tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 02

A New Life Begins Ch. 02


As she walked down the winding mahogany stairs towards the great hall she overheard her uncle in his office talking with someone. A bit puzzled as to why her uncle was yelling at this person she carefully tip-toed towards the door. Placing a hand on the wall she tried not to make a sound as she moved her head to the crack between the door and the jam. She saw a figure sitting down in the big leather chair across from her uncle's desk. Her uncle, Cain, was pacing back and forth as he reviewed what appeared to be a newspaper in his hands.

"How could this have happened?" Cain said with a puzzled look on his face as he stared at the newspaper.

"Someone from the inner circle must have leaked it out." The unseen man in the chair replied "I will talk to Master Jacob and see what he knows."

"Good!" Cain said as he threw the newspaper in the trash bin next to the chair."This better not fucking happen again, if it does I will call the counsel and cut everything off."

Cain took an aged bottle of brandy from his liquor cabinet and started pouring himself and his companion a glass.

"Mistress!" Myra said trying not to alert her Master, Cain."I think it best you come with me before your Uncle finds out you were there."

She pulled Kara away from the door trying not to make a sound, hoping that he would not find out what she had heard. Now she knew by Myra's scared face that she wasn't supposed to be lurking around hearing his conversations.

"Please, Mistress." Myra said still visibly shaken up. "You shouldn't ease drop on your uncle's conversations."

"Why?" Kara said thinking she heard nothing incriminating.

"Your uncle has a lot of 'high class' associates he works with." Myra said as she fixed the ruffles in her outfit. "A lot of what they do is..."

"Is?" Kara said puzzled.

"Well," Myra paused to put it in a better understanding for her. "Well, it's secret business."

"Oh!" Kara said showing excitement "I absolutely love secrets!"

"Not these secrets, Mistress." Myra said as she started walking towards the kitchen. "These secrets could get you hurt. That's why it's best you stay away from your uncle's office."

As Myra left Kara's sight she wondered why it was so bad to have heard her uncle. It didn't seem like anything secret or harmful. Little did she know what was conspiring in that office and the toll it would take on her life.

Just as she was about to sit down on the ornate mahogany lounge sofa that perfectly matched the beautiful mahogany wood floors her uncle, Cain appeared from his office with his associate.

"I will call you later, Sir." The tall, handsome man said to Cain.

"Don't bother calling unless this matter is resolved, David." Cain said as his associate bowed out and left his sight.

Kara walked slowly towards her uncle, she wondered if he knew she was by the door. Hoping not to make it too obvious she wondered if she should ask about their encounter. Cain saw the look on her face and before she could even mutter a word he answered her questions.

"That was David," Cain said as he took her arm and led her to the dining hall. "He is an associate of mine from work, also our men's association."

"Oh..." She replied trying to calm her thoughts."He is quite handsome, uncle."

"You will get to meet him soon dear Kara." Cain said as he smiled at her. "But right now I am starving! Aren't you?"

"Oh yes I am, uncle!" Kara exclaimed as she rubbed her belly.

"Well then," Cain said as pulled out her chair. "Let's eat!"

During dinner they talked about her home, father and the reason why she was sent here. Cain laughed as when she made the comment about Jonathan and her being caught.

"Oh your father is a prude." Cain said with a chuckle. "But you must concentrate on your school while here. There is plenty of time for boy's later, trust me."

"School is why I am here," She said with a sweet smile. "I promise no boys, uncle."

After dinner Cain parted ways with Kara as she walked up to her room and him to his office again. She wondered what would conspire in there, maybe another meeting perhaps. She decided whether or not to ease drop as she did earlier, maybe this time she would find out more information about the handsome man who had been with Cain and why her uncle was so secretive. Myra's scared words replayed in her head and she thought it best not to wander off in the night to ease drop on Cain.

Once entering her room she saw Myra in the bathroom. She had already started a nice hot bubble bath for her; she was overjoyed with the thought of feeling the water over her naked flesh and dreaming of Jonathan once more. Things were a bit different this time, Myra already had the tray ready and wasn't in her usual attire. Kara noticed she was in a long sheer nightgown with lace trim around her bust and her cuffs. You could make out the areola of Myra's breast and the perk nipples on top. Kara had thought Myra was a very attractive woman, almost the same age as her.

Kara wondered if Myra was just as insatiable as she was, this made her moist and quiver with excitement. Horny and wanting to please and be pleased, Kara decided she would seduce dear Myra in hopes she would be her lover tonight. She and Debby always fooled around when they had sleepovers, oh how she missed that fragrant pussy and it's delicious taste.

"Myra," Kara said in a sweet voice as she undressed. "Will you wash me again tonight?"

"Yes, Mistress." Myra replied noticing Kara's shapely body as she undressed.

"Great!" Kara replied as she took off her last article of clothing and tossed it to the floor.

Kara walked towards the bath and rubbed up against Myra as she was bending over fluffing the bubbles in the bath. Myra took notice as she did this and it sent a little shock to her pussy. She loved the way Kara looked; red hair, big soft perky breasts, a nice ass and beautiful face. The thought of them together too turned Myra on. She missed the company of another woman and she wondered if Kara was attracted to her the same way.

"You can skip the facial, Myra." Kara said as she ran her soft hands over her naked body."I would love for you to wash me."

"Yes, Mistress." Myra said as she took the sponge in her hand and began to rub down Kara's naked back.

"Mmm!" Kara moaned as it sent chills down her back.

Myra began washing her shoulders, and then she went round to her breasts stopping to tweak her erect nipples.

"Oh!" Kara moaned with excitement.

Myra's pussy was now wetter than before. Kara put her head back towards Myra, she quivered in excitement.

"Mistress?" Myra said still tweaking Kara's perk nipples. "Maybe I can join you in the bath. I can wash you all over."

Kara nodded approvingly.

Licking her lips Myra walked to the foot of the bath and took off her gown. Kara loved Myra's naked body. She had small breasts which had pink areola and nipples. Her pussy was covered with nicely trimmed pubic hair. She had an ample ass which Kara wanted to sink her teeth into and spank afterwards. Myra let down her dark auburn hair which touched the small of her back, almost grazing her ample ass.

Kara parted her legs as Myra slipped into the bath with her. Immediately Myra moved towards Kara, grabbing the back of her head in her hands and pulling her close. Their wet lips touched sending them both into lustful jerks. Their tongues met as Myra grabbed Kara's left breast. Searching for her own sweet spot to play with she moved her hand down to Myra's wet pussy. She ran her finger over the slit, stopping at the engorged clitoris. Myra moaned as Kara began rubbing her finger up and down her wet slit.

As Myra almost reached climax Kara stopped.

"Let's go to the bed." Kara said licking her finger and tasting Myra's sweet juices.

They moved quickly to the bed, still probing their tongues in each other's mouths. Kara pushed Myra down and parted her legs. Moving her head in between Myra's legs she ran her fingers up and down her wet pussy. She stopped, stuck her fingers in her mouth tasting her juices once more and inserted them into Myra's hot, wet pussy.

"Mmm!" Myra moaned as her pussy welcomed Kara's fingers.

Kara licked her slit, stopping on her engorged clitoris. She moved her fingers in and out of Myra's wet pussy, slowly. Myra grabbed hold of Kara's head and wrapped her fingers round her long locks. Kara began sucking on her engorged clit as she pumped away her fingers in Myra's wet pussy.

"Don't stop!" Myra said as she was reaching her climax.

Kara was now pumping harder and faster in Myra's wet pussy, flicking and sucking on her engorged clit . Her pussy tightened around Kara's fingers as her body was sent into waves of orgasmic bliss.

"Mmm!" Kara said licking her lips. "I love the taste of your sweet pussy."

She went back down on to Myra's now sensitive pussy and began licking her juices off. Myra shook when she reached her clit, sending waves of pleasure over her again. She knew however it was Kara's turn and she wanted to eat her pussy more than ever now.

Myra pushed Kara down as they changed places. She could visibly see Kara's pussy's wetness; it was inviting her tongue in for a taste. She spread Kara's legs, wasting no time she dove into her wet slit. Her tongue brushed over Kara's pink clit and down to her dripping pussy hole. Shoving her tongue deep into her cunt she could feel Kara's pussy walls begin to tighten. She moved her mouth onto Kara's pink clit and began nibbling, sucking and flicking it. Myra moved her hand in between her own wet pussy lips as began massaging her engorged clit.

Kara's chest was lifting faster now as she was close to coming. She grabbed her breasts and began tweaking her nipples. Myra was steadily playing with her pussy now as she was tonguing Kara's clit. Kara's back arched as her body broke into orgasmic waves .Myra's pussy too began to spasm as she shoved her tongue into Kara's pussy hole.

"I have never had someone lick my cunt like that!" Kara said as she stretched out her arm to pull Myra down next to her."The way you fucked my pussy with your tongue...Oh I thought I would explode!"

"You taste so good, I couldn't help myself. " Myra said licking her lips as she cuddled Kara.

They lay there for a few moments, caressing each other's naked spent bodies before falling asleep together...

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