tagFirst TimeA Long Way Home Ch. 05

A Long Way Home Ch. 05


Written in collaboration with Dalhia 57 who provided a large part of the plot.


While Naina and Dan were training in a gym in the East of France, Ritu was mourning her sister. It was the first time she was separated from her and she didn't like it at all. Tom had done his best to soothe her, remaining with her all the time and working to her side. The situation was new to him too. Twins always share a special type of communication! The situation was even more difficult as the twin male professors had chosen twin student girlfriends and both of them were equally sad.

They had fucked together the previous night but they were not in the mood. A phone call from Tim and Naina had briefly made them happy again but they understood that they had had a very pleasant trip together and that Dan was receiving them lushly. Their sadness was not alleviated by such news. They were happy for their brother and sister, for sure, but also somewhat jealous of them. Naina had been exultant about her new experience. In New Delhi, she was wearing only kameez while Ritu had opted for skirts and Tee shirts. Tim and Tom had made them increase their ward robe considerably. Their cupboards, at the origin half empty were now overfilled with skirts, dresses, sweaters, pulls, bras and knickers of any color and variety.

But Naina would never have dreamed of wearing a eight inches large pleated micro skirt, a part of the naughty school girl uniform Leena had lent her. She had made hundreds of men lust after her in Paris and everything considered, it had been a rather pleasant experience from what Naina had told to her sister.

Ritu emerged from her gloomy mood as she wanted to appear really good to visit Professor Leena and her husband. Peter had truly impressed her with his calm and serenity. He was older by ten years at least than his wife and his hair was silver. He had kissed Ritu's hand the first time they had met in a deliciously old fashioned way that had thrilled her. He seemed completely out of his place in this century and that was that unctuousness that had fascinated her. The phlegmatic appearance of Englishmen had left a deep imprint in Indians' minds.

She went to the hairdresser to have a blow dry to have a perfect look that evening. Since she had installed in her new home, her hair had grown longer. Tom, like his brother loved long hair. Ritu and her sister had seen no point in denying them that pleasure. They had just told them jokingly they wouldn't let it grow longer than their ankles. Naina's mane has already reached her buttocks and Ritu's one, shorter at the origin, was now at her waist. At this rate, their ankles would be reached in less than a year and the joke wasn't really funny any more, now!

Ritu had decided to wear an orange sleeveless crop top which let her midriff bare, hip hugging white jeans that flared out under her knees and stiletto patent pumps. Tim wasn't there, otherwise he would have insisted for Naina to put on a traditional saree. Tom would have followed suit and Ritu would have surrendered. Without his brother's guidance, Tom was way cooler and let her wear whatever she wanted.

Tom had also decided to arrive in style too : he had put on a shirt and a tartan tie. Thick coats were mandatory as the weather was cold and windy. Ritu had chosen a short red one. Red suited perfectly well on her dark complexion, but dark was a gross overstatement as she was just a bit darker than her sister Naina, who could have pretended to be a white woman without her large expressive eyes.

Leena opened the door and let them in. She was wearing a very expensive looking see through bright yellow saree with a very beautiful lace pallu. Peter was wearing a black kurta with white pajamas that made him even haughtier. Leena kissed Ritu on both cheeks but Peter surprised her by kissing her straight on the lips like Tom did usually. Tom and Peter exchanged a vigorous shake hand but Leena surprised Ritu once more by moving sinuously toward Tom, flaunting her luscious hips and her big breasts as if she wanted to seduce him. They kissed tenderly on the lips, just as two lovers did. The nerve of that sluttish woman, kissing her Tom that lewdly in front of her! But she couldn't protest.

Leena asked news from Tim and Naina. She was pleased to learn that the short skirt she had lent to her had been a big hit on the streets of Paris.

- So the uniform of our demeanor school was to the taste of Parisian people. I'll give her a complete outfit! Would you be interested, too? I have one here!

Leena was nearly sure that the shy Ritu would decline the proposal but it was the young Indian girl's turn to surprise her professor!

- Oh thank you, professor. I wanted to ask you where I could buy one. Tom was fascinated by it when Naina left for the train station! Could I try it on?

- For sure, dear! Come with me. But I had told you to call me Leena when we aren't at Uni!

- Oh Sorry, Leena! It's the habit.

Leena drew out of a cupboard a complete uniform still in its original wrapping. She took off her jeans, her crop top, her shoes and her undies to appear stark naked in the glory of her youth. She rapidly sorted her new clothes, put on her thin white blouse and her very short pleated skirt. It was so short that it barely covered her pussy. She hastily made two plaits with her long hair in the traditional school girl fashion with two tartan ribbons ending them. She adjusted a tartan tie to her neck and put her cap with an enticing slope on her head. She finished the job by putting on tartan socks and small flat patent shoes. There was even a cardigan in matching colors.

Leena whistled :

- God! You really have the look of our school. Swathri would love to have you among her students and my dear Gupta, too! Would you like to enlist for the next session?

Leena was surprised again when Ritu boldly accepted the proposal.

- If it's compatible with my studies, I would volunteer. I'm curious to discover what kind of courses is given there! I can't speak for my sister but I think she may enlist, too!

- I'll transmit your registration to the headmistress. She is Kyrhan's sister in law! You may change back, now.

- Why? I would love to wear it during the dinner until we leave and perhaps on our way back. I just fear it will be rather cold then.

- I've stockings if you want!

- I would prefer hoses.

- Sorry! I don't wear any!

- Then I'll put on your stockings just before leaving.

Leena was perfectly aware that Ritu in her naughty school girl uniform would be the center of attention for the whole night.

When they entered the sitting room where Tom and Peter were chatting quietly, a glass of sherry in front of them, the two men turned toward them and froze. Leena was enjoying the moment, their surprise. Ritu had left clad like a young college girl, wearing modern and trendy clothes. She came back, looking ten years younger, dressed like the wet dream of so many lecherous men. She was perfectly aware that her outfit would have caused a revolution in New Delhi but there in Birmingham, she would just draw the discreet attention of a handful of men in the street. Peter was the first one to emerge from his stupor

- My god, Ritu, you surprised me! I didn't think you were so pretty. You really look alike Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, It's fantastic. It gives me an idea : We have an in door swimming pool in our condominium. It's the busiest hour and I would like to show you off there. We have two Indian families living here and they would be mesmerized watching such a celebrity swimming with me. If Tom is OK with it, will you make me this pleasure?

- Just a problem : I don't have a swimming suit with me!

- That's not a problem : we are about the same size and I had seeen the first images of Priyanka wearing bikinis in her upcoming movies Fashion and Dostana on Bollywood sites. On one of her stills she wears a tiny golden bikini and I bought one. You may use it.

- Please do it, darling. I'll let you make your show for half an hour then I will arrive with Leena and take photographs of you in and along the swimming pool. I may ask you for a few sexy poses.

- As Tom is OK with it, I will too! I'm going to change!

- Certainly not! Just come as you are. You'll put on your swimming suit in the changing room.

- But imagine the scandal if you have two Indian families here and they see me in that skimpy outfit.

- What's the problem? Today I'll take a bath with Priyanka Chopra. If her outfit is not to the taste of someone, he may leave and if the schoolgirl uniform is not decent enough, let Priyanka bear the blame. Did we receive a girl named Ritu Dhaliwal today, Leena, my love?

- Certainly not!

- Then it's settled. Leena, could you fetch for her the golden bikini, a bag, a bath towel and a comb.

- No need for the comb, Leena : my plaits will stand still even with a long soak. My blow dry will be ruined but I will just have to keep my plaits until I'm back home.

To get to the changing room, you had to walk past the swimming pool. The two Indian families Peter had mentioned were enjoying the end of the afternoon on deck chairs. They jumped when they saw her. Peter loved to parade her in front of them. He stopped to chat with them and told them she was there incognito and asked them to stay mute about her presence in the condominium. They promised but took photographs of the celebrity with their cells. Ritu acted perfectly, like the star she pretended to be. She let them take all the pictures they wanted but exchanged just nods and smiles with them.

Peter took her by the waist in a quite matter-of-fact way. Now the rumor would tell that Peter, the rich and powerful English CEO had an affair with a well known Bollywood actress but he didn't care : the journalists had pretended he had affairs with so many girls that he had lost the count. If the reality would have been known, the journalists would have been bewildered! When Ritu emerged with her skimpy bikini (she had never worn such a small string and the cups were barely covering her areolas), all the eyes were focused on her. The young student was terrified but went bravely straight to the diving board and made a perfect plunge into the swimming pool. Peter joined her immediately after. They frolicked a long time together. She let him nuzzle her ears making her squirm and laugh under the caress.

The eyes of the maybe twenty people around them were still focused on her. It made her very hot and her pussy quite wet. When Peter approached from behind and kissed her ear, probing her auricle with his tongue, she didn't push him away and just giggled with a big laugh. She arched her back and felt a stiff rod probing her buttock. Peter had a terrific hard on. That diskovery took her breath out. They were in public. She couldn't do anything to help him. He cornered her in a corner of the swimming pool, far from the spectators.

- I beg you, Ritu! Help me! I cannot get out of the swimming pool in that state!

Ritu was quite aware of it. She didn't want to cheat on her buddy Tom but Naina had told her she had fucked with Dan with Tim's approval and it had been fantastic for her. Whatever her sister had done, she could do, too! She was blushing beet root when she hesitantly took his cock through his swimming trunks. After a few tentative wanks, she realized that the material of the trunks was not meant for that use and was not giving him sufficient pleasure. She snaked her hand quite reluctantly inside his trunks and took his cock directly in her hands. He thrust his head back and moaned in bliss as she massaged his cock with her hand. His pleasure was tremendous. His seed erupted in her hand in whitish rivulets. Ritu felt quite proud of having been able to obtain such a result.

A voice whispered behind her back :

- Well done, darling! Next time, you'll do the same for me!

It was Tom! He had caught her red handed with Peter's cock in her hand and sperm covering it. God, he would hate, chase her away, pretend her baby was not his. She would not withstand it! Oh it was stupid on her part! She should kill herself! She blubbered :

- Tom! I'm so sorry! Forgive me!

- Shut up, darling. You've no reason to be ashamed or sorry. Why do you think I left you alone with Peter in that sexy bikini? I could have accompanied you to the pool! It's me who should really apologize : while Peter showed you off around, I fucked Leena two times in her marital bed and she cleaned my cock afterward with her mouth!

Leena was beside Tom with a big soothing smile. She told Ritu not to worry. Ritu realized then how Leena was clad : a black bikini maybe twice smaller than the one she herself wore. The cups were reduced to cloth circles just covering her areolas linked by very thin metallic chains. The front of her thong was so small that it disappeared between her cunt lips and the string was not visible between her ass cheeks. The material of her cups was so thin that you could distinguish perfectly her nipples as if they were cigarette paper. How was it possible that nobody had called the police for indecency!

- You were the only ones remaining in the pool. You were there for more than one hour. I fear that we left you waiting too long : we were very busy together. But it will be perfect to take the photos I wanted!

Still shaking for the surprise arrival of her buddy, Ritu left them maneuver her as Tom wanted. He made her lie in the baby basin, five inches deep on her belly, supported on her elbows, looking straight at the camera with a satisfied smile to her lips. She really looked like a well fucked young woman. Tom asked her to stay in the same position but to remove her bra. She glanced sidewise and found nobody. So she obeyed him and let him take the photo. Then he made her put on a white tee-shirt without putting on back the bra. When it was wet, the Tee shirt became see through and her proud breasts pushed against the fabric. Tom was sporting a huge hard on!

Peter then cut the tee shirt just above her nipple. The top part of her breasts was in plain view on the still. Then Tom cut completely the lower part of the Tee-shirt, exposing the lower part of her melons, just like on many Indian paintings where the lower part of the women's breasts were exhibited. Tom couldn't withstand the stress any more. He called for Leena and Peter to apologize.

- Sorry for you but I need immediate release!

Without asking for Ritu's agreement, he pushed her knickers down and pulled off the shreds of her tee shirt. He pulled down his own trunks and sat on a chair. He drew Ritu to him and impaled her in a frenetic shove to the hilt. She screamed from the brutal intrusion but there was no pain in her scream, just pure delight. He fucked her hard as if his own life depended on it. Ritu was moaning endlessly, just urging him to do her harder, to push his cock deeper into her. When he spurted his seed in her greedy belly, he waited a few minutes before disengaging his cock from her cunt. Tom stood up and called for Peter.

- You may take my place! Fuck her : she is a really hot chick! You may use her back passage if you feel like it.

Peter sat on the chair just vacated by Tom. He made Ritu Impale herself on his cock but he had made her turn around and present her back to him. She could lift off her body and let him freely enjoy her breasts, making them wobble with his hands. He had not let her clean herself. He didn't seem to care to wallow in her well filled cunt, in Tom's cum! He began to ram her fast making her scream again in bliss. Leena spread herself on the floor in front of her and opened lewdly her thighs. She caressed her clit, a few inches from Ritu's mouth. Peter pushed the young girl's head forward until her lips came into contact with Leena's pussy. Ritu immediately understood what she was expected to do. She had never thought a woman could be bi. Leena was blatantly hetero, so she shouldn't be interested by a girl but the English woman wasn't that limited : she searched the pleasure wherever she could find it and the sweet lips of Ritu were quite apt for that.

Ritu was now unable to express her feelings but Leena could and her piercing screams of pleasure filled the pool. When Peter dumped another big load of cum inside her belly, he disengaged carefully and let Leena and Ritu enjoy one another. Leena turned and both girls were soon in the classical 69 position. Ritu never had had any lesbian experience but she seemed really good at it! Leena had totally lost the number of major climaxes she had felt and her cunt was now spasming continuously. Ritu was now running on a series of continuous orgasms, leaving her exhausted but ultimately ready for another climb to another delicious peak.

Ritu was not really conscious when Leena released her. She stayed in a heap on the floor tiles. Tom and Peter had had more time to recover. Her boyfriend lay on an inflatable mattress. Peter made Ritu straddle him. He skewered her cunt and it was a blissful reminder of their previous coupling. Tom just steadied her, preventing her to start fucking him. He parted her ass cheeks with his hands, opening her as completely as she could. Peter kneeled behind her and presented his cock to her ass hole. It was maintained half open by Tom's grip. He just had to push in. Ritu's ass was now perfectly stretched out and able to receive without difficulty a cock as big as Peter's or Tom's ones. Kyrhan or Rajeev could meet a problem in the future as their cocks were much bigger but today, Ritu would face her first double penetration and that was another first time for her. God! Six months ago when she had had the joy of hearing she would have a grant to continue her studies in Birmingham, The young virgin student she was would never have imagined she would be half a year later in a lush condominium in the recently vacated swimming pool, impaled deeply by the cocks of her boyfriend and the husband of one of her professors and one month pregnant. She was really far, very far from home!

When both men had filled her once more with their jizzm, Ritu was half comatose but she was still awake when Tom showed her the security camera linked to the surveillance central. There was a red light on it. Tom explained her it meant they had been monitored and probably videoed as they had fucked her. The security people would probably circulate copies of it to their friends. Ritu was way past caring. She fell immediately into a deep sleep, and dreamt of having to service her dear Tom in all her holes, then Tom was replaced by Peter and she found herself plunged into a perpetual orgy with Naina, Dan, Tim, Tom, Peter, Leena, Kira and many other girls and men.

They put on back their clothes and left the swimming pool. Ritu was wearing her school girl uniform while Leena had chosen a strapless dress that showed off her very beautiful shoulders and neck. None of them were wearing any undies underneath. They had a splendid dinner afterwards. Ritu was now more experienced and had loosened a bit. When Tom took a seat in front of Peter and proposed the girls to sit on their lap, Leena immediately complied, putting her right hand around Peter's neck, but Ritu was not far behind. They discussed about the economic crisis and the recent Nobel prizes. Peter had placed his left arm around his wife's waist and cuddled her lovingly. Ritu had even the nerve of unbuttoning a part of Tom's shirt around his stomach, snake her hand through the aperture and caress his chest through it. He seemed to appreciate the gesture very much.

Leena stood up to serve the second dessert. Ritu followed to help her. When they had eaten it and sipped their coffees, they went back to their seats in the lobby. Leena announced in a loud voice :

- Just to spice up things, I propose to swap our partners!

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