A Matter of Trust


"You mean no going out or anywhere with anyone else? How about if it's just a guy friend, you know going out for a drink or two after work? I don't know how jealous or insecure you are about my having friends of the opposite sex, but I do have a few, even outside of work."

"Janet, if you want to date others just let me know so I won't have to worry about putting any effort into this relationship. We can go out whenever and have a good time and leave it at that. However, if you're looking for something more than being in a casual boyfriend girlfriend relationship, then we need to be exclusive. One of these days we're going to be intimate and I don't want to have to worry about who I'm sleeping with."

"You think I'm sleeping around?" an irritated Janet shot back at me. "How about you? Who are you sleeping with?"

"I'm not sleeping with anyone including you, much to my dismay. You just have to make a decision where you want to go with this, that's all. After that I'll know how to proceed."

It didn't go anything like I thought it was going to. I thought she'd be overjoyed that I wanted to include Tammy in our plans. This girl had major trust issues and I was giving her the opportunity to work them out with me. The only way I knew that could happen was if we were exclusive. I didn't want to have to worry about anyone else mudding up the waters. I also didn't want a third person in our bed so to speak, so I decided to give her all the time she needed to make a decision.

When she called Tuesday and wanted to get together on Thursday or Friday night I told her I couldn't. "I'm going to be in Chicago until Sunday afternoon working the dry-cleaning equipment show at the McCormick Convention Center. I'm flying out tomorrow so why don't I give you a call when I get back or we can talk over the phone in the evenings." Janet wanted to do talk face-to-face but would call me on my cell during the week.

"Steve, I'm going to miss you." That to me said a mouthful.

She called me Friday night just before ten o'clock. I had finished dinner and was listening to the group in the hotel lounge when she called. It was quite noisy and a group from out of town was all three sheets to the wind. The women were getting wild, screaming and laughing.

"Hey babes, how are you doing?" I said answering my cell.

"Tammy's asleep and I was just finishing up my log sheet when I thought about you and decided to give you a call. What are you up to?"

"Just listening to a pretty decent lounge band before I go upstairs. Everything is going perfect this week. I hope to catch the eleven o'clock morning flight out on Sunday if things go as planned." Just then two drunken women from the group staggered up to the bar, bumped into me and spilling their drinks on me in the process. "Ladies, please watch where you're going," I tried to say in a nice manner. I grabbed a few napkins off the bar attempting to dry my slacks.

"Here, let me help you with that wet spot," one of the two slobbered, also grabbing a handful of napkins. "Maybe we should take you upstairs and get you out of those pants," she declared much too loudly. Her friend snickered."

"That's all right ladies, no harm done." Thank goodness they got the hint and staggered away.

"Sorry about that," I told Janet when I could finally turn my attention back to her call. "Like I said, some people should just not be allowed to drink."

"It sounds like you're in the middle of a huge party," Janet said speaking loudly.

"No, everyone's just blowing off a little steam. You get these people out of their normal setting, give them a few drinks and they go nuts," I tried explaining to her.

"Well it looks like you've got your hands full. Why don't you call me when you get back in town," she finished up our conversation and disconnected.

Was it just me, or did she have an edge to her voice before hanging up? I didn't think too much about it and we finally did have 'the talk' on the following Tuesday night.

We had dinner at my place and set down a list or limits when it came to our relationship. We would be exclusive in all sense of the word and Tammy would be included in all our activities where appropriate. She liked the idea of a Disney trip but balked at the three of us having dinner at my place just yet. We were going to take it slow and easy going forward. I felt pretty good about it and filled up our wine glasses again.

"To us," I toasted touching my glass to hers. We both downed our glasses. When I moved forward to put mine on the table in front of us she pulled me to her and gave me the most sensual kiss to date.

Our lips and tongue made love to one another. She moved from my side to straddling my waist as we continued touching lips and exchanging spit. It had been a long time since I'd had a willing woman this hot in my arms. I was growing rapidly while she ground herself onto my crouch. Can you say lap dance? Because that's exactly what it now felt like. She stopped for a split second and mashed her lips against mine wrapping her arms around my neck.

I don't know what made me do it, but I stood up and with her legs wrapped around my waist I moved towards my bedroom. One slip would have caused us both serious harm and I thanked God my bedroom was on the first floor. I eased the two of us onto the bed and breathed a sigh of relief we'd made it in one piece. Then it struck me, I didn't have any condoms. I figured we'd just be talking tonight and wasn't planning on making my move until Saturday night after dinner. Maybe she was on the pill, I could only hope so.

When our clothes melted away and our lips and tongues got us even hotter I probably should have said something. When I played with her beautiful breasts and did my best to get her nipples rock hard I should have asked, but I was pretty busy at this point. Her pussy was dripping and my fingers were making sure her clit was enjoying every minute of it; that's when I finally asked.

"You don't have a damn condom? You've got to be shitting me?" she said sitting up.

"You're not by chance on the pill are you?" The look she gave me answered my question immediately.

"You ok with oral sex? Because if you're not, we're going to have a major problem here," she was frustrated and waiting for my reply.

"I'm more than up for it," I replied and two seconds later I had a muff resting on my mouth at the same time I felt two warm lips engulf my cock.

Heaven on earth is the only words to describe the feeling going through my brain. I was lapping and sucking away at her pussy as she also worked on me. I wasn't sure about her, but I was getting ready to shoot off. It had been a long time and I'd stored up enough to start my own sperm bank.

My lips pulled off her pussy for a moment so I could I inform her that I was getting ready to shoot. There was only a two second delay when I felt wave after wave rush over me. By now I was back working on her pussy and was sucking on her clit like it was a tiny penis. With me working her clit and two fingers buried to the hilt in her pussy she finally gave it up with a scream. I kept it up until she went limp and told me to stop because it was too sensitive. Doing a one eighty, I started to kiss her with my tongue giving her a taste of herself before holding her in my arms. Slowly we both finished coming down.

"It's been a long time," is all she said at first. "What kind of bachelor pad are you running here anyway? Who ever heard of a guy not having protection in his night table? For a minute I even thought about asking you if you had a zip lock baggie." We both laughed at that one. I told her that it wouldn't happen again and it never did.

We were a formal couple after that. Nether one of us liked the other's work schedules but we learned to live with them. Whenever I started asking questions about her job and types of clients she pulled back slightly.

"Steve, I can't talk about my clients. About ninety percent of the time there is going to be some type of legal litigation because of what we find out and I don't want to jeopardize any case by discussing it with you."

I didn't like it but understood. "I just don't want to have to start calling you 007 or something like that." I let it all slide.

When I brought Janet and Tammy to meet my parents she was nervous as hell. "Relax, they won't bite and if they like you half as much as I do, you'll do great."

The night went well until my mom and Janet started talking about my past. She told mom about her ex-husband and my mom told her about my ex-fiancée.

"I didn't know Steve was engaged." She gave a surprised look in my direction.

"Yes he was, but that was a long time ago. I guess Steve was a little too wild for his own good back then. They're both lucky they never got married. With Steve's wandering eye and as uptight as Beth was, they never would have made it. Good thing Steve grew up."

I didn't hear everything they'd discussed, only enough to know that I was dead meat. So, I pretended that I hadn't heard a thing and only hoped that Janet wouldn't bring it up. The truth of the matter was that I'd cheated on Beth when I was out of town one week and she had found out about it. It got ugly and even though I begged her to forgive me, she said once a cheater always a cheater. The wedding was cancelled and she gave back my ring. That was five years ago but the hurt and regret were still there, deep down inside of me. I waited that night for Janet to bring it up but she never did. I was about to say something after two weeks, but decided against it. Hell, if she wanted to ask me about it, I'd wait for her to bring it up.

"Hon, I'm going to be out of town the week after next. I'm going to be working the auto show in New York."

"I thought you were going to be doing the ski equipment convention in Orlando?"

"I was going to, but with all the new cars hitting the showrooms this fall, I want to see them up close and personal."

"Steve, at the prices they're asking for them, you can't afford any of those exotic cars," she reminded me.

"I know that, but I can look, can't I?"

"And I suppose there are going to be hot models all over the place?"

"But of course, but hon, you're the only hot model I ever want to look at," I said with my best impression of big wet puppy. She punched me in the arm.

This was the big international show. There was a minimum of three teams setting up the booths and running a million miles of electrical wire and computer lines between the routers. It would take us two full days to set up. We also had two update meetings a day to make sure we were on target. By Wednesday night we were whipped. The show was opening at ten o'clock the next morning and we'd all be on hand to make sure everything went as planned.

I was alone in the hotel restaurant doing my best to get down a steak when I heard someone talking to me.

"Would you mind if I sat with you? All the tables are pretty much filled and I hate eating alone." She was cute as hell and had a killer body.

"Sure," I said getting up and pulling out the chair across from mine.

"Thank you," she said sitting down with her tray. "I'm Kathy and this is my first show, are they all this crazy?"

"Most aren't this nuts, but this is an international show so it's bigger than most. What are you going to be doing?" I asked sizing her up.

"I'll be handing out programs and directing people to the various displays. I hope I don't screw up, I've never done anything quite like this before."

"Relax and don't worry about it. Even if you get into trouble, bat your pretty little eyes at them and say that you're new here but will be happy to help them in any way you can. No guy is going to get mad at you once you've turn on your charm."

"You think I've got pretty eyes?"

I nodded yes and we both went back to our meals. I was done first and excused myself telling her I had to attend an update meeting.

"Remember what I told you and tomorrow will be a walk in the park for you. Maybe I'll see you on the floor," I said with a smile as I told her good night. Everything was ready and by ten tomorrow morning we'd find out just how good a job we'd done.

Janet called me just after eleven. "Hi honey, how you holding up?"

"I'm bushed and looking forward to this week being over. How's your new project going?" She had informed before I left that they were working on an important case this week.

"So far so good. Mine should be done Saturday night. "You haven't bought anything yet have you?"

"Not yet, but the show doesn't open until ten tomorrow morning. Who knows, maybe I'll drive something smooth, sleek and sexy home on Sunday."

"Look buster, the only thing smooth, sleek and sexy you're going to be slipping into Sunday night is me. I don't have four wheels but I have all the custom features you'll ever need and you should see how I handle the curves." We both laughed and I told her I missed her.

"Don't worry, I purposely left my credit card at home and besides, my bank account couldn't take a hundred grand hit." Hell, I only had five grand in savings and a lot less than that in checking not counting my 401k nest egg.

I never saw Kathy on the floor Thursday, which was probably a good sign that she was doing ok. These shows always hired all the best looking models in town as nothing more than window dressing and it usually worked. We had two minor problems out of the blocks but that was about it. At about five thirty the first day was finished and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I splurged for supper tonight and ordered my all time favorite, two lobster tails. I got a bottle of white wine and just started to eat when Kathy showed up.

"Sit down girl and tell me about your first day on the floor," I said pulling out a chair. We spent the next hour talking and hashing over the first day.

"I didn't think it would be so crowded. I had to replenish my stock every hour."

"Wait until tomorrow and Saturday if you think today was busy. We'll probably have twice the amount of people."

"My feet are shot after being on them all day. I'm not use to standing on a hard surface for eight hours at a crack."

"Get some gel inserts for your shoes, they will make all the difference in the world."

"Steve, have you seen the shoes I have to wear? They're four-inch high heels with a strap here and there just to hold them on. There isn't enough material to hold an insert."

"Maybe you can attach them to the bottom of your feet, you know, on the inside of your panty hose."

"And how pray tell did you come up with that trick? And a better question is how often do you wear panty hose, anyway?" she was now laughing.

"Funny, real funny. I know a lot of girls who work the shows and that's what they do."

"And I suppose you're such a nice guy that you volunteer to help them with their panty hose," she said still laughing. "Opps, I'm sorry Steve, I didn't mean anything by that, I was just joking."

"No offense taken, besides if you're going to make this a short time career you're going to need to know all the tricks of the trade."

"I've already been asked about the tricks of the trade by more than one male exhibitor."

"Kathy, you're going to find assholes everywhere here. Just smile at them and say you're not interested and move on. But don't be surprised if you see more than one girl not walk away. I know more than a few who kind of make their living catering to a certain clientele. It's up to them and I'm not going to judge what another person does." We talked for about a half hour longer and finished my bottle of wine.

"You want to hit the hot tub tonight? I think that's exactly what my body needs."

"I'd love to, but I've got a big day tomorrow and I need as much sleep as I can muster tonight, but thanks for the offer maybe next time." I excused myself, went up to my room and called Janet. There was no answer on her cell. She was probably in her van again taking pictures. She always turned off her cell when she was working. I left a message.

Friday was tough but no problems for a change. Kathy never showed for dinner and all the floor workers were invited to the lounge for drinks on the hotel between nine and ten o'clock. I figured a drink or two would relax me enough so I'd go right to sleep. There was only one day left, but Saturday was usually nuts.

I didn't see Kathy but heard her right behind me.

"I'm not going to tell you again to keep your hands off me," I heard her say. I got up and went looking for her.

In one of the corners she was sitting with a middle-aged man. It looked like he wasn't taking no for an answer and she was more than a little upset. I didn't recognize him as any of my workers and at this point I didn't care who he was; I just needed to put an end to it.

"Sorry I'm late honey, I got tied up on the floor," I said to two surprised people. "Where are my manners? Hi, I'm Steve Moore and I guess you've already met my fiancée Kathy," I said staring right at him. "Honey, we don't have a problem here do we?"

"No sweetheart, this man was just leaving," she said looking relieved at the both of us.

"Yeah, I've got to be going. Nice meeting you both." He disappeared into the crowd.

"Steve, I can't thank you enough. He kept pawing at me and wouldn't leave," she said with that big smile of hers. "I owe you a drink." She motioned over to a waitress.

We spent the next two hours talking and drinking. I had three to her one, but hell they were free so what did I care. When she asked me to dance I accepted but stopped at one when she started getting a little too friendly with her hands.

"You are one hunk of a man Steve. Good looking, smooth and a great dancer. Can I talk you into joining me in the hot tub tonight?"

"Maybe tomorrow Kathy. I've got one crazy day left and I'm going to need my wits about me. I've had one too many drinks tonight and twenty minutes in the hot tub would probably put me right to sleep."

"With me in the hot tub, I'd make sure you didn't fall asleep," she purred with that come hither look in her eye.

"You really are a naughty girl, aren't you? I hope I can trust you to get back to your room and alone because tomorrow will be hell on earth on the show room floor. Get some sleep and I'll see you tomorrow."

"That girl was built for comfort," I said to myself. I knew Ferraris that probably couldn't keep up with her once she got going. I felt a stirring in my loins as I hit my room. A cold shower and a check of my messages were in order.

"Hi honey," Janet's message started. "Sorry I missed you but I just wanted to say hi, I love you and can't wait until Sunday. Remember no cars." She ended with that and I turned off the bedside light. I could still see light through the window and after my eyes got adjusted I thought back to a night like this five years ago when another girl who was working the floor came to my room. I answered the door and when she walked in I knew I was in trouble.

I was engaged and never planned on taking her to bed, it just happened or so I told Beth. We'd partied together that night and we both had gone to our separate rooms but she wasn't tired, I guess I wasn't either.

We didn't make love; more so used one another to satisfy our animalistic needs. We did it three times that night and she did things to me Beth never even dreamed about. We'd never see one another again so there wasn't any regrets or shame, just great sex. The only problem was that when she left my room one of my workers who was also a friend of Beth's saw her.

I never knew what hit me when I got back home. I first tried to lie my way out of it but when that didn't work I threw myself on her mercy and begged for forgiveness. I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing; it was only sex and I promised her I'd never do it again, nothing worked. She dumped me and never wanted to see me again. There was no wedding; no fiancée, but there was more than enough grief and heartache. I was shit in everyone's eyes. I vowed I'd never make that mistake again.

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