tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Midnight Express

A Midnight Express


I was sitting on the cool bench, looking out across the bay. The wind whipped through my hair as the salty spray cascaded around me. I turned to face the sun and saw a man standing near the beach...

I opened my eyes cautiously, hoping that the soft pillow around my head would not real. Every morning when I awoke I felt the same feeling. Warm and wet between my legs, and very unsatisfied. What happened in the dream didn't matter; it was always the same feeling. It must have been three years since the last time I had sex. I remembered it so well, two months after my 18th birthday in the back of a car. Yeah it wasn't that erotic or even that great, but I remembered it. The guy wasn't too interesting; in fact I couldn't really bring up his face in my mind. I had decided that all that would change tonight.

I had been rolling the idea around in my head for weeks, but it took a long time for me to get up the courage to put it into action. Over the past year I had lost a good 65 pounds and I was ready to get back into life. Somehow my freshman twenty had turned into so much more. Pizza and donuts really packed on the weight. But now I was back to a slim 125 and my life seemed to be turning around. A week ago I looked online and bought some of the sexiest lingerie that I could find. Red silk thong with matching bra and garter belt to hold up the black thigh highs made me feel like a goddess. A slinky black dress that barely covered my ass completed the outfit.

I had scoped out the bar scene for a couple of weeks and heard through some coworkers that there was a club downtown that catered to my needs. Plenty of raw sex available to those to desired it. Today was the day, I thought, as I stretched out under my covers. I double checked that everything would be ready when I came home from work. Then I grabbed my bag for class and headed out the door. The day seemed to stretch out endlessly. Classes seemed to be a bore and then sitting at my library work study job almost drove me crazy. I had found an old book of erotic stories out in the stacks while I was shelving books one day and I kept it hidden under my desk. When no one was looking I loved to flip through the pages and slide a finger up my skirt, longing for there to be something more. Reading the stories made my body tingle, everything seemed to be sharper and my cunt felt like it was on fire. I hand fell on my shoulder and I froze with fear. My boss was just stopping by to let me know it was nine and I could go home.

I stepped out into the cool night air, it felt like hands caressing my body. A small groan escaped my lips as I walked through the dark campus. With every step I could feel my wetness building up inside myself. I looked around at the shadows, wishing that I hadn't parked so far away. I felt paranoid that somehow someone knew what I was feeling and they were watching me. Reaching my car was such a relief that I nearly jumped out of my skin when an old professor said goodnight to me from a couple of spaces over. I nodded and quickly jumped into my car. When I arrived home I stepped into the shower and grabbed a new razor from the box. Tonight was going to be special and I wanted everything to be perfect. I slowly let the razor slide across my pussy lips, feeling the baby soft skin revealed beneath the metal edge. I continued with my arms, legs, and underarms; making sure that every part of my body was ready to be touched. I stepped onto the bath mat, leaving dark wet footprints in the soft purple. I pumped lotion onto my hands and slowly massaged it into every part of my body.

I walked naked from the bathroom into my room. The dress and lingerie were lying on my bed, and it made my body pulse with anticipation. I rolled the stocking up my legs slowly, making sure that my nails didn't catch. The garter belt fit nicely onto my hips and accentuating the thong hidden between my cheeks. At last I clipped the silky bra over my breasts and breathed deeply to settle my nerves. I finished getting ready and walked into my laundry room to get my freshly ironed dress. I slipped the cool fabric over my head, feeling it slid down my body; over my breasts past my navel and finally over my aching cunt like the hands of a lover. I slipped my shoes on, grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

It seemed like an eternity to get to this point. I slipped my car into gear and drove down the darkened streets toward downtown. I thought about how amazing it would be to be full of a nice hard penis with the weight of a man's body pressing down on mine. I thought about how soft his hands would be as they explored my body. Massaging my breasts and finally letting them free of my bra. He would kiss me softly on the neck, with little nibbles on the ear. I would arch my back and push my hips against his.

Suddenly I realized that while I was lost in my fantasy I had missed my turn. I craned my neck around to try to see the street signs. Suddenly my romantic evening seemed to fall into the back of my mind as I drove around endless one way streets that never seemed to lead anywhere. I thought I saw an interstate sign and turned my head to look. A loud thump below my car brought my attention back to the road as I realized I had just hit the curb pretty hard. I straightened my car and heard the thump scrape sound of a busted tire. A pit formed in my stomach as I pulled off the road into a dark parking lot. There seemed to be nothing I could do other than fix the tire. I stepped out of my car and walked towards the trunk, looking cautiously over my shoulder. I grabbed the jack handle and whipped around, expecting someone to be standing behind me. I laughed cautiously at my nerves and grabbed the tire and jack. I slipped my heels off and set them next to the car while I slid the jack underneath.

When I straightened up I barely had time to think before I felt a strong arm wrap around my shoulders and a large body press up against mine. I was so scared I didn't even scream. No words were exchanged and I simply stood there. My hands were pulled behind my back and secured with some sort of cloth or rope. A hand ran up my skirt and I heard a grunt of approval. I was pulled across the parking lot to a rusty fire escape where he lifted me up to let my hands rest above my head on a metal bar. I stood on my tiptoes as he pulled a nasty looking cloth out of his pocket and shoved it into my mouth. I watched him cross back to my car and get my keys, wallet, and finish changing the tire. He methodically did everything as if it had been a chore. He drove my car up to the building across the street and stepped out to open the garage door. I stood alone in the alley for a few minutes, almost in a fog as I watched the events unfold.

It seemed like one of my dreams as the man walked back over to me and slung me over his shoulder. We went up into the building and stepped onto an old rickety elevator. He wasn't rough with me at all, seemingly like the soft lover I was wanting. We stepped out on the fourth floor and I saw the lights glimmer on a dirty room with a nasty looking mattress lying on the floor. Suddenly it was as if I slipped back into reality and I knew what was going to happen. He set me down in front of him and I took that chance to knee him in the groin. As my captor doubled over I turned to run back toward the elevator, but I felt a rough hand grab my arm. He pulled me hard to his body and then pushed me arms length away with his left hand. Suddenly stars seemed to sparkle across my vision as he hit me across the face with his right hand. I heard one simple word. "No."

I stopped struggling and stood still in front of him. I saw the glint of metal as a blade went into the shoulder strap of my dress on both sides. The cool fabric ran down my body, reminding me of the lover I had previously envisioned. It seems somehow like a betrayal. The man walked around me running his hands across my body, smacking my ass and leaving red hand shaped mark. "You came out tonight looking for something, did you not my pretty little bird?"

I said nothing as the continued the exploration. His hands ran across my thighs and he slipped his hand under the garter belt and into my thong. His hand stopped as his fingers wriggled across the soft flesh and then penetrated me. I felt his two fingers inside my body and my knees almost gave out beneath me. My body sagged against his because I knew he felt the tell tale wetness. He left his fingers inside me, teasing me, running down my pussy lips and then soft circular motions around my clit. I could feel his other hand behind me slowly unbuttoning his shirt, letting it drop to the floor and then the warm flesh of his chest pressing up against my back.

I couldn't keep up with all the feeling my skin registered. The warmth of his touch and the electrified sparks that ripped through my body as he fingered my clit. Suddenly I realized that he was naked behind me, his warm cock pressing up against my ass. His hands went to my back as he let the clasp of the bra fall apart. He slid the straps down my arms and let it fall to the floor with my dress. I followed his lead as he pushed me toward the mattress, softly laying me on my stomach with my bound hands behind me.

His rough hands felt so nice across my soft ass cheeks, I felt safe below his touch somehow. I felt the cool touch of a blade as the knife cut through the garter belt and thong in one smooth stroke. He pulled the fabric from my body leaving me only my black thigh highs. I felt panic course through my veins and I began to struggle. He whispered softly into my ears and eased my hips up having my knees and shoulders only touching the mattress. I whimpered as I felt him push my knees apart sliding his between mine. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing as he slid the head of his penis up and down the lips of my cunt. Then he parted those lips and let the head begin to slip into my body. I breathed out slowly in anticipating and slammed himself full length inside my body. I screamed a short scream as he pulled himself back out and began to pump in and out. His hand then reached around my body and pinched my engorged clit.

I couldn't help but feel the pleasure of having him inside me. Soon his sawing motions were returned by a push of the hips from me. He grabbed my hips with both his hands and began to hump me faster. He slammed my ass against his body so hard it left bruises. I writhed underneath him as I began to feel his body tense. He fell against me and pushed me flat against the mattress as his pumped his fluids inside me. My body felt as if it were on fire. I felt so excited but had no release. He pulled out of me and sat back. I followed his guidance as he pushed my head down to his lap. I sucked and licked, tasting the thick semen sticking to the back of my throat and smelling myself in his matted hair.

He softened a little and I began to pull away, but a hand on my neck prevented me from moving. Minutes passed but it seemed like hours as he slowly began to harden again in my mouth. I thought he was planning to keep fucking my mouth, but he pulled me off. I got up and walked across the room coming back with a jar of something in his hand. I soon realized what was to come when he reached around and began to wipe what felt like petroleum jelly on my ass. His finger made a course around my asshole then slipped inside causing me to jump. When I was lubed enough to his liking he did the same thing to his penis and then sat Indian style on the floor. He pulled me towards him and had me straddle his stomach. I closed my eyes as he held my cheeks apart and lowered me onto his lubed member. I felt the head push against me and I began to cry. Suddenly he let go of me and the weight of his body pushed me down.

A searing pain like nothing I had felt before seemed to shoot through my body. But before I could do anything I felt him begin to massage my clit again. Pleasure overwhelmed the pain and I couldn't help my move my hips in response. He began to rub harder and I began to wriggle and writhe under his expert touch. I felt the muscle of my pussy began to contract as the orgasm took control of my body. He increased the tempo on my clit and I pushed and bucked against his body. I felt spent as my muscles relaxed and he grabbed my hips again. Up and down he pushed in and out of my ass. It was a feeling I couldn't describe. Something about his power of me made me want him more. I felt him tense up underneath me and then I felt his penis jerk in my bowels. I gasped out at the amazing feeling it left when he pulled out.

I blushed when I realized what a whore I must have looked like. My hair all tousled and my body ripe with a sheen of sweat. I felt semen leaking out of my cunt and my ass and I stretched out on the mattress. I realized that none of this was a dream and I finally felt satisfied. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there was a cock sitting on my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked until he was clean and hard again.

This time he laid me on my back and pulled my arms above my head. There was a hook on the wall in just the perfect place, which made me think I was not the first to experience this. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them back on either side of my head before shoving his saliva covered penis into my hungry cunt. That's what I am I thought, a cunt, ready to be plowed. My breath came in short gasps as he pumped in and out of my body. I felt the most amazing feeling building up inside my body. There was nothing like having a hard penis pushed inside and feeling the weight of a man on top of me. I felt his body begin to go rigid and he pulled out shooting his load across my stomach and breasts.

He rested a minute and then cut me loose. Handing me a long t-shirt and my bra, he walked me to the door of the building gave me my keys and shoved me out the door. I heard a click as the lock turned and I felt the dried cum on my body and the thickness of it in my throat. I sighed as I pushed my legs together and felt his cum between my thighs. I sat down in my car and felt my sore ass tingle in remembrance of him. I turned to pull out of the garage and saw the door open slowly. Daylight streaked into dark and I looked up into my rearview mirror. Smudged mascara and matted hair – god I look awful I thought. I drove for an hour before I finally found my way out of that maze of one way streets. I thought to myself that I could never find my way back in again if I wanted to go there.

Reaching my house I walked in the front door and straight for the shower. I felt the warm water run across my body and felt the soap burn as it ran down my crack. I chuckled softly as I thought to myself. It wasn't what I went out for, but it was something I wouldn't ever forget. I curled up naked under my covers and was thankful that the soft pillow was under my head.

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She got all dressed up to go out but there was no mention of any make up being applied. Slightly odd that.
But any way, I still enjoyed the read.

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