A Mother's Duty


I let out a moan as he increased the pressure on my pussy. "Then just take me, Robbie, I'm all yours."

Now that he had my permission he gained his courage. In a swift move he moved me from before the sink to face the kitchen table two steps away. He pushed my torso down across the table so that my backside arched at the table's edge and my feet remained on the ground.

"Stay like that," he commanded me. I didn't say a word, but remained still and let him contort and use my body. I felt my pussy get wet at the sound of his command; I was experiencing myself through his eyes, just like with my husband.

He bunched my skirt in his hands and pulled it up and onto my back, exposing my ass. I was wearing my conservative white cotton panties. These he quickly pulled down and I stepped out of them. Then I felt nothing. He was not touching me, he was gazing. My ass and pussy were fully exposed to his gaze, to his want. I was presenting myself to my son as though I was some kind of animal. I finally felt his hands touch my bottom and skirt the base of my crack along my asshole. It tickled and I startled. Then I heard his pants drop and felt the tip of his penis impale my wet pussy.

"Ugh," he let out as he entered me, "fuck yeah, I waited all day for this!"

I reached out my hands to grasp of the farther edge of the table as he pounded into me. "Is this what you like, baby?" I whispered in a hoarse, breathy voice, interrupted by the sensations pulsing through my body. "Is this how you want mommy? Bent over a table for you? Her pussy up in the air, begging for your cock?"

"Mommy, yes, yes, this is what I want, always!"

"Whatever you want baby, just tell me whatever you want." At this he slowed his fucking. He was learning control, he was becoming braver and full of self-possession that my body truly was his from now on. He then began to speak, thrusting his dick deep into me every few words to emphasize his commands.

"I want YOU to stop wearing UNDERwear in the house. I WANT complete access to your PUSSY at all TIMES!"

"Ok Baby, no more underWEAR,"I let out, panting from the pleasure of being dominated by my son. "What else DO you want?"

"I want you to wake me up every MORNING like this morning. I want you to COME into my room when dad leaves and suck on my COCK to wake me up."

"Okay, baby. Mommy's mouth will be your alarm clock every MORNING!"

"Good," he said, and then began fucking me frantically again. I was close to orgasming. I hadn't yet orgasmed with Robbie; he had been too quick before. But now I felt the pressure inside my pussy building. My pussy was going to explode. But I heard Robbie's panting increase as well -- he was on the verge of cumming. The thought of him cumming inside of me only made my orgasm that much closer, but before it could arrive Robbie collapsed onto my back, panting in exhaustion. I could feel the tingle of his penis as it shot out its remaining load. I felt disappointed for a moment. I was so close. But I was proud of my son; it had barely been a day and he had progressed so far. By the end of the week I would surely be cumming with him.

Later that night, Jake came home and we lazily watched television in the family room. Robbie came downstairs later in the evening, when Jake was on the verge of dozing off, and sat with us. He was skirmish and uncomfortable, I could see. He sat on the couch near me and constantly turned his gaze from the tv to me. Jake, unaware of what was occurring in his son's mind, dozed in the ottoman next to the couch.

After an unbearable period, I looked over at my son. There, in his crotch, I could see a massive erection. "Poor boy," I thought, "that can't be easy to deal with."

"Honey," I said loudly, waking Jake from his slumber, "why don't you go to bed?" I'll be up after this show's over.

"Yep," answered my husband rotely. "It was a hard day; I should go lay in bed." He walked upstairs in a daze. Robbie and I both heard him enter our bedroom and then close the door behind him. He was exhausted and would strip and lay in bed for only a minute before falling asleep to the world.

I stood up and turned off the tv.

"I was watching that!" said Robbie. "I wanted to stay down here longer."

"I didn't say that you had to leave," I said. "But we need to be able to hear if your father gets up again." I walked over to my son and stood before him. "It looks like you have a problem that only mommy can fix," I said, gesturing towards his crotch.

"I can't stop thinking about your body," he said.

"That's nice to hear, baby; it's flattering." I reached down and pulled his sweatpants down, exposing his erect penis.

"Are you wearing underwear?" he asked.

"Nope. I told you I wouldn't anymore," I said, as I moved myself onto his lap, facing him and straddling his legs. I kissed his face and lowered my pussy onto his cock. "Hmmmm," I moaned as I felt his dick fill me. "Mommy, will take care of your problem," I whispered into his ear and began grinding my crotch into his, "just stay still and mommy will take all that cum away from you."

"I want to see your breasts, mom," Robbie whimpered.

"Okay, baby." I unbuttoned my blouse, took it off, and then removed my bra. My boobs, with their tiny nipples dangled inches from my son's face. "Suck on them, Robbie, like when you were a child. Suck on mommy's tits, baby."

He began to suck ferociously back and forth on my chest. And I ground my pussy harder on his cock, feeling the hair from our crotches tangle and tickle.

"Come on, baby," I said, speeding up my gyrations, "cum inside of mommy's cunt. Mommy needs your cum!" I yelled, quietly, at him.

"Ohhh, mom. I can't hold it much longer!"

"I know baby," I hurried him, "just release it all into mommy." And with that he came inside of me, his penis spurting and fizzling inside of my pussy like firecrackers exploding in the air. My pussy muscles tightened and released, squeezing every drop of cum from his penis.

"Is that better, baby?" I asked.

"Yes, mommy," he said, burying his head into my chest and beginning to think about dreaming already.

"Good, Robbie, now go to bed," I ordered, climbing off of him and feeling some of his cum spill out of my pussy and run down my leg, "mommy will see you in the morning when it's time to wake up."

The next morning I kissed my husband goodbye, waited for him to leave the house, and then stripped off all of my clothes. I entered my son's room to find him dead asleep. He was naked under his covers and didn't awaken when I removed them from his body. There he lay, on his back, with his penis half-engorged. It was beautiful, and I realized at that moment that I had anxiously awaited this moment and every other, that I was anticipating those times when Robbie and I were alone and could love each other. I kneeled on my son's bed and began kissing his cock. It responded immediately to my stimulation, perking and twisting to form in only seconds. Once it was erect, I took it in my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could.

"Oh.....mom...." I heard Robbie's voice as he woke to see my naked form taking his cock in my mouth, "that feels amazing!"

I didn't say a word to him, I didn't want to release him from my mouth. I wanted to drink my son's elixir at that moment, more than anything. I needed to taste him. The thought of his semen's taste began to make my pussy wet. Before long, I was nearly dripping with anticipation. I sucked faster and harder, trying to draw the white liquid out of his body and into my mouth.

"Mommy...." he whispered as I worked on him. "Mommy......mommy....keep sucking..."

I had never been so wet. I didn't know exactly how to relieve myself. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, not my cunt, and so I reached between my legs and began rubbing and fingering myself. Robbie's view of his mothering playing with herself was probably blocked by my bobbing head, but the sound of my hand fucking my own pussy was perfectly audible. I was pounding myself violently, trying to cum before my son did. He tried to look up, confused at first, but finally realized what was happening and the image of his mommy fucking herself to orgasm while thinking about his cum in her mouth was too much for him. My little boy's penis jerked in my mouth and began firing its load across the back of my mouth. The knowledge that he had ejaculated exhilarated me, but it was the first taste of his semen that sent my own orgasm over the edge. My pussy and ass, both sticking up in the air away from my son's view, began gyrating uncontrollably as I rubbed out my orgasm and drank Robbie's cum. I moaned into his crotch and unplugged my mouth only so that I could swallow the load and begin lapping at his penis for any stray collections of cum.

"Mom, that was unbelievable. I never want to wake up another way in my life!" Robbie exclaimed. "Thank you......thank you."

I had removed my own hand from my crotch and used it to push myself off the bed. I stood naked before him, flushed and excited. "You're welcome, baby," I told him, and left the room to make him breakfast.

Throughout the day the wetness between my legs resurfaced whenever I thought of my son's cock and how he had taken me over the kitchen table the day before. I wanted him to do it again! I wanted to feel his body overpower and dominate mine. A few times I reached down and began playing with my cunt, but had to restrain myself. "No," I told myself, "my relationship with Robbie is about serving him, it is not about my pleasure. It is about his."

But when three o'clock came and I knew he would be home any minute, I could no longer contain myself. My pussy simply couldn't wait to be impaled by his cock. Accordingly, I stood in the kitchen and began to undress, just thinking about him. I removed my skirt, my blouse, and my bra. Of course, I still was not wearing underwear per Robbie's request. I folded my clothes and put them on a chair and cleared the table. And when I heard the front door open I leaned completely forward at the hips over the table, letting my chest rest against the tabletop, reaching with my hands to its farther side, and once again, presenting myself to my son.

Robbie walked in the room and dropped his bag. I couldn't see his face. Mine was on the table, but I heard him begin to remove his clothes in the middle of the kitchen and approach me. My ass and pussy was wide open to him and I finally felt his hand cup my crotch.

"Ughhhh......" I let out. He began rubbing me, picking up my wetness onto his hand. I was moaning like one having an asthma attack. Breathing deeply from the core of my being, anticipating my son's cock breaking past my pussy lips.

Robbie's hands moved into my pussy and out again. I knew I was going to cum when he put his penis in me; today I was going to cum. Suddenly, his finger, wet with my pussy juices, touched my asshole and then pushed into it without much warning. I was caught off guard! I felt violated for a moment, but then remembered that my body was his playground and I was to be submissive before his curiosity. The feeling of his finger in my asshole is hard to describe. It felt invasive and uncomfortable. But at the same time, it was incredibly intimate and became sexual.

"Mommy, your bottom is so beautiful. I can't imagine anything more beautiful," Robbie longingly whispered to me.

"It's all yours, my darling. Mommy's ass is yours."

"I need to fuck it, mommy. Not right now, I won't right now, but I need to fuck your ass." His finger continued to probe my asshole as he spoke.

"Okay, my love. Whenever you want it. It'll hurt, but mommy wants you to be happy," I said.

Then, in one movement, Robbie's finger pulled out of my ass and I felt his penis invade my pussy. He was excited by my permission to fuck my ass whenever he wanted. His impulse to fuck overtook him and he pounded at my exposed pussy with force. As he fucked my body was crunched into the abrasive table again and again. Robbie pumped his cock into the back end of my pussy and inadvertently began pushing my clit into the table's edge. At first, the violence of this pressure was painful, but with each thrust, my clit ached to be pressed into the edge of my kitchen table and stimulated by the pressure.

"Oh, baby," I shouted, over Robbie's loud cries. "Fuck me, fuck me, make mommy cum, mommy needs to cum, baby."

"I want to make you cum, mommy!" He shouted. "I want you to cum all over my dick, mommy....cum into my cum!"

"I'm gonna cum, son, I'm gonna cum any second now.....just......keeeep.....fuccckkinng......" I let out, cumming wildly out of my pussy walls and all over Robbie's cock. When he felt my pussy contract he too began cumming, and, for the first time, our juices commingled and wetted the intimate space where our bodies met.

That night my husband, Jake, came home early. Luckily, Robbie and I were eating dinner and not engaged in more dangerous activities. Jake sat down and ate with us, but our conversation fell stale. In the previous days my son and I had become very close and out physical intimacy had ignited a psychological intimacy that hadn't existed. With his father nearby, however, Robbie stopped talking and I with him.

A few hours later we were again in the family room watching TV. My husband lounged in his ottoman chair and my son and I sat on opposite ends of the couch. Under my house dress, I could feel my naked body against the couch material. The sensation would have felt unclean a few days before, but now it reminded me how exposed I was at all times to a molestation from Robbie and an impaling from his cock. I became wet thinking how easy it would be to lift my skirt and reveal myself to the two men in my life.

Jake sat to my right, in his chair, and Robbie to my left on the couch. Jake's chair was even with the couch, but turned towards the tv. To see me, Jake had to turn fully around and only then could see my torso and face. My lower body was shielded from his sight by the couch's tall arm. Robbie, however, sitting at the farther end, was wholly visible to Jake's gaze, should he have wanted to turn to look.

Aware of my limited privacy, I began to pull the back of my skirt from under me and bunch it near my back. My legs were on the couch, bent under my form, and I wanted, at that moment, to expose myself to Robbie, to remind him of what was his. I wanted him to become as turned on as I was at that moment. Slowly, I pulled the skirt up my legs and above my waist. Robbie's gaze was stuck on the TV, but I was patient. I now had the skirt completely bunched around my mid-area and was exposing my ass to Robbie. A minute later he looked over and witnessed what his mother had done. He turned back to the TV and then to me again. He didn't want to look too long or his father might become curious. Meanwhile, I stared aimlessly at the television, the whole while reveling in my exposure. I opened my legs a little and from beneath my ass Robbie could now see my pussy slit and its glistening wetness. I glanced at his pants and saw that he had placed his arms over his lap to hide his boner.

"I have a little work to do in the kitchen," I said. "I'll be back in a bit." I lowered my skirt and stood up, shooting a glance at my son. I walked slowly through the kitchen door and stood next the table where my son had fucked me the two previous afternoons. I pulled my skirt up again and my hand shot between my legs. I began rubbing my pussy furiously. It was too much, being near Robbie without him inside of me. I needed to cum at that moment! My fingers pushed into my cunt and I imagined my son's cock cumming, over and over.

Suddenly, the door opened and my son entered. I stood facing him, with my skirt bunched in one hand and my pussy in the other.

"Sit down on a chair," I whispered, "and take out your cock." He sat on the chair he used at dinner and pulled his cock out between the piss slit in his PJs. He was rock hard. "Don't make a sound," I ordered, moving towards him with my hand continuing to rub my pussy. I turned my back to him and bent to sit in his lap, lowering my cunt lips around his cock.

"Oh God!" he whispered as he entered me.

"Oh baby," I whispered, beginning to bounce my ass on his lap, "mommy needs your cock in her cunt all of the time. Mommy needs your cum!"

"I need your cunt all the time, too, mommy," Robbie said, reaching his arms around me and grabbing my pussy from the front. "I love your cunt, mommy. It's all that I can think about."

His words drove me into orgasm. My hips began wildly thrusting down onto his cock as I muffled my screams with my arm. He responded by returning my thrusts and cumming a few seconds afterwards.

My pussy was soaked. It felt like it had been drowned in my juices and my son's for the past two days. When I stood up from Robbie's lap I could see a huge wet spot where my pussy had emptied some of its contents on the front of my son's Pjs. I lowered my skirt. "You should go right to your room to change, but don't let your father see your pants," I told him.

The next morning I woke Robbie up as usual and then waited for him the entire day. I played with my pussy and even poked a finger in my asshole once thinking about my son's cock throughout the afternoon. It was amazing how changed I was by his lust. His need for me was so strong, was so flattering, that I knew I would never be the same.

When he came home he found me on his bed, nude, laying on my stomach, splaying my legs for him.

"Mommy has a surprise for you, baby," I said, beginning to lightly hump my hand.

"What's my surprise, mommy," Robbie asked, removing his clothes.

I continued humping my hand, putting on a show for my son on his own bed. Lifting and lowering my hips on the mattress and forcing the springs to ache under my thrusting body. He stood at the end of the bed, softly touching his erect penis and watching my ass clinch as I lowered myself on the mattress and then splay for him as I thrust it up again. It was exactly what I wanted him to look at.

"Mommy went to the store and bought something special. Look on your dresser."

On his dresser Robbie found a bottle of lubricant. "What'll we do with this, mom?" he asked.

"That's to rub all over your cock, baby, so that you can cum into mommy's ass, just like you wanted." I was so near cumming myself, just humping my hand and thinking about my son's cock invading my most private part. "Come kneel behind mommy. Put lots on your cock and in my ass, baby, and then it's all yours."

I rubbed my pussy furiously, and brought myself to orgasm after instructing my son to invade my ass with his cock.

"OOOOhhhhh......" I moaned, "mommy can't help it, baby.....just thinking about you...."

I then felt my son's hands on my backside. I had slowed my rubbing and I felt his finger, wet from the gel, push into my asshole without any warning.

"Is this what you want, mommy?" He asked.

"Yes, I want you inside me where no one else has been. I want you to make it hurt, baby."

Robbie's finger pulled out just as quickly as it had entered and I knew that his cock was coming next. He was horny as can be, after watching me masturbate for him, and he needed release. I felt his penis pinch between my ass cheeks and gently touch my anus. My body experienced the pain of anticipating pain. Then he pushed. It didn't yield at first. My anus clenched closed against the invading presence of this foreign object. I couldn't seem to convince it to open again. Robbie was being gentle and I couldn't make my body cooperate. But then his gentleness disappeared. His horniness made him desperate. He grabbed my hips and held them in place and then rammed his cock into my anus. The combination of his force and the lube were no match for my virgin bottom. I suddenly felt full and then came the pain of the thing. My skin and the muscles around my rectum were stretched and ripped. It was like the reverse of giving birth.

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