shocked to hear her husband's voice on the other end - there she was in my arms with my erect cock lodged firmly inside of her. For a few seconds I stood still and then my adventurous side took over. This was an unbelievable situation - here I was fucking your mom Neena while your dad was on the phone with her. Instead of standing still, I started walking again carrying your mom. It was difficult for her to carry on a conversation while muffling her moans of pleasure and this made the situation all the more arousing. I walked towards your parents' bedroom - seemed so appropriate to do so. Your mom made a few hurried comments to say I had arrived safely - thankfully your dad did most of the talking! I started walking back and forth a few steps in their bedroom when your dad insisted on saying hello to me. Your mom took the phone and pressed it against my ear as I walked.

I managed to mumble a few words and tried to put up a normal conversational tone as I walked - luckily your dad did most of hte talking. Your mom was clinging to me, her face pressed against my shoulder her lips planting on soft kisses on my upper chest, her thighs more tightly wrapped around my waist and hips. All of a sudden, I think the illicitness of the situation got to her and she started orgasming again. I continued with my walking movement while trying to finish off the conversation with your dad - he really is a true kabab-mein-haddi! I had myself planned to keep up the walking for some more time before finishing off with her on the bed but now I could feel her body bucking and her pussy walls contract and expand powerfully against my cock. Those motions were too much for me to bear and I found myself coming in huge spurts inside of her. Neena immediately turned the phone off as we were both likely to be noisome and it was too dangerous! We stood still for a few seconds till the orgasm passed and her moans subsided.

The phone rang again - your dad was getting very tiresome indeed! Neena pressed the phone to my ear again. I held her tightly against my body as we walked to the edge of the dining table and gently sat her down on it. The phone call continued for a minute or two more as my cock deflated inside of her. When your dad eventually put the phone down - we both looked at each other and grinned - the term "cheshire cat" comes to mind.

I bent down and kissed her and we did a long necking session once more. I lifted her up once again - with her thighs wrapped around me - though this time my cock was no longer in her! She looked questioningly at me as I walked up to their bedroom and then to the shower in the bathroom. I turned on the tap and we stood there for several minutes with her still clinging to me as we kissed and tongued each other. Eventually I let her down to stand and we soaped each other thoroughly - and then much against her complaints of sensitivity in her pussy, I fingered her to yet another orgasm.

When we came out from the shower, your mom mentioned that your dad was now going to be home much earlier and that was one of the things he had mentioned on the phone. I grabbed my suitcases - still in the living room and moved them to your bedroom (where I was to sleep). Neena put on her saree again, looking alluring as ever. I was also quite hungry by this time - your mom was all that I had eaten that afternoon! Neena went to the kitchen to rustle up something for me. I knew there was not enough gap for me to recover and fuck her properly before your dad got in. We therefore contented ourselves for the remainder of the evening with kisses, embraces, gropes and some lascivious comments.

Finally your dad arrived, interrupting a torrid necking session between Neena and I. Your mom is a very good actress! She always manages to keep a normal disposition when I am around - something which is difficult for me to do. For the first little while, she was busy getting some tea and snacks for your dad. We were back to general conversation and I had to surreptitiously ogle your mom. While your dad drank his tea, we all sat in the living room. He was asking me questions about University life in the US and telling me about you and your brother. I looked up at Neena in the midst of this and noticed that her pallu was pushed to one side, exposing her left breast still covered by her blouse. For the next few minutes I kept ogling her breast while keeping the talk going and then realized that she was not wearing a bra - a nipple was clearly sticking out under the blouse! She caught my eye and smiled knowing that I had noticed. A few minutes later, the pallu was pushed more to the center. Both her breasts were visible now and the outline of both nipples could be clearly seen.

It was hard to talk normally with your dad while his wife was across from me looking so goddamn slutty and sexy! A few minutes later, she wriggled her body to give me a better view of her belly and lovely navel. Damn - I so wanted to fuck her then, right in front of your dad. However as with all good things, this show came to an end as your dad finished his tea. He then turned on the TV - he likes watching the news channels as all adults do.

Your mom went to the kitchen for some time leaving me alone with your dad. We watched TV for some time - occasionally talking about some of the news items.

Neena finally came out of the kitchen and sat on one of the dining table chairs which as you know is behind the sofa (and thus where your dad was sitting). She then complained of pain in her shoulders and neck region as well as her lower back.

"Aunty, I think you could use some Iodex."

Your dad agreed with this but clearly had no intention of doing anything from his side. I got the hint of where this was leading to.

"Should I massage your shoulders, aunty?"

"Yes, beta."

I asked her where the Iodex bottle was and having found it, went up to stand behind her. We were both facing the TV, she sitting on the chair and directly behind your dad who was also glued to the news. I bent down and gave her a wet kiss on the lips and we smiled at each other.

I took a bit of the balm on my fingers and rubbed it on her shoulders. The strong pungent smell of the gel filled the room. I started massaging your mother's neck and shoulders, rubbing the ointment in with my fingers. Her skin felt soft and smooth.

"Ah, thats so nice!"

She made some small throaty murmurs in appreciation of the massage.

Every now and then I'd bend down and we would exchange a kiss. My hands started straying a bit down on the top of her chest and caressing her neck as part of the massage. She arched her head backwards to allow an easier exchange of kisses. It was all a bit crazy but the earlier adventure in the afternoon of the phone talk with your dad had emboldened both of us a bit and we were making out barely three feet away from him. I also started caressing and massaging her arms from top to bottom. I then moved them downwards to the front of her body and under the pallu of her saree to cup both her breasts and start squeezing them.

Your dad continued to watch the TV oblivious of what was going on behind him. I spent a few more minutes fondling your mother all over while exchanging kisses that got longer in duration.

Eventually we had to stop as the news program wound down. But it had been an exhilarating 20 minutes of risky pleasure. For the rest of the evening we confined ourselves to exchanging a few kisses on the sly and a few gropes. During dinner I played footsie with your mom at the dining table, sliding my toes under the helm of her sari and caressing her legs - she cooperated very nicely in this. Sometime after dinner she prepared a glass of hot milk for your dad to drink along with his daily medication. I was in the kitchen by the refrigerator when she did this.

"What are all these medicines for?"

She mentioned a few problems your dad was having like cholesterol and a high sugar level and then pointed to one tablet in the bunch saying it was a sleeping tablet she had thrown into the pile knowing he wouldn't notice it. It was clear that she was looking for some more action in the night and didn't want her husband interrupting us in anyway!

Rishi - I will stop now. What we did that night and for the rest of my stay will take another letter or two to pen down. I certainly had a most wonderful and enjoyable stay I must say. I will write more in my next letter to describe in detail what all happened and I think you will end up being more shocked than ever - you certainly have your father's genes.

You have an amazing mom Rishi - I certainly treasure her company and hope to have many more pleasurable moments with her for a long long time to come.

Goodbye! Do let me know how your internship was!

Yours affectionately,


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