tagAnalA Mistress Wants To Get Wild Ch. 02

A Mistress Wants To Get Wild Ch. 02


After hours of kissing, licking, sucking and fucking (see story "A mistress wants to get wild…" March 07, 2005) in this motel room, we both felt asleep in the middle of the hot summer night….

Until I woke up slowly to a soft caress on my back and some whispering words…

I was sleeping on my tummy, naked of course and no bed sheet on top of me…she was next to me also naked and still in heat…So I did found out…

She started to whisper: "Honey, I want you, I need you, I love you!" These were her famous wording I did hear so often that I started to believe the full meaning of these words… and with these soft words, she was caressing my back from neck down…and up and …down…and up…

Until I realized she was ready for another round of love making, of "hard fucking" , she would say! I also realized it was time for me to wake up. And so I did, I felt quiet awake, I had a hard one…It was time to react and see how horny she was, how wild she wanted to be…

Her caresses kept on going neck down until she started to investigate around my ass with her special touch. The fingers were moving around my rosebud and it gave me some exciting thoughts. Suddenly, I could hear the sound of a squeeze of an oil bottle….and I could feel some warmth around my butt, she was touching me with plenty of oil all around my ass cheeks, then she asked me to make a move: to get on my knees and my elbows with my face in the pillow showing, even it was really dark, my butt higher in the air…it's what she wanted…and I knew she was in command. She just wanted to get wild, her way!

She kept on playing with her oily fingers around my ass, then slid her fingers to grab my balls, squeezed them hard enough for me to moan, then moved forward to my dick that she grabbed and played with …It was very exciting to say the least. Then she moved back to my rosebud and back to my dick that, by then, was as hard as a rock…it was even painful, but pain in sex could be a joy sometimes.

So she started to move forward to my dick, then my ass, dick and ass for quite a while…it was hard for me to concentrate and not to let it go…

She whispered to me: "I am going to fuck your ass with my fingers but promise me you will fuck my ass after, with your fingers first as you always do, but this time, I am ready to get your dick inside my ass and I want it tonight!"

Wowwwwwww …what could I say except to accept her request, even for me, it would the first time I would fuck her ass…but she asked for me, it means she is ready to have me…Of course, with that thought in mind, I got quite excited and was getting impatient knowing that I would hammer her inside her ass for the first time! But remember, she wanted to get wild tonight…even some might suggest that it would have been nice to invite more girls or more men to go through an orgy to get her wild. But, no! She had a mind of her own, what ever she wanted, it should be the way…of course…pleasure must be pleasure coming from the inside and not from the outside…so I went along to let myself go and when the time would be the right one, I will fuck her the way she wanted me to do her!

So with still plenty of oil, she started to tease my rosebud and with a lot of soft touches, she started to make the move by pushing slowly one oily finger in my ass finger. It was quite easy for her to insert it inside. She went so far deep inside that I could feel she was touching my prostate gland that of course can drive you up to the wall…a very exciting time…She started to pull her finger back and forth, it was even more exciting…I could cummm now but I had to get my mind on something else to prevail.

She kept on moving in and out until I could feel she squeezed a second finger and she was now finger-fucking my ass giving us a great joy. At one point, I said to her: "If you keep on going that way, I am going to blow up!". So she stopped …then a big silence…I could feel that she was moving into a position to invite me to look after her…

Then she said: "Honey, now I am all yours, do as you please but make sure you fuck my ass deep enough because I want to feel you so deep inside my ass and feel the excitement I have been dreaming about. I am ready for you…please fuck me, please fuck my ass!"

So I moved from my doggy style position and tried to find my way to see how she was waiting for me on the bed…

I asked her to take the same position, on the four, and of course now I can feel where she was, how she was waiting and within seconds I started to move my hands all over her body…

I sat gently on her back and started to kiss her back and neck with a few bites…that does turn her on…so I always like to do some kissing and biting around her neck…it gets her so excited so the moaning goes on and on!

I decided to wear a condom that I did wet with plenty of oil. I also covered her butt cheeks and all over her ass with that oil.

I decided to do like I always do with my fingers…I love to squeeze one finger inside her ass…play around inside her rectum and, after a while, it becomes quite soft and smooth for something else…even bigger!

And she did enjoy that intrusion, she always asked for more, the most was three fingers and still she did enjoy it every second. She gets orgasm after orgasm and always tells me: "Honey, fuck my ass! Tell me what you are doing! Tell me you love to fuck my ass!" And of course, I love to tell her what I do with my fingers…and the joy is allover…

So by now I am really working…softly around her rosebud with my oily fingers and it seems like a very easy ride. Now I have one finger inside her rectum…and everything seems to go super smooth. It helps when you have a lady in heat who wants you so badly! Then all the doors are open…the one for her ass included!

While I was fingering now the inside of her ass with two fingers, I could feel now she was starting to squeeze her clit with her right hand and started to moan quite heavily. The heat was on and the excitement was already so high…then she kept on saying "Honey, get your dick inside my ass, I want you to fuck me, fuck my ass now…I want you inside my ass…fuck me now"

Wow…what can I say when this time comes…

I put more oil on the condom I had around my hard dick and more oil between her ass cheeks…now I think it's time to make the move…

It was still dark but the light was not important, the heat of the two bodies, the excitement with all these sexy words, the idea to get a great fuck…for the first time inside her ass for both of us. All of that was incredible…just plain excitement, just joy and pleasure…even the fucking did not take place yet. But now we could not wait…any longer!

I kept of playing with my fingers around your ass, going in and out, gently but at a fast pace…enough to get this special tunnel ready to invite a hard dick ready to go…

I did position myself behind her, like in a doggy style position, and I started to get the head of my dick playing around her rosebud melding with my fingers still going in & out, in order to get this ass ready for a special entrance…so with the other hand, I grab my dick and kept on moving it around her super wet and oily ass hole. I started to push that head slowly against that hole…and kept on moving, sliding and pushing forward…until I heard" "Wow, you are going to fuck me, Honey, the way I always wanted!I could feel your dick knocking at my door…"

So I said: " Now, Babe, I am at the door, you want me inside, I really want to go inside, let's move one…" So I did it! Slowly I moved my dick closer to that bud and by pushing slowly, I felt my dick moving in…wow…what a feeling….She said: "Honey You are mine, now…keep it up and move forward…just fuck me, Honey, I want to feel your whole dick inside my ass!"

But I kept it cool and very slowly I kept on moving inside…She did not seem to have pain…maybe a little bit, but she wanted me so badly that the pleasure took over…

Now my dick was still moving inside…very slowly but with great pleasure…one of a kind!

She kept on pushing towards me so now my dick was all inside…what a feeling… what a treat…she started to scream so loudly that I kept on hammering her as deep as I could…she was in heaven…I was in heaven…

I kept on moving in & out (almost), and she seemed to like that move. So I kept on fucking her for quite a while until the screaming was so intense and so loud that I did not know if I had to stop or keep on fucking her ass…

I knew the end was near…I was so excited and with her screaming and telling me to keep on fucking her and to cummm because she was cumin herself, I could not keep it any longer, I just exploded like crazy…she was delighted…I stayed inside her ass for a while…enjoying the heat, the pressure of all the muscles, and the full joy to have fucked this hot lady who wanted me to fuck her ass…She wanted to get wild, she got me wild too!

Both were tired and we felt asleep for the rest of the night…until breakfast's time where she decided to eat me…

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