tagInterracial LoveA Life for Laura Ch. 02

A Life for Laura Ch. 02


(Best read chapter 1 first.)

Ken's story

My name is Ken. I'm a corporate lawyer with a respectable firm and even though I haven't been doing this very long, I already earn good money.

I met my lovely wife, Laura, at a party given by her parents after she graduated from her nursing training. She is a stunner. A beautiful curvaceous blond who could have stepped out of a film set. We hit it off immediately.

Two days after we met, she was in my apartment bouncing happily up and down on my erection. I could hardly believe my luck. I had never before been with any girl even half as good looking as Laura. Or one who seemed to enjoy sex as much. Straight, anal or oral, it was all a great pleasure to her. I had never experienced such a wonderful cocksucker, or a girl who was so ready to offer her ass for my pleasure.

We married a few months later, still head over heels in love. Or was it just lust?

Things went fine at work. I was earmarked for rapid advancement and was soon earning an outrageous amount of money. We had a big well furnished apartment in a condo with garden, a swimming pool and three spaces in the garage. We also had subscriptions to the best neighbourhood social clubs.

On the domestic side, things between Laura and me did cool a little after the first flush of carnal passion. After eighteen months she announced she would like us to have a baby.

I agreed but it was to no avail. She didn't get pregnant, no matter how many times we tried. After several months, although nothing was said, there was a perceptible cooling off between us. Sex seemed to happen less and less frequently, usually because Laura had an endless list of excuses.

When it did happen it was just the same old ritual.

I began to despair. Several of my friends had warned me before marriage that lovers cool off but I hadn't anticipated it would fade between Laura and me after only two years.

After all, we liked the same films, the same books and our tastes were generally in tune with each other.

The trouble was that I was getting more and more frustrated sexually. One of the younger secretaries at work, a pretty nineteen year old girl called Alice, clearly fancied me. She made it obvious that she was available, should I care to make it with her.

And one night when I was genuinely working late, she stayed behind to help. We only touched briefly, but within seconds, she was lying across my desk as I drove my cock into her willing cunt with some gusto. It was a good fuck, which we both enjoyed, but it didn't bode well for my marriage.

Nevertheless, Alice and I began to fuck regularly two or three times a week after that, which did at least reduce my sense of frustration with Laura.

Then one day I went home early with a bit of a headache and sore throat. Not wishing to infect the whole office with what I thought was the start of a bad cold, I took a couple of aspirins and got my head down.

An hour or so later, I woke up feeling much better, so I got up. Laura wasn't home yet. She had left her laptop on charge so I started to unplug it and ended up looking with some curiosity at her browsing history. I wanted to find out what amused her and excited her. If I could do that, I might be able to rekindle the spark we seemed, for the time being, to have lost.

I was surprised to find she had been looking at some porn sites. One in particular, seemed to repeat time and again. It was an interracial porn site that she seemed to favour. The bit that attracted her showed a young white girl, not unlike Laura herself, sucking a black guy's cock and getting fucked every way possible. Most of the other sites she had visited were on the same lines, usually showing quite pretty white girls being fucked, and sometimes double fucked, by black men.

I put the laptop back exactly as I had found it and went back to bed to think.

Then I got an idea!

Laura again

At first sex between Ken and me was great. Then after a few months he seemed to change. I don't know if it was the pressure of work or what, but our sex seemed to get into a high-sided rut from which we just couldn't break out. It was just the same old humping every time.

Frankly I began to find the sex boring, boring, boring. At nursing school, my friends and I had some great high jinks together, especially with some of our black colleagues and at a local West Indian club. It had been a wonderfully varied sex life which I recommend without hesitation to any girl.

As my married state turned dull, it was perhaps inevitable that my interest turned to our gardener. We lived in an apartment in a condo with a fairly good sized garden and a pool. The man who looked after it was a tall rugged-looking black man called Matt.

He had a gratis basement apartment whose entrance was partly concealed along a short alley behind the garages. If ever there was a place designed for illicit liaisons, that was it.

One sunny afternoon while I stretched out on a lounger by the pool, Matt came out and offered me a drink which, the day being especially hot, was gratefully accepted. It was a stiff gin and tonic which I downed thirstily. He offered me another.

Now I know full well that two double gins and I'm anybodies, so I can't claim I wasn't aware of the consequences when I nodded my acceptance of that second drink. The trouble was that I was sexually frustrated and suspected Ken was having it off with a pretty19 year old brunette called Alice who worked in the same office.

Also I found Matt very attractive. I had always fancied black men ever since I had my first orgasm on the cock of a man called Joe when I was eighteen. In a real sense, I loss my virginity to him although I had been fingered to the extent of tearing the hymen. And one boy, who almost got the head of his cock into me, became so excited that as he withdrew to thrust right in,and give me his load, popped all the way out and came all over my new navy-blue pleated skirt. I never could get those stains out and had to discard that nice skirt.

Of course there is no such thing as being nearly a virgin. Like 'unique' the very word defies qualification. Either you are one - or you are not. There are no half way stages. But in my heart I felt like one, and, until I met Joe, I had certainly never come on a man's cock.

I mused on these things until I finished my second drink and decided I fancied Matt.

The last time I spent the night with a black man was after a party when I was still at nursing school.

I lost count of my orgasms around thirty. The delights of that night could still excite me in recollection.

I had overheard a couple of other married girls from the condo talking about Matt's sexual prowess and they gave him top marks for performance. One of them held her hands about a foot apart as they giggled. Even allowing for some understandable exaggeration, it was a very thrilling and encouraging endorsement.

I turned over onto my tummy on the lounger, unclipped my bra and reached out for the sun tan lotion just as Matt returned with a third drink for me.

"Perhaps you wouldn't mind helping me," I suggested, flirtatiously.

"Not at all," he replied with a grin.

He took the bottle of lotion and poured a little onto my back. It felt so cold against my warm skin, I caught my breath sharply. Then I became aware of the soft warmth of his hands as he began to rub the lotion gently into my skin. His touch provoked a tingling reaction as he covered every inch of my exposed back and started on the back of my legs, working his way up my thighs until the sides of his fingers touched the gusset of my bikini bottoms causing me to tremble with excitement.

Then he stopped.

I took a deep breath and turned over onto my back.

"Would you mind doing the same for my front, Matt?" I enquired, smiling.

He grinned back at me.

"Anything to oblige," he replied, his eyes feasting on my naked tits.

He rubbed the lotion all over my chest and tummy before he came to my breasts. At last! This was the bit I was waiting for impatiently. He worked at massaging all around them, using plenty of lotion. I got the impression he was teasing me.

Then at last I felt his hands gently cupping my tits. He fondled, rather than massaged, them. His thumbs moved over my nipples which were already sticking out in my excitement.

While he continued to work between my titties with one hand, running his fingers over each nipple in turn, he slid the other hand down across my tummy and under the elastic of my bikini bottoms. He stroked up and down my belly, each stroke taking his fingers further and further down.

The tips of his fingers entwined with my pubic hair causing me to shudder in anticipation of what I hoped would happen next. As his fingers went ever deeper south, his middle finger began to massage me where it really mattered.

I squirmed around, opening my legs to encourage him. His massage was having a wonderful effect on me. I closed my eyes, the better to concentrate on the actions of Matt's middle finger. I was beginning to leak down there.

Then I suddenly realised that I was making a big mistake. Part of my reason for marrying Ken in the first place was to wean myself from my predilection for black cock. I wanted to break clear of my sluttish student addiction to sex with black men, any black man who happened to be available.

The last thing I really wanted was to get back to that particular habit. I felt like an ex-smoker or an ex-alcoholic who was being severely tested and about to go off the rails again.

Matt stopped. I opened my eyes and saw he had dropped his shorts. He was smiling as his big black cock pointed at me.

"It's all yours, baby," he said.

I grasped it.

I had been leading him on, encouraging him and now I felt mean to disappoint him. It wasn't Matt's fault. He was just behaving naturally.

So as not to cause him too much frustration, I decided to suck him off. I'd given head to dozens, if not hundreds, of black guys as a student, so I didn't regard it as anything very special. And it would, I knew, give him relief.

I took his cock into my mouth and started slobbering over it. It stiffened perceptibly.

I licked and swallowed Matt's lovely black cock, deep throating him and covering his dick with my saliva. I sensed he was about to come. I used my tongue to help him. He gasped and grunted as he came and shot his load into my mouth and throat..I swallowed eagerly, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his creamy cum in my mouth. Then I grabbed my bra and towel and fled back to our apartment.

Even though I hadn't gone all the way with Matt, I still felt I had secured some sort of revenge on Ken for his affair with Alice.

The trouble was I still hankered after the old Ken -- like we were when we first married. Surely it couldn't be just the state of being married that did that to couples?

Early on the morning of my birthday the doorbell rang. On answering I was surprised to see young Alice with a determined look on her face.

"We need to talk, Laura," she said, "May I come in?"

I wasn't particularly pleased with the interruption, nevertheless, I invited her in.

"I'm getting a drink, Alice. Would you like something?" I offered.

"Oh! Thanks, I'll just have the same as you."

I poured a couple of stiff scented Polish vodkas. Strong but nice on the palate.

I took the drinks across and motioned for her to sit on the sofa. I sat the other side of the coffee table and looked into her clear blue eyes. She was young, very pretty with a nice shapely body -- nothing overdone but all beautifully proportioned - I could see why Ken had wanted her.

In fact I would have been disappointed in him if he hadn't wanted to fuck her. Doing it, though, was a wholly different kettle of fish!

"We need to talk things out between us, Laura," she started,"We can't just go on the way things are."

"What exactly do you mean?" I asked, knocking back my drink.

She did likewise.

I took the glasses to the drinks cabinet and poured out two more, giving Alice a double measure and topping mine with tonic water as the germ of an idea began to take shape in my mind.

Alice was very earnest. She said she loved Ken and wanted to marry him if only I would agree to a divorce.

"There's no reason why we should be bitter enemies over this, " she opined, "In this day and age we should be capable of behaving like grown-ups about it."

'My, my, how self-possessed this girl is,' I thought, as I poured another round of drinks.

I let Alice go on about being civilized about things and as she rambled on I poured out another round of vodkas. Mine was, of course, well watered down with tonic. but hers was little short of lethal!

When Alice stumbled over a couple of words, I excused myself and went into the kitchen where I rang Matt. He had been expecting me to call and when I mentioned I was bringing a girlfriend, he positively purred..

I helped Alice to her feet and told her we were going to meet a friend, which was true enough! We went down to Matt's apartment on the ground floor.

Matt greeted us warmly and invited us in. He poured us all drinks -- normal ones this time -- and we sat either side of him on the sofa. Without bothering to finish my drink, I started rubbing the swelling in Matt's groin. Then I unzipped his fly and pulled out his magnificent black cock. I massaged for a moment or two. Then I looked up at Alice and grinned. As the look of astonishment on her face faded, she began giggling happily at me as I started licking the head and closing my lips around Matt's cock as if it was an especially tasty morsel, a lollipop perhaps. I motioned Alice to join me. After the slightest of hesitations, the inebriated youngster took hold of Matt's fuckpole and swallowed it like a trooper.

I got the idea she was showing me what a great cocksucker she could be. I helped Matt out of his T-shirt and jeans before I backed away to let them get on with fucking each other.

As Matt pulled Alice's clothes off, fondling her tits and ass as he did so, I began to feel very horny. I was eagerly anticipating the sight of that massive black cock invading my teenage rival's supple body.

She held it against the entrance to her dripping cunt and began to gently lower herself onto it, gasping as she felt herself being opened up. She kept on lowering herself onto it but Matt eventually lost patience at the slow progress and rammed his glistening cock the rest of the way into her cunt with one great thrust. Alice screamed but as he started to thrust and withdraw, she made little movements to help. Her mouth was open wide. Matt drew her down and started kissing her with his tongue pushing against hers.

He rolled her over onto her back and, with her legs up in the air, began driving his thrusting black prick into her like the piston on old steam loco.

Now Alice started moaning and coming, engulfed by wave after wave of ecstasy.

Watching, I reminded myself that this was supposed to be retribution for her seduction of my husband. But from the euphoric look on her face, I realised that I may have done her a good turn. She moaned and screamed and giggled as each orgasm ripped through her.

I had been standing, watching, in the half open doorway with my hand down the front of my skirt and panties furiously massaging my clit.

But it was time to go back up to my own apartment. I closed the door quietly. I felt a slight remorse as I left the nineteen year old Alice impaled on Matt's wonderful prick. It had all been too easy. I was surprised that I found myself actualy liking the girl. How weird!

I was vaguely aware that Ken had some special treat in store for my twenty fourth birthday. I just couldn't figure out what it was.

That morning, all I got was a very affectionate card.

"Present later," Ken told me, as he went off to work. I guessed the birthday treat would be a slap up feast at a smart restaurant. It was the sort of thing he liked to do.

(To be continued)

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