tagRomanceA Morning Surprise

A Morning Surprise


The sun was brightening the room in a haze of white gold. Tamery noticed it when she rolled to her back, her eyelids prickly with the realization that it was full day in the world outside of the bed and breakfast suite. The next thing she noticed was how her hand did not land on the warm firmness of Joshua's thigh when she reached for him. Her eyes fluttered open to find her missing lover.

He was sitting at her side watching her wake. His tousled black hair curling in all directions around his perfect smile. Dimples flashing in the right corner of his full soft lips. Sleep still clung to his eyes and he looked as if he had been thoroughly loved. She smiled a contented smile knowing that she was the reason for that sensual expression.

"Hi," she whispered, stretching like a cat her knee brushing his thigh through the sheet.

In reply, he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. His tongue dipping slightly to taste her bottom lip before his lips sealed against hers. It was his morning kiss, and she loved those the best.

He leaned away from her, and produced a fresh cut single flower. Tamery smiled. The flower was a fresh sunflower, large and bursting with life. It was perfect. Roses were overrated, and Joshua had never been the average type. He was an artist, with artist eyes for details, artist senses for vibrant things, and artist hands for guiding the right lines and stroking the right contours.

Those hands were guiding his fresh cut prize across the top of Tamery's chest. The yellow fringe caught the sheet covering her body and began to guide it down exposing her breasts. Her sensitive nipples hardening at the touch of cool air and the familiar tingling began between her thighs as she watched him watching her.

The intentness of his stare could make her surrender all defenses. His eyes fixed on his uncovered treasure, she felt warm and loved. He let the brown middle of the flower guide around each nipple; the silken petals of the flower caressing her skin like lover's hands.

Tamery arched her chest against the flower, causing the sheet to slide past her navel. She watched him at his game with the sunflower. He smiled at the goosebumps he produced on her skin, and the tight fullness of her erect nipples.

Tamery watched the exposed skin of his chest from his open shirt. The tan span of skin that looked copper underneath the white dress shirt winking out at her, the hollowed line in the center of his chest, the little scar above his navel. She reached for the thin white line of it, one finger touching it.

Joshua sucked in his breath at the touch, then reached for her hand. He placed the fingers to his lips, kissing and sucking the tips of each one as his other hand guided the flower down lower, to grace her navel, then lower still.

Taking her fingers from his mouth, he moved them to the opened button of his jeans. Under her palm, she felt him hardening, throbbing against the jeans making a pulse against her palm.

Tamery raised up, circling her arms around her lover's neck and inviting him into a kiss. She sucked on his bottom lip until his mouth opened for hers. Her tongue sliding inside to mate with his and show him the way he was making her feel.

Joshua guided her back to the bed, his own body covering hers as they went to the fluffy downs of the bed. He settled between her thighs on his knees as she slipped his shirt from his broad shoulders, throwing it to the side.

She reached for his jeans, as he leaned back to retrieve something from the foot of the bed. His cock sprang free of the denim, long and hard as he came back to her with a small basket of strawberries.

Joshua moved Tamery's hands from his hips, and held them lightly wrists together over her head. Leaning down, he picked up a berry in his mouth, the bottom part sticking out of his mouth. Smiling at her, berry in his teeth, he made a long line with it's tip from her navel to her neck.

The rough texture of the fruit making Tamery's skin tingle. He guided the berry up to her chin then to her waiting mouth. Tamery bit the exposed end of the berry as the kissed, sharing the fruit between them. The sweet freshness of it tingeing her lips before he kissed them clean.

She smiled at him and his cleverness. She reached for his face but he held her wrists still.

"Ah ah," he smiled, one thick eyebrow raised, "I promised you breakfast in bed, and that you wouldn't have to lift a finger." With that reminder, he dipped down for another berry. Slipping it into his mouth the same way, he moved down to circle her nipples. The texture making her large breasts ache for the softer feeling of his lips, but exciting all the same.

Tamery raised her hips, rubbing against the soft denim of his old jeans, teasing the neglected member that she had abandoned before the fruit buffet. Joshua let out a low groan when she succeeding in rubbing her hips against the long shaft. As repayment, he placed the berry in her mouth, to bite the end again. This time he took his half and rubbed the wet hollow inside around each nipple. The sweet juice sliding along her chest.

His tongue followed close after, lapping at the juice and sucking each delicate bud into him mouth. He licked and sucked at them until Tamery's persistence with her hips became too much to bear.

In a quick instance, he sprang away removing his jeans then pulling her up to her knees on the bed with him. Kissing each other passionately hands exploring each other's bodies. Palms touching backs, fingers along spines, kisses to necklines, caresses to backsides as they tried to melt together.

Joshua leaned back on his knees, and pulled Tamery up higher. Holding onto her hips, he guided her onto his hardness. Sliding in her with the sensual ease of a perfect lover. Their bodies becoming one, Tamery riding her lover, astride his lap, and Joshua holding her there as he thrust from below into her warm tight inside.

Tamery made low moans as she buried her face into Joshua's neck as she rode him. Kissing his neck as her hips rocked in small circles bringing her body up and down his hardness, the feeling of him buried deep making her moan each time. She clung to his neck, feeling as if she would fall if she didn't hold on tight as they moved together.

She felt his hand in her hair, coiling the long curls around his fist until it touched the nape of her neck. He pulled her body back, making her arch back onto the bed as he increased his pace from below. Tamery's body was bent like a bow with Joshua trusting faster, the new position making him feel tighter inside of her.

Reaching back again, he brought out a small glass of wine. While holding inside of Tamery, he dripped the red contents onto her bent body, rivulets running down across her breasts. He held her up off the bed to lap at the small streams as he continued to move deep inside. Tamery took the glass and poured the remainder into her mouth. She pulled Joshua down to share the drink in a kiss as they quickened the pace.

The need to find each other's release was nearing, they both sensed it, and strived to arrive at the point at the same time. Joshua took another strawberry and placed to rigid end against Tamery's wet folds. Pressing the berry near her hooded center, he held her hips tight to his for the end of their morning breakfast.

The ridges on the berry pressed against Tamery's clit, and slid between their bodies each time Joshua moved inside. Soon the berry found it's way into the perfect angle and began making Tamery uncoil from the inside.

Joshua felt her tighten around him. Felt her hands digging into his shoulders, her love bite on his shoulder and knew it was time. He thrust harder, holding her by cupping her sweet rounded ass and pounding into her in long strides.

She began to shake, and he felt the strawberry mash between them, juice running onto his balls, and she held on tight. A cry escaping her mouth, but catching in her throat. In that span of time, his own breath caught, they came together in one terrific pause of time.

They collapsed together, rolling to their sides in the sticky bed. Berries and wine were staining the sheets from their careless tumble. Tamery reached for Joshua's hand as they lay side by side catching their breath. She kissed his palm and placed it on her belly. A sign of contentment from a well-spent morning affair.

"I think I like breakfast in bed," she said a flirtatious smile on her face.

Joshua smiled too and looked at her face. Hair askew, lips swollen, a dab of berry on her cheek: he thought she was amazing. "I thought you might. Everyone loves fruit."

She laughed. Her short snort then a giggle that she gave when she had something amusing on her mind. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say."

Joshua rolled to his side, his hand cuddling her cheek and he smiled. "Hmmm, yes. I thought we'd try oatmeal next time."

They laughed together too tired to do nothing else but listen to the day begin outside.

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