tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA New Acquisition

A New Acquisition


Naked and cold, Arina was led up the rough wooden steps to the auction block. They'd forced a glass of drugged wine on her to make her pliable. The auctioneer, a short, fat little man with bad breath, roughly pulled her bound hands over her head, and hooked them there. Someone behind the scenes cranked the hook up until she was stretched out, toes barely touching the crude stage. The precarious position made her breasts jut out as she struggled for balance, shoulders screaming in pain.

Holding back a thin wail of fear, Arina fought to refrain shout that she wasn't a slave, but the slave trader's warnings still rang clearly in her head. If she said, or did, anything to lower her value she would pay with her life. So she stood there, miserable and silent, her body flushed scarlet with humiliation. Blearily, she looked around, vaguely noticing that she was in some 'gentleman's club'. All around her were potential buyers, some just smoking and staring, others openly fondling the whores that serviced that club.

Arina's attention was abruptly brought back to the auction when the auctioneer forced her mouth open, showing the men her strong, white teeth, He reached down, and roughly spread the tender lips of her pussy, jabbering about the pinkness within. Arina let out a small sob, a tear trickling down her face at the embarrassment of being exposed in such a way. As the auction continued, she lost her concentration, staring blankly into the crowd. She had no idea who bought her, or how much he paid. All she knew was that she was lowered from the hook and a man came up to retrieve her.

He pulled her roughly from the block, clasped a collar around her neck, and a leash to that. Commandingly, he led her from the room to his carriage. Arina shivered in the cold air, and sent up a brief prayer she wasn't seen. In the carriage he forced her to the floor, saying something about that being her place. Disoriented, she tiredly laid her head against his knee, until the rocking of the carriage lulled her to sleep.

She woke later, as he was settling her gently onto a bed. He detached her leash; replacing it with a heavier, steel one that was attached to the wall. Once he was sure that Arina secure he walked into another room. A few seconds later he returned, naked, his cock straining away from his body.

"Well, I guess it's time to see if they were lying about your virginity." he said with a sneer, his eyes hard. Still his touch was gentle as he smoothed his hands over Arina's body. The tip of one finger circled her pink nipples, and to her shame she felt them hardening, breasts swelling. Climbing onto the bed next to her, his other hand ran over the dip of her waist, to the slit of her pussy. Whimpering, she strained away from him. Sternly, he smacked her thigh sharply.

"You are mine, slave. You will stay where I put you, or that smack will be the least of your worries," he warned.

Fearful, remembering the beatings from before, Arina forced herself to allow him his exploration, shivering as one long finger pushing into the dryness of her cunt. He grunted with pleasure at what he found.

"So they didn't lie. Good, you'd be worth nothing to me without your cherry."

Trembling at the odd feeling his finger wiggling in her pussy, Arina could feel moisture begin to coat his fingers. Sliding his finger in and out of her, until it was fully wet, he moved his finger further back to her asshole. Fearfully, Arina struggled a bit, but at his warning look she subsided. It mattered little if she fought; he was in control.

"I take it by your reaction that you're still a virgin here, too?" Shocked, she nodded. He just smiled slightly, and continued pushing his slightly damp finger into her resistant asshole. Arina arched her back and whimpered, but he ignored her pleas, forcing his finger all the way in.

"You might as well get used to it, slave." He said, matter of fact, holding his finger deep inside of her. "Eventually I will have all of your cherries."

Finally he pulled his finger from her. Arina sighed in relief, sure that he was going to leave her alone now. Her relief was premature, though, and she gasped as he rolled over her, and placed his hard cock at the tight entrance to her pussy. Before she could formulate a protest, he'd rammed himself into her, his cock breaking through her maidenhead in one brutal thrust.

Arina screamed at the sudden intrusion, and desperately tried to buck him off, but all she managed to do was force him deeper in her body.

"No, please no! You're too big." Arina begged. "Please, get off me!"

Ignoring her, he held himself there until she lay there, exhausted from her useless fight with him. As soon as she was docile, he began to move in big cock and out of her. At first all she could feel was the discomfort of his cock rubbing against the straining walls of her pussy, but then he brought his finger down, touching her gently, and against all odds, she grew moist, that pleasant feeling returning.

Curiously Arina wriggled her hips, hoping to assuage it, but that only made it worse. Or was it better? All she knew was that the feel of his cock moving in her was driving her to distraction, warm tendrils of desire working their way up her squirming body. Finally all the delicious tension exploded, and she arched her back and cried out as pleasure filled her, sent her soul souring. Upon returning to earth he was collapsed on her, breathing harshly.

After a moment, Eric rolled to the side of her, wrapping a strong arm protectively around her waist.

"Sleep." he whispered in her ear.

Exhausted, and still feeling the effects of the drug she had been given, she did.


Eric waited until his new slave fell asleep, before rising and padding naked into the adjoining bedroom. Sated he climbed into his bed, falling asleep instantly. He was woken several hours later by his valet poking his head in the door

"Are you ready to rise, m'lord?" he said, quietly.

Nodding, Eric sat up and reached out for the mug of coffee that Jeffries was holding. "Thank you, Jeffries."

Regally, Jeffries nodded and left, quietly closing the door behind him. Eric sat back and thought about her, and the night before. She'd shown promise, but there was still today to worry about. The drug would have worn off by now, and she might fight him a bit.

Sipping his drink, Eric pondered any possible obstacles she could throw his way, until he heard movement from next room. Naked, he walked over to the peephole in the adjoining wall, and looked through. She was urgently hurrying to the commode. Eric watched her squat, her eyes darting around, taking in the pretty room he'd put her in. Finished, she ran back to the bed, breasts bouncing with the movement, and slid back under the covers. Reluctantly, Eric stepped back and pulled on his robe. He had some things to do before he could enjoy his prize.

Hours later, Eric let himself into Arina's room, and strolled over to the bed. She'd fallen back asleep, her tear stained face almost childlike in her slumber. Eric faltered, not wanting to wake her, but knew that he must begin as he meant to go on.

"Arina, Arina! Wake up!" Eric said, firmly shaking her shoulder. Arina woke to him filling her vision, her world. He had a stern look on his face, and she shivered, suddenly afraid. Had she displeased him somehow? Did he want to do . . . that again? She could only remember bits and pieces from the night before, but she distinctly remembered pain.

"Sit up, Arina." he commanded. "We need to talk."

Arina scooted up, carefully holding the blanket over her breasts. He scowled, and yanked the blanket from her grip. "You have nothing to hide from me. Everything about you is mine, along with those beautiful breasts." Insolently he pinched a nipple with his finger. Scarlett face, Arina forced her hands to remain in her lap, not wanting to anger the man who was now in control of her life.

"Allow me to introduce myself," Eric drawled. "I am Lord Eric Conner. You will always refer to me as 'My Lord'. I brought you for a considerable sum, because I need a wife, someone to bear my heirs, and to warm my bed." Eyes nearly bugging out of their sockets, Arina gaped at him. "I've had enough of these society bitches. I want a woman who knows her place, a woman who will acknowledge me as the master . . . in other words, a legal slave."

Mutely Arina shook her head, alarmed. "Yes, Arina. It will happen. I'll fuck you until you're pregnant, and our children will bear my name. They will have a mother who will remain at home to care for them."

Arina shivered, a tear running down her face.

"But, you don't love me." she whispered. Eric laughed, a short bark of a laugh, a sound full of derision.

"Love has no place in a marriage." he sneered. "We will start out with more than most married couples start out with, an understanding of who wears the pants."

Reaching out and wrapping a long fingered hand around Arina's upper arm, Eric pulled her to him. Fearfully, she tried to pull away, but inevitably found herself on his lap.

Firmly Eric cradled her face in his hands, long fingers spearing through her locks. Bringing her face to his, his lips gently pressing to hers. Enthralled at the barely leashed power of his hands, Arina closed her eyes, and parted her lips, allowing his tongue to thrust within.

Sliding his other hand up to her waist, he held her steadily on his lap. His gentleness was her undoing, Arina could have resisted force. Tentatively she slid her arms around his neck, holding him to her. Gently, he lowered her to the bed, their mouths never losing contact, and Arina trembled anxiously. Soothing her with gentle touches, he gently caressed her stomach, then ran his palm up to cup the soft weight of her breast. Arina sighed in pleasure, pressing her breast into his hand.

Pleased with her responses, he firmly pinched her hard nipple, the pressure of his fingers pulling her deeper into his sticky web of desire. Arina felt as if she were in haze, floating. Her only rock in the storm, her only stability was Lord Eric, so she clung to him, offering herself up to him. Pulling his mouth from hers, Eric kissed a wet trail from her lips to the tips of her breast. Arina cried out, a small mewling sound, when he sucked her nipple into moist cavern of his mouth. Pushing her hands through his hair, Arina desperately held his mouth to her breast and panted for breath, hips moving restlessly under his. One hard thigh slipped between her legs, and she pressed herself against it, desperately needing the pressure, anything to help ease what he had started.

Turning her head on her pillow, Arina gasped for air, growing more desperate by the second. Then, suddenly, Eric pulled back from her, and she cried out, eyes flying open.

"M'lord!" Arina protested, then blushed at Eric's smile of triumph. Ashamed, she closed her eyes, a tear trailed down a flushed cheek. Eric bent his head and lapped up tear, his hand turned her face back to his.

"Open your eyes." he ordered Arina. Unable to defy him, she did, her eyes locking with the steel gray of his.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, my love." he said huskily "You are mine, you were meant to be mine. You're body is just acknowledging it's Master."

Eyes locked with his, Arina shook her head no, afraid of the truth.

"Yes." he whispered, possessively moving his hand to that which needed him most, that which throbbed for his touch. Moaning, she arched herself into his hand, gasping as a finger slid deep. Arina shivered, remembering the pain and discomfort from the night before, but this time there was nothing but pleasure, a deep aching pleasure that slid through her, over her, possessing her body completely.

His fingers began rhythmically thrusting in her, and she moved her hips in time with its thrusts, until she could barely stand the emptiness any longer.

"Oh, M'lord, please." Arina begged.

"Please, what?" he whispered in her ear. "Please take you, possess you? Do you want me to make you mine?"

Arina thrashed her head restlessly, reluctant to acknowledge with words what her body already knew. Chuckling, Eric brought another finger into play, enjoying the small cry she gave at the increased pleasure. Arching her back further, desperate for what only he could provide for her, Arina continued to beg with her body.

"Admit it," he ordered, his voice husky with desire. "Admit you are mine, and I will give you relief."

"Yes, yes." the words burst out of her. "I am yours! Please take me, make me yours!"

Instantly his fingers were gone, replaced with something a good deal larger. Buttocks flexing, he pressed himself into her, filling her to the core, until she was completely filled with him. Desperately, she wrapped her legs and arms around him, afraid he was going to abandon her in the middle of this tempest. In all her life she'd never felt so complete, so whole.

Nuzzling her neck, Eric sucked the white skin into his mouth, and she arched her head back, allowing him full access. Languidly, he pulled out, and she whimpered, but he returned, forcing a throaty groan from her. Eric set up a steady rhythm, and Arina wailed, digging her nails into his back, striving for relief. When it came, she gave a short shriek, and then all air was cut off as Arina shuddered, pleasure coursing through her, muscles clenching. Eric shouted out her name, his body growing stiff as well, his seed shooting deep. That was the last thing she knew before passing out.

When Arina came back from her swoon, Eric was leaning over her, his hand tenderly pushing hair out of her face. "I will never let you go," he whispered, before pulling her to him, her naked breasts brushing the linen of his shirt. "Now rest, I will have to leave you soon enough." Arina nuzzled her face into his neck, and dozed off, arms desperately holding him tight.


Arina woke later, the smell of food making her stomach growl. Hungrily, she reached for the platter next to the bed, then pulled them back in shock when they were smacked. Holding her hand to her chest in confusion, she looked questioningly at Eric.

"You must see to my needs before you see to yours." he said sternly, gesturing to his cock, which lay limp against his leg. Brow furrowed, Arina reached a tentative hand out to him.

"No." Eric said, pushing her hand away. "Use your mouth."

Shocked, her eyes wide, Arina shrank back from him. Impatiently, Eric reached around and grabbed a handful of her hair, roughly pulling her into position by his side.

"I was willing to do this the easy way, but if you want it rough, then rough it shall be."

Fisting his hands in the silky locks of Arina's hair, he yanked her face down to his lap. Mutinously, Arina kept her mouth tightly closed, refusing to take his cock in her mouth.


His hard hand hit her bottom, and Arina yelped in surprise. "You will take my cock in your mouth, or that smack will be the least of your problems." he warned.

A tear coming to her eyes at the roughness of his hands, but fearful of his threat, Arina obediently opened her mouth, allowing him to slide his now hard cock into her mouth, pushing all the way to the back. Mouth stretched uncomfortably around his girth, she gagged violently as his cock hit the back of his throat. Arina sent up a small prayer of thanks that her stomach was empty.

"Swallow." Eric grunted at her. Obediently she did, taking him further into her than she'd have ever thought possible. After holding her there a moment, he allowed her up for air, but before she could protest he pushed her back down, his cock sliding easier into her throat.

"You'll stay there until you suck on it, or pass out." he said, his tone uncompromising.

Growing desperate for air, Arina did as he commanded, her tongue instinctively rubbing the sensitive tip. Breath catching, Eric allowed her to pull up long enough to suck in a lung full of air, then pushed her back down. Catching on to the rhythm, Arina took over, sliding up and down his cock with her mouth. Once it was evident she was going to do as was expected, Eric released his cruel grip on her hair, and reached down to casually tug at a rosy nipple. Arina groaned around the big piece of meat in her mouth, unconsciously arching her back.

Eric brought one of her hands to his balls.

"Fondle me." Eric groaned, bringing one of her hands to his hairy sack, hanging below. Shyly, carefully Arina rolled his balls around her hands, and was rewarded when his fingers pinched harder on her nipples.

Suddenly he grabbed her head, forcing her all the way down, his cock sliding down her throat and the hot cum shooting straight into her belly. One finished, she sat up desperately trying not to upchuck his seed, but he wasn't finished.

"Clean me off." he said, eyes glinting dangerously behind their half closed lids. "With your mouth."

Arina stared, eyes wide with shock. He wanted her to what? Wasn't what she'd just done enough? Suddenly, his hand reached out and grabbed her face, fingers biting cruelly into her cheeks.

"Must we do this again?" he growled impatiently, yanking her face back down to his cock. "Clean me off!" he repeated. A tear slid slowly down her cheek, as she reluctantly sucked his softened cock into her mouth, carefully cleaning it. Only then did he release her. Wiping off her face with the back of her hand, Arina sat up, pulling as far from him as the leash would allow.

"You will be punished later for your defiance, Arina." Eric said, standing up, "But first you will eat. I don't want you getting sick from malnourishment."

Those words echoing in her head, Arina inched back toward him, unwilling to risk angering him further. Tentatively she reached for an apple, her eyes watching him warily. At his approving nod, she grabbed it, and put it to her lips. At the first burst of sweetness she closed her eyes and moaned, savoring the taste. Then her bodily needs took over, and she was barely able to force herself to eat in a mannerly way.

Soothingly, Eric ran his hand down Arina's back when she was done. "I know that you're still hungry, Arina, but you'll make yourself sick if you are not careful. You may have some more food later."

Arina leaned into his gentle touch. Gently he pulled her to her feet. "Now it's time for your punishment."

Alarmed, Arina's eyes flew to his. Eric didn't look angry, but there was a firm set to his jaw. She tried to pull away from him, but he pulled her firmly along to the straight back chair next to the bed. So quickly she barely knew what was happening, he had her pulled over his lap, the soft, white globes of her bottom sticking up in the air.

"The more you fight the worse it will hurt." he warned, his hand firm on her lower back.

Eric reached over to a small table, and pulled something from the drawer. Arina strained to see what it was, but all she heard was the sharp whistle of it swinging through the air.


Arina felt sharp sting a whip hit her ass, and screamed, struggling desperately to get away from the fiery pain.




On and on it hit her; until she hung limply over his legs, hot tears running into her hair. Only when she stopped struggling did he cease, one long finger gently tracing the crack of her ass, avoiding the welts, down to her pussy, finger sliding easily through the moisture gathered there.

"So you liked that, did you?" he said, his voice full of satisfaction. Arina's face burning at the betrayal of her body, even as she pushed her heated burn pussy into his hand, a soft sound of surrender coming from her throat.

Pushing his finger into her melting core, Eric moistening it, before moving back to the little rosebud of her ass. Arina tensed and tried to escape his finger, but stopped, at his harsh command.

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