A New Life


Hey guys. Hope everyone is enjoying the series so far! With this being a tranny story, we are skipping over the details of his time with the Majin. It will be referenced to heavily, but we are focusing on his time with the shemales! Enjoy!

Tommy was exhausted. He had spent the last two days with the Majin and the reality of his situation had finally set in. He was a slave to magical beings with huge cocks. Not only was he their oral sex slave, but now he was fair game for all those genies who had wanted to butt fuck him for so long. With his anal virginity lost, he had no protection anymore.

He was still in the Majin's enormous pillow chamber, and began to wheeze from how raw his throat was. I think I spent most of these last two days with that enormous cock in my mouth or my ass. The Majin had wasted no time in getting him back to his chambers, suspending all hearings and petitions until he was fully sated by the new human slave. With Tommy being the first human slave in centuries, it was a moment of rejoice for the genies. Their deep magical customs prevented one another from pleasuring themselves, lest they wanted to lose their magical powers. Few genies would give up such a thing, although some had been forced to across the years for the greater good.

Tommy's body had been used and abused, and he was beginning to feel the hurt from the continuous sex. The Majin had pumped what felt like countless gallons of cum down Tommy's throat into his stomach. He didn't know how he handled it all, but that didn't compare to the massive amounts of cum still leaking from his ass. When Serena had dropped him off, she had warned him that he would be abused by her Master. Even knowing this, it still blew his mind!

He slowly got up and squatted over the chamber pot in the corner of the room and let the cum flow freely from his ass. It wasn't too long ago that the Majin had forced him to ride his cock just like he was now squatting. Come to think of it, he had been on the Majin's cock in just about every position the mind can imagine. Cowgirl (or cowboy in this situation), reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggie, oh man did the Majin like doggie. He probably took Tommy a dozen times in doggie. Not to mention how the Majin suspended him in the air and fucked him in a hundred different ways. Tommy couldn't even remember all of them. He knew he would be seeing more of it though.

The only thing that brought him comfort was that Serena had promised him that once he was returned by the Majin, he would be allowed a day of rest before he returned to pleasuring her. God knew he needed the rest. He hadn't slept at all in the last 48 hours. He crawled back to the pillows on the floor and lay there thinking about Serena. He missed her terribly, and craved the taste of her cum. The Majin's cum was much different, and he wondered if that had anything to do with their sex. He fell asleep thinking about Serena's tasty cum flooding his mouth.

When Tommy came to again, he was surprisingly comfortable. The pillows were more plush, and the room much darker. He looked around and realized he was back in Serena's chambers!

"Welcome back my love. How was your time with the Majin?" Serena was laying next to him and had almost given him a heart attack.

Tommy opened his mouth to speak, and his voiced cracked. His throat was so raw, it made his voice raspy. "It was great mistress. I missed being available for your service. The Majin was extremely... vigilant." He knew he should pick his words wisely. This slavery thing was a very serious affair to these genies.

Serena smiled and ran her hands through his hair. If Tommy didn't know better, he would think she was being affectionate. She read his thoughts and kissed his lips. "I am fond of you Tommy. You are my servant and slave, and your service brings me much pleasure." She smiled wickedly. "Now rest so that I can ravage you tomorrow." She put her index finger on his forehead and he passed out.

Tommy slept, but did not dream. In fact, he didn't think he even moved. His body relaxed itself beyond anything he had ever done before, and it replenished its strength.

When he awoke, it was to pure darkness. He tried to move, but found he was immobilized in some sort of body bag. To make things worse, something was over his face suffocating him! He was nearly out of air and began to squirm when it was lifted and air rushed into his lungs.

He gasped and sucked in air, but then it was back before he could finish breathing. His nostrils caught the musky scent that he remembered when he had given Emera her rim job, and it dawned on him that someone's ass was over his face. It began to move, and he felt these cheeks spread slightly, and he extended his tongue to lick this shemales anus. She moaned when his tongue hit it, and she began to fuck his tongue vigorously. "Give me that rim job baby," she moaned. Once she spoke he realized it was Serena, and he immediately obeyed. He also noticed his tongue was unusually hard; Serena was literally riding it. Her magic was clearly at work, and he was just along for the ride. Soon he felt something warm pooling on his chest, and realized that he had made her cum.

"Good morning to you too slave!" Serena was bubbling with excitement. Her cum magically disappeared, and she raised herself from her seated position. "It's time to continue with your training today! We didn't have much time before I gave you to the Majin, but now you belong to me and my sisters and I have to teach you how to obey me. Failure to do as I say will end with your punishment.

As I said before, my cum gives me control over you body, but only when I need you to pleasure me." She flicked her fingers and his body slid out from under her ass. She snapped and his mouth opened and she placed her cock head in. She then moved her hand back and her cock slid into his throat.

"Lets begin with the basics. Here in the land of Genies, there are five different castes of shemales. There are the Lords, of which the Majin and his immediate advisors are part of. They are among the most powerful genies in existence, and have near limitless powers. There are the Lajin, of which I am in. We are the nobility of genies, descendants from the true Lord and Creator. Our powers are second only to the Majin and his Lords. There are the Kajin and Hajin, both of which are the common class of genie. They have little to no power, and can only alter simple things within the world. Then there are the Gajin, the Genies of the Lamps. These are most often exiles or punished genies who are forced to serve in the lamps for all eternity. They are bound, alone and unable to use magic until a master finds their lamp and makes their wishes. Only when they are granted freedom can they return to the Land of Genies......"

While Serena continued to talk, her cock began to harden again in his mouth, and he felt her girth expanding down his throat. He was extremely aroused by this position. Her hand slapped his face hard.

"Listen up, slave. This is the important part. You will never serve any genie without my permission that is outside of this household. Based off what I just told you, you belong to the Lajin, specifically the house of Pahra. She gave life to us, and is our eldest ancestor. She has not emerged from the central chamber of this house in over 10,000 years. If she were to enter right now, you would be expected to grovel at her feet. She is the most noble and eldest of genies left in all of this world. In her lifetime there have been few human slaves, so do not be surprised if she comes to use you. I can deny her nothing as my mother."

Tommy tried to move, but the giant cock in his throat kept him from squirming. Her cock was blocking his air intake, and he was starting to feel lightheaded.

"However, I am your primary master. The only people with the power to demand your services are the Majin himself and Pahra. All others come second to myself, including my sisters. I have marked you with my magic, and the Majin has sealed your fate to our world. The binding magic has locked you into servitude in this household for as long as we wish to keep you. Should you displease us, your punishment will be swift and severe."

Serena pulled her cock out and allowed Tommy to breathe before she rammed it back in. His mouth was just so warm and inviting, and she couldn't resist keeping her cock tucked away in his snug throat.

"You will always refer to me as Mistress Serena, or just Mistress, whichever you prefer. You will obey my every command, even if it is the most mundane of tasks. If I ask you to go retrieve something, you will do so immediately. If I request for you to wear something, you will do it, no matter what it may be. The same will go for anything my sisters demand of you while you are servicing them. You will be trained to serve us all, but primarily myself as I have told you. In this house are Pahra, myself, Emera, Pasha, Liara, Wehya, and Hyrah. You have met two of my sisters, and the others you will find just as needing in their own way."

Serena began to thrust back and forth slowly. She had missed his attention, and had waited for it very patiently while he was with the Majin. Now he would extract all the cum she had built up these last two days and finally surrender his sweet ass to her.

"You will find out what my interests are, but you should know by now that oral servitude will be among the most common things you do in this world. Every day you will ingest my cum, most likely up to a dozen times a day. This will be your primary source of food, and all my sisters would be glad to feed you. Emera will force you not only to service her cock, but also her anus. She loves a good rim job. She will also watch as you struggle to fit her thick cock into your mouth. It really turns her on."

Tommy was beginning to black out again, and she pulled out. Her cock dripped his drool onto his face, and she giggled. Back into his throat it went after he had a few breaths.

"Pasha and Wehya will dominate you. They are among the more disciplined of us, and will be extremely strict. Pasha will force her length into you time and time again. After your display the other day, expect to deepthroat her often. Never before has a slave done what you did. Wehya has the largest ballsack of us, and typically remains seated. She enjoys instructing a slave on how to massage her balls and pleasure them. She will teabag you with them if possible, and will literally drown you in cum if you aren't careful. Hyrah is the most timid of us, and is also the youngest, only two hundred years. She has the smallest of cocks, although it is still larger than your own. She is a mystery to me still, but you will find out what she desires most for me in time. Finally is Liara, the eldest of the house next to Pahra. Liara has been in meditation for the last century. She is due to emerge soon, and will probably sense your arrival in our plane. She will return to ravage you. She has a cock almost identical to mine, perhaps a bit larger in every way. Pahra is unpredictable, and I have not seen her since my creation over eight thousand years ago. If she emerges, you will be extremely blessed."

Serena paused to look down at Tommy. A few things would be changed about him. He would need a new name, and he would need to be outfitted in revealing clothing. He would need to be trained, and his muscles enhanced. Many of the shemales enjoyed caressing their slaves bodies while they were being pleasured, and for his own pleasure he needed to bulk up. Her thrusting became harder as she thought about his small frame becoming muscular. She laid down on him and fucked his throat with abandon. Her cum exploded into his throat and she kept thrusting, albeit much slower after she had finished.

"Back to what I was saying. Among the sisters, only Liara, Fasha and myself are dark skinned. All others have fair skin. It is not known why, but that is not important. What is important is the beginning of your training! We will teach you to do many things other than sex, such as domestic chores, craft and even recreation. You will learn to contribute to our society, and in turn we will protect you."

Tommy looked confused, and Serena pulled out her sensitive cock to allow him to ask questions finally.

"Serena, what in the world would you need to protect me from here? Is this world not safe?"

Serena looked at him coolly. He had no way of knowing what was out there. "Tommy, there are many dangers in this world. This realm of magic is outside of everything you have ever known. However, things from your world and others can escape into this one on occasion. They transform into terrible beasts, and several are quite powerful. Buffers exist everywhere around our city. You should NEVER set foot outside of these boundaries. Should you leave the protection of the city, not only will we abandon you, you will be taken by these beasts to do their will. A genie was once captured in the forest outside of the city, one of the Kajin, a young one by their standards. We found her strung up in a cocoon filled with cum from some creature. Whatever it was had drowned her and killed her with its sex. Since then, nobody is allowed outside the buffers for any reason without the Majins permission."

Tommy looked horrified. "Is this like a sexual hell? Why is everything about sex here? And what do you mean other worlds?"

Serena roughly grabbed his face and stared him in the eye. "Magic distorts things Tommy, and it is silly for you to believe that your world is the only one, especially after witnessing my own. But consider this. We have the ability to give life, take it, create out of thin air. Magic needs. In turn, magic makes US need. Is sexual gratification too much to ask for the ability to give you whatever you want? That is an extremely selfish mindset, slave, and you will be taught to respect this trait."

She let go and he dropped to the floor. He was still immobilized by her magic, and she got up and lifted him into the air. It still amazed him how much larger she was than him. It was like he was a young child. He looked her up and down, and eventually reached her eyes. She had a fire in them, a lust for sex that he knew he was about to sate in a way he had not done yet.

"Tommy, my love. You have something that I have waited for very patiently these last few days. The Majin has claimed your virginity, and now I will have you. Get on all fours. Now."

Tommy's body reacted yet again to her commands, but this time his mind was in sync with her actions. She smiled at this and took note of how little resistance he gave to her commands now. He slowly crawled down onto his hands and knees and backed up slowly towards her dark monster cock. He stopped when he felt her tip touch his buttcheek, and began to rub his ass in circles around her cock.

Serena moaned and slapped his ass, kneading it while she rubbed her hardening dick. Cuffs sprang up on Tommy's wrists and ankles, and he was secured in place. "The Majin may have been enthusiastic sweetie, but I will ravage your body now. You will be my bitch, and you will beg for my cock to cum in your ass."

She lined up her cock with his anus and began to slowly push the tip in. She smiled when he gasped at her slow entry, and was surprised when he began to back up onto her dick. "The eager slut in you is here! We are going to have a hell of a day sweetie!"

Serena drove her cock all the way in at this point. Tommy screamed out, and she reached around and put a ring gag in his mouth. "Moan for me slut." The pain wasn't too great, but it was still extremely uncomfortable. Apparently there would be no magic for his ass to make her cock fit. This was going to be an all natural experience. Her big balls began to slap against him as she thrust into him, her hard cock filling his anus with its immense size. He was so turned on by it, and her dirty talk just aroused him even more. "That's right bitch. Take that dick. Make mommy feel good. Make her cum deep in you."

A mirror appeared in front of them, and she allowed Tommy to watch as she fucked him. "Don't want you to miss a thing lover." He looked like a total whore. She had her hands on his hips fucking the shit out of him, and he was loving it. She stopped suddenly, pulled her hands up and a leash appeared in hand. It attached around his throat, and she used this to keep her balance and keep him from moving far while she fucked him. The rhythmic slapping of her balls against him was mesmerizing, and he realized she was beginning to thrust harder and harder. It was becoming rough, and he felt like she was going to split him in two with how deep she was going. A primal scream erupted from her mouth, and her cock erupted deep in his ass, pouring out tons of cum into him.

She wasn't even close to being finished though. Being a genie certainly had its benefits, and one of them was her ability to get hard right after she finished. She moved the cuffs with her magic to pull him flat on the floor, and she began to fuck him once again. He moaned while she filled him with her cum yet again. Anal sex had been denied her for too long, and she was going to make sure she got her due.

Serena hadn't told Tommy this, but her cum was making his butt bigger. It was becoming a large, round, shapely ass that she was going to pound every night. It also kept his anus tight for her to enjoy whenever she buttfucked him. She pounded his ass vigorously while he moaned from the deep pain she was causing him. Despite the pain though, Tommy was having the time of his life. This was the best sex he could have ever hoped to have.

Her cum flooded his anal cavity yet again, and she lay down heavily on top of him breathing hard. "My, my. Aren't you just the slut for my dick?" Obviously she had read his mind. Serena pulled out and lay down next to him. She stared at his body confined on the floor.

He would be a fine slave after a bit of domestication. He just needed the appropriate experience. She would begin with him pleasuring her while she attended to her own chores, but only after she had cleaned up and given him a bit of motivation.

She got up and shook her ass in his face, then walked to the corner to shower. Water began to waterfall down from the ceiling and Tommy watched from his belly as she seductively washed herself. She gave him quite a show, lathering up her body and making her skin look so oily. She rubbed all over herself, and made sure to massage her giant womanhood to another release. Tommy had yet to finish once during all of this. He figured she was using her magic to keep him from cumming. She knew the probing of his prostate by her cock would make him cum, so she had numbed it so that he wouldn't finish.

"I know you want me Tommy. I can hear your thoughts like they are my own. I know you want to come over here and kiss my body, love it from head to toe. You want to make your mistress feel good. And you know how you can do that right now?"

Tommy was obviously unable to answer. The ring gag was still in his mouth, so he simply thrust his tongue out of the gag into the air. Serena laughed at whatever he was doing, and came over to him. She sat down on her pillows, legs wide and inviting Tommy to be between them. The chains dragged him to her, his mouth already open and waiting for her to insert her cock.

"Just suck on it nice and soft for me Tommy. I'm going to read you some reports on how many requests I have received to trade you away." His jaw would have dropped if he were in control here. People wanted to trade things for him? This was crazy!

"Tommy, you should be pleased. There are so many genies that want to empty their cum into you! Look! Uhral, the mistress of her ancient Lajin house has requested you be traded for all the gold and gems she makes extra this year from her finances. Her counterpart, Basha, has offered to give up all privileged seats and hearings for the next millennia to own you. Even the minor Lajin houses are offering their allegiance and subservience for a chance at you." Tommy just sat there sucking softly on his Mistress' cock. He had no idea that these shemales were so desperate for his attention.

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