tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Naughty Walk In The Country

A Naughty Walk In The Country


We are going out for a walk in the countryside. it's a lovely spring day, and I head out to the car wearing a full, knee length cotton skirt, a halter neck top, a jacket and low heeled sandals.

The drive to the coast is very relaxing, and the sun looks very inviting when we clamber out the other end, so I slip my jacket off and leave it in the car - only then do you notice that I'm not wearing a bra, and my full breasts bounce invitingly as we walk along, the cool breeze and my own excitement making my nipples show up clearly through the thin fabric. Your gaze alternates between the spectacular view and my tits, which of course makes me even more aroused. We pause to take in the scenery, and we embrace, you fondling my breasts with one hand and snaking your hand under my skirt with the other. You give a gasp of surprise and an almost-shocked

"Christ!", when you discover that I am not wearing any knickers either.

I smile and laugh, "Guess I was feeling a bit naughty!"

You caress my ass, pinching and fondling, stroking the crack and making me squirm. We walk on, my skirt lifted up at the back and your hand on my ass as we continue our walk. It is an isolated spot, but sometimes you do get other walkers, and I glance around nervously to make sure no-one else is around.

"What's the matter?" you ask, smiling.

You know that exposing myself like this is a turn on, and you produce your camera from your pocket and tell me you want some photos of the 'scenery'.

"Stand with your back to the view and show me those gorgeous tits of yours0"

I happily comply, relishing the breeze on my bare skin and as I look down I can see that my nipples are huge, and rock hard.

"Cup your tits and look at me", you command, "That's it, now pinch your nipples, twist them hard."

I let out a low moan, sure that I am not far from coming already.

"Now turn round and bend over. Place your hands on that big boulder there and lift your skirt up."

I do so, wiggling my arse and looking back over my shoulder with a knowing look.

"Spread you legs a bit wider, show yourself to me. God your lips are so puffy and I can see how juicy you are."

You move closer behind me, taking detailed shots then reach out and run your finger through my lips. I moan loudly, and you stick two fingers straight into my cunt, burying them as deep as you can and then holding them still. I squirm, wanting you to move them and you tell me to hold still while you take more pictures with your free hand. Putting the camera down you finally give me the relief I crave, reaching round to pinch my clit and sliding your fingers in and out until your hand is soaked, and my juices are running down my legs.

You pull your fingers out and tell me to turn around, then you wipe your cum-soaked fingers very deliberately and firmly all over my tits, before lifting each one up to your mouth and sucking and licking them clean.

"Delicious", you smile. I move to pull my top down as we walk on, and you smack my hand away.

"Leave them out - you know you want to."

"But" I protest, "what if someone comes along?"

"Then they will be lucky enough to get a look before you put them away. Now leave your tope where it is", you insist.

It is a huge turn on for me, displaying myself so wantonly like this, and you absolutely know it. Every now and then, you reach over and pinch one of my nipples, and I get so horny that I am sure I am going to come again just from walking.

As we approach a turn in the path, a man and woman come round the corner. She is looking at the view, fortunately, but he gets a good eyeful of my breasts before I manage to pull my top down, blushing furiously. He stares straight at me as they walk towards us, his eyes fixed firmly at chest level, then he catches my eye and winks as they pass by. You know exactly what is happening, and you pull my skirt up to reveal my ass once they are behind us, knowing full well he is bound to turn round for a look.

"God, you have to fuck me soon."

Your only response is a broad grin and an instruction to "get them out again".

We come to a field with a stile, and you tell me to climb over. Half way across though, with my ass at eye level you can't resist fingering my pussy, making me moan with pleasure. I climb over and we head for the middle of the long grass. We stop and embrace, kissing passionately, and you peel my top off to play with and suck my tits. Lying down on the grass you push my skirt right up and lie down between my legs, burying your face in my pussy, licking and sucking, your fingers digging into my thighs as I thrust my cunt up towards your face, trying to get your tongue deeping inside me.

"Oh God, please, I need to feel your cock inside me, please."

You unzip your jeans, and take your cock out, rubbing the tip through my pussy lips, then you slide it in, making me gasp with pleasure. You set up a steady rhythym, as I moan and pant, the force of your pushing making my tits bounce each time you thrust in to me. I come freely, my juices flowing all over your cock.

"Of fuck yes, slam it into me, oh god I'm coming so much, I love how you feel inside me, fuck me harder...."

"You are such a horny bitch aren't you," you growl at me. "You loved walking around with your tits hanging out didn't you? And you loved that guy seeing you. I bet he's love to fuck you. I bet he's love to wrap those tits of yours round his cock, or have you kneel in front of him and suck him off. Would you like that? Would you like to suck another man's cock? You are going to suck mine when we get home, but not before I video you taking a shower and bringing yourself off with a vibrator". You are slamming into me now. a sexual animal taking it's prey, panting, eyes wild...

"And then I'm going to fuck you on all fours while we watch that video of you back on that great big tv of yours. Would you like that? Tell me how much you want it."

Your words are driving me wild, and I can't help but respond in kind.

"I would love it. You can do whatever you like to me. Fuck my pussy, tits, ass, face...anything just don't stop....please".

My words send you over the edge, and you tense up and spurt a huge stream of cum into my pussy, which spasms in response, the muscles closing around your cock and milking every last drop.

You collapse on to top of me and we lie still until my pussy contracts and you slowly slip out of me.

"Lie still", you command, and grabbing your camera you take some close up shots of my cunt as the creamy cum drips out. You coat your hand in the juices, then crawl up beside me and let me suck and lick your fingers, the smell and taste salty fresh and delicious.

"Let's go home", you smile, "you need a shower."

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