tagInterracial LoveA Long Time Coming Ch. 02

A Long Time Coming Ch. 02


The Sunday morning light woke Jamie up as she got out of bed. Trying to make sure she wasn't imagining things she looked behind her to see Marcus sleeping soundly. His rock hard body was like a marble statue, she pulled the covers down to check if his cock was as big as it felt.

Yep, it was. Startled she pulled the cover back up and began to think about the odd situation she had put herself in. She loved John, how could she be so weak? What was wrong with her?

She got up and took a shower trying to sort the problems running through her head. The hot water splashed around her, cleansing her of the oils, sweat, and fluids that covered her rich smooth skin. Stepping out she saw Marcus smiling on the bed.

"You shouldn't be smiling. We have nothing to be proud of." Jamie said.

"Ms. Jamie I know what we did was wrong, but it felt right didn't it?"

Ms. Jamie, there was her little boy again. She looked at him, a towel covering her wet body and the sheets covering him from the waist down. The sunlight made the room feel warm.

"Marcus...." Her voice trailed off listening to his rationale. It had felt good, it was just a lustful episode that couldn't be repeated that's all.

Marcus pulled the sheet off of his body. His naked black body laying on her white sheets. He laid there staring at her.

"Jamie...." He said her name this time as a man. His thick log of a cock resting against his thigh.

"Yes?" she said asking.

"When does John come home?"

"Tuesday he said." Her eyes fixated on his cock.

"Why can't we enjoy this for a few more days?"

It didn't take long for her to accept his rationale. She had already cheated, might as well make it worth it. Not wanting to let him know her eagerness at his offer she looked at him.

"I think we should stop while we're ahead." She said as she watched his cock grow.

"Of course, there's no reason you should suffer." She said as she untied the towel around her body.

He started to stroke his cock.

"You like watching this old lady don't you Marcus. You like jerking off to me don't you?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am I do." He grinned, his cock nearly a foot in the air as she climbed onto the bed.

She dropped the towel to ask, "What do you like most about this old lady?"

"I love those white titties," Marcus said as she grabbed her breasts and teased her nipples.

"I love that white pussy," he continued as she rotated her hips back and forth in a slow sexy dance.

"Marcus you know what I love?" she said as she began to crawl towards him on the bed.

"I think you like dick." He said waving his cock under her nose.

"Ummm, close.....not just any dick. I love your big black cock." She moaned as she licked his big cock head.

"Oh baby get that shit." He said as he placed the cock along her bottom lip.

"You want me to suck your cock little Marcus? Such a bad boy, wanting this old lady to put her mouth no your cock." She scolded him.

"You love sucking this black cock, don't you bitch."

"You know I can't lie. I need this big black dick." She said all the while licking the sides of his cock as her small hand stroked him.

She proceeded to bob her head along his black cock as his fingers intertwined in her silken curls. Her long brunette hair was soon used as handle as he made her head bob on his cock. She wouldn't gag as he stuffed his cock down her throat.

Her muffled moans were drowned out by his grunts and yelling, "Get that shit girl, get it all in your mouth Ms. Jamie."

His groans soon turned to a loud bellow as he again came in her mouth and she swallowed all of his cock.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh, Ms. Jamie. You like my cum don't you."

She nodded her head in agreement, the tip of his cock in her mouth, as she milked him dry. Her stroking kept him hard as she bent over and kept kissing his flat hard stomach.

"I think this doggie needs a bone." She said grinning and turning around as she exposed her fat ass and pussylips to him.

"What kind of bone you need bitch?" he said as he kneeled behind her rubbing his fat cock head against her pussy. She still couldn't believe how good that fat head felt as it almost opened her up.

"I need your black cock Marcus, put it in me. Please...."

"What you need bitch?" Marcus said, slapping her ass.

"I need that black dick......" she screamed pushing her pussy back on his big cock.

She stopped after getting half to slid in before her pussy tightened up on her.

"Whose dick you need?" He asked with another slap. Not too hard but not playfully either.

"I need you Marcus, I need your black fuckstick in me. Fuck this bitch." She said pleadingly as she bucked back on his cock.

He grabbed her shoulders and began to stroke into Ms. Jamie.

His pace quickened as she began to push back against his hard muscular torso. Her fat ass slapping against his body.

"C'mon take this pussy." She yelled as the sensations in her stretched pussy grew stronger and stronger.

"This is my pussy now."

"YES TAKE IT!" she yelled as he grabbed her hair and gave her another slap.

"Give me this old white pussy. This ain't old it hasn't even been used yet." Marcus said, his hand traveling to her clitty as he rubbed her in circles.

She couldn't take anymore, she was just yelling and screaming inaudible sounds.

"Uhh, ugghhhhhhh, aaiiiiieeeeee, Marcus baby!!!!!"

slap, slap, slap, their bodies hitting each other as hard as they could.

"Cum in me baby, I want it."

"What do you want?" he said as he ceased moving. She began rotating her hips as her pussy massaged his cock and her asscheeks rubbed his smooth black skin.

"I want you to cum in your pussy. I'm hungry for your cock."

"What kind of cock you like?" he asked resuming his pumping.

"Mmmmm, black cock baby!" she yelled savoring the feeling.

"What kind of cock get this big?"

"Black cock Marcus, only black cock baby!!!!

Their fucking was at a feverish pace as they both yelled in climax, sweat dripping down their bodies. They fell to the side with Marcus still hard and inside her pussy. The sloshing sound in her pussy grew louder as Marcus began to move within her again.

Lifting her leg in the air Marcus began to fuck her again.

"mMMmmm, still goin tiger?" Jamie asked as she turned her head over shoulder to kiss Marcus.

"Baby, white pussy like this. I could fuck you for hours." She moaned in appreciation of his work as she reached back to play with his balls.

"John can't go more than 30 minutes if I'm lucky." Jamie moaned looking out the window.

"He can't appreciate a real white slut when he gets one. I'm gonna turn you out baby." Marcus said as he rose to his knees and positioned himself above her and drove into her pussy.

"Ooooohhhhhh" she yelled at his spear penetrating her body.

"Oh marcus I can't fuck anyone else after you now." Laying back enjoying his onslaught.

"I know Ms. Jamie, that's why you and me are gonna enjoy the rest of this weekend."

"Oh Marcus, it won't stop Tuesday. Because even when he's back, I'm going to fuck this black cock like no white bitch has ever fucked it again. You ruin me, I'm going to ruin you." With this she wrapped her legs around him and would tighten her pussy with every stroke he left her pussy on.

"Baby keep working this cock."

His mighty black body had her shapely white legs around him making their beautiful union a work of art in the afternoon light.

Their groans and grunts filled the air as she reached up and pinched his nipples. Running her hands over his shoulders and arms. He took hold of her breasts and brought his mouth down to bite and tease her nipples.

"Play with my titties," she yelled as an orgasm built up in her. His slow pumping building an explosion of emotion within her.

"With a subdued groan he emptied himself into her. Still sucking at her breasts he fell down next to her on the bed. They kissed and stroked each other until they fell asleep.

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