A New Alexandra Ch. 02


Alexandra found herself to be in a mental fog, drifting in and out of the present moment. Her mind jumped back to her econ thesis work, thoughts about her professional future, her need to go for a long run over the weekend.

Kira's laugh brought her back. "Earth to college girl. College girl, come in. Darnell asked you a question, silly."

Alexandra felt herself blushing, but she recovered quickly. "I'm sorry. What was the question?"

Darnell's broad grin reflected back at her via the rearview mirror. "I was just asking Kira here how you two lovebirds met, and I thought I might get your perspective on the matter."

"Oh, well, I was just studying in the library one night, and like, a few minutes later I was just...well, you know...". She tailed off in the middle of her sentence, unsure even how to explain it to a stranger, much less a stranger who was clearly friends with Kira.

He turned down a side street, and she realized he was going to drive into the parking garage in Kira's building rather than dropping them off on the street.

"Well, ladies, I believe my night ends here as well, unless you'd like me to take y'all around front."

A minute later, Alexandra and Kira were alone in the elevator, holding hands and waiting for the floors to tick by. As the doors opened at the fourth floor, Kira mouthed two syllables: "You ready?"

Alexandra said nothing, but she practically dragged Kira behind her to apartment 415. When the blonde opened the door, Alexandra felt Kira's hand on the small of her back. There would be no coffee; they were going straight to bed.

As soon as they had removed and hung their coats just inside the front door, the atmosphere changed. No longer was Kira the laughing, smiling woman she'd been in public on their date. Rather, she was just as they'd been the first time they'd hooked up: authoritative, abrupt, aggressive. And, Alexandra knew, that was exactly what they each wanted.

The lights were off throughout the apartment save a bedside lamp in the bedroom, which cast a soft yellow glow around the sparsely-furnished room.

Alexandra felt Kira's hands slide onto her hips as the taller woman began to gently kiss the side of her neck. Kira had let her hair down, the blonde waves cascading around their faces as they kissed.

Alexandra intertwined her fingers with Kira's and tilted her head to the side, eyes closed, absorbing Kira's practiced touch. She could feel Kira's hands sliding lower, lower, all the way to the bottom of her dress, and starting to play with the hem.

A whisper into her ear. "Know what I most like about dresses?"

Alexandra shook her head.

"Only one thing to take off."

Before she could react, Alexandra felt the smooth fabric slide over her hips, then up her torso. She crossed her arms and whipped it over her head, sliding the long sleeves off in a fluid motion.

Kira held out her hand. "Dress, please." Alexandra did as she was told and saw the dress go flying across the room, into a distant dark corner.

Now they were facing each other, Alexandra conscious of her naked stomach and its contrast to Kira's fully-clothed form. She wanted desperately to change the situation, but she was already growing used to the statuesque woman in front of her being in charge.

"Hm," Kira said. "I was wrong."

"Oh?" She stepped closer to Kira, their lips just a hair's breadth apart.

Kira lightly nibbled Alexandra's lower lip for just a moment, but enough to cause a rush throughout the brunette's slender body.

"I made a bet with myself that you wouldn't wear something sexy underneath. So you win. That bra is sexy as fuck, so maybe we'll leave it on for a while. But..."


"The tights, shoes. Both off. Now."

Alexandra did not need to be told twice. If she could have ripped them off, she might have, and as it was she nearly stumbled backwards onto the bed in her haste to remove them and her shoes.

"That's fine. Falling onto the bed would also work for me," said Kira.

And so they did. Alexandra felt Kira instantly pin her hands down, frustrating any attempt to remove even the smallest bit of Kira's clothing. But soon it didn't matter: Kira's roaming hands and nails lightly dragging on her skin sent her into a new orbit of distraction.

They kissed, gently at first and then deeply, tongues mingling as they greedily picked up where they had left off. With a deft brush of her fingers, Kira lifted Alexandra's chin and began to kiss the young woman's neck, slowly moving downward as Alexandra bit her lip and tried not to moan.

It felt like their bodies were dancing, writhing together to unheard music. Pinned in place by Kira's torso on top of hers and the knee planted between her thighs, Alexandra felt her heartbeat picking up. Even without any verbal communication, they were perfectly in sync, Alexandra responding instantly to Kira's lead.

Distracted by Kira's brushing kisses along her neck and collarbone, Alexandra hardly noticed the hand meandering lower on her side. She only became aware when the long nails made their way across her taut abs and slid underneath her panties.

The moan that had been building finally escaped, coming out almost as a purr. In return, the fingers that had made their way into Alexandra's panties slid downward over the smooth mound and began to tease the already dripping-wet slit beneath.

Kira returned the purr with a noise of her own, now directly into Alexandra's ear, whispery-soft but distinctly audible:

"Mmm, somebody's a bit excited, hm?"

Alexandra nodded.

"You've been waiting all day, haven't you?"

Another nod, and a slight whimper. Kira's slender middle finger was teasing the edge of her soaking-wet hole, sliding in ever so slightly.

"Tell me what you'd like."

"I...I...". Alexandra worried whether she might say the wrong thing. Kira clearly had certain expectations of her, and she desperately wanted to fulfill them. "I want you to fuck me, Kira. Please."

The finger slid deeper and was joined by a second.

"Mmmm, tell me more. Go on."

The younger woman's body tensed, and her thoughts continued to whirl. "I...I want you to do me however you want. I want you to teach me. Please."

"And what do you think I want you to be?" Kira's voice had taken on a husky, rasping quality.

"You want me to be your little slut." Thinking those words, let alone saying them, caused Alexandra's excitement to build even more strongly.

"I do. I had a lot of fun with you at dinner, but I'm having even more fun now." Kira paused and lightly bit Alexandra's ear cartilage."

"Mmm, me too." Kira rewarded that response with another finger and began to increase the pace of the thrusting.

"So, I guess that means we keep seeing each other, yes?"

"Yes. Definitely." The thought of anything else had not even occurred to Alexandra.

"Good girl. So, Alexandra, you'd like to be my slut, yes?"

A vigorous, moaning nod was the only response she got.

"Want me to finger your little cunt whenever I feel like it, wherever I want?"

"Uh-huh...". Kira picked up the pace once more, her slim fingers pushing Alexandra ever closer to the edge.

"In the car sometime, nice and warm, no panties?"

Visions flooded Alexandra's head, clear ones, a potential future: Kira driving down some interstate, Alexandra riding shotgun, riding Kira's fingers.

That comment sent Alexandra near the edge of an orgasm, and her response put her over: "Yes. Yes, yes, oh, FUCK, YES!" Her eyes closed as every muscle from her midsection to her thighs clenched, a powerful wave ripping through her body.

Finally, the orgasm slowed and her muscles returned to normal.

"Open," the husky voice in Alexandra's ear said. "Open your mouth, please."

Alexandra did as she was told and found herself gingerly licking her own juices off Kira's index finger. Fuck, she thought, I really like my own taste. She next cleaned off her lover's middle and ring fingers, greedily tonguing every speck of juices away.

Only then did Alexandra open her eyes. Kira was straddling her, looking down.

"Game to try something new?"

Alexandra was still regaining her breath. "Mm, what's that?"

Kira didn't answer but leaned to her side and reached underneath the bed. After feeling around for a few seconds, she found what she was searching for.

"Hands over your head, please. You can grab the bars on the headboard if that's comfortable."

Alexandra automatically obeyed and felt a new rush course through her, before the previous one had even fully subsided. She'd fantasized for several years about being handcuffed, and now it was about to happen.

The cuffs themselves were leather, with belt-style closures and a metal chain connecting them. Kira attached the cuff to Alexandra's right wrist and threaded it through the gaps between the headboard slats before sliding the left cuff closed.

"Feel good, slut?"

"Yes, hell yes," said Alexandra. "But how'd you know?"

Kira smiled. "I think we're getting to know each other pretty well. It seemed obvious."

"So I'm predictable, hm?"

"You are," said Kira. Now, speaking of down."

Kira stood and removed her boots, finally. Without them, she wasn't quite as intimidatingly tall, but from Alexandra's perspective - on her back, hands restrained above her head - it made little difference. Then, with a slight teasing wiggle, Kira slid her own dress up and over her head, exposing again the taut, muscular body Alexandra had been mesmerized by the previous night. She finished by sliding out of the black leggings, her long, tan legs softly reflecting the low light.

She hopped back onto the bed, placing herself again on top of Alexandra, and began to kiss her: first under her jawline, then her neck, and then down between her breasts and to her stomach. Kira let her hands roam lower, her nails tracing Alexandra's hipbones, then ranging down the sides of her legs.

Alexandra's breathing quickened in anticipation, but Kira had other ideas. Instead of continuing downward, she slid back up, carefully sliding her body along Alexandra's, smooth skin against smooth skin. Then she ran her hands through the restrained woman's hair and brought their lips together.

Alexandra felt the world swirl just a little bit. The surprise of the kiss and the hands in her hair, plus the inability to do anything but kiss back, sent a new surge of pleasure through her. The feeling of Kira's unclothed body against hers unlocked a new intensity as she felt the taller woman's body wrapping around hers, their legs twisting together as they held the kiss.

Kira's hand slid down, again finding its way into the front of Alexandra's panties. Unable to reciprocate, the brunette could do little but arch her back and gasp as the fingers again found their mark.

"Mmmm," said Kira. "Think it's time for me to get my own taste of that, hm?"

Alexandra bit her bottom lip, nodding furiously.

"You'll have to tell me out loud."

"Yes, please. Please...". She couldn't seem to get the words out.

"Please what?"

Should I say it as dirty as I'm thinking it, Alexandra thought, or just ask nicely? She chose the latter. "Please go down on me, Kira."

Kira slid slightly down Alexandra's body, but stopped. "Mmm, maybe. But it might be better if you told me what you really want."

Fuck, she knows. "I want you to lick my fucking..."


"Please, Kira, eat my...my...fucking cunt."

Just as it had earlier, the dirty-talk drove Alexandra's excitement and anticipation as she watched Kira slide the panties to the side of her dripping pussy and gently spread her legs. So defenseless, Alexandra thought. She can take my panties off me, slide them to the side, do whatever she wants, and I can't stop...

The thought was interrupted when Kira's soft lips met her pussy and she began to feel the heat building yet again between her legs. The blonde's tongue expertly probed her, from her aching clit to inside her.

After a minute, Kira wordlessly slid Alexandra's thong down her legs and deftly flicked it away, giving herself complete access as her mouth roamed over Alexandra's shaved sex.

Alexandra alternated opening and closing her eyes, from soaking in the feeling of being eaten to watching Kira work. Once or twice, their eyes met, sending an extra shiver of pleasure through her.

Kira's hands had slid underneath Alexandra and clamped down on her ass, pulling her hips upward to meet the eager mouth. She flipped her hair to one side, where it rested across Alexandra's thigh.

Kira's tongue picked up speed, teasing Alexandra and drawing ever more heat. She could feel her muscles starting to tense again.

The moans started to escape again as well, coming out nearly as grunts.

"Unh, fuck...so so so good..."

Kira responded by raking her fingers across Alexandra's ass.

The pain mixed with pleasure. "Aaaaah! Oh god...oh...so...close..."

The licking picked up speed again, as Kira looked up towards Alexandra again. The sensation and visual combined to send Alexandra hurtling towards orgasm.


For a brief instant, she tried to lower her hands to play with her own nipples. The handcuffs caught them, keeping her wrists secure, and the shock of the restraint put her over the edge.

The orgasm ripped though her, wave after wave.

"I...CUM...AHHHHH" Alexandra could hear her own voice making loud sounds of pleasure, but she couldn't seem to control it. Kira's tongue on her pussy kept sending her over the abyss, lasting seemingly forever.

"Yes! Yes, oh, god! Aghhhh..."

The crest of pleasure passed and slowly began to subside. By the time it was over, Alexandra's abs were sore and her legs felt shaky.

Damn, if she can do that to me all the time, I'm going to be totally helpless, she thought, her thoughts finally beginning to return.

Without saying anything, Kira gently undid the handcuffs and lowered Alexandra's hands to her sides. Then she slid in alongside her and placed one arm gently across Alexandra's chest, kissing her temple at the same time.

"I'm glad the handcuffs were a winner," she said, voice low.

"Mmm, me too."

They laid there for several minutes in silence, only moving slightly to snuggle underneath the blankets.

Finally, Kira spoke: "So, maybe we save that cup of coffee for the morning?"

Alexandra responded with a gentle nod and a soft kiss on the lips. "That sounds nice."

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