tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 01

A New Life Begins Ch. 01


Kara sat nervously in the great hall of her Uncle Cain's home. She had never known such a luxury her Uncle was about to give her. Being the only child of a poor farmer and her late mother, she had grown up to know only hardship and the use of her hands.

Cain walked briskly into the great hall to greet Kara. She noticed he was a strikingly handsome man for his age; tall, dark brown eyes, wavy golden hair and a body better than someone half his age. As he sat down next to her she could smell the scent of his cologne and cigars, a delicious treat to her senses.

"Kara," He said. "I am glad your father accepted my offer to let you stay here while you attend college."

"We are forever in your debt, Uncle" She replied in an almost shy tone.

"I will have Myra gather your things and guide you to your room" He said with a smile. "Please join me for dinner later, we will talk more."

"Thank you, Uncle." She replied with a sweet smile.

As he left the great hall Myra, the head maid of the house came rushing in to gather Kara's things. She was a short, slender woman with dark auburn hair and a smelt of sweet bread and honey. They climbed the ever winding dark mahogany stairs to the second floor towards Kara's new room. The room was a grand sight for Kara, much more bigger than her old farm house. Her bed was covered with a soft down comforter, lace draped down to the floor from the big canopy above. Chests, a wardrobe and a magnificent mirror and table lined the old Victorian styled walls.

"Your Uncle has provided you with some clothes, Mistress." Myra said as she walked towards Kara. "They are in the wardrobe .Your Uncle has requested you wear formal attire to dinner."

"Thank you so much, Myra." Kara replied. "Please, can you run me a bath while I get out of these dingy clothes? "

"Yes, Mistress." Myra replied with a coy smirk on her face.

Kara sat at the edge of her bed, it was hard to take everything in all at once for her. Just hours ago she was a poor farmers daughter. If her Uncle had not taken her in she would have ended up running away with the Barber's son, Jonathan.

"Oh Jonathan." She reminisced. "How I will miss your long, hard cock filling me in my father's barn."

It had been more than once she had felt that long, hard cock pumping in her tight pussy. Had it not been for her father catching them that fateful day she would surely be getting a pounding right now.

"Mistress, your bath is ready."Myra said, breaking Kara's train of thought.

"Thank you, Myra." Kara replied as Myra left the room in a hurry.

Kara began taking off her heeled shoes and stockings, a relief she had longed for since she arrived. She walked towards the magnificent mirror on the wall across from her bed and began to undress, watching herself as she slipped each article of clothing off.

First, her skirt was unbuttoned; she let it fall to the floor and felt a draft of cool air on her bottom. Next, she unbuttoned her blouse and breathed a sigh of relief as if it had been suffocating her ample breasts all day. For a moment she stood there, gazing at her almost naked body. She undid her bra, her breasts were a full C cup, which had soft pink areolas and now erect nipples. She unbound her beautiful silky copper colored hair from the bun it was kept. It nearly touched her waist when down and felt almost sexual when it touched her bare back. Still looking at herself in the mirror she bent over slightly and slipped her white cotton panties off as if she were doing it for Jonathan. Stark naked she began to rub her petite frame, gliding ever so softly over her breasts and her full bush. A finger ran over her now wet slit as she massaged her erect right nipple.

A knock interrupted her exploration and Myra entered the room carrying a soft sponge, cucumber slices and beauty mud. She quickly ran to the bathroom hoping her nakedness was not seen.

"Here you go, Mistress."Myra handed Kara the cucumber slices.

Myra began to rub in the mud on Kara's soft face. She instructed her to lay back and put the cucumber slices on her eyes. She had never done this at home, but she had read and often dreamt of being pampered like this. The water too was a great pleasure; it felt like pure silk on her naked flesh, a luxury she never got at home.

"I will come wash you in ten minutes, Mistress." Myra informed as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Thank you."Kara said as she sunk in the hot bubble bath.

Now that she was alone, Kara thought, she could relive her first time, with Jonathan...

It was summer of 1943; the weather was hot, scarce rain and drought made it worse. This was the summer of Kara's 18th birthday, which she had longed for since she was 13.

Aside from going to the ever shrinking lake there was not much to do other than going in to town and hanging out at the local diner, McCall's. It was a Thursday night when Debby, Kara's best friend went with her to McCall's to grab a bite to eat, a treat she only got once or twice a year on special occasions like a birthday.

The night was just as hot as midday which made everyone glisten with sweat beads. Kara wore a long fitted dress that stuck to her curves and made her ample breasts seem to pop out even more so than they already were. The sweat upon her breasts seemed to grab all the men of the diner's attention, she loved that attention. Just as she was sipping down her malt Debby nudged her to look at the door. She gazed and felt a flutter in her stomach as Jonathan, the Barber's son, walked in the door.

He was tall, with rich brunette hair, sky blue eyes and a body even the God's themselves would envy. Jonathan was a footballer, a damned fine one at that. All the years of training have sculpted his body into perfection, which made all the women swoon over him.

Kara's eyes looked over Jonathan as if he were her prey. She visually undressed him, thinking to herself that he would be a tasty little dish to lick, if he would give her the chance that is. She had been ready, always wanting to lose her virginity to him. Since it was her birthday she thought this was the best present she could get herself.

"What a good first fuck he would be." She thought.

Jonathan walked over and sat at the end table of the diner, just as his butt hit the seat a sea of horny teenage girls flocked over to him. They all adored him and all tried to get him to be with each and every one of them, but he knew none of them could amount to what he truly wanted. Kara sat there, giggling at the pathetic flock of girls swarming around the handsome footballer and muttered something to Debby about how they were all 'wetting their panties'.

Jonathan gazed over at Kara, their eyes met and suddenly she blushed, he smiled at the sight. He knew what he wanted, and he wanted her. Kara's now red face was burning because of the attention he was giving her, and her panties were all the more moist thinking about licking him from head to toe.

"I'm going to go over there, Debby." Kara said as she was getting up from her stool.

"Oh my God, Kara! " Debby said as she put a hand over her mouth in shock. "Do you think you can get past that horde of horny girls?"

"Watch me! " Kara said as she adjusted her breasts to make them more appealing.

Jonathan watched as the fiery redhead Kara walked over to his table and parted the swarm of girls around him.

"Hey there, stud." Kara said in an aggressive tone.

"Hey, sugar." Jonathan said. "Do you want to sit down?"

Kara smirked and moved towards Jonathan. The swarm of girls now surrounding both of them gave Kara dirty looks as she scooted closer to the man they all wanted. It didn't take too long before they all got the hint, he wanted nothing to do with them.

"So" Kara said lightly. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No." He replied giving her an 'I want to fuck you' look.

"Do you want one? " She said as she rubbed his inner thigh.

"Only if you are that girlfriend." He said as he rubbed her back.

"Well then," She said grabbing his arm and pulling him up from his seat. "Let's get out of here."

Kara led the way out of the diner, smiling at Debby as they past. They hopped on Jonathan's motorcycle and sped off.

"Let's go to my house." She whispered in his ear. "My father is gone for the week."

"Alright, babe." He said as she grabbed onto him tighter.

They arrived at Kara's house in little under 30 minutes. The night sky was lit with sparkling stars and the humidity was high, which made their hot little bodies glisten even more. Jonathan parked the bike, Kara got off and ran towards her house.

"Wait here." She exclaimed as she ran in the door.

Not even two minutes later she walked out with a bottle of Turkish gold in one hand, glasses and a big hand sewn quilt in the other.

"Follow me." She said as she led the way towards her family's dusty old barn.

She opened the big doors, the smell of hay rushed over them. Kara spread out the blanket on a big leveled pile of hay and sat down. She pulled Jonathan down beside her. Jonathan scooted closer to her, almost to the point of their lips meeting. They could see the stars in the open window, only moonlight lit the barn

"Would you like a drink?" Kara said nervously.

"Sure." He said with a smile. "But I don't want it in a glass."

Kara was puzzled at the comment; it only took her a few seconds before she realized he wanted her to be his 'glass'. She smiled at him and started kissing on his neck. He returned the gesture, kissing ever so softly on hot, sweaty breasts.

"Mmmm!" She moaned in excitement.

He unzipped the back of her dress, moving his hand down her back he slipped the dress down to her waist. She lifted her bottom, letting him pull the dress completely off of her. She grabbed her breasts and began to rub her perky nipples. Jonathan unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. He began to undo his pants and she placed her hands on them, stopping him.

"Wait," She said as she took hold of each side of his pants. "Let me do it for you."

She slowly unbuttoned his pants, then taking the zipper in between her fingers and sliding it down. His already erect cock was sticking up in his boxers, waiting to be unleashed. She pushed him down to the quilt and jerked off his pants as if she couldn't wait anymore. Kneeling between his legs she grabbed the sides of his boxers and the front she got hold of with her teeth. She pulled them down, releasing his massive erect cock and took it in her hands. She began to stroke it, slow at first, then faster.

"Oh, God!" He moaned."Suck my cock!"

Hesitant at first she placed her soft lips on the crown of his cock. She began to lick around the tip, slowly, and then down his mighty shaft taking him whole, gagging as his cock reached the back of her throat. She slowly came up, taking a breather then back down on his cock. She began massaging his balls with her left hand she stroked his shaft with her right. She dived deeper and deeper down on his cock until she felt his body tense then spurt his seed in her wet mouth.

"You were wonderful!" He said out of breathe. "Where did you learn how to suck cock like that?"

"I don't know," She said licking her lips trying to get the remains of his seed."It just came natural to me, I guess."

"Well," He said grabbing her by the arms and laying her down on the quilt."It is your turn to feel pleasure!"

He pulled off her cotton panties, stopping to sniff them before he threw them to the wall.

"Mmm!" He moaned. "I bet you taste as good as you smell."

He parted her legs, taking a full view of her nice virgin pussy. His nose ran over her bush as he took his fingers and opened her wet slit. Her clitoris was engorged, anticipating his tongue. He licked his left finger and inserted it in her tight virgin pussy.

"Oh!" She moaned as he pulled his finger in and out of her wet cunt. "Don't Stop!"

He dove into her muff and tasted her sweet pussy. Flicking his tongue on her engorged clit and pumping away with his finger in her cunt hole her juices began to cover his face. She squirmed as he began licking her slit and going deeper and deeper in her cunt with his finger. She was breathing heavy now, almost to climax when he took his thumb and played with her puckered asshole. She didn't resist when he inched it into her tight ass, her mind was on her cunt and her impending orgasm.

"Oh yes! " She screamed out as she grabbed his head and shoved it harder on her cunt." Fuck my ass with your finger!"

He pushed his thumb deeper into her ass as he felt her cunt walls gripping his finger. Her body twitched in orgasmic bliss and he parted her legs even wider now to clean up her pussy juices...

She was almost to climax when a knock at the door brought her back to reality.

"Damn." Kara said as she sat up in the now warm bath.

"Mistress?" Myra said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh," Kara replied as she threw the cucumbers on the table next to her."I was day dreaming about my love, Jonathan."

"I bet you miss him deeply." Myra replied as she walked to the back of the tub. "I would hate to be away from my love."

"I do." Kara said in a saddened tone. "But it's for the best."

Myra began scrubbing away on Kara's bare back. It was so relaxing to be rubbed and be in a hot bubble bath, she felt almost like a princess. Myra washed her long red locks then washed away the mud she had put on earlier. She was given a big fluffy robe which felt like heaven on her naked flesh.

After drying Kara's hair, Myra opened the doors to the wardrobe and took out a long, elegant black lace and satin dress. She placed it with stockings, shoes, panties on the bed for Kara to change into.

"Thank you, Myra." Kara said happily as she walked towards the bed.

"Dinner is at 7pm, Mistress." Myra proclaimed as she walked towards the door."Your Uncle will be in the great hall waiting for you."

Kara nodded her head in excitement; she hadn't spent time with her Uncle in years.

Once dressed, Kara looked over herself in the grand mirror. She could not believe how well she looked in her outfit and how much she wished Jonathan was here to see her...

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