tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 5

A.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 5


"Well! You two look good enough to eat!" Monica gasped as we let her in the front door. "Where's Arnold and Jim? You haven't let those two loose together have you? What's going on, my darlings?"

Although surprised, she seemed anxious to get inside and appeared to be slightly out of breath. Monica had been carrying an armful of groceries so we quickly helped her to carry her purchases upstairs, updating her as we went along. Olivia began putting the tins into the shelves and the milk into the frig.

"I thought that we might as well stock up now." Monica explained as I looked through the rest of her purchases and put on the oven warmer for the cooked food. "Arnold never thinks about those sorts of things, as a rule. Where did you leave your clothes?"

I pointed to the bedroom/studio.

"Plenty of room in the cupboards in there. Better see what's keeping Arnold. He must have shown Jim that movie by now. They're probably talking while they were waiting for you to get back."

Olivia and I sampled our lunch while we made the drinks, until the others joined us. We sat down to lunch and we discussed the future completion of Arnold's movie for Blue Angel Films. The two men seemed to be getting along together very well. He had been asking Jim to arrange a few of his friends to appear with him as we all worked out together in an outdoor setting, preferably with some of his body-building associates. It sound like fun and Jim had apparently given Arnold a few other good ideas as well.

After we had all eaten our fill, the talk turned back to the proposed Adult footage again. Monica hinted to Arnold that she was prepared to do all the camera work if he wanted her to, rather than for her to participate. Whilst I was disappointed in her, the thought of leaving Arnold free to step into a role instead of merely filming it was very acceptable none the less.

"Look Monica, Why don't we all get naked and make a start on this one? We're all going to be working together at the end of the day." Arnold urged her.

"I know, darling. Just give me some time to think about it. I might change over with you later." Monica reasoned in an abnormally subdued manner. "Just give me some space this time."

Her mind seemed made up and she was blushing with embarrassment. She hadn't been expecting to be called on to participate just yet.

It was almost as if Arnold had been expecting this and he had already suggested several other workable scenarios for Jim's first screen test at the studio. It became rather obvious that the two of them had already discussed a variety of possibilities while Olivia and I had been preparing for lunch.

"Alright then." Arnold took charge. "Why don't you guys start off by having a shower together and acting the fool a bit?" He looked at Olivia and I. "Take Jim in there with you and then take turns with him on the bed, afterward. I'm sure I don't have to explain what we need. I'll get Monica going on the cameras and then I might join you shortly."

He paused for a moment as he was taking off his shirt. "I've already set up the bathroom camera so don't forget to play up to it a bit."

I kissed Monica and reassured her.

"Don't forget to join us love. I'll be fun!" I said lightly.

Jim and Olivia were already making their way next door. I ran to join them.

Jim quickly adapted to having two naked young ladies in the shower with him, fooling around under the warm water and soaping up one and others bodies. The knowledge that we were being watched and filmed as we frolicked together didn't inhibit Jim's sexual responses in the slightest bit, after the first few minutes. Olivia and I were both showing off to the mirror as we took turns in swallowing his entire manhood with our mouths until he had a full straining erection that just begged for release. The many unrehearsed moans of delight were very real by the time we dried ourselves off to make our way to the adjoining bedroom. By now, it seemed the three of us were more than ready to indulge in a wide variety of sex acts for the camera. I guessed that Jim had forgotten the real reason for this interlude by the natural way that he was acting and any previous worries about his stage fright seemed far from his mind by the time we guided then laid him back onto the bed. His penis was quivering with anticipation and shining with natural lubricant.

"Who's going to be first?" He looked at both of us, his face flushed with delight and revealing his eagerness to please.

Olivia's fully engorged vaginal lips seemed more than ready to engulf the moist head of Jim's penis so with I nod of approval from me she readily positioned herself for entry from behind, indicating her willingness to give me oral pleasure at the same time.

Able to see the look on her face as Jim entered her for the first time, I was glad that I had urged her to mount his glistening penis first. I felt a mixture of love and compassion for Olivia. She had always done her best to please both Monica and I and I knew that she really wanted to experience all the pleasures that she had witnessed from the other side of the mirror last Friday night. The first thing that Jim did was to lubricate the inner cheeks of her bottom and wiggle his index finger into her tight anal opening. She squealed with delight but insisted on him entering her vaginally at first. I quite understood her initial reticence, given her other experiences with Dárcy, but I knew that once she felt the warmth of Jim's passion she would probably make a quick adjustment to her position in order to receive him anally as well.

I licked her fully distended nipples as I helped Jim guide her onto his penis. Her expression of pleasure, as he easily slipped the head of his penis past her relaxed vaginal muscles and she slowly lowered herself down fully, was either brilliant acting or incredibly real. I don't think I have ever seen such a wondrous mixture of delight and lust as I saw written on her face at that time.

"Oh! You're so big. God! That's so good." She gasped as she came to rest. "Are you enjoying it too?" She smiled at me as she nervously urged a response from Jim.

"Do you need to ask?" Groaned our latest conquest. "Just keep doing that thing with your pussy muscles."-- "Oh Yes!" He groaned as Olivia obliged with shrill giggle of delight.

I laid back, stretching out my leg to give Olivia better access to my clit ring as she leaned forward and reached for it with her tongue. She had become well practised in the art of cunnilingus when she had stayed with Michelle. Over the short time that she had been with Monica and I, her talents had been much further developed. She was a true bisexual siren. Jim had been assisting her to raise and lower her hips and I had been the only one that hadn't been exerting any physical energy. I felt a wave of pleasure as Olivia touched base and I played to the camera as my tension gave way a gigantic flood of orgasmic release. I moaned with pleasure as my body spasmodically jerked with involuntary abandon. Olivia's full lips enclosed my clit ornament and she tugged gently before kissing my wet labia and then unexpectedly stopping her hip movement.

"I want it in my ass. Please don't cum yet, Jim. Try it in my butt." Olivia was now panting with excitement. "Please?"

I was surprised at her sudden change of attitude and completely taken by surprise. I understood her motivation, to make the moment last as long as it possibly could but I was concerned for her, none the less. Although he was no Dárcy, Jim's penis was still much larger than the average male member. It was bound to hurt her.

She winced briefly as Jim pushed past her sphincter muscles but this soon gave way to a more triumphant look as she eased her way down his shaft and came to rest on his lap. She rested while she gathered her breath and smiled at me.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be." Thanking me with her glistening eyes. "Nothing like---

"You just forget about that, my love." I quickly put my hand over her lips. "All that's behind both of us now."

Jim suddenly became aware of her discomfort and questioning me with his eyes. He reacted quickly.

"Am I hurting you Olivia?" He gripped her hips in alarm.

"No darling. Just girl talk." She turned her face toward him. "How does it feel for you? Alright if I move now?" She asked, showing her concern. With Jim Jnr. fully buried in her colon, she was talking in short breaths but still smiled at him tenderly. "Don't worry about me! Its just that it's a bit of a new experience at the moment. I wanted to try it." She reassured him. " Please just take it quietly though." She entreated him.

I teased her clitoris as the pair of them began to move again and soon we were fully involved in initiating Olivia into all the erotic pleasures of anal stimulation. She was soon writhing and moaning with delight and as her body contorted and shook with ecstasy until I noticed that Jim was coming to yet another peak of sexual pleasure. His back arched as he filled her with his hot seed just as Olivia orgasmed for the third time. Her vacant vagina was soaking with her own juices and I looked up at her, noticing for the first time that she seemed thoroughly pleased with her efforts. She was gasping for breath but smiling at me with such love and devotion that it brought tears to my eyes.


We all heard Arnold's voice from the room behind the mirror which brought us all back to the reality of what was happening in the outside world around us. The door opened and Arnold was standing in the doorway. Even though he was naked, as he stood there, he looked natural but still in charge of proceedings. I admired his attempt to put Jim at ease with his own vulnerable state of dress in this way. His easy manner was thoroughly professional but I knew that he wanted a more family oriented approach to the new business of making Adult movies as much as we all did.

"Great footage guys! It looked as though you were really enjoying yourselves too." He was beaming with happiness. "You did just fine Jim. That job's yours if you want it."

Monica poked her head in the door behind Arnold.

"I think I've changed my mind." She said simply. "Can't let you guys have all the fun, can we?" She put her arm around Arnold as he moved further into the room. I could now see that both of them were totally naked and could somehow detect that they had been up to no good with each other. Monica stayed behind Arnold but still managed to give me a sexy wave. "A very inspiring performance, my little darlings" She added cheekily.

"I was waiting for Arnold to join us." I laughed. "No wonder he was a bit late getting here." I said with a rueful smile. "It looks like you've been having some fun too."

"Sorry darling, we got a bit carried away in there." She smiled at me with that wicked grin of hers. Turning toward Jim she spoke on a more serious note. "You will be joining us I hope?" Her eyes searched for his approval. "You were great too." She added. "Think you could handle all three of us in the future, maybe?"

She boldly stepped out from behind Arnold with a confident, relaxed smile and walked toward the bed. She made no attempt to cover herself or to hide her sexual excitement. Her nipples were full and enlarged and stood proudly erect, signalling her wanton desire for attention.

I was proud of Monica. She had apparently made up her mind to get over her earlier reticence to show off her body to Jim. She wasn't even wearing my thong to hide her cleanly shaven pubes, even though her engorged vaginal lips were open and clearly aroused. She looked to Jim for his response.

"I'd be crazy not to." He grinned. "Where else can a man have so much fun and even get paid for it? You can count me in! Jeez! The more the merrier." He added brashly. He reflected and paused. "I'll probably need a bit of time out at the moment, though." He glanced down briefly at his spent member. He looked back at Arnold. "You were right. It's like you're not even being filmed with the camera behind the mirror. I almost forgot about it until you said 'cut' just like you said."

Jim's enthusiasm for what he had just done was abundant as the three of us showered together while Monica went out to the lunchroom to make all of us a drink. Arnold sat on the bed and talked to us about our plans for the rest of the day. Amazingly, Jim was so fired up with zeal that he offered to stay at the studio for a while longer if we wanted him to.

"We've got all we need for today but we can sort out another scene if you really want me to?" Arnold looked at me. "Katrina was a bit left out this time." He chuckled. "Sorry about that, babe."

"No worries!" I said, giggling. "Plenty of time later."

Arnold adroitly changed the subject matter.

"How's Patrick getting on with his new camera, by the way?"

Arnold was keen to put Jim at ease. "He seemed pretty keen to learn a bit more about action photography at the beach the other day." Arnold mused with an easy smile. "Once we get going properly we might just have an opening for him and your sister?" He paused to assess Jim's reaction to his offer. "Think about it anyway. We don't just do this sort of movie all the time. Not that you're not cut out for it, Jim. It's just that it's not all that we do around here. Think about it!" Arnold concluded as he left us to it in the shower. "Don't be long, guys."

Arnold's words had immediate effect on Jim. He was far more at ease and although he was still slightly nervous about the certainty of becoming a regular player in our movies, Arnold's easy manner had brought aspects of what we had just been filming toward a completely different reality. He seemed pleased that Arnold had been so candid and welcoming toward him.

"Your friend, Monica seems to have loosened up a bit." He whispered in my ear. "It looks as though she's altered her attitudes to me quite a bit." He looked at me and smiled. "I wonder if she means it, about ---you know!" He looked awkward.

"When you get to know Monica a bit better, you'll realise she's not as bad as you thought." I whispered. "She's quite a sexy lady under all that shyness." I said proudly. "It's just that it takes a while for her to relax in front of new people. I think she likes you too, darling." I paused as I thought of the mental anguish that she must have been through in deciding to join us in the nude, as she had. "It's alright with you isn't it? You do like her don't you? I mean---you--"

"Christ yes!" Jim saw what I was getting at and interrupted me with a grin. "Who wouldn't? She's a real doll!" His voice dropped to a whisper. "You don't mind do you?-- I mean, me getting it on with her too."

I smiled at him and squeezed his flaccid member.

"Just save some for me." I reassured him in a matching whisper. "I told you that you would be popular." I paused as I reverted to normal levels of speech. "Let's go and refresh ourselves and get ready for an encore, I think we all deserve a hot drink. Let's go!"

Monica was waiting as I arrived first in the lunchroom, still naked and sitting next to Arnold. It was obvious that they had been talking about the upcoming film projects and the new accommodation that was about to start soon. They looked up as soon as we walked in the doorway.

"Did Jim say he was off work tomorrow? Arnold asked me.

"It might be a good opportunity to sort the builders out and then we can get underway with this other film." He continued.

"Count me in!" Jim replied as he walked in behind me. "I can easily organise it to be here if you want?"

We sat and talked about the project. Jim offered to arrange a few of his friends to help make up the numbers needed for the nude workout section of the movie and even suggested a few locations for this to take place.

"I'll make a few phone calls tonight if you like? I should be able to arrange a nude bodybuilding contest as well." He coloured up. "Normally, we just wear a G string costume anyway. Mostly the other contestants are fairly broadminded." He reflected for a moment. "Leave it to me!" He looked at Monica. "You look pretty fit. You might enjoy it too? What do you say?"

Monica blushed and stammered for a moment. She hadn't been expecting Jim to rope her into this kind of situation but she didn't want to be thought of as a prude either. She looked at me and then back to Jim.

"We'll see!" She managed. "Maybe?" She fought for control after her surprise invitation. "Why don't we practise next door later on?"

She finally suggested. "All of us!" Glaring at Arnold meaningfully.

"We could set up an section downstairs as a workout area and maybe even hold the contest down there?" Arnold interrupted. "We could sell tickets and organise some prizes to make it worthwhile to the other contestants. Great idea, Jim!" He enthused.

The momentum was growing as we thought of the latest possible uses of our unused commercial space. This gave us a number of workable ideas and we spent the next hour refining and contributing thoughts until he had some direction on the way that we could film semi-public nude contests right here at our own film studio. It was decided that it should be a 'membership only' club to minimise the threat of outside interference by the law and Monica suggested that we contact local nudist clubs to establish a membership base. I noticed that she was becoming abnormally enthusiastic with plans to enhance Jim's original idea into a more permanent enterprise. Olivia and I had never seen this side of her nature before but it was extremely encouraging and infectious.

"Leave the marketing to us." Arnold announced finally. "Just ring around your friends, like you said, and let me know how many contestants we can organise." He directed toward Jim. "If we can get enough interest, we can get our own unique fitness club going and we might even make a bit of money on the side." He winked. "We've come up with a fantastic way of utilising all this spare space."

Arnold stood up and hugged Monica, provoking an eager response and nodded his head toward the bedroom next door.

"I think it's time for some fun again guys, don't you?"


Author's note:

All the characters have now been developed for further adventures in the coming weeks. With the film projects that Arnold may have in mind, almost anything is possible. Please readers, let me know with your votes and/or Email comments.

I would like to thank the creators of this unique site for giving aspiring novelists like myself the opportunity to explore our literary education. LAUREL especially, you're simply the best!

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