tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Mother's Trauma Ch. 01

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 01


Angela was proud of her daughter on this her wedding day. Jessica was marrying a wonderful man. He was almost a throw back to the chivalrous courteous men of the fifties. Although Jack wasn't the most handsome man in the crowd, he was well off and seemed to love her daughter Jessica more than anything. Jessica was the epitome of a perfect bride in white. The entire day was beautiful and perfect.

Angela headed to an empty home that evening after the wedding reception. She had really never known Jessica's father. He was a man she'd dated for about a week when she was younger and one night at a party she'd had a little too much too drink and of course the guy took advantage. She wound up pregnant with Jessica. It was the only man she'd ever had sex with her entire life and she was now 44 years old.

Angela was what you might consider a BBW. She was a little top heavy with her 48DD's and she had a big 54" ass with a 38" waist. But all in all she was kind of tight actually. There were no stretch marks or cellulite of any kind. It was a body she'd inherited from her mother and her mother before her. As she stared at herself in the mirror she realized that Jessica must have taken after her father because she'd had an incredibly petite frame compared to her own voluptuous one. She then undressed, got into her pj's, and prayed as she did every night.

Jack knew that his wife had been brought up by a strict mother. He also knew she was quite virtuous and religious. He loved his new bride very much and it's why he made love to her with such extreme sensitivity on their wedding night. Unlike others, Jessica actually was a virgin! Jack loved his wife and when he penetrated her he was slow. He rocked slowly back and forth and in and out until he was fully inside her. He held her hands and kissed her neck as he passionately made love to her. She was in heaven as she experienced her first orgasm. What made it better was Jack climaxing at the same time. He held his wife for the rest of the night as he knew how special that moment was. That night he knew they'd made a baby.

After about 4 months Jessica was beginning to show just a tiny bit. She was glowing though as she continued to be madly in love with her husband. Jack, on the other hand, seemed to have a different demeanor. It was clear that he was very much in love with his wife but something was a little different. He didn't seem to have the same desire and passion he'd had for her when they first got married. Here it was only four months into what is supposed to be the rest of his life and he was absolutely bored sexually. Jessica would never do anything other than missionary! Jack tried to get her to give him oral or bend over or anything but nothing! It was driving him insane. But somehow Jack accepted it because he felt that he wanted to keep his marriage to Jessica that way. Almost scares. But the thought of this boring sex life was driving him insane.

About a month ago Jack had begun downloading porn on the internet. It had become a huge hobby for him. He was almost obsessed with it. And as the hobby grew so did his appetite. He began to watch all kinds of crazy things--incest, bestiality, insertion, gangbang--everything! The one that seemed to fascinate him the most was BDSM. He loved watching the women reduced to slavery and loved watching the way they bowed and served down to the men who were their Masters. Eventually he began to read about foreign women who were still being sold into slavery against their will. It drove him on to no end. Then he read about the story of a woman in California whose husband had led her to believe he was this stand up guy. But as soon as they were married he changed and really became her Master forcing her to do all of his bidding.

He wanted that! He just didn't really have the heart to do that to his wife.

One day he had happened over to his mother-in-law's house to help her throw away some old things from the attic. But when he got there something was wrong. The door was broken as if someone had forced their way in. Before he could call out for his mother-in-law he heard a loud scream coming from the upstairs bedroom. He rushed up the stairs and slowly peeked into the room.

"Take it you fucking whore!"

There were two big men raping his mother-in-law. His first reaction was to jump into the room and stop them but then he paused. He slowly pulled out his camera phone and turned off the ringer. He pointed it into the room and started recording everything.

"Hold her up bro!" yelled one of the men. "I'm gonna fuck her right in the ass!"

"NNNNOOOOO!!!" Angela screamed for her life as these two men grabbed her and tore her clothes off.

WHACK WHACK WHACK...the sound of a large hand slapping white flesh filled the room.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP SLUT! You knew damn well you owed Johnny C the 100 grand and you knew we'd come collect sooner or fucking later. And we'll keep coming to collect until you fucking pay us what you owe bitch. Whether we collect ass or money is up to you." The men, both of which had pulled out their cocks, then pounced on her. The one who just hit her held down her arms as then pushed her to her knees bent down over the bed. The second man came behind her and violently shoved his cock into her dry cunt.

"AAAAIIIEEE" Angela screamed as she was being raped.

"OH YEAH BABY!" yelled the man in her cunt. "This bitch is so fucking dry I can't believe it!"

Just then Jack decided he'd do something incredibly bold. He jumped into the room and took one final snap of the two men raping his mother-in-law.

"Hold it guys...hold it!" Jack said slowly. The men who were startled as Jack entered the room backed away from Angela really slow trying to quickly shove their dicks back into their pants as they did.

"JACK PLEASE NO! They'll kill you!" Angela screamed out of fear for her son-in-law.

"You must be fucking crazy coming in here man." One of the assailants said as he pulled a gun from his pocket.

"Wait a second I have something to say. Gentlemen I've heard everything and I have a proposition for you." Jack said. "I want to pay her debt to you. In addition I want to pay each of you an extra 50 thousand dollars for services I may need in the future."

"What kind of services?" One of the men asked.

"Why don't we discuss this downstairs?"

"Alright but don't try anything funny or I'll fucking kill you." The man with the gun said. He then looked at Angela, "and the bitch comes downstairs too where I can see her. If I don't like what you have to say I'm gonna finish fucking her right after I shoot your punk ass."

"Fair enough," Jack said as he held Angela's hand and escorted her down the stairs.

Angela gripped Jack's hand tightly hoping to find some salvation with him. He walked her over the one chair in the living room that can be seen from the kitchen and placed her in it. He then sat with the two thugs in the kitchen.

Angela couldn't hear what was being said but every once in a while the three of them would look at her and smile. Jack would wink to her as if suggesting everything will be alright now.

After about 15 minutes the men got up and shook hands with Jack. They both looked at Angela and blew her kisses as they laughed their way out the door.

Jack went over and sat down on the couch. Angela got up and went over to the couch next to him. "What happened, Jack? What did they say? I don't know how to thank you. Tell me what happened, please?" Angela was still scared but somewhat relieved.

"I bought you." Jack said with a serious scowl on his face.

"What did you say Jack?"

"I said I bought you. I own you. Johnny Carbine had a contract on you for 100 grand. I just paid 200 for your life plus an extra 100 for the guys to work for me part time."

"Oh my god Jack thanks you so much! I don't know what to say... WHACK... mmmpphhh"

Angela's last words were cut off by a backhanded slap from Jack.

"Don't you fucking listen? I said I own you. I bought you fair and fucking square so from now on you don't talk unless I fucking tell you to. Is that fucking clear bitch??"

Angela was shocked. She started to hold her face as she realized Jack had an evil look in his eye. She knew then and there that he was serious and that she might've been in worse trouble now than she was before.

"I asked you a question you fucking whore." Jack leaned in closer and stared Angela right in the eye. "I asked if you were clear on the fact that you are now my property. Now fucking give Me an answer!"

Angela didn't know what to say. It was all happening so fast. She just blankly stared at Jack. This angered him to no end. He stood up and grabbed her by the hair dragging her up over the chair she was sitting in and back up the stairs.

"OWWWWWWWW... JACK PLEASE STOP... OWWWWWWWW..." Angela screamed in protest as she was forcefully dragged up the stairs back into her bedroom.

"You'll fucking learn who your Master is pig!" Jack threw her on the bed and took off his belt. He began whipping it against her body fast and hard.





"Owwww stopppp pleeeassseee owwwwwwwww I'm begging owwwww" Angela cried out through a tear soaked face.

"I SAID WHO?!?!?"


"Y-you...YOU!" Angela finally screamed out hoping to end the assault.

Jack put the belt down. "Good. Now do you remember the position you were in when I walked in here before and saved you from our two friends? Do you?" Jack asked.

Angela nodded.

"Good. Get back to it now. Quickly!" Jack snapped the last word so much that Angela hustled for fear he may use the belt again.

She was now on her knees on the floor with her ass up in the air as she was bent over her bed. Jack unzipped his pants to reveal an extremely hard penis. He stood behind Angela.

"This is going to feel so fucking good!" he said as he shoved his prick inside her. Angela was dry and it hurt like crazy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" she screamed as Jack rammed his cock into her. He grabbed her hips and used them as leverage as he began pounding his hard cock up into her hard and fast.

"TAKE IT YOU FUCKING PIG!" He screamed, "Take it fucking hard." Jack began grinding his teeth and speaking to her through them, "you fucking whore."

He pushed harder and harder inside her. The slapping sound of two bodies filled the air and Jack continued to assault his mother-in-law's untouched cunt. Eventually Angela's body's natural reaction mechanism kicked in as her pussy began to get wet. Angela had never felt wet before, at least not that she remembered, and was confused.

"OH YEAH BABY! You're a fucking dirty little whore arentcha? You fucking nasty old fat cocktoy!" Jack continued to pound away on this fat gorgeous ass. Angela was confused as strong feelings were beginning to build up inside her. She felt her stomach queasy and everything start to feel intoxicating. 'Was this what it felt like with Jessica's father?' she thought to herself.

"TAKE IT YOU WHORE! TAKE IT FROM MASTER!" Jack grabbed Angela's hair and yanked it back firmly. His balls were getting wet now as Angela was becoming soaked. She was beginning to moan and groan and even arched her back up a bit as if to give Jack better access and allow him to push into her deeper.

"WHO'S YOUR FUCKING MASTER PIGSLUT? WHOOOOOOOOO?!?!?!?" Jack screamed as he drove his prick inside her. He had both hands in her hair and really pulled it back, yanking her body to him.

Just then Angela felt breathless. Her entire body convulsed and she felt her knees buckle. Her strength seemed to shoot out from inside of her and explode onto Jack's penis. She had never felt anything like it. It was like being high for the very first time and never wanting to come down.

Jack laughed as he realized he made the old bag cum. "That's it you fucking cocktoy. Cum for your Master. Cum for Me again you dirty nasty bitch!" Jack pulled on her hair harder and began shoving his cock into her stronger. Faster. Faster. Faster.

"OOOOO....aaaaaaa...." Her breathing was rapid. "mmmmmmmmmmm......" She was getting lightheaded and she wanted more.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS". Angela released a long scream as she came again and again. Jack pulled her hair harder then out of nowhere let go. He quickly pushed her away from him and turned her over.

"Hold up your tits! HURRY!" Jack said as he was holding onto his cock firmly. Angela did as she was told and as she did Jack exploded what seemed like a cup full of sperm onto her body. He showered her face and tits with his cum.

Jack wiped his cock onto her hair and put it away. Angela hadn't said a word. She didn't know what to say.

"Perfect. Just perfect. You were a good slut on your first day bitch, but you still have a ton to learn." Angela stared down at the floor as Jack was stepping out the door.

"Get yourself cleaned up and get downstairs. I'm hungry."

Angela began moving slowly as Jack snapped. "You have five fucking minutes. Do you hear Me bitch???"

"Yes......s-Sir." Angela answered very, very slowly and tentatively.

"Good girl."

Angela washed up quickly and put on her bathrobe. She feared Jack's wrath should she violate the five minutes he'd given her.

As she entered the kitchen she saw Jack sitting there looking at his watch. Clearly he was timing her.

"Four minutes twelve seconds. Not bad." Jack looked up at her. "What the fuck is that?" he said pointing at her?

"What's what?" Angela responded fearfully.

"What the fuck are you wearing?"

"It's just my bathrobe."

Jack stood up. Very quietly he slowly walked over to her. Angela stood watching him with fear and anticipation. She had no idea what to expect. What she got she didn't want.


Jack greeted her left cheek with a roundhouse backslap that sent Angela crashing to the floor.

"Who the fuck gave you permission to get dressed?!?!"

Angela looked up from the floor. Her lip had been split and blood was beginning to slowly leak out. With tears in her eyes she stared at Jack with incredible fear and confusion. She didn't know what to do or what to say. She was disoriented. This was all happening so fast.

Jack stood over and offered his hand.

"Stand up right now slut."

Angela did but the fear of her son-in-law has grown to new heights.

"Good. Now there are some rules that I'm sure will make this a bit easier for you. First and foremost you will need My permission for everything. Do you understand?"

Angela nodded.

"Good. That means everything. You wear what I say you wear, you do what I say you do, you go to the bathroom when I say you can and you eat when and how I say you can eat. Is that clear?"

Angela was dumbfounded. She nodded again but the expression on her face clearly changed to one of shock.

"Good. Also I am your new owner and Master. I expect you to treat Me as such. You will call Me Sir or Master at all times without exception and you will service your life to Me period. Is that clear slut?"

Angela swallowed a hard swallow. She was beginning to develop some resolve.

"Look Jack. I don't know what's happaaaiiieee..."


Jack began pummeling his mother-in-law with repeated slaps. He pulled her hair and dragged her head to the sink. He shoved her head under the faucet and turned on the cold water.

"You just don't fucking get it do you bitch? I fucking own you."

With that Jack let her go and took a step back.

"Now push your hair back." Angela's tears were never-ending and she did as she was told. The abuse was so much more then she could take.

"Good. Now you will answer Me as Sir or Master at all times. Is that clear bitch?"

"Y-yes *sniff* S-S-*sniff*-Sir."

"Good whore. Yes you are a whore. You are My fucking whore and My fucking slut. You are My dog. You are My pig. You are whatever the fuck I want you to be. Is that clear?"

"Yes *sniff* Sir."

"Good girl. Now do you have any questions before you make Me something to eat?"

Angela thought for a moment and then responded. "Yes. Um Sir. Does Jessica know that you are like this? Are you like this with her?"

Jack smiled an evil smile. He knew that this would come up sooner or later. His wife's mother was now his slut and his wife had no idea. As far as Jessica knew he was still the perfectly ideal man.

"No slut she doesn't. But don't worry about her. She's being taken care of as I speak to you. Soon she will learn all about Me and what it takes to serve Me. Just like you."

Angela nodded. It was clear that Jack had snapped. She didn't know when. She surely didn't know how. But there's no question that this man in front of her is nowhere near the same man that married her daughter just four months ago.

"Ahem." Jack cleared his throat loudly. Angela turned to face him and he pointed at her robe. Angela put her head down and slowly removed it placing it over one of the chairs of the kitchen table.

"Remove the rest of those tattered things. Completely naked is how you will be. Yes. That's how I want you. Completely naked at all times."

Angela looked at Jack then quickly turned away. She feared making eye contact too long lest Jack slap her. She quickly removed the few shreds of clothing she was wearing, which at this point were nothing more than strips of cloth. Angela turned around, almost resigned to her fate, and began preparing her Master some food.


Jessica was cleaning the house wondering how things were going with Jack and her mom. It was great being married to a man like Jack. He had more than enough money to support them so she didn't have to work and he continued to make even more money that she was very happy. She was now four months pregnant and developed just a little belly. You still couldn't tell she was with baby but she knew and she was excited.

There was a knock on the door and Jessica didn't think twice but to open it. As she did the door was shoved open forcefully. In rushed two men. They quickly grabbed her and rushed her up the stairs to the bedroom covering her mouth.

They threw her onto the bed, locked the door behind them, and quickly began to remove their clothing.

"Who are you?! What do you want with me? Leave me alone!" Jessica screamed as she crawled up to the head of the bed.

"Listen bitch. Your old man paid good money for us tonight and we're going to make sure he gets his dollar's worth. So now you have two choices: you can lay back and enjoy it or you can kick and scream. It doesn't make much difference to us since you're getting fucked either way."

Jessica was shocked. The men were almost naked now and she realized they were serious. Did Jack actually pay them for this? What the hell was going on? She instinctively held her stomach as if in plea..."Please don't hurt me. Please! I'm begging you. I'm pregnant! Please don't touch me."

"HA! Don't worry none. We're not going to hurt you we're just going to fuck you. Your baby will be fine."

Jessica went to run for it but it was too late. One of the men grabbed her by the hair before she could move and he was on top of her. The other man also holding her down began to take off her pants. The two men were completely overpowering her and she knew it. She tried kicking them defiantly but it only allowed them better access to the removal of her pants.

"Look please. I have money. Lots of money. Just leave now and I won't say a word to anyone. I swear!"

"Why is it that all the rich bitches always try to buy us off?" One said to the other with a chuckle. "Why can't they just shut the fuck up and get fucked?" The two men shared a laugh and then, without warning they were on top of Jessica. Their full body weight pressing her down. One of the men, the larger one, was right on top of her while the other just held down her arms.

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