A Memorable Morning By The Pool


"I really think that you should try a little harder for Herman," Theodore concluded, "he deserves special treatment."

"Oh, I know what to do," Mimi replied, after she had let Herman's balls slip out of her mouth.

Herman was greatly puzzled. He did not have the faintest idea what he was in for. How could this get even better? His imagination fell short.

"Herman, could you please pull up your knees, and bring them all the way to your chest?" Mimi asked.

Herman did not understand what she was up to, but did as he was told. He did not feel quite at ease. Mimi should have a perfect view of his hairy buttocks now. Herman was self-conscious about his furry behind and he did not like the idea of showing it off to a girl like Mimi.

"Excellent," Mimi continued, "now put your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them slightly apart."

This request made Herman feel even more uncomfortable, but he nevertheless complied. Mimi immediately shared her impressions.

"Wow," she exclaimed enthusiastically, "you've got lots of hair between your buttocks."

Next, Herman sensed something wet and warm against his tailbone. Mimi had gotten going again with her tongue. He felt it gliding up his hairy ass crack.

Never had a woman done this to him. Herman shivered when Mimi's tongue ran past his rear opening. This just could not be true, a beautiful young woman licking at the anus of a fat, bald man in his fifties.

"Gee," Mimi suddenly said, "you didn't wipe very well, did you, judging by the taste."

Herman was overcome with shame. He thought he would die of embarrassment. Mimi was giving him such lavish treatment, but he had not even taken the trouble to properly wipe his ass.

Fortunately, Mimi thought little of it.

"Oh, well," she said, "that's really nothing to worry about. If you don't tell guys in advance that you're gonna give them a rim job, they won't clean their ass."

Herman had never heard of a "rim job" before, but he immediately grasped what it was supposed to mean. Only, he did not know what to think of it.

On the one hand, he delighted in the sensation; on the other, he was deeply shocked. Apparently, Mimi engaged in this regularly. And she did not seem to have a problem with traces of poo on a man's anus.

"It's not that much," she said, "I'll just lick it off. To be honest, I always find it a little exciting, you never know what you'll come across when working a guy's shitter."

After these words, she resumed licking. First, she lapped up and down Herman's ass crack a few times. Then she focused on his anal orifice and let her tongue circle his sphincter.

Slowly she increased her pace and every now and then, she let her tongue slide into his rectal passage. This sent Herman into raptures. Both the heavenly sensation and the idea that a girl was sticking her tongue up his ass made him moan loudly.

Evidently, Mimi noticed what arousing effect her latest action was having on Herman. She immediately quit circling and inserted her tongue deep into his anal cavity.

Greedily, she started to explore his rectal wall, flicking her little tongue back and forth at a furious pace. Herman started to groan even louder and felt that he was close to orgasm.

But this did not escape Mimi's notice either. After another few laps, she withdrew her tongue from his anus.

"Don't cum outside my mouth," she said, "otherwise your swimming trunk might get stained."

Quickly, she pushed Herman's legs apart and buried her head in his lap. She had no sooner taken his erect penis into her mouth, than Herman began to spurt. Mimi had come not a second too early.

While the sperm was coming out in fast jets, Herman felt Mimi's mouth bouncing over his cock. Her lips formed a tight ring, making sure his penis got thoroughly milked. Meanwhile, she was swirling her tongue over his shaft and sucking with all effort she had. Apparently, she wanted to suck him dry, down to the last drop.

When Mimi was convinced that there was nothing left to be got, she let his softening cock slip from between her lips. She looked Herman in the eyes and opened her mouth.

Herman saw that he had produced a lot: Mimi's mouth was full to the brink of a white, slimy substance. Then she pressed her lips together in a smile and made a swallowing movement. When she opened her mouth again, the slimy substance was gone.

"Yummie, that was delicious," Mimi cooed.

Herman was too flabbergasted to speak. Fortunately, Theodore broke the silence.

"That was a very special treatment indeed," he said, "I am deeply impressed."

Herman could only concur. He would remember Mimi's oral ministrations for the rest of his life.

"But sadly enough, you've never done this to me," Theodore continued, "so please come over here, then we'll make up the backlog."

When Herman looked at Theodore, he saw that he had taken off his swimming trunk. He was lying in his lounge chair with his knees against his chest, while spreading his buttocks.

"Tut-tut," Mimi laughed, "that's not what we've agreed. I'd make your erections flaccid again and lap up your sperm, but nothing more. We haven't talked about special treatment for yóu."

She gave Theodore a playful spank on his bare ass.

"Besides, you haven't got nearly as much hair between your buttocks as Herman," she continued, "that's far less exciting."

With these words Mimi lied down on her towel, leaving Theodore dumbfounded and deeply disappointed.

"Well then," she said, "I'm gonna catch some rays now."

For a full hour, Mimi remained lying on her towel and for a full hour Herman and Theodore kept leering at her. Luckily for them, she turned around quite often, alternately providing them views of her gorgeous bubble butt and her lovely hairless pussy and firm, full breasts. After an hour of sunbathing, Mimi stood up.

"I need to cool off," she said.

She walked to the swimming pool and jumped into the water.

While looking at Mimi, Theodore had visibly gotten a hard-on again. When she came out of the pool a few minutes later, he could not resist pointing it out to her.

"Hey, Mimi, look at the bulge in my swimming trunk," he said, "could you please make it soft again?"

"Of course," she answered. She went over to Theodore and casually pulled down his swimming trunk.

"I've already sucked you off," she said, "shall we do something else now? What about a little horsie riding, like in the old days?"

Hearing these words, Herman frowned. "Like in the old days? What the hell had Theodore been doing with her, when she was younger? "

"That's fine with me," Theodore said.

"Great," Mimi replied, "then please, take your swimming trunk off completely and lie down on your back in the grass."

While Theodore was doing as he was told, Mimi took her handbag. From it, she produced a large white tube. She twisted off the cap, held it upside down above her hand and gave it a squeeze. Herman saw a generous glob of clear substance landing in the palm of her hand. He had no idea what it was.

Meanwhile, Theodore had lied down in the grass. Mimi stood before him, straddle-legged and with her back to Herman. Then she knelt down, making Theodore's thighs end up between her legs.

"Well," she said, "now let's make that woody of yours nice and slippery."

Suddenly Herman understood what had come out of the tube. The clear substance was lubrication.

For a couple of minutes Herman saw Mimi's arms moving up and down. She was clearly lubing Theodore's penis. Then she inched forward on her knees, until her luscious round booty was exactly above Theodore's erection.

Next, ever so slowly, she started to lower her derriere. When her body softly bumped against Theodore's cock, something happened that Herman had not expected.

Herman had anticipated that Mimi would let Theodore slide into her pussy. Instead, he saw that with her left hand, she splayed her ass cheeks and with her right hand, she guided Theodore's dick to her rear opening.

Gingerly, she pressed her anus against the head. Next, her sphincter opened up and the tip of Theodore's penis slipped in, seemingly without effort. Then she cautiously lowered her ass further, until she was sitting on Theodore's pelvis. Now his entire penis had disappeared into Mimi's anal passage.

"Oh, my God," Herman muttered to himself, "this horsie riding is worse than I thought."

But then Mimi raised her ass again and Theodore's cock partly reappeared. When it had only the head left in, she pushed her rear back down, taking his dick in for the second time.

Carefully, Mimi repeated this movement a few times. Then she apparently found the right angle and briskly increased her pace. Soon, she was bouncing up and down with great vigor.

"Oh, wow," she squealed in excitement, "isn't horsie riding hot!".

Theodore clearly enjoyed it as well. He was moaning and groaning, as his niece fucked him with her ass.

"Your asshole is so nice and tight," he said, "you keep that up and I'm gonna spooge!"

Theodore must have instantly regretted his words, for Mimi stopped abruptly.

"Please, don't cum right now," she said, "there's something I'd like to do first."

Slowly, she got up, releasing Theodore's penis from her back passage.

"Poor Herman must have a hard-on too by now," Mimi continued, "I'm gonna take a look."

Mimi turned around and walked up to Herman. Herman was indeed aroused by what he had seen. The outline of his erection was clearly visible through the fabric of his swimming trunk. Mimi knelt next to him in the grass and pulled it down.

"That's a nice boner," she said, "but for bumfucking it should be a teeny-weeny bit stiffer. Come on, let me make you fully hard."

With these words, she took Herman's penis into her mouth.

"How long have you been doing this, this horsie riding," Herman inquired, as he felt Mimi's tongue stroke his cock.

He hardly dared to ask. But the idea that Theodore had played this game with his niece when she was a minor was just too scandalous. Keeping silent was not an option.

"Oh, I understand what you mean," Theodore said, "but it's not quite what you think."

Herman sighed with relief. The last thing he wanted was a nasty discussion with Theodore about Mimi. He intensely enjoyed all the wonderful things she was doing to him and he did not want to give her any reason to stop. Now that it became clear that Theodore was going to talk himself out of this, a load was taken off Herman's mind. Mimi could continue licking and sucking, but at the same time, he, Herman, had done his moral duty by asking his critical question.

"Of course, Mimi caused me a lot of trouble in her puberty years," Theodore went on, "as a child she always sat on my lap, but she continued to do this when she started developing breasts."

Herman tried to imagine what this must have looked like: a girl, who is already wearing a bra, sitting down on the lap of an almost fifty-year-old man at a family party.

"I tried to convince her that this is just impossible," Theodore went on, "but she wouldn't listen."

"Ah, well," Herman thought, "at that age, Matthew wasn't easy to deal with either, there's nothing you can do about that."

"But it got even worse," Theodore continued, "for at sixteen her hormones started raging."

Herman looked down at Mimi, who still was pleasuring him with her mouth. He had expected that she would intervene in the discussion. After all, Theodore was talking about her and his account was getting increasingly sensational.

Mimi, however, seemed to hear nothing. She kept concentrating fully on Herman's penis, while Theodore's story turned even juicier.

"She began to harass me continuously," Theodore told. "'Uncle Theo, ' she would say time and again, 'I want sex.'"

Herman swallowed uneasily, fighting down a flush of embarrassment. Mimi, however, displayed no noticeable reaction.

"And every time I told her to wait until age of consent," Theodore went on, "only, I couldn't have suspected that she would take my advice so literally."

Herman did not get what Theodore meant, but this became clear when he continued his story.

"On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Gertrude had gone shopping once again and I was home alone, all at once she turned up on my doorstep. 'Uncle Theo,' she said, 'I'm an adult now and I'm entitled to sex.'"

"Imagine," Herman thought, "that you're suddenly saddled with such a horny young thing." He found the idea extremely exciting, yet frightening at the same time.

"I tried to talk her out of it," Theodore went on, "but it was useless. So I took her to my bedroom. There she got her first sexual experience."

"Well," Herman thought, "Theodore surely isn't the only uncle to have taken his niece's cherry."

Theodore was apparently thinking likewise.

"The first time is definitely better with an experienced uncle who cares for you, than with some inexperienced kid you hardly know," he said. "I only had a problem with her hymen, I really didn't want to break it. Therefore, I proposed she take it up the ass. It made no difference to her, she said, sex is sex. Since then we have stuck to anal."

As Theodore was telling about their sex life, Mimi did not display any signs of dissatisfaction. She carried on licking and sucking regardless.

Herman was actually a little surprised about this. Apparently, she did not have a problem with Theodore sharing such intimate details with other people. But on the other hand, Herman pondered, neither did she mind sucking off a perfect stranger or licking him in the ass. So, after all, it was not all that surprising.

"Herman is hard enough now," Mimi said, "it's time to lube up his dick."

With these words, she once again took the tube and got started. Deftly, she let her hands run up and down his stiff shaft and soon Herman saw that his erection had begun to gleam.

"Could you also lie down on your back, please," Mimi asked.

Herman obeyed immediately. Facing him, Mimi squatted over his loins. Then he felt that she seized his penis. She cautiously lowered her ass and soon he sensed her anus against his glans. The next thing he knew, his cockhead passed her muscular ring and his erection disappeared deep into her back channel.

Herman greatly enjoyed the sensation. Never, ever, had he engaged in anal sex before. And now he realized that he had missed a lot.

Mimi's backdoor muscles were hugging his boner tightly. And when she started moving up and down with her ass, his excitement grew even further. Her sphincter was holding him in an iron grip and he felt that his penis was getting milked in an incredible way. At this rate, he would not last long.

Apparently, Mimi was well aware how close Herman was to climax. However, she did not seem intent on letting him cum quickly. She let her butt slide up his shaft one more time and when she reached her highest point, she suddenly halted. Only Herman's cockhead remained in her anal cavity.

"Uncle Theo," she said, "could you please kneel down behind me?"

"Of course," Herman heard Theodore say.

"Great," Mimi replied, "and can you see my pooper?"

"Yes, I can," Theodore said, "it looks lovely."

"OK then," Mimi continued, "now try to work your dick in, between the upper rim of my asshole and Herman's cock."

"Well, that's gonna be a very, very tight fit," Theodore said.

"That's exactly what makes this so hot," Mimi replied, "come on, Uncle Theo, I've never had two dicks in my ass before, I'd really like to try it."

"Well," Theodore sighed, "what do you do as an uncle, if your favorite niece makes a request like this...?"

The next moment Herman felt something pushing against the underside of his glans. Beyond question, it was Theodore's cockhead. Then he noticed Theodore's penis sliding past his, while entering Mimi's ass.

"Now Herman should push his cock further in and Theo should withdraw a little," Mimi said, "and you guys have to do this simultaneously."

Slowly, Herman worked his erection into Mimi's anal chute. He was torn by conflicting emotions.

On the one hand, he could not accept the idea of his cock rubbing against Theodore's. After all, he was not gay. On the other hand, Mimi's sphincter was squeezing his penis even harder now and that was a wonderful sensation. Therefore, he tried to forget about Theodore and to enjoy the moment.

In this manner, they started moving up and down. It did not take long before Herman ejaculated. Theodore followed a few seconds after.

"Great, boys," Mimi moaned, "it feels so good to have my ass full of your spunk."

Herman and Theodore did not say a word; all they could do was groan.

"OK, Uncle Theo," Mimi said, "now slowly pull your cock out off my ass and lie down in the grass, I'll lick you clean in a minute."

Herman felt how Theodore's softening penis slid past his and popped out of Mimi's rear opening. Then Mimi took Herman's dick in her hand and pulled it out of her rectum. At the same time, she raised up her ass into the air, apparently to prevent any sperm from leaking away.

Slowly, Mimi crawled backwards on her knees, until her head was at the level of Herman's crotch. With her right hand, she took his flaccid cock and stuffed it into her mouth. She started sucking it with passion, while her tongue explored every single spot.

"Yummie," she mumbled, "what an incredible cocktail: jizz with lube and ass juices."

After a minute or two, Mimi let Herman's penis slip out of her mouth. Herman saw that it was immaculate, all traces her ass could have left she had wiped away with her tongue. Next, she turned to Theodore.

"Uncle Theo," she said, "give me your little cock, I want to lick it squeaky clean."

She did not have to say this twice. Soon Theodore's penis was as clean as Herman's.

Then Mimi put her hand under her ass and slowly raised her upper body. She squatted in the grass, but did not stand up. She kept holding her hand under her rear opening.

When Herman looked between her legs, he saw sperm seeping out of her anus into the palm of her hand. He carried on watching for a few minutes.

Finally, the trickle from Mimi's behind stopped. As soon as she noticed, she brought her hand to her mouth and greedily lapped up the semen.

"That was great, boys," she said, when all cum was gone, "I'd never experienced a double anal penetration before. It was unforgettable."

"Sure it was," Herman muttered.

As they were sitting in the grass and regaining their breath, suddenly the warble of a ringtone emanated from Mimi's handbag. Apparently, apart from the bottle and the tube that Herman had seen, the bag contained a cell phone. Mimi snatched the phone out of her bag and answered it.

Herman did not catch what was being said at the other end of the line; he only heard that it was a male voice.

"At this moment, I'm in my uncle's garden," Mimi said.

The male voice replied unintelligibly.

"OK," Mimi answered, "in a half hour," and she mentioned Theodore's address.

"That was my boyfriend," she said, when she had hung up, "he's coming to pick me up in a half hour."

"What, do you have a boyfriend?" Theodore asked in surprise. His voice conveyed dismay.

"Oh, only since a week or two," Mimi replied, "really nothing special."

But Theodore clearly did not take this as matter-of-factly as she. Herman could read the indignation from his face. Or he was just pretending, of course, because you never knew with Theodore. After all, he always was a true bluffer when playing cards.

"You have a boyfriend," Theodore said in a voice that seemed to be trembling with anger, "but nevertheless you are sitting here in the buff, sucking off other guys."

"That's correct," Mimi said with a smile on her face.

"On top of that, you stick your tongue up their shitters and let yourself be fucked in the ass," Theodore continued, flushed with embarrassment.

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