tagLoving WivesA Memorable 15th Anniversary

A Memorable 15th Anniversary


Finding my wife the perfect gift for our upcoming fifteenth wedding anniversary posed a longtime challenge. I wanted something special and memorable to thank her for making me the happiest man on earth all these years, but nothing had yet caught my eye.

Then a new personal trainer joined the staff of our local gym and soon took a shine to several women, Gaby in particular.

That gave me an idea...


I have the world's horniest wife. Not that I'm complaining; I know many men who would kill for an open-minded and sexually adventurous spouse like Gaby. In fact, I can't remember a time when she doesn't practically jump me and tear at my clothes when I come home from frequent job-related road trips. We seldom make it to the bedroom.

Gaby and I didn't start out as a true couple. We first got together when a friend tossed her in my direction for a more "respectable" girl he could take in public.

I wasn't looking for a serious relationship and been with a few other girls by the time Gaby and I started hooking up for no strings attached sex when I was twenty and she nineteen.

Call me crazy for taking up with my buddy's "sloppy seconds" with a cum dumpster reputation, but Gaby could always be counted on when I had overwhelming urges. I wasn't the only guy she was banging, but didn't give a shit.

Gaby was only a stop to get easy pussy, anal, and the best deep throat blow jobs I'd received to date. She always finished me off with her mouth since using condoms weren't high on either our lists of priorities.

I wasn't sure if Gaby liked to fuck or just fucked to be liked since she had little else to offer at the time we met. At five feet, two inches tall and weighing around 160 pounds, she was plain, not cute at all, but had breasts that were at least a 40D and a juicy round ass. I wasn't any prize to speak of either, though other girls I'd previously slept with said I had a great body and talented cock.

Our hookup "dates" evolved into a full-blown, legitimate relationship when Gaby became pregnant and I stood by her despite knowing I wasn't the father. Last I checked, no girl got knocked up by having a nut busted down her throat.

She gave birth to a son with dark skin and hair, put him up for adoption, and eventually had her tubes tied.

When we became seriously involved, Gaby confided that judging from the baby's looks, his biological father was likely among the members of a semi-professional soccer team that gang banged her the previous summer.

"Gaby, I can't understand the need for you to hook up with so many guys," I said during the first of many dates no longer the "fuck and leave" kind. "I'm surprised you haven't been pregnant more often or contracted any serious diseases from screwing around without protection."

"The pill and shots made me sick, diaphragms were a pain in the ass, I could't afford an inter-uterine thingy, and - as you already know - sex doesn't feel as good with condoms. Most guys want to fuck bareback and pull out before coming anyway, but I no longer have to worry about getting pregnant since having the tubal ligation. I also get tested for diseases often as possible."

"You're still taking some huge risks. What if a hookup ends with you raped or killed?"

"Why all the sudden concern, Marty? You never had any problem texting me for booty calls when no one better was available."

Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. "It isn't like I have anything going for me except big boobs. You'd eventually learn to deal with only being good for sex too from the time a step parent first forced themselves on you after you started developing."

"What?! Your stepfather RAPED you?"

"Every night unless he worked graveyard shift. Then if my mom wasn't awake in the morning when Kevin came home from work, I'd get bent over the bathroom sink so he could his way with me before I went to school. All this went on for little over two years."

The image of someone in position of trust taking advantage of a young Gaby infuriated me. "Where does the son of a bitch live? I'll kill him!"

"Don't know and don't care; besides, he isn't worth ruining your own life. I haven't seen him or my mom in years. She said I was a slut and threw me out of the house after Kevin got me pregnant. Some mother, huh? I had to have an abortion before going into foster care. Now you know why I don't want kids. I already terminated one baby and gave up another."

She sighed and continued, "Anyway, the foster system wasn't much better. Two older boys in the first home made me have a three-way with them in exchange for keeping quiet after they caught me sneaking in the house after curfew. Then my last foster dad bribed me with extra money and gifts if I slept with him because foster mom 'wasn't being a good wife.' I always felt dirty afterward, but enjoyed the 'perks'."

I picked up one of her hands and kissed it. "I'm sorry, baby. I wish I knew sooner about the hell you went through. Maybe I'd thought twice about using you for my own selfish purposes."

"No need to apologize. My shitty early home life and foster system aren't the only ones at fault. I also made a lot of bad choices - the soccer team gang bang among them - after becoming aware I could use sex to my advantage. I was popular with men near my age for the first time in my life, or so I thought."

"You don't need to degrade yourself to be liked by jumping into bed with random guys, Gaby. I've seen what a nice person you are since we got to know each other and...well, have cared deeply about you since the pregnancy."

She brightened. "Oh, Marty! I don't know what to say."

"Promise me you'll stop screwing around. It's too dangerous, baby, and they don't feel the same way about you as I do."

She smiled and squeezed my hand. "I promise. Thank you for finally making me feel like a worthwhile person."


Gaby started undergoing a transformation not long after I asked her to move in with me. She joined the gym where I was a member and worked out religiously, shedding thirty pounds. Her ass remained plump but firmer and I counted my blessings the weight loss had little effect on her now-38C chest.

She ditched her baggy T-shirts, loose "dude" jeans, dark sweaters, sweatpants, and the plain bras and panties, all replaced with sexy lingerie, form-fitting workout gear that showed off her amazing tits and ass, more feminine jeans, bright-colored tops, short skirts, and body-hugging dresses.

She even bought her first bikini!

Gaby traded her glasses for contact lenses, used cosmetics with a light hand to show off her best features, and had her flame-colored tresses cut to shoulder length, its waves shimmering in the sun.

We drew a lot of attention in public as a couple. Both of us are gingers so I guess that tends to fascinate people. Or maybe people wondered what a hot-looking woman like her was doing with someone like me. Whatever.

Gaby also turned plenty of heads on her own; the temptation of returning to her old promiscuous behavior with men often presented itself, yet she never acted on it.

She'd kept her promise of not sleeping around with exception of both of us picking up horny college girls at the gym for occasional female-male-female threesomes.

Gaby had never engaged in any type of lesbian sex before we started living together and soon enjoyed getting some girl-on-girl action before letting me join in.

She was always my dream girl, but took me a long time to realize it. Not bad for starting with an old buddy passing me his "sloppy seconds." I should look up Jack sometime and royally thank him for the favor.


"Marty...Marty...I'm going to come!"

I pushed her further down on my lap. "God, you feel so good on top."

She reached down and rubbed her clit. "Because I know how much you like it, you horny bastard."

"Your fault for getting me worked up all the time, baby."

She continued riding me and grabbed a handful of my hair, her inner pussy walls gripping my cock like a vise as she reached orgasm.

"Marty's a very bad boy for making me come so hard."

"Gaby's a very bad girl for wanting sex on the new couch," I growled back, loudly slapping her ass.

"I'll fuck you anytime and anywhere," she hissed through clenched teeth and increased the pace of her bouncing.

"You're a little nympho."

"And you love every minute of it."

I moved my hips upward to meet her rocking motion as we kissed hungrily, our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

I broke the kiss and nibbled my way down Gaby's neck until I reached her breasts, teasing, nipping, licking, and sucking them while a fingertip on my spare hand pumped in and out her asshole.

"Ohhhh, Marty..." she moaned. "That feels soooo good!"

"Damn, I always loved your tits and ass. I can't get enough of them."

She impaled herself on my cock all the way to the hilt. "Mmmm...I know."

My hands tangled in her luxuriant hair and brought her face to mine for another passionate kiss. Gaby forcefully bounced up and down, mewling with pleasure as she matched my long, hard, upward strokes.

My mouth planted itself on her neck and sucked in a bit of flesh, creating a mark. She writhed on my lap and increased the tempo of her rocking motion.

Gaby sensed the tension that began building in my balls and clamped her pussy muscles tighter around my shaft.

"Let me come in you this time, baby," I said. "Would you like my cum in your hot little pussy? Am I still the only man for you?"

"Marty...Marty...yes! You're the only one, the only one, the only one!"

"I love you...I love you..." I panted and shot my load inside her.

Gaby collapsed against my chest when we finished and rested her her head on my shoulder. We remained still for several minutes catching our breaths.

"Marry me," I blurted.

Her eyes widened. "What?"

"Marry me."

"My God, you are serious."

I pulled Gaby close and deeply kissed her. "Damn right I am. Marry me, baby. Let's do it this weekend."


It's now been almost fifteen years since our impromptu weekend wedding and our marriage remains strong as ever. Gaby and I always kept the lines of communication open, be it anything from everyday domestic issues to problems I dealt with at work - and yes, sex.

I first met Joel at the gym while Gaby and I were having our regular workout session. I'd gone to get us some water and in process of returning when I saw a a good-looking guy with short thick brown hair and well-trimmed beard standing behind her, large hands cupped on her waist as she worked on one of the machines.

He and I were around the same height (I'm 6'1), but he weighed at least 15-20 pounds less and had a great smile.

The sight of another guy's hands wandering on my wife's body incensed me. Not wanting to make a public scene, I barely held my composure, handing Gaby her water.

My expression wasn't lost on her. "What's wrong?"

I glared at the guy behind her. "Someone's being a bit handsy today."

"Marty! He was only showing me how to properly use the machine." She then introduced us. "This is Joel, the newest personal trainer. Joel, meet Marty."

"Oh yeah, the husband." Joel gave me a firm handshake. "Gaby was just telling me about you." He waved an index finger back between them. "Jesus, you don't think I was..."

"Trying to hit on my wife? Looked that way for a moment."

Gaby gave me an annoyed look. "You should know better than to assume such a thing, Marty."

"Yeah, I keep forgetting my hands-on approach tends to make some people uncomfortable, especially members' spouses and significant others," Joel said. "Sorry about that. I wanted to make sure your wife didn't injure herself on the machine."

"No, man; I should be the one apologizing for jumping to conclusions," I replied. "Great to see someone actually caring about the clientele instead of trying to turn them into muscle heads."

"Thanks. I prefer to let people strengthen and condition the assets they already have. Not everyone is cut out to be a body builder. Case in point, me."

Joel's down-to-earth demeanor put me at ease. "You're in pretty good shape, though. What are you, 175-180?"

"187 as of this morning." His light blue eyes twinkled. "I'm trying to reach 200."

"Cool." I turned to Gaby. "Ready for the next one, baby?"

"Yeah, sure." She smiled at Joel. "Thanks for your help."

He winked. "Anytime."

I kissed Gaby and patted her ass. "Gotta keep that nice bubble butt for me."


Joel and I had a chat in his office several days later. By then I'd figured out how to put the plan for Gaby's anniversary surprise into action; now to put on the "final touches" of sorts.

I would have been a damn fool for thinking Joel didn't view Gaby more than another member working out alongside college coeds, career women popping in during lunch breaks or after work, and middle-aged housewives.

Other men at the gym eyed Gaby too, but didn't make their stares obvious as Joel often did - when his hands weren't on her. By then, I no longer minded; as matter of fact, it aroused me in an odd kind of way.

I had to cut to the chase if my plan was going to work. "You and Gaby have gotten pretty friendly."

"She's quite a lady," Joel replied. "She always complained about other trainers being aggressive or rough with her."

"Yeah, one of the bastards made her push too hard last year and she broke her wrist. I wanted to kick his ass, but prefer to stay out of jail. Gaby aims to stay healthy, not enter strong woman contests."

Joel broke out with a hearty laugh. "I knew I liked you for some reason, Marty. Your concern for Gaby isn't lost on me. Not many women here are as lucky, especially the older ones. Ladies love the extra attention to feel good about their bodies, and I'm happy to provide it."

"At the risk of sounding crude, would some of that 'extra attention' take place outside the gym?"

He gave me a knowing grin. "Quite a few times. Stressed coeds, hot secretaries, bored and lonely housewives -"

It was my turn to laugh. "Man, you don't need to explain anything, but I do have something I'd like to run by you..."


"I thought you didn't want me with other guys," Gaby said in bed that night. "I haven't been with any since we've been together as an actual couple, only other girls we brought home from the gym."

"I thought we could try something different this weekend for our anniversary. The guy I had in mind always fantasized about something similar and had no trouble agreeing to my suggestion."

"Marty, don't you remember a lecture you gave me during one of our dates about the risks of hooking up with random men?"

"Sure, but he isn't some stranger off the street. We both know him and he thinks you're sexy. Turns out we like the same types of women, and he made the point of saying he's never fucked a ginger. Add to that the fact you and I aren't the only ones who banged a few women from the gym."

Gaby sat up, her eyes wide. "This guy's into three-ways?"

"Yeah, he's done the two women thing more than once and now wants to try couples."

"Who at the gym would want to be with...?"

I placed a finger over her lips. "Uh, uh, baby. That part's a surprise. You'll have to wait until Saturday night."


Joel arrived on time Saturday evening. I tossed him a beer and led him to the living room as we waited for Gaby to come downstairs.

Her eyes widened when she spotted him. "Hi, Joel. What brings you here?"

He looked her up and down in approval. Gaby wore a white tank top with no bra underneath and teal capri pants hugging the curves of her ass. "Marty told me your anniversary was today. Thought I'd stop by for a bit after work and help celebrate."

"How nice."

I winked at her. "He's also your anniversary surprise."


"Remember me telling you about a guy who agreed to try something new with us?"

Gaby's mouth dropped open. "Oh my God, Marty."

I pulled her down on the couch between me and Joel. "Come on, I put a lot of thought into this."

"Yes, but doing something with a personal trainer from our gym?"

"Why not? Joel has a unique talent for making women feel better about their bodies." I placed a hand between Gaby's legs and slid my tongue in her ear. "What better anniversary gift than the chance to screw a hot twenty-something guy who's already had his hands on your body at the gym more times than either of us can count?"

"Marty, I don't know. What about...?"

"I'll be here enjoying the show. Don't be nervous, baby. Joel's not into anything weird, not that I'd let him do anything of the sort to you anyway."

"You can ask me to stop at any time," Joel added and nuzzled her neck. "but I'd love to see more of you."

"Okay," Gaby finally agreed. "If I didn't know better, Marty, I'd think this was more for you getting off than me."

"Make it for both of us." I gave her a quick kiss and rose from the couch. "I'll be sitting in the easy chair."

I had a great view while Joel deeply kissed Gabby, their tongues entwining. He placed one hand inside her pants while the other rubbed a breast over her top.

"Nice bald pussy," he moaned. "Just the way I love it."

She kept glancing in my direction as Joel continued fondling her.

"It's all right, baby," I reassured her. "Let loose and have some fun."

Joel pushed up Gaby's top and gasped at the sight of her breasts. "Oh my God, you've sure been blessed, honey. To think lots of other women pay good money to have a set of tits like these."

She pulled off her top and tossed it aside, softly moaning as Joel paid homage to her breasts, licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing. "Your husband probably thinks he went to heaven every time he sees these beauties. They're beyond perfect."

"Indeed I do," I said with a sly grin once noticing Gaby was starting to get into it. "Consider yourself honored you're the first guy I've shared her with since we've been together. On that note, why not sample some of her other fine talents?"

"You don't have to ask twice." Joel stood, took little time to strip naked, and sat on the couch with legs spread, revealing a fully erect penis.

Gaby knelt before him, circled the tip with her tongue, and cupped his balls with one hand. She took his entire length into her mouth and started bobbing her head on his huge tool with enthusiasm, becoming aroused from deep throating it.

"Damn, honey," he gasped. "I think you're the first woman not to gag from sucking me like that."

"She's had fifteen years of practice," I replied, not taking my eyes off the action. "Best I ever had."

Gaby looked up at Joel and asked, "Do you like watching me suck your big cock? Do you like how it feels in my throat?"

"Oh fuck yes," he replied as she once again swallowed him. "I've gotten some good head in my lifetime, but nothing like this!"

Joel put one hand in her hair in response but let her continue bobbing. She was not holding anything back as her expert mouth and throat ravaged his shaft.

Her bare tits bounced a little as she sucked and I could see she was really into it, showing no signs of slowing down as she continued to pump him with her mouth.

"Oh shit," he grunted after several minutes. "I'm going to come!"

Joel yanked on Gaby's hair and groaned as she cupped his balls and continued to deep throat him. A guttural sound escaped his lips as she swallowed his entire load.

Gaby gave him a sexy stare and licked his cock clean. "I bet you haven't had a blow job like that in a while," she said in a seductive voice.

"You can say that again, honey," Joel replied. He pulled her up on the couch and yanked off her pants. "Time to return the favor."

He immediately dove between Gaby's legs and nibbled her clit, slithered his tongue around her pussy, and darted it in and out of her opening. She responded with cries of pleasure, pushing her hips forward. He gently pushed one finger inside her wet opening while his tongue snaked over her clit and pussy lips.

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