tagBDSMA New Life Ch. 01

A New Life Ch. 01


Author's note. Grammar, syntax and word-selection errors could probably be found in this text; English is not my mother tongue and apparently, it's very hard to find an editor these days.


The street was empty and it was easy to find a parking spot. Christina turned off her car but didn't get out immediately. She exhaled sharply, closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. She was well aware she had to make up her mind before stepping into that building. A lot of thoughts were spinning inside her head; it felt wrong and she knew her life might change completely, but at the same time, she felt an unexpected pull towards it. She wanted it although she hated herself for that.

This pull eventually won; Christina pulled the keys out of the ignition, got out of the car and fixed her skirt. She took a deep breath and walked the short distance to the front door. The name she was told to look for was rather seldom so it was pretty easy for her to ring the right bell. They buzzed her in and she went to the enormous elevator that could accommodate up to fifteen people. The tenants of each floor were written next to the floor count and Christina had to go to the fifteenth floor of the building; she thought they would have quite the view over the city.

The closer she was to the office, the more nervous she was. Even though she had been wearing heels for years and she was well used to them, this time it was notoriously difficult for her to walk the fifty metres to the slightly open door. Christina pushed it gently and she saw a woman in her forties who was smiling; she had slightly wavy dark brown hair that was falling off her shoulders, almond-shaped clever eyes and a perfect smile. Her figure was slim and tall and she wore an expensive grey suit; most of the times they look boring but, in that case, it looked elegant and classy. "You must be Christina, a pleasure to meet you. I'm Renee," the woman introduced herself and Christina recognised her voice; that was the woman she had spoken to on the phone.

"Pleasure is mine," Christina mumbled.

Renee shut the door and then waved at her. Christina followed her and noticed the red soles of Renee's black leather pumps; Louboutin. Renee opened the door on their right and they entered a room with a conference table for up to five or six people; a man was sitting in one of the chairs, writing a message on his phone wearing reading glasses. "Oh, welcome," he said and stood up when he saw them stepping into the room, "I'm Matthias, I see you already met my wife," he added and gave Christina his hand.

Christina shook his hand and took a good look at him; he was around the same age as Renee or maybe a little bit older; his well-trimmed beard had just begun turning grey. He was dressed more casually than Renee; black trousers and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves. She noticed his expensive watch and momentarily she looked at Renee's wrist; she was wearing one as well. "Thank you for inviting me here," Christina finally said.

Matthias grinned, "Thank you for accepting our invitation. You want to drink anything?"

"I'm good, thank you."

"What on earth have you told Christina and she's almost trembling?" Matthias teased his wife.

Christina chuckled softly, "It's the first time I get into something like that and it was definitely harder than it sounded."

"I know," Matthias agreed, "We were wondering if you would come at all. We should have probably arranged this meeting to take place on a neutral ground."

"No worries. I like the view from here," Christina said and pointed at the window which offered a direct view over one of the city's biggest boulevards.

"That's why we fell in love with this office," Renee revealed.

Matthias and Renee tried to make small talk with Christina in order to make her feel more comfortable around them. They told her they had a small construction firm which focused primarily on renovations. Renee was an architect with further studies in structural engineering whilst Matthias was in charge of the finances and the project management. They fell in love while grounded on Heathrow Airport in London when a snowstorm had cancelled their flights; when they discovered that their expertise could be easily combined, they founded the firm and since then, they were inseparable.

At some point, the bell rang again and Christina froze; had they invited anyone else? Matthias noticed her reaction; "Don't worry. It's our dinner. We played it safe; a friend of mine had the best grill house in the city. We ordered a variety of dishes, like a small buffet," he explained and Christina calmed down.

It was indeed the delivery man and their conversation came to an end, as the food was now the primary focus. Every single one of the dishes was delicious but Christina particularly enjoyed the kebab. During food, they were chatting and laughing, like friends and it undoubtedly helped the younger woman feel safe with the couple.

Renee and Matthias gathered the leftovers and threw everything else away, except for the drinks. "Dinner was excellent, thank you," Christina told them when they had all taken their seats again.

"Next time we might visit his restaurant, there are some specialities which aren't available for takeaway," Matthias said and emptied his glass of beer.

"Sounds interesting," Christina said and took a sip as well, "I have a question though," she added.

"We're all ears," Renee replied.

"Why did you invite me here, for dinner? It was brilliant and thank you, but I didn't expect it; I expected an invitation to a hotel room," she said and Matthias laughed.

"It doesn't work that way. You might have seen one or two pictures of Renee's body, you might have spoken to her on the phone, but, it's not enough for us. We have to get to know each other, see if we can get on."

"I like that," Christina admitted, "I like your approach very much."

"Look, Christina, a relationship is built on trust and honesty. You can't trust us if you don't know us and we can't trust you if we don't know you. Consider this as our first date. Either way, you didn't know Matthias and you haven't even seen my face, just a couple of pictures of my body in lingerie."

"Thank you, I appreciate it."

"It might be our first date but because the nature of our proposed relationship is a bit complexed, we might add one or two questions about your intentions from now on. As I said, honesty first."

"Whatever you need to know, I'm here."

Matthias excused himself and went to the bathroom so it was only her and Renee. "Matthias and I have been married for twenty-one years now. We have three sons; the eldest is twenty and studies civil engineering in Zurich. The twins just turned eighteen and they chose Britain; Warwick to be precise. Although other married couples have lost their passion over the years, that's not the case with us. Our sex life is brilliant. That being said, there's always room for improvement and since we've been together, I have completely abandoned my attraction to girls. Last March we celebrated twenty-three years since the delayed flight; I haven't kissed a person other my husband since and I really feel like it's time I kiss a girl again."

Renee stopped and Christina was trying to process all the information so she could find anything to say, "I guess that's why I'm here," she mumbled.

"Exactly. I explained to you what made us look for a girl to join us in the first place."

"I appreciate how forthcoming you are."

Renee placed her elbows on the table and gazed at Christina, "Now that you know our motive, let's hear out yours."

Christina was trying to phantom out an answer to that when Matthias returned to the conference room and took his seat next to his wife; "Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"No, I just explained Christina a few things about us and it's her turn now."

Matthias poured another glass of wine and sat back in his chair, "Sorry for the interruption. Carry on."

Christina took a deep breath, "I'm thirty-seven years old and most of my friends are either married or divorced at that age. I am the exception to the rule; I have lost my faith in what most people call "love" and even before that happened, I didn't have any interest in motherhood."

"That's very interesting indeed. Please, continue," Matthias said.

"I've tried dating both men and women but there's always something missing. When I'm with a man, I miss a woman and vice versa. That's why I believe the best solution for my case is to form a relationship with a couple; this way I can be with both sexes and it's almost guaranteed that no-one would want to take the relationship to the next level, simply because there's no next level. You guys are married and it will stay so; I will always be the plus-one and frankly, I'm more than happy with that role," Christina explained confidently. So confidently, in fact, that she surprised even herself.

Renee and Matthias seemed impressed with Christina's explanation, "One last thing. Have you ever tried submitting before?" Renee wondered.

"Yes and no. Yes, I have been submissive in the bedroom but no, I haven't probably experienced something deeper than that."

"You do understand that what my wife and I are offering is completely different to what you've experienced so far. It's not only about the sex, it's about the approach to the relationship. If you join us, you belong to us. Full stop."

"I'm well aware of this."

Renee scoffed, "Perhaps you're not. Let's make it simple. We'll treat you as good as humanly possible and we'll regard you as part of our household. One of us. But, if I say kneel, you kneel. No matter what. Your job is to follow our lead; our job is to lead you. Trust me, it has worked with us two perfectly and I believe it will work for you as well."

Christina thought it might be rude to ask for details but her curiosity ultimately prevailed, "What do you mean it has worked with you two?"

They both smiled, "You will learn everything about the relationship I have with my husband, be patient for now."

"Now, as long as we're on the same page, we want to invite you next Saturday to our house. It's located approximately half an hour from where we are right now. We need you to bring a medical check-up before we begin."

Christina looked for her bag, "I've already done one. It's from last week," she said while looking for the piece of paper.

"It's alright, you can find it later," Matthias said and she left her bag on the floor, "Are you free next Saturday?"

"Right now, I'm not. But I'll fix it. I changed shifts with a colleague so I have tomorrow as my day-off but it's ok."

Renee smirked, "You want to come tonight?"

"I'd love to," Christina admitted.

Renee looked at her husband who nodded in approval, "Great. The bathroom is down the hall, to the left. Bring me your knickers when you return."

Christina didn't reply; she left the room in silence, staring at the floor. She used the bathroom and although it wasn't very convenient for her to undress, take off her underwear and put on her tights again, she did it nonetheless. Before returning to the conference room, she looked herself up in the mirror; she was embarrassed and her heart was pounding hard. It was a mixture of fear and anticipation. She exhaled sharply a few times and decided she was ready. On her way back to the couple, she realised she had no clue what she was expected to do upon entering the room; hopefully, Renee would instruct her.

"Head up high," Renee said when she saw her, "You have no reason to look down," she added. Christina raised her eyes but she was way too nervous. Renee pointed to the floor in front of her chair and Christina approached her and fell on her knees, assuming the interpretation of Renee's signal. The redhead grinned satisfied and Christina handed her the lace knickers she was wearing. "Good girl," she was praised; she hadn't been called "girl" for years. Renee gave her a hair tie and Christina used it to pull her hair back to a ponytail; as soon as she did that, Renee fastened a black leather collar around Christina's neck, "We have only this one here; we keep it here in case we wanted to play after work. It's not the best one but it will do the trick until we get home."

"Thank you, Ma'am," Christina mumbled, unable to think of anything more suitable to say.

"It's Mistress," Renee corrected her, "But my husband is "Sir", don't ever call him Master."

"Yes, Mistress."

Renee pulled Christina closer using the ring of her collar and kissed her lips softly, "Welcome aboard."

"Have you got a car?"

"I do, Sir."

"Very well. Get to your car and wait for us to come out of the garage, then follow us. In case you get somehow lost, ring us. I think Renee has given you her number."

"Yes, Sir, I have Mistress' number."

Matthias clapped his hands twice, "We'll meet you down in five minutes."

Christina silently stood up, picked her coat and left. Even though her car was parked nearby, she was anxious that someone might see the collar around her neck so she tried it to hide it with her coat; not that many people would walk by on a Sunday night. Christina got in the car and drove to the garage's exit. Fifteen passed and still no sign of them; Christina was patting her fingers nervously on the steering wheel. She feared they had a change of mind; after all, they hadn't even given her their home address.

Finally, she saw Renee heading on foot to the nearby underground station with a plastic bag in her hands. Moments later, a black 5-Series emerged out of the garage; Renee crossed the and got in the passenger seat; she probably gave the bag to someone inside the station. Matthias set off and Christina followed him as she was told to do.

They headed westwards towards the edge of the city. Matthias was driving somewhat slowly, allowing Christina to catch up even when she was left behind. Matthias and Renee were having a conversation inside the car as Christina was able to watch them waving their hands; at some point, Renee leaned to her left and rested her head on his shoulder. Christina admired them, she thought they had achieved everything in their lives; they had a long-lasting happy marriage, kids, a company of their own, considerable wealth and they were still in their forties. They were Mr and Mrs Perfect.

Less than half an hour later, they arrived at their destination; a single-family house in the outskirts of the city. Unlike most of their neighbouring properties, they had planted trees at the edges of their garden so their house was a bit secluded from the surroundings, giving them more privacy. They had two parking spaces of their own and they were both free so Christina parked her car next to their shiny BMW.

As soon as Renee got out of the car, she gave Christina her hand, "Welcome to our home," she said with a smile; Matthias, on the other hand, was looking uninterested. Christina was now properly nervous and she could feel her heart throbbing; her breathing had gotten heavier too. Renee fondled her hand, "Calm down," she said and winked, "You want to use the bathroom?"

"No, Mistress, I'm fine."

Renee smirked, "Ready to be my pup?"

"I can't wait, Mistress," Christina admitted and blushed.

"Show me," Renee said.

Christina didn't think twice; she immediately went on her hands and knees.

Renee caressed her head, "Good girl."

"I'm heading upstairs, don't be late," Matthias told his wife.

"I won't be, Sir," Renee assured him and he left.

Christina had been wondering who the dominant in their relationship was since Renee informed her that they had such an arrangement. Because of Renee's eagerness to lead and Matthias's reluctance to take part in decision making, Christina wrongly believed that Renee was dominant.

Renee opened a door on the left, "Come on, pup," she invited Christina who silently crawled to the room.

Christina raised her eyes and saw a bedroom with a single bed, a desk, a drawer and a nightstand.

"This is your bedroom," Renee told her, "In here, you're the boss. You can change the decoration if you like or move things around; we don't care. Make yourself at home."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"We haven't talked much about rules but we'll do it, sooner than later. One of the rules is about your clothing; while you're our slave, you wear only clothes and underwear that we have given you. So, when I leave, you will stand up, take off your clothes, fold them and put on whatever I give you."

"Yes, Mistress."

Renee took the collar Christina was wearing and winked. She returned shortly bringing her a red bustier, a garter belt, a pair of black stockings, a pair of black pumps and some make-up equipment. Before shutting the door, she informed Christina that she had half an hour to prepare herself. Christina thanked her and remained seated on the bed for a few minutes. The bed was already made and she explored the linens with her hands; they were soft and smelled beautiful. She laid down on the girlish pink sheets and stared at the ceiling with empty eyes. She wasn't entirely convinced that the arrangement could work out, yet she remained optimistic. Matthias and Renee seemed to be a good match for what she had been looking for and everything was progressing smoothly. Having said that, Christina was experiencing a new reality about the relationship she had been craving for months; being a full-time submissive to a married couple made the relationship feel sterilised, passionless even. Instead of primal feelings, there were rules and she was well aware that even when they had such feelings, they would explore them mostly with each other. In the meantime, she would be sleeping in her single bed.

Pushing those thoughts aside, Christina focused on the job at hand; getting ready for her new masters. Everything they had provided her was quality-made and not just some cheap costume; the bustier and the pumps were made out of genuine leather, the stockings were soft and the cosmetics were expensive and, most importantly, unopened. It didn't take her very long to prepare herself but she froze when she realised she had no clue what time it was when Renee left and how much time had actually gone by; she had left her handbag in the car, she wore no watch and there was no clock on the wall either. Hoping she was on time, she knelt on the cushy carpet on the floor next to her bed; she wasn't given such an order but she thought it would be appreciated if Renee found her like that.

Minutes passed but they seemed like an eternity. She closed her eyes, trying to hear any sounds around her bedroom. There was nothing; complete silence. No people talking, no steps, not even a dog barking. The anticipation was killing her. She flinched the moment she heard steps; heels clicking on a tiled floor. Renee was coming as she was inches away from the door. The door opened and Renee walked inside. The older woman was bearing gifts; a red leather collar, a leash and a red ball gag. Christina's hair was still pulled to a tail so Renee had no trouble fastening the new collar around her submissive's throat. This one was much softer and it hugged Christina's neck perfectly. Christina finally raised her eyes and saw her Mistress wearing a black lace set of underwear, thigh-highs and shiny black pumps. Last but not least, she had a leather black choker around her own neck. The shade on her eyes was dark as well and it made her look strict; stricter than she looked in her grey suit. Renee smiled when her eyes met with Christina's. "Ready?" she asked and Christina smiled back and nodded.

Without waiting for an order, Christina opened her mouth so Renee could gag her; a few years back Christina was asked by her then-boyfriend if she would wear a gag and not only she said no, but she added to the long list of her hard limits. This time though, she happily wore a gag for Renee; when Renee had asked a list of her limits, the gag was not included. The older woman hanged the leash from Christina's collar and tugged it; Christina instinctively crawled. "I didn't tell you to crawl, but I appreciate your willingness to do so. You can walk if you want," she informed her but Christina turned down the offer with a nod; she preferred crawling to walking on brand new pumps.

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