tagInterracial LoveA Native American Goddess in Love

A Native American Goddess in Love


It's my life! Those are the thoughts running through Amanda Ahtunowhiho's head as she walked through the University of Utah campus. The tall young Native American woman briskly walked through the crowded campus, wandering how in hell so many otherwise intelligent people could be so backwards in this day and age. Amanda recalled the conversation her proud Cheyenne mother Hannah had with her on the subject of interracial dating. Mom basically told her not to bring home one of 'those Black people'. Anyone except a Black guy, that was her mom's statement.

Apparently, when Amanda was dating Josh, a handsome, if culturally insensitive white guy, it had been okay with her proud Native American parents. Amanda had basically stormed off after telling her mom she would do whatever she wanted, and hadn't been home ever since. That was the first day of April 2011. A day she would never forget. Amanda sat in the library, watching people go by. She saw white guys with Asian women, Black guys with White women, and sometimes Black women with White guys. It never ceased to amaze her how interracial dating seemed really okay to most people when the male half of the pair was Caucasian and the female half was a minority of some sort. However, the moment the male half of the interracial couple was Black, people, including other minorities, tended to have a problem.

Well, Amanda hadn't planned on falling in love with Steve D'Orville, the handsome young Haitian man from the City of Montreal, Quebec. Steve was Canadian, and had recently transferred to the University of Utah from Concordia University in his native Quebec. With his cute French accent, his impeccable manners and his charming smile, he was unlike anyone she had ever met. The church-going, geeky-yet-handsome guy simply took her breath away. They had some of the same classes together. He was a civil engineering major, and so she was she. The civil engineering program at the University of Utah was one of the best in the country. It attracted many international students from places like the Confederation of Canada and Australia. Hence, the presence of a Canadian guy on this very American campus.

Steve D'Orville was new to Salt Lake City, and he didn't know anybody in town with the exception of his aunt Judith and her husband Leonard. He was desperately lonely on campus, and Amanda took an interest in him. They became fast friends, and eventually, surprisingly, their friendship deepened into more. Amanda had never been into Black guys. For most of her life, she dated Native American guys, White guys and occasionally Chinese-American guys. There were quite a few Black guys on the University of Utah campus but most of them were dating Black women. A few of them were dating White women. They didn't seem to notice that Native American women existed, though a few of them fancied Asian women. Black and Native American didn't seem to mix in the diverse yet deeply secluded world of the University of Utah campus. Yet somehow, the proud Native American chick fell in love with the Black guy from Canada. And the world simply didn't seem ready for them, even in an age where a Black man is President of the United States of America.

Amanda sat there, her mind racing. She thought of Steve, and smiled. How she cherished him. Six feet two inches tall, beefy, with long hair braided into neat dreadlocks, and the geekiest glasses known to man. He was ruggedly handsome. A thoughtful brother who spoke seven languages, including Spanish, Haitian Creole and French. He was also one of the brightest students at the University of Utah. The professors were amazed at his academic prowess. They simply weren't used to dealing with good-looking, 'articulate' young Black men who knew more about the world than the eggheads on the faculty. And Steve took a sweet pleasure in wowing them at every turn.

Amanda learned through Steve D'Orville that young Black men from the Confederation of Canada were something else. Smart, studious, and open-minded. Steve told her about his hometown of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. A Canadian town which immigrants from places like the Republic of Haiti, Mexico and China seemed to wresting from the hands of the French Canadian population. He told her about all the Black lawyers, Black doctors and Black politicians he grew up around. Most of whom were of Haitian descent, like him. His people were a tough bunch, capable of surviving and even thriving under conditions where ordinary human beings would easily die. Amanda found herself fascinated by this guy who knew so much about the world. He was very proud of his people, the way she wished more of her fellow Native Americans would be. Unfortunately, most Native Americans living in the United States embraced the White man's ways and viewed the ways of their Tribes as backwards and outdated.

Steve told Amanda a surprising fact about his people. After the Haitians destroyed the French forces which once dominated them and established the first Independent Black Republic in the New World, they looked for the remnants of Native Americans on the island of Haiti. They uncovered the story of Anacaona, a Native Princess who ruled the island of Haiti at the time of Columbus. Though she perished at the hands of the European colonists after leading an uprising against them, she was viewed by the Haitians as a sacred person centuries later. Haitians had immense respect for all things Native American, a fact which stunned Amanda. Especially considering the fact that many Native Americans held very negative views of Blacks in America. Even though Black Americans struggles and victories through the Civil Rights Movement benefited all people of color, including Native Americans and immigrants from Asia, Latin American, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Steve showed her that Native Americans had a lot to thank Black folks for, even though they didn't realize it.

Yeah, the guy was all that and a bag of chips. How could she not love him? Especially since he wasn't just a good-looking smooth-talker. He was also a killer in the bedroom. Amanda smiled as she thought of Steve making love to her. He would lick her from her head to her toes, and suckle at her breasts while fingering her sweet pussy. Then he would lick her pussy and finger it until she squealed in delight. And he never tired of putting her on all fours, face down and ass up, before slamming his big Black dick into her pussy. Hell, he even introduced her to the wonders of backdoor sex. Oh, yeah. He would spread her butt cheeks and lubricate her before pressing his dick against her asshole. Then he would work his dick into her ass, taking his sweet time. Amanda felt a sexual thrill run through her as she remembered the deliciously sweet pain of Steve's thick, uncircumcised cock in her ass. Oh, yeah. He was simply amazing. And she knew it.

Amanda was pulled out of her reverie by a gentle tap on her shoulder. She turned around, to see...him. Tall, dark and handsome. Wearing a bright red silk, dark grey tie shirt and navy blue silk pants. Steve. Her man. He smiled and gestured for her to come to him. Grinning, Amanda leapt into his arms. They kissed passionately, well aware that many students from the University of Utah were watching them. And they didn't care. Let them stare if they wanted to. Amanda took Steve's hand in hers, and they began the long walk back to his dorm. She'd never been happier.

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