A Line of Work Ch. 01


"I've said this quite a few times already, but you look beautiful... Though now you just look undeniably ravishing." Arvad's vocabulary surprised Lilenae, it was fact that he was well educated. "I'm not one to be crude, normally... But you have such beautiful breasts."

Lilenae was surprised by Arvad's forwardness. She smiled nervously, "Ah, well... Go ahead and have a more personal look." She couldn't help but blush cutely towards Arvad as he went for some physical contact.

Pulling them out of the bra, Arvad groped the orbs of flesh softly and, kneading them like dough. He felt himself growing more and more aroused as blood rushed to his shaft, hardening it. He continued his assault on Lilenae's mature breasts. Despite her age, they barely showed any signs of sagging, they still held some of their attractive perkiness. It was as if there was a tug of war going on between the old and the young sides of her.

Arvad moved his head towards Lilenae's red lips, covering them with his in a kiss. He firmly pinched the woman's nipples, but not hard enough to elicit cries of pain but cries of pleasure which were muffled by his lips. Lilenae surrendered herself to the younger man, she became absorbed with the kiss between them, she licked his lips, coating them with saliva while he did the same to her. Both party's tongues invaded each other's mouth. Due to her inexperience, Lilenae lost the miniature war between their tongues and retreated back to her own mouth, bringing Arvad's saliva with her. Saliva soon flung out from their mouths and got on Lilenae's bust, making the skin glimmer in what little light the candles provided.

Lilenae noticed that Arvad was becoming more and more frenzied, as he began squeezing, groping, and pinching her nipples and breasts harder and rougher. While it was uncomfortable at first, due to the slight pain, she found herself enjoying it. While she preferred gentleness she found, she still quite enjoyed Arvad's roughness.

As if he forgot himself, Arvad let up his relentless assault on Lilenae's mouth and breasts. Lilenae mewled cutely as the attention disappeared. Lilenae's mature face had an odd cuteness which would have made any man blush just now. She bit her lower lip and moved one of her hands to her nether region. While Arvad began to suck on one of Lilenae's nipples, she slipped her hand into her panties, rubbing her pussy gently.

Lilenae watched as her hard nipples received attention from Arvad's mouth. While still sucking on them, Arvad removed his shirt, tossing it off to the side of the bed. She felt her nipple being nibbled on lightly, a tongue licking around the areola. She gasped from the waves of pleasure that reverberated to her mind from her nipples and pussy. Arvad took one of his hands and groped under the soft breast. Lilenae penetrated her nether lips with one of her fingers, she withdrew it to find it was slick with juices. She brought her finger to her mouth and placed it inside her lips.

Arvad watched as Lilenae seductively pulled out the finger wet with her own essence slowly. He chuckled and softly grabbed her hand. Lilenae let her hand be brought wherever, she turned an even brighter shade of red as he placed it on his own member through his pants. There was a visible tent in his pants, which Lilenae marveled at. Arvad let Lilenae choose where to go next with her hand and he resumed the buffet on the woman's soft, large breasts.

Along with the visible tent, Lilenae could see a stain of precum on Arvad's pants. She wrested her hand inside his pants, searching for his dick. She happened upon the balls first, fondling and groping them just like Arvad was doing to her breasts. Lilenae helped Arvad out of his pants, and then after removed herself of her lingerie, peeling it off her skin.

Taking the lead, Lilenae aggressively pushed Arvad down onto the bed, his erect shaft upright in the air. Lilenae crawled towards Arvad's member with her butt in the air, she pounced the cock and began to lick the length, paying special attention to the head. It had been quite awhile since she had given head, but she at least remembered what to do. She planted kisses while dragging the tongue down to the balls, which she began sucking on. Lilenae held the shaft back as she sucked and licked each sphere in turn.

"Madam Lilenae, you certainly know what you're doing, I honestly expected otherwise." Said Arvad nonchalantly.

Just as Lilenae had her lips over the head, she licked it around several times before replying, "I guess this is one of those skills that just doesn't go away with time." She placed her red lips on the head and applied suction, tickling the tip with the tongue. She went deeper with each bob, bringing her lips further and further down Arvad's shaft until she couldn't go down anymore.

"I see you're right, fuck... Your lips feel great down there." Lilenae didn't allow him to say anymore as she immediately went down on Arvad's shaft, coating it with her saliva and poking the pleasure points with her tongue. Several minutes passed as Lilenae sucked Arvad's cock with great enthusiasm, eventually Lilenae decided to go all the way. Taking one more deep breath, she went down on his shaft to the base. She could feel his head hitting the back of her throat, she gagged, almost choking on his dick deep in her mouth. Arvad groaned and said, "Can't take much more of that, I'm about to blow my seed in your mouth."

After hearing the vulgar language, Lilenae grew wetter in her snatch, rubbing her moist folds with her fingers. She sucked harder on the warm shaft, looking at Arvad's face straight with her eyes. Each time she hit his base, she licked around with her tongue before going back up. It was when Lilenae was licking on the underside of the head, that he climaxed in her mouth. Ropes of sticky, white semen sprayed in her mouth. She tasted the saltiness and sweetness at the same time. When Arvad finished his orgasm, Lilenae withdrew her mouth and swallowed the spunk inside her mouth. His shaft was still amazingly hard, it had quite the endurance.

"Now on to the main course?" Lilenae said huskily.

"Hey! Now you're getting it..." Arvad smiled. He lifted up Lilenae with his strength up onto his lap. He situated her pussy above his shaft. Lilenae shivered in anticipation, her large breasts bounced enticingly when she was picked up. She placed her hands on Arvad's chest, and her knees by both sides of his crotch for stability. One, two, three, Lilenae counted the seconds until Arvad's penetrated her slick depths. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt herself being filled. Her walls tightened around the intruder, squeezing it as it made its way deeper into Lilenae's pussy. Both Lilenae and Arvad moaned in turn as the shaft hilted itself in the slick vagina.

Several moments passed as Lilenae got used to Arvad's intrusion, despite her age, she was still quite sensitive. She nodded her head to Arvad so he could begin. Slowly, Arvad began thrusting his shaft up and down into Lilenae's nether lips. Lilenae moaned at the sudden stimulation in her nerves, she instinctively clamped down on Arvad's shaft, milking it for all it's worth. She somehow held herself steady as Arvad bounced into her wet snatch, though her arms almost buckled from the pleasure. Lilenae's breasts jiggled around, Arvad caught one of them with his lips and began sucking them as if going for the milk.

Lilenae began to feel the dual stimulation instantaneously. A sudden, smashing orgasm hit her without warning. Lilenae cried out from the shocking orgasm. She continued her enthusiastic and vigorous bouncing on Arvad's cock, all while orgasming on the big shaft.

Lilenae was pushed off of Arvad onto the bed, he twisted her body around so that she was in classic doggystyle position. Lilenae had never been in very many unique positions, but she at least knew what she was in now, and she quite enjoyed it. Lilenae positioned herself to give Arvad as much authority as possible. Her head down into a pillow, her breasts mashed into the silken sheets, and her ass raised up in the air, wiggling enticingly. Arvad couldn't help himself, he slapped a hand down on Lilenae's ass, eliciting a moan mixed with pleasure and pain. He thrusted repeatedly into the mature woman's wet pussy. He kneaded the firm flesh, occasionally spanking it with his hands.

Lilenae enjoyed the attention Arvad gave to her butt. She brought her hands to her nipples, pinching and pulling them playfully. She brought one of her hands to the clitoris of her pussy. She rubbed it gently, stimulating it against the fast pounding Arvad gave her slick folds. "Ahhahn! I-I'm gonna cum again soooonnn..." Warned Lilenae, Arvad grunted in response. Lilenae could feel his shaft pulsing, almost ready for another climax. They were both going to climax at the same time or close together.

She fondled the balls of Arvad's dick with her hand, groping them softly as to not cause any discomfort. She rubbed the thrusting shaft through her skin, she could feel it moving back and forth through her slick walls. Arvad then informed Lilenae, "You mind if I fill your womb up? Or should I-" He was cut off by Lilenae's flailing hands, squirming from pleasure.

"No-no, don't... Just cum in me, sooo much better..." Lilenae couldn't say anything more, the rough pounding from Arvad caused her to squeal in delight into a pillow.

Arvad was the first to climax, like he warned, Lilenae could feel warm seed gushing into her depths; into her womb. She moaned from the feeling of being filled even more by Arvad's warmth, the pleasure from which caused her to orgasm. Lilenae's juices intermixed with Arvad's seed. Thankfully and conveniently, she could no longer conceive children, but she could still feel great pleasure from sex. Lilenae continued to rub her clitoris, though forcing herself to stop in order to relish the afterglow. She soon passed out onto the bed, sleeping peacefully due to the loss of energy and pleasure from sex.

Morning came, and Lilenae opened her eyes. She recalled the events of last night... Visiting Arvad and informing him of her job for the mercenary. Getting seduced by his personality and looks, she eventually had sex with the young man, despite normally being extremely cautious about engaging in such activities. In any case, she greatly enjoyed the last night, and would not mind doing it again with the mercenary. She found herself tucked in bed, under silk sheets, a head on the fluffy pillow, and her body lazily enjoying a comfortable position. She glanced around her bedroom for Arvad, whom was no where in sight. She found breakfast on a tray on the nightstand closer to her, there was also a note next to the tray. She sat herself up and picked up the note.

The note said:

Madam Lilenae Tessiol


Sorry to leave so suddenly, but I thought it be best to find your daughter immediately. I have taken my payment, the Eyes of Derhal and will find her soon. I have my own means to find people, so do not worry about that. I must say, your employees are quite friendly, they all seemed... Happy about my visit. I wonder why? They prepared quite a delicious breakfast if I do say so myself. Should you ever need to contact me, follow the spell below and use the required ingredients for the ritual. It will summon one of my pets. You can give it a message you wish to deliver to or your daughter and my pet will most assuredly deliver it. His name is... Well, you can name him whatever.


Arvad Eversoul

Lilenae smiled, she felt infinitely better that her duaghter was in safer hands. She also felt quite confident that Arvad would resist her seductive capabilities. She looked at the 'ingredients' Arvad mentioned in the note, it contained a summoning circle interlaced with strange characters and markings, red pine neeedles, a strange tooth, and several other odd objects. She didn't question what they were, though she put them aside so she could keep them in a convenient spot in case a problem arose. Lilenae then began to wonder where her daughter was at the moment.

"Hawh? You lookin' for some room an board? Then where's thet money thet normal peoples use in dis world?" A man with a crude voice said this to a teenage girl. The man was burly and wasn't great to look at. His only redeeming feature was his body, which worked a hard days work every day. He wore grubby, cheap clothes common for the lower class of the world. A man loyal only to his job and what little family he had left, money was important to such a man.

"... I have little left, would you not allow a single room for a single night for me? I will not make much fuss nor any noise." This eloquent, cute voice originated from the teenage girl. She was a Half-Elf, to the human race, and a Half-Human to her High Elf kin. She wore fanciful clothing, though torn and dirtied from travel. The Half-Elf had the look of being used to things handed to her, which was the case a week ago before she left home, a woman loyal only to her desires and heart's whim. Money was not important to the girl all her life, except now.

The man looked the girl over, she was very cute. Though she was young, and part Elf at that, her proportions were quite reasonable for her age and size. Her breasts had to at least reach C cup, there was no visible fat anywhere on her body, her waist was slim, and her butt had a cute perkiness. Heh, he could think of some way for the pretty little Elf to pay him. "I can't let ye stay for free, hehe..." The man blurted out a feeble laugh before continuing, "A pretty little thing like ye, bet ye pay sum other way."

The man's crude language turned off the teenage girl, she knew there were people who spoke like this in the large world, she felt it part of the adventure of exploration. Meeting new people, it didn't matter if they were exciting and thrilling, or if they were drab and normal, it was fun to meet people other than the same group back at her family estate. However, it wasn't like her to be taken advantage of like this. She wouldn't have minded putting out for some of the grander favors, she did once or twice in order to escape the estate. She actually quite liked sex, but of course she wasn't one to slut around for trivial things. She needed a bed for the night, it was cold out and she didn't relish the thought of freezing. Maybe just this once... "Oh? Whatever do you mean? I really am quite desperate for a place to sleep in, after all." She decided to play the innocent card. This is just too easy...

"Ey! Randal! Take over fer a sec!" The man called to a fellow worker of the inn. The one named Randal spoke to the man, the girl found out the man's name from the conversation, which was Hegard. Hegard then walked towards the girl and gestured upstairs. The girl followed him to a room, which seemed more well furnished than the other inn's rooms. "Now, if ye want tuh stay for the night, I'm shur ye know what tuh do." Hegard seemed slightly inebriated, though the girl wasn't entirely sure.

She couldn't smell any distinct smell of alcohol, though it didn't really matter at the moment. Sweet and innocent was generally the best way to deal with men like these. She watched as Hegard fished out his cock from his pants. It wasn't terribly long, measuring at least six to seven inches, though it was at least two inches thick. The girl shuffled towards the open shaft. Hegard leaned back and watched as the girl began to caress his dick with her dainty, Elvish hands.

Hegard had never had the pleasure of enjoying an Elf before. He was going to enjoy what he had in store for her, and it wasn't in the girl's favor. He was, after all, involved with a rather successful group of slavers. Whenever there was a girl on her lonesome, he enjoyed her first and sold them, or if she was a virgin, he sold her for even more. Though he could tell from her attitude, that this slutty Half-Elf girl was no virgin. "Yep, a little Elf whore like ye should be down on 'er knees more." He got off on the fact that such pristine and noble beings like the Elves, except for the Drow, would be degenerated to this.

The girl wrapped her hands around the shaft, her fingers looked like twigs compared to Hegard's thickness. She wet her hands with her saliva, also spitting on the shaft for good measure. She stroked it with vigor, attempting to please Hegard so that she might have a good night's sleep.

She stroked the dick with both hands, firmly applying the pleasurable friction. Soon, she brought a hand down to Hegard's balls, caressing them and poking the pleasure points. She brought her supple lips down to the balls as well. She licked the sack around, ignoring the hair. She sucked on the balls, looking up with her practically glowing eyes at Hegard.

Hegard almost blew his load right there, but he held it in. The Half-Elf girl's soft lips worked wonders, he thought, she'll fetch a good price. He reached down with one of his burly hands to her breasts. The girl let out a fake giggle, which Hegard didn't realize, she pretended to be the innocent slut for just this once and never again. Hegard tweaked her nipples through her fabrics, he enjoyed playing with the pliable, practically silken flesh, and found it quite gratifying. "C'mon enough of tuh teasin'. Why don the little Elf whore suck my cock?"

Of course I never expected nice language, he could at least learn to talk decently, the girl thought. Though it was only a fleeting wish. Heeding the man's wish, the girl moved her lips up to the top of the cock head. She kissed the tip teasingly, leaving a drop of saliva behind. She kissed the air towards Hegard, and puckered her lips. She took a deep breath, "Here I go!" Said the girl, innocently. She opened wide and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking on the head of the cock and licking around the head with her pointed tongue. She tried going down softly, getting used to the thick length in her mouth. She didn't like the taste of Hegard's dick. It wasn't particularly pleasant, but it at least wasn't rancid or revolting. No use crying over spilt milk, she thought, I'll at least get him off quickly so I don't have to taste it anymore. The Half-Elf girl went deeper and deeper down on the shaft, its thickness prevented her from going all the way, at least on the girl's terms.

Hegard placed a hand on the Half-Elf girl's head, interlacing his fingers with her velvet, auburn hair. While it seemed his hand was only performing a harmless action at first, he then tightened his grip and shoved her head and lips to the base of his shaft. He felt an immeasurable amount pleasure from this, he had done it with several human women before, but never an Elf or Half-Elf. He just had to enjoy the girl a little more before he sold her off.

The girl, on the other hand, was not enjoying the rough treatment. If her mouth was not occupied at the moment, she would have dropped her innocent persona. She flailed around a little bit before getting used to the rough behavior of Hegard. She shot a venomous glare downwards, the girl didn't want to lose face in front of her only opportunity out of the cold night. Whatever, let's get this over with... The girl thought. Once her mouth could accommodate the thick shaft in her mouth, she began to suck it, though more reluctantly now.

Hegard loosened his grip in the girl's hair once he saw her to agree with his actions. He watched in pleasure as the Half-Elf girl slowly, but with firm lips went up and down on his shaft. He felt her tongue lick under the head and along the length. Audible sounds of slurping and sucking could be heard throughout the room. While the girl sucked on the head and length more thoroughly, she brought a hand to the man's balls, gently caressing the pleasure points.

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