tagErotic CouplingsA Lousy Weather Forecast

A Lousy Weather Forecast

byDancing Sprite©

"Shouldn't we take an umbrella?" I asked as we walked through the school's wide double doors and out into the street.

"Not necessary. No rain now," my cute Spanish teacher said in her broken English which I found so amusing. But then, her English was a lot better than my Spanish, so I had resolved early on not to laugh or make fun of her.

Two weeks earlier, I had decided that being monolingual was a huge embarrassment when trying to do business with the Hispanic population in California and had enrolled for a Spanish course at a school in Antigua, Guatemala. My friends had been skeptical, but Antigua had captured my heart as soon as I arrived. The colonial ambience, the climate, and most of all the people were simply fantastic and I never regretted my decision.

The Spanish classes were a bit tough, however. In Antigua, Spanish instructions are all one-on-one, each student has a teacher all for himself, and that makes the instructions very intensive and sometimes rather tiring. Ten years after graduating from college, sitting still and having my brain barraged with grammar and vocabulary for several hours on end was hard to get used to. Therefore I quickly fell into the habit of breaking up the classes with short walks around town together with my teacher.

The only thing about Antigua that was just short of perfect was the weather. The rainy season was in full swing when I arrived, which meant that it rained for two or three hours every day -- still not too bad compared with most places in the world, but the rain often set in with little forewarning, as I was soon to find out.

Anyway, I left the school with Carmen, my teacher, and we didn't take an umbrella, which would turn out to be a mistake. Carmen was about 25 years old and a native of Antigua. Always elegantly dresses, she took me to different places every day, as she loved to show her history-laden hometown to an ignorant gringo like me whose only prior visit to Latin America had been a two-week stint at a beach resort in Cancun.

As we strolled along Antigua's historic cobblestone streets, Carmen trying to teach me some Spanish and I trying to steer the subject to other topics, dark clouds began to fill the sky and I caught her looking up and frowning more than once, probably doubting the accuracy of her weather forecast by now.

"Let's walk back," I suggested.

Carmen nodded and we turned back towards the school, but it was already too late. Less than five minutes later, the dark gray clouds turned black, then the floodgates opened and released a torrential downpour that drenched us to the skin in seconds.

"No rain now," I repeated her words and laughed. I was a little bit annoyed, but mostly I was just amused that even a local couldn't accurately predict the weather in this place.

"Sorry," she said and looked at me with her sexy, dark eyes. "I was wrong."

"Obviously," I said and laughed even harder.

"You angry with me now?" she asked earnestly, maybe even a bit fearfully.

Standing there in the downpour, her long hair and elegant clothes plastered to her slender five foot two frame, looking up at me, she looked so fragile and vulnerable that I hugged her spontaneously. The force with which she hugged me back and squeezed me took me by surprise. "No, I'm not mad at you," I said softly, still holding her as if my embrace could protect her from the elements.

"Let's go," she said after a few moments and released me, but still kept an arm around my waist as we walked silently through the pouring rain.

After a few minutes, she guided me into a narrow side street and stopped in front of one of the houses at the back. "I live here," she explained as she unlocked the door and dragged me inside, along a long, narrow corridor into a mini courtyard of no more than a hundred square feet, and finally into her living room, which was sparsely but tastefully furnished.

"Take wet clothes off," she said without any preliminaries. "No want you catch cold."

Before I could recover from my surprise, she was out of the door again. The room was still nice and cozy from the day's heat and I was uncomfortable in my soaked and clammy clothes, so I began to strip slowly. I took my shirt off, then my shoes and socks, and finally my jeans, but stopped short of my boxers.

"Shorts too," she said immediately when she returned a few moments later with two large towels. She dropped them on the small couch and began to undress as unselfconsciously as if I wasn't there, kicking off her pumps, then taking off her skirt, blouse, bra, and panties. She draped her wet garments over two chairs and turned to look at me like nothing were amiss. "Coffee?" she asked and went over to the small kitchen area to get the coffeemaker going.

While she was busy, I grabbed one of the towels and dried myself with it, then quickly stripped my boxers off and wrapped the towel around my waist. Carmen was still fiddling around in the kitchen when I was done, so I took the other towel and went over to her. Although it had been my intention to wrap the towel around her stark naked body, I couldn't help but stop and admire her slender body as she stood there in front of me, her back turned to me, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

Her shoulders, arms and most of her legs were deeply tanned, while the rest of her body -- those areas that were always covered by her clothing -- were creamy white. I also noticed that the tan line on her thighs was only a few inches below the curve of her ass, so she must have been wearing some pretty short miniskirts at times, although the skirts she wore to work were always quite conservative and came down to no more than two or three inches above her knees.

Between her creamy ass cheeks, her thick black pubic hair was clearly visible and the drops still clinging to it made it look like she was super aroused. While I was staring at her firm ass, she suddenly turned around. Obviously she had heard me approach, since she wasn't the least bit surprised to see me standing there. She also didn't make any attempt to cover her breasts or her crotch. "You dry me?" she asked, but it sounded more like an order than a question.

"Con mucho gusto!" I said, a bit proud that I could finally say something meaningful in Spanish. I unfolded the towel and began working on her hair, then her neck, back, chest, and stomach. Then I hesitated a moment and decided to continue with her feet and work my way up her legs. When I got to her upper thighs, she opened her legs a bit wider, giving me easy access to her hairy crotch. I dried her ass cheeks, then her pussy and the hair that surrounded it, and finally stood up.

Carmen took the wet towel out of my hand and threw it on the kitchen table. Then she reached out, untied the knot that was holding my own towel around my waist, and threw it on top of hers. "Nice dick," she commented after looking at my crotch for a moment. "Why is not hard?"

"Because you're my teacher and having sex with you would be unprofessional," I said, reaching for the towel again.

She laughed cheerfully and swept the towels off the table. "I am very professional in class," she said earnestly, "but not at home." Then she knelt down in front of me and wrapped her lips around my half-hard dick. As she sucked on it, she massaged the base of my shaft with one hand and played with my balls with the other one. My dick hardened rapidly and soon stood at full attention.

I still wasn't quite sure if this was really such a good idea, but her mouth on my dick felt so good and I was getting so horny that I could barely think rationally anymore. "You sure you want to do this?" I asked, giving her what was probably the last chance to bail out.

"Very sure. I like you," she said simply and resumed her work on my dick.

Horniness won out over professionalism a few moments later. I took her head in my hands and began to push my dick deeper and deeper. To my surprise, she took the entire shaft into her hot mouth and down her throat. Not that my dick is exceptionally long -- just under seven inches -- but I haven't met many girls who could take it down their throats as easily as my cute Guatemalan Spanish teacher.

Fucking Carmen's throat was an incredible experience and brought me to the brink of my first orgasm within minutes. Just as my dick expanded slightly and grew even harder, I felt a wet fingertip on my asshole, stabbing at the tight ring muscle and slowly worming its way inside.

As soon as her finger was buried in my asshole and wiggling about expertly, I let out a loud groan and began pumping my cum into her hungry mouth. She pulled her head back until only the head was still in her mouth and caught spurt after spurt of my cum on her tongue. Some of it dribbled out of the corner of her mouth while she sucked my dick until she was sure that she had gotten every last drop.

As she stood up, she took my dick in her hand again and massaged it vigorously. At the same time, she opened her mouth and showed me the load of cum she had collected on her tongue before she swallowed it. Then she scooped up the cum on her chin and licked her fingers greedily.

My dick had begun to deflate when it had slipped out of her mouth, but as I watched her eat my cum so hungrily, it reversed its course and was soon fully hard again. I thrust it lightly into her hand and she got the idea immediately.

"Want more?" she asked playfully as she released my dick from her grip and stepped back against the kitchen table, smiling from ear to ear.

"Yes, a lot more!" I croaked as I stepped up to her, my rock- hard dick swinging in front of me.

"Con mucho gusto," she laughed, imitating my own accent. "How you say in English? Help yourself!"

And that's exactly what I did. I lifted her up and planted her ass on the edge of the table, then spread her legs wide and shoved my dick into her soaking pussy with one hard thrust. In response, Carmen screamed something in Spanish; I had no idea what she was saying, but since she wrapped her legs around my waist at the same time and pulled me closer, I took it as some kind of go-ahead. I settled into a fast pace, guided by her feet on my ass cheeks, and fucked her with long, hard strokes.

Carmen whimpered and moaned almost continuously while her pussy engulfed my dick like a hot, slippery glove. The blow job she had given me had apparently aroused her very much and she was soon on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my dick erratically and I knew she wouldn't last much longer. I increased my tempo, slamming into her as fast as I could, while her moans turned into screams and her entire body shuddered and jerked wildly.

A few moments later I came, too. I panted and moaned as an intense climax spread out from my loins and washed over me. While I pumped jet after jet of cum into Carmen's tight pussy, I felt my knees go all wobbly and had to lean on the table until my orgasm subsided and some strength returned to my legs. Its load spent, my dick finally went limp and slipped out of her still quivering pussy.

As soon as she recovered from her orgasm, Carmen slid off the table and took my dick in her mouth again. First she sucked hard to extract any cum her pussy muscles had failed to squeeze out of me, then proceeded to lick the mixture of pussy juice and cum off my dick and balls and swallowed it greedily. Just when I thought she was done, she slipped my dick back into her hungry mouth and sucked for all she was worth. At the same time, she reached around with one hand and squeezed my ass cheeks, then ran her fingers through the crack of my ass, and finally slipped a moist finger into my asshole as deep as it would go.

The double onslaught on my dick and asshole took me by surprise and aroused me so much that my dick immediately started to get hard and soon reached full battle readiness again -- for the third time in a row, a new record for me!

When my dick was as hard as it ever got, Carmen stood up, gave me a bright smile, and turned around to lean on the kitchen table. She planted her feet wide apart and stuck her ass out, wiggling it right and left enticingly.

As I looked down at her cute ass and the thick black bush glistening with our combined fuck juices, I felt a desire for her that I had felt for few women before. I quickly positioned myself behind her upturned ass, still amazed that my dick was hard at all after two intense orgasms, and penetrated her pussy with one hard thrust.

"No!" Carmen screamed immediately. "Other hole!"

"You want it up the ass?" I asked, my surprise obvious in my voice.

"Si! Up the ass!" she screamed.

I shrugged my shoulders, although she couldn't see me, and pulled my dick out of her pussy again. Holding her hips with one hand and spreading her ass cheeks with the other, I placed my well-lubricated dick at her asshole and gently pushed forward. The head of my dick slipped into her easily, along with almost half of the shaft.

Carmen took a deep breath, exhaled audibly, and rammed her ass back against my hips so hard that I almost lost my balance. As my dick disappeared balls-deep into her asshole, she screamed something in Spanish, but I didn't understand a word. I gave her a few moments to relax before I pulled most of my dick out of her asshole, then rammed it back in.

"Si! Mas!" she screamed! "Mas!"

I understood that much. She wanted more. So I gave her more. I settled into a fast rhythm and fucked her asshole almost as hard as I had fucked her pussy. Most of the screams she uttered in response were entirely unintelligible to me, but from the way she matched my thrusts and wiggled her ass, she must have loved every second of it.

The two orgasms I had already had did wonders for my stamina. I fucked her asshole at a steady pace until she climaxed, then climaxed again, and finally climaxed a third time, screaming like a banshee and thrashing about so wildly that I had to wrap an arm around her waist to keep my dick from slipping out of her asshole.

When her third orgasm shook her body and her sphincter clamped down on my dick with astounding force, I finally couldn't hold back any longer. I buried my dick deep in her asshole and shot my load of cum into her bowels while our bodies jerked and shuddered and we collapsed forward onto the kitchen table. We lay there for quite a while, enjoying the warm afterglow of our orgasms, until some strength returned to our bodies.

"Magnifico!" Carmen finally panted while we climbed off the table.

I agreed wholeheartedly, took her in my arms and kissed her long and passionately.

The downpour slackened off half an hour later and turned into steady rain that kept drumming on the roof. Faced with the choice between climbing back into my wet clothes and staying with Carmen until they would be dry again, I quickly choose the latter option and ended up spending the rest of the day and all of the night with her.

After we had acted out our animal lust for each other on the kitchen table, we retired to the bedroom and our lovemaking became more sedate and tender. In between, we also worked a bit on my Spanish vocabulary, especially words related to the human anatomy.

The next day, we sat in class again and acted as if nothing had happened. We both knew, however, that we'd soon repeat the escapade.

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