A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 2


"I bet I know why you can't sleep," Jack smiled down at her, his eyes slits. "You keep dreaming about you & me on that couch, don't you, Mom?"

"G-Get the hell out of here, Jack!!" Suzy shouted, her heart hammering in her chest. "R-RIGHT NOW!!"

"I KNEW it! Ha!" Jack exclaimed at her reaction. "What you need is a little 'hair of the dog'..." He stood up & whipped off his underwear in a flash.

Suzy's eyes bulged at the sight of her son's massive penis, slashing the air like a deadly broadsword of flesh.

"OMIGOD!!" Suzy scrambled to flee in panic, but Jack caught her easily & held her in his powerful arms.

"Let me make those dreams go away, sweetheart..." he breathed , then kissed her hard.

Suzy desperately pounded Jack's broad shoulders & back with her little fists, but to no avail. He was far stronger than she was. Jack forced his rigid tongue between her pretty, trembling lips, sliding it over her teeth & gums, demanding admittance. She struggled to keep her mouth closed, but the sheer power of his masculinity was simply overwhelming. Her punches gradually tapered off, then ceased altogether. Suzy moaned helplessly as she accepted Jack's tongue. Instinctively, she began to suck it hard. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. Jack cupped his Mom's left breast with his right hand, kneading it gently. It was sooo soft & warm. Suzy involuntarily arched her back at her son's touch, as if trying to press even more of her titty into his strong hand. It felt so wonderful. She somehow mustered the strength to break the kiss.

"Ohhh, Jack, honeyyy! We can't do this again - we CAN'TTT!!" Suzy whined, pushing on his chest feebly. "PLEASE don't make meeee!!"

"Now, be a good girl...," Jack replied, his voice thick with lust. He grasped her nightie at the collar with both hands & slowly, sensuously ripped it open, exposing his mother's gorgeous nude body, inch by trembling inch.

Suzy's pretty eyes were huge. "Oh my LORD!!" she exclaimed in shocked disbelief.

Jack reveled in the beauty of Suzy's tits once more. With a growl, he pounced on them, taking his Mom's right nipple into his starving mouth, sucking it deep. Suzy cried out as waves of intense pleasure emanated from her teat, washing over her entire body. Instantly, her vagina began to tingle & moisten as Jack worked his jaws on her big nip. At length, he stretched it obscenely, releasing it with a loud, wet "pop!." They both saw how inflamed it was now, glistening with his saliva. Jack blew on Suzy's poor puffy nipple, making it even harder. Then he went to work on the other one. His hand slid slowly down Suzy's soft, quivering belly to her mound. Jack combed his fingers through his mother's silken pubic hair, the color of rich mahogany, as he continued to nurse on her titties. Those bold, adventurous fingers went even further down , finding her seeping pink hole. He eased first 2, then 3 fingers into her, quickly finding her G-Spot. Jack rubbed & reamed his Mom's hot vagina like a true master, adoring the feel of her sopping ladyflesh on his relentless fingers. Suzy mewled helplessly. Her resolve was being swept away by a raging torrent of forbidden lust. Then, she went over the falls...

"Oh! I - I'm, I think, I think I'm gonna...I'M GONNA CUMMMM!! OOOOO!! CUMMMMINGGG!!" Suzy squealed as her orgasm struck. Jack sucked her titties even harder & fingered her pussy furiously as she convulsed under him, bucking her hips.

Ever so gradually, the spasms tapered off, leaving Suzy panting for breath. Jack slowly withdrew his fingers from his mother's tunnel of love & inspected them. They were soaked with her pussy juice, so much so that his fingertips were wrinkled. He sniffed, then noisily sucked off every drop with relish.

"Ohhhh!!" Suzy exclaimed at the wicked sight.

"Mom, your honey is so sweet, I just gotta taste it straight from the source!" Jack said with a grin as he quickly slid down Suzy's body. He spread her thighs wide.

"Oh, what are you DOING?? You - you can't mean...OHHHHHH JACKKKK!!" Suzy brayed as he thrust his mouth into her sodden vagina. Jack began sucking his mother's pussy like a lunatic. Suzy looked down between her thighs in utter disbelief at Jack's nose buried in her downy pubic curls. Mike would NEVER do this for her. Once, when she asked him to early in their marriage, he'd told her it was disgusting. She never mentioned it again, but it was one of her favorite masturbatory fantasies. And now her own son was doing it to her. "GOD!!"

Jack was devouring Suzy's snatch. Her wonderfully chubby little pussy cheeks were spread on his face as he sucked her - sooo soft. His mouth formed a tight seal on the oh-so tender pink rose petal lips of his mother's vagina. He licked her delicate inner & outer folds, then slipped his long tongue as deep into Suzy's cleft as he possibly could. Jack tongue-fucked her vigorously, reveling in the feel of his Mom's steaming pussy clenching his tongue so tightly.

"Ohhh, Jesus - this can't be HAPPENING!! Not with MY BABY!! Ohshit - feels SOOOO GOOOD!! SUCK MOMMYYYYY!!" Suzy cried, head thrashing on the pillow.

Jack rubbed his face from side to side in Suzy's gushing vagina, coating it with her rich, thick pussy juice. Then he went even further, burying his wet face between her butt cheeks. He licked his Mom's gorgeous puckered asshole, then sucked it just as he had her pussy.

Swept up in the moment, Suzy squealed at the delicious nastiness of it all. "OOOOO!! EAT MOMMY'S BUTT, YOU LITTLE BASTARD!! YEAH!! SUCKKK MY ASSHOLE!!" she shouted.

This spurred Jack into a frenzy. He shook his face, making her soft, warm fanny jiggle delightfully, then reached up & grabbed Suzy's titties, stretching her swollen nipples as he feasted on her ass. This was just too much for her.

"OHHHGODDD!! OHHHSHITTT!! I - I'M...OOOOO CHRISTTTTTT - I'M CUMMMMINGGGGGG!! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!" Suzy shrieked as the second orgasm hit like a tornado. Her head seemed to explode. She saw tens of thousands of tiny white stars, blinding her. Her body quivered all over, as if she had gripped a live wire. For a long moment, she laid there, humming senselessly, her nervous system overloaded.

Jack lovingly sucked each trembling buttock when he saw that his mother had come back down from the clouds. Suzy looked at her son's smiling face, shining with her pussy juice. "Ohhhh, God in Heaven, baby - that was just the most INCREDIBLE feeling!! I ...I'm at a loss for words!!"

"Good! I'm glad. I absolutely love makin' you cum, Mom," he replied. "Now for the main event!"

Jack eagerly got on his knees between Suzy's creamy thighs. She gawked at her son's massive 9-inch cock: the huge mushroom head, so turgid with blood it seemed ready to burst; the thick white shaft, mottled with angry blue veins. It was jutting threateningly above her pussy. A thick string of precum oozed from the shiny knob onto her pubic hair. Jack rubbed it in, matting her bush. Suzy gasped at the contact. She knew she had to try to put a stop to this madness one last time.

"Ohhh, Jack, sweetheart, please don't make Mommy do this!!" she begged desperately. "You've already sucked my ti - breasts & my...down there. Surely that's enough to s-satisfy you! Please let me keep what little remains of my self-respect as your mother!! PLEEEZE!!" Suzy wept pitifully.

But her pleadings only made Jack want her even more. "Now, be still, little one," he said, as if speaking to a child. "You wouldn't want to leave me in this condition, would you? Just look at poor ol' "Mr. Johnson" here - he needs you! If you don't help him, he's liable to explode!"

Jack began patting Suzy's sopping vagina with his cock, causing pussy juice to splash on them both. Suzy hissed through gritted teeth at the sensation. He slowly rubbed the underside of his meaty shaft between the pink folds of his Mom's snatch, the friction on her exposed clit making her grunt. Then he slid it down between her lovely butt cheeks, massaging her quivering asshole. Finally. Jack put the huge cockhead against the little weepy entrance of her vagina & popped it in, making Suzy cry out. She could feel her vaginal muscles clenching involuntarily at his pulsating knob, trying to suck his whole penis into her body.

"Surrender to me, sweetheart...," he rasped lustily.


"Come on, little darlin'..."


"Let me have your secret treasure, Mommy..."

"I'M SOOO TIRED...SOOOO WEAK...," she wailed.

Jack slipped in one more inch, the exquisite torture of holding back making him grit his teeth. "I need your pussy - now!!" he growled.

This was simply more than Suzy could stand. She could deny herself no longer: "ALRIGHT, DAMN YOU!!" she hissed. "YESSS - TAKE ME!! FUCKKKK YOUR MOMMY!!"

With a roar of triumph, Jack impaled her on his stake of flesh. He felt his cockhhead enter the womb that created him - the holy cathedral of his mother's womanhood. His big balls pressed tight to her asshole. Suzy whimpered like a little girl. Jack looked down at her, ecstatic. "I'm IN YOU, Mom!! Shit, it feels SOOO GREAT!!"

He began to screw his mother hard. Suzy rubbed his chest as he rode her, looking up at him with big eyes & open mouth, hardly believing that this was happening again. She wrapped her sexy legs around her son's hips, locking her ankles on his pumping ass & curling her painted toes. "YEAH!! THAT'S ITTT!! PUT THE WOOD TO MOMMY GOOD!!"

These nasty words added fuel to Jack's already raging passion. He rotated his hips, reaming Suzy's succulent pussy with his cock. She squealed with delight. "You LOVE it - don't you, bitch??" he panted, reveling in the total sexual submission of his own mother.


Jack was pounding his huge penis into his Mom without mercy now. Suzy heard the nasty wet noises of their fucking: SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH!. She looked down between her thighs & saw a thick bubbly froth of their sex juices on her stretched pussy lips. She scooped some onto her fingers & sucked it off with relish, looking shamelessly into her son's eyes as she did so.

"You incredibly hot little bitch!!" Jack leered down at her. "Do you realize your OWN SON is fucking you - and in your marriage bed??"


"Hell yeah!! You're my li'l mommy-whore now, ain't ya?? Huh, bitch?"


Jack was huffing like a steam train on a steep grade. "Almost there!! Beg for my cum, Mom!!"



Jack's cock erupted deep inside his mother's womb. Thick white strings of sticky, scalding incestuous sperm began bursting from his tiny piss hole, saturating the inflamed walls of Suzy's conquered sex. She screamed in ecstasy, thrashing her head on the pillow. Jack kept pumping his penis into her as he ejaculated over & over, balls slapping her ass. He leaned down to suck a wildly-jigging titty, watching his Mom's open-mouthed swoon. Their mingled fuck fluids poured out around his shaft, drenching her asshole & pooling on the bed.

At last, Jack stopped cumming. He slumped onto his mother. They were both completely exausted. He sucked her sweaty breasts like a contented baby as she cooed, stroking his hair. Suzy kept her legs wrapped tightly around him, not yet wanting to relinquish his still-hard penis...

After they had recovered a bit and Jack's cock had softened & slid out of his mother's sodden vagina, Suzy lay in his arms, her head on his chest.

"Well, honey, you finally cornered me, didn't you?" Suzy said, looking up at him ruefully.

"Yeah, I did - and I ain't the least bit sorry about it, either! Are you?"

Suzy thought for a long moment before answering. "I know I SHOULD be. A mother IS NOT supposed to have sex with her son under any circumstances - period. But, ohhhh, I fought my need for you soooo hard - God knows I did! I can't fight it any more! Some things are just meant to be!" Suzy exclaimed, kissing his well-muscled chest. She suddenly felt an tremendous sense of peace & freedom course through her at formal surrender to her son.

Jack kissed the top of her head. He felt like a king. "And did you mean that part about wanting me to "knock you up"?

Suzy bit her lower lip & closed her eyes tight. "God! You would have to remember THAT..."

"Did you mean it?" Jack repeated seriously.

"Ohhhh, sweetheart, I-I know it's not right, but YESSS!! Yes, I did mean it - every damn word!! I soooo want to bear your child - to have your sperm take over my entire body, making my belly & breasts swell hugely... I NEED it!!"

"God, Mom! Do you have any idea what it does to me, hearing you say that?" Jack said, squeezing her tit lovingly. His brow furrowed. "But what about Dad?"

"Ohhhh, baby, I know!!" Suzy exclaimed, tears filling her pretty eyes. "Your poor father doesn't deserve this, any of it. We'll have to be super careful to keep our true relationship secret, hon. It would crush him if he ever found out! But I just can never be satisfied with him again. Spreading my thighs for him, feeling his little penis dribbling into me after being taken by you..." she shivered. "It fills me with revulsion! I know that's awful - but I just can't HELP it!! You're TEN times the man he is!! Ohhh, Jack, I just wish I could be YOUR wife - and the mother of your children!" Suzy wept with joy.

"Precious baby..." Jack murmured, stoking her hair as she slowly drifted off to sleep, safe at last in her son's arms...

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