tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 2

A.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 2


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some readers may remember that the next few paragraphs appear in 'Abduction Ch. 3' I incorporated them in the interests of continuity for some other readers.

* * * * *

Jim followed me up the stairs. He couldn't help but see right up the short skirt of my dress as I deliberately flaunted my naked buttocks just in front of his eyes until we reached the top. By then he was struggling with a massive erection as we walked into the room and closed the door. A king-sized double bed, next to the full length mirrored wall which made the room even brighter, completed the well appointed and luxuriously furnished room. Next to it was a toilet and open shower room with mirrored walls all around. I quickly dropped my dress and turned toward Jim and unbuckled his belt, sliding his trousers down his legs.

"Jeez! It's really bright in here." Jim wasn't complaining exactly, but the room was certainly very well lit.

"Oh! You know these commercial buildings. Not even a light switch in here. darling. They all switch on from downstairs." I deftly removed his shirt, rubbing my naked breasts against him and exciting him even more. "Do you want to turn them all off? We won't be able to see much though." I smiled at him. "Does it worry you?"

"Hell no!" Jim kicked his underwear off from around his ankles and led me to the bed. "It's quite kinky with that mirror next to the bed, isn't it?" He grinned as I nodded with a smile.

He took in the rest of the surroundings in awed silence, noting the complete absence of windows in the room. He spoke excitedly.

"As long as you don't mind, it's quite alright with me?"

I glanced at the clock on the wall. 1am exactly. Right on time! I smiled and replied calmly.

"No, I'm quite used to it darling. I spent the night here two nights ago. It doesn't bother me at all!" I gave him my sexiest come hither smile. "Have you ever tried anal sex? I've always wondered what it feels like. There's a tube of something on the nightstand. It's supposed to make it more fun for both of us I believe." I reached over the bed and handed it to him. " I suppose you know what to do with it."

I spread my legs and raised my bottom, facing toward the mirror and winking at Arnold.

"Be gentle with me, sweetheart. Remember, it's my first time."

I knew the camera's would be rolling by now.

"Don't worry about any noises you might hear, darling. This old building creaks quite a lot at night."

"Oh! Don't worry sweetheart. You've got to know that I've been looking forward to this night for the last week. Just to think. We wouldn't have this much privacy at my place." He muttered.

Absorbed in his work, Jim opened the jar of lubricant and inserted his index finger, scooping out a generous quantity of oily, perfumed product. He sniffed and smiled.

"It smells good enough to eat, Katrina." He looked at me, licking his dry lips.

"Don't worry darling, we'll get to that part shortly." Hoping the sound quality was coming through. "Very shortly!" A little bit louder.

"Well. Pucker up then." Jim waved his finger in the air.

I smiled and turned toward the mirror, licking my lips as Jim's index finger slid easily into my bottom and he tenderly lubricated me. He was kneeling between my legs, forcing them further apart with his knees. He was certainly in the mood and I could see his straining erection in the mirrored wall beside us. This was premium footage.

"Have you ever tried it with the lady on top of you?" smiling wickedly into the mirror. "We've got all night to try out some new experiences. I hope you're up to it after all that dancing."

"Never been known to let a lady down yet." He bragged.

As he answered my question as he pressed the head of his engorged penis against my waiting rosebud and slowly eased it past my slippery sphincter muscles and on into the depths of my bowels. As he was pushing I remembered what Arnold had taught me and played to the camera, expressing delight and lustful joy at receiving my young lovers erotic gift this way.

"That's it! Oooh! It feels great. Bury that beautiful penis deep inside me, Now!" I panted for breath as I felt his permanently shaved testicles come to rest against my hot vagina. His throbbing penis was comfortably buried to the hilt. The experience was so much different to the way Dárcy had almost split me in two as he took me for the first time at my former prison. I realised that it was only the fear of another encounter with Vladimir that had made me ignore the pain as he had thrust much more deeply inside me to achieve the same position. Jim's smaller but more eager organ left me able to express my joy and satisfaction as I found myself able to breathe a lot more easily than the last time I had been penetrated this way. I was almost on the verge of an orgasm already.

"Wow! This is amazing. Does it feel good to you, darling?" I asked anxiously. "Do you like it this way?"

The look on his face revealed a mixture of delight and a sense of accomplishment as he looked at my image in the mirror.

"You're so tight in there. Are you sure I'm not hurting you too much?" He seemed surprised at my willingness for him to fill up my back passage with his manhood. "Just tell me if I'm hurting you in any way." He confirmed apologetically as he withdrew slightly.

"No darling. I used to wonder what you would be like, this way. It feels pretty good to me. Just do it slowly and push it right in again. It feels so hot!" I played to the mirror again and wriggled with delight. "In every way." I added with a contented purr.

I behaved as though it was the first time I had had ever enjoyed anal sex. This time, I sensed the unique feeling of primal togetherness as he stroked my well lubricated anal muscles with his vital young penis. I squealed with delight and orgasmed when his balls touched my hot pussy and moved my clit ring against the bed as the head of his love tool came to rest each time he pushed it as far inside me as it would go. Our voices became one, once Jim became more frenzied with his movements as we both energised the lovemaking ritual with equal eagerness, articulating our pleasure. I forgot about the three people on the other side of the mirror and concentrated on the erotic pleasure at hand.

"Yes! Yes!" I moaned wantonly as Jim built up, moving ever faster toward his climax, with the knowledge that the pleasure that was written all over Jim's handsome face was building toward the fast approaching and welcome ejaculation of his hot seed. I imagined the results of our union on film and fleetingly worried that it might all be over too quickly from Arnolds point of view. It was too late. I felt Jim tense up as he rammed into me one last, final time and his hot juices spurted into my lower intestines. The warmth appeared to travel throughout my lower body as my colon tasted the raw energy of his sperm. Jim collapsed on top of me and began to apologise almost immediately because of his weight.

"Sorry darling, I've forgotten how delicate you are."

He made to get up off me.

"No, my love!" I reassured him. "Let's just rest for a moment."

I stopped him before he could withdraw his spent manhood. "I love this feeling too much."

I couldn't explain the way I was actually feeling but I felt so close to him that I wanted this moment to last as long as it possibly could and the warmth of his penis to stay inside me. The pleasure that I was experiencing was so different to my last anal penetration by that unfeeling brute, Dárcy. On those occasions I could hardly wait to extract his gigantic cock from my tortured anal muscles and clearly remembered hoping with all my heart that he would be incapable of an encore. The difference with Jim was that I would do whatever it took to nurse his organ back into life. This time I could give an eleven out of ten performance in my favourite female superior position so that I could control the action and make those delicious feelings last that much longer. Jim kept as much of his weight off me as possible while he rested and nibbled at the back of my neck like some male lions do when they have similar pleasure with a young lioness.

He was whispering endearments and kissing me like a horny love struck teenager.

I listened for a howl of protest from Monica as she watched the two of us recover from our recent exertion and I imagined the sight of our entwined bodies resting like this to be distinctly uncomfortable for her to witness. The last thing I needed at the moment would be for Jim to hear voices from next door. I had to broach the subject of my new career path and my hopes for his to change quite a bit too, very subtly and with great care. I debated the best way to confess my subterfuge and make him a regular player in the movies that we planned to produce. The dire thought of having to replace Jim with a brute like Dárcy encouraged me to make a move. Reluctantly, I suggested we have a shower so that I could pleasure him orally and nurse his organ back to life for a repeat performance as soon as he was able.

"There's a shower and toilet just over there." I hinted.

"Jeez! It's a wonder you don't move in here." Jim was looking around the room, impressed by what he saw. "See if you can, my pretty one. I could sneak in after dark and join you from time to time, every night if you like?" He was serious.

I smiled and looked into the mirror again, winking.

"Do you really think you could handle it?" I countered with a cheeky grin.

"I haven't finished with you yet, Katrina. What was that you were saying about us having the rest of the night together?

Jim flexed his muscles as he stood right in front of the mirror.

"It's quite useful having so many mirrors around here." He mused as I joined him. " But it does make the whole room so darned bright. It's even brighter that the place that I work out for the club's bodybuilding championships."

I knew that Jim was keen on entering those competitions. His sister, Annie had told me that he had won several competitions in the past. I adopted a few poses with him and as I looked in the mirror the sight of two well formed bodies in the peak of condition gave me an idea.

"Do women compete in these contests too?"

"Yes, not so many of them though. They wear the tiniest bikini costumes and some of them look really sexy with their little tops and G string panties on." He looked at me in admiration. "You should try it some time."

I grabbed him and led him into the shower.

"Come on, darling. Let's see if we can do something about your love muscles then?" My excitement was building. "Let's try it with me on top next time."

We played around under the streaming water together. He and I washed each other before I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth. He responded well to stimulation and by the time I dried him off he was almost as hard as before. His eyes glazed as I led him back to the main room. The bed was ruffled and untidy but I positioned him in the ideal spot to achieve the best results for the camera. With a quick dab of lubrication for me, I mounted him, facing toward the mirror. Jim laid back so I shifted my body over his face to give him some last minute attention with my tongue. I was keen to keep him in fully erect condition for the next part of our demonstration to the camera and ensure that the camera crew could capture every detail of his rigid member as it re-entered my tight bottom.

The purple head of his cock was glistening with both saliva and natural lubricant as I attempted to deep-throat his pride and joy. I was in my element by the time I re-positioned myself to take in every delicious inch of his straining member. My nipples were hard and sore with the sexual anticipation I was sensing in every fibre of my body. Unlike my past experiences with Dárcy, I knew that neither the girth nor the length of Jim's circumcised organ would pose any discomfort. After all, I had managed to achieve the same thing with Dárcy's much larger organ. Although raw fear had encouraged me at that particular time, the joy of pleasing my new lover helped my eager lips to climb down the full length of Jim's manhood on this occasion. I marvelled at the sense of pride I felt as we tasted one and other this way. Jim was now reciprocating greedily, behind me, and pushing his hot tongue around inside my vagina, at the same time as he was stimulating my almost bursting clit with his own lips.

I nearly choked as the first wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through my body and I convulsed with short sharp jerks and I quickly withdrew my mouth. I feared that any further stimulation would make Jim erupt before he could penetrate my anal cavity again.

I was panting with desire as I swiftly crouched above his pulsating organ and positioned the engorged head for entry. When I looked into the mirror it was hard not to be impressed with what the camera was recording. I could see Jim's hands encircling my waist, preparing to support my body weight and assist me as I engulfed his eager manhood with my shiny rectum. My entire genitalia was glistening and wet with my juices and there was no doubt about my willingness to be impaled by his organ. My gem decorated vagina was wide open and the smooth inner lips were parted to reveal a small vacant pink aperture, beyond those quivering lips. I lowered myself slowly at first as the penis parted my rosebud and eased it's way past my tight sphincter muscles. Jim's cock began to disappear from sight. I prolonged the delight as I engulfed Jim's manhood and made an audible sigh of contentment. Jims back arched with pleasure as the heat inside my rectum comforted his large sensitive penis.

I found myself fascinated by the erotic sight of doing it so slowly and provocatively in front of the mirror so that I could see the effect it was having on my vacant vagina. For some reason this had eluded me when I had done the same thing with Dárcy. I had been so keen to get it over with that I had averted my eyes to relieve the expected pain when he had squashed the life out of my intestines. It was strangely exciting to know that my lovers and business partners were witnessing my enjoyment of Jim's penetration this way.

I gave them a wide triumphant smile before coming to rest with Jim's pulsating love tool buried deep inside my ass. It added an extra dimension to the sensation to know that I would probably be pleasing so many people, both now and in the future, with my sexual gymnastics with Jim. He was moaning with delight and rubbing my nipples with the tips of his fingers. Suddenly, without warning, I was jerked back to the reality of what I was doing by the hollow sound of a tin object clattering and rattling on the floor behind the mirror.

"What the hell was that!" Jim hissed.

Jim had heard it too and he was shaken into action, dropping his hands to my waist and gripping my hips with startling speed.

"Is someone coming?" He whispered urgently, tense now.

I racked my brains for a soothing reply, knowing exactly what the sound had been but wanting Jim to ignore the interruption before he lifted me off his body. Someone had knocked a film can and the noise had reverberated on the uncarpeted floor. It couldn't have happened at a worse time.

"Don't worry! Probably mice or rats." I smiled again. "They probably knocked into one of the empty paint tin lids that are lying around. We haven't cleaned them all up yet." I scanned his face.

This explanation seemed to satisfy Jim and his hands relaxed again. The place still had lingering paint fumes downstairs so my hurried excuse had a certain ring of authenticity about it.

Fortunately, he was still erect and I lifted my hips slightly and fell back again a few times to bring him back to the task at hand. He was soon throbbing with desire again. We carried on as if we hadn't been startled and rudely interrupted beforehand. It was a narrow escape and I mused about how I was going to tell him the truth about the cause of the noise without making him angry. What would he think of me? How can I tell him? God!--- What will he say about it?

It made me realise that what I was doing with him was not that hugely different to what Greg and the others had done to me. I chickened out from my bold earlier plan to broach the subject later that night and resolved to leave it till the next time we were truly alone with each other. Perhaps tomorrow?---Maybe!

I was becoming attached to him, not just as a sex partner but on a slightly more emotional basis by now. I was horrified at the thought of losing his friendship along with all his other associates and his family. I planned to leave him in the shower while I made some excuse to get something from another part of the building and contact the others to ask their advice. That's the best plan, I decided.

Confused by my thoughts, I speeded up my movements and was all too soon rewarded by another rush of warmth in my bowels as Jim erupted inside me.

Part of me wanted to stay on top of him and savour the warmth of his love but, regretfully, I decided to get him in the shower again and make an excuse to leave him there for a few minutes. I needed to contact my friends to take advice from Arnold. Every time I thought about his possible reaction to the news that I was using him this way, I just trembled at the thought of losing him forever as a sex partner. Why couldn't I have just explained that noise for what it was? Get it over with and convince him to at least try the lucrative new career that I had planned for him. I knew that Olivia would be eager as anybody to perform with Jim. Maybe, even Monica would enjoy his attention once she was aware of the tenderness that I had just experienced. They must have seen the pleasure written all over my face while we were entwined in our sexual pleasures a few moments ago.

"Are you tired yet, my darling?" Turning toward him. Let's clean ourselves up under the shower and perhaps we can rest awhile."

"Whatever you say, Katrina." Jim smiled at me. "How long have we got before we have to get out of here?"

"Plenty of time for another few experiments as long as you're up to it." I confirmed. "Don't forget it's Saturday morning and I don't expect us to be disturbed for quite a while yet."

We walked into the shower room arm in arm and I turned on the water.

When Jim was under the shower I made my move.

"Just keep the shower going for me, darling. I just want to check on the time on the clock downstairs. Won't be a minute!"

With Jim soaping himself up I knew that it was now or never. "Won't be long!"

I ran out side, closing the door, and dashed next door.

"What should I do?" Breathing hard with a panicked look on my face. "What can I tell him?" I searched their startled faces.

Arnold was changing the film reel and they were all looking at me.

"I just can't tell him about all this yet."

We had a quick, whispered discussion and watched Jim showering in the next room in case he came out to look for me. The others sympathised with the awkward position that I was placed in and offered their advice. We decided to turn on the radio next door and carry on filming to give me a chance to discuss my plan with him.

"See if you can get him to go to sleep after the next session and we'll leave you to it. The radio will drown any noise that we make for now. We can voice over later." Arnold grinned. "He's too good to lose---as an actor, I mean. Tell him that we're having the morning off tomorrow-- I mean today." He looked at his watch. "Look, we'll leave while you're having a shower next time. Ring us when he's gone home. Just play it by ear, baby." He paused. "You'll have to tell him before we can do this again. You do realise that?"

Arnold was firm about this and I was beginning to panic. They were all determined that I should not put it off any longer. Arnold was giving me the rest of the night alone with Jim to explain the entire situation or let him go. I realised that Arnold was right.

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